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Kitchen with wood details

Hello AT,. First, I want to say that I ve been a total lurker on your site since December. I love this place! Now for the question - I'm graduating law school this week and my present to myself is going to be a nice, comfy, affordable and hopefully stylish leather chair to curl up in and help motivate me to study for the ominous bar. I m open to vintage/used chairs as my budget limits me to around $500. Any suggestions? We find that a good leather chair tends to start a little higher but we typed in 'Leather chairs' on Craigslist and found both used as well as 'Cheap, new direct from warehouse' brands like this. While we can't vouch for the quality of these, the price range seems doable.

Large kitchen with gray cabinets

Around this time last year I was happily enjoying working in a newly renovated home office I had designed and optimized for my workflow, furnished and accessorized with small space living in mind. Our friend Alysia had used a portion of the living room as her home office, but I wanted to do something a bit different and use the closet as a work space. The inspiration for my home office/home theater: Three of my favorite movies heavily influenced what I had envisioned for this tiny space: the Symphony No. 9 In D Minor/Ode To Joy scene in Immortal Beloved, the organized perfection of the residence in Tom Ford's A Single Man, and a little of the mod-ultraviolence aesthetic of A Clockwork Orange. Favorite element in your space: The Graham & Brown black checker wallpaper. Biggest challenge in designing my space: Installing, painting, organizing...just about anything inside such a small space is a challenge. Just getting the IKEA Besta Burs desk from my previous studio home office was a challenge, requiring removing the closet bars and diagonally angling it inside carefully, as not to rip or ruin the black paint or wallpaper. What friends say about my space: Only a couple of friends have seen the home office in person thus far.

Black and white kitchen


Kitchen with breakfast bar

'And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed...' -Elle Woods. We're not the biggest fans of pink, but damned if we're not going to admit that we are loving these pink sofas! Pink is one of those colors that scares us: too bright, and it looks like a hair extension from the Avril Lavigne collection. Too muted, and we're sipping tea at Grandma's. After taking a look at these sofas, we're thinking maybe the secret to pink is using it in bold graphic textile patterns to diffuse the prissy factor.....

Tiny kitchen by the stairs

I have been on the hunt for a small, simple and affordable hamper for what seems like forever, and over the weekend I finally spotted this model that perfectly fits the bill while I was photographing a house for an upcoming tour. It's ridiculously affordable and I was surprised to find out where it came from. The hamper by Koala is actually from Babies 'R' Us - though it's as easy to picture in a grown-up space as in the nursery. Best of all, the hamper rings in at $19.99 and even comes in 5 colors. Visit Babies 'R' Us to see all the color options or to claim one for yourself.

Small contemporary kitchen

With the glorious onset of Daylight Savings time, and the first official day of Spring happening this coming Sunday, I am determined to remind myself of the things I like about my apartment in the winter, before I get swept up in wide-open windows & sundress weather.... One of the very best things about living in San Francisco is that I can have at least one window open for most of the year. The chilly months of the year allow for the best of both worlds. I will admit to still cracking the window many nights, just to get a teeny bit of fresh air, but it makes getting out of bed in the morning rather painful. Cozying up in my chair, strategically positioned between the bookshelf and the window, is one of the joys of winter. It's foggy and rainy and miserable out there, and I can just sit here staring out at it. Ah. Nevermind all the cold wet days when I was out there. I've really loved living with my sparkly mirror garland all winter. In San Francisco even the greyest days of February are brightened by blooming cherry and magnolia trees, anemone, narcissus, and bleeding hearts. When cabin fever gets the best of me and I go for long rambling walks, the unexpected blossoms save my day. If you can see a flowering tree from your window, or if you have a little garden, you know what I mean. What aspects of winter have you enjoyed in your home? Let's all meet back here in the late autumn, when the days are getting shorter and the fog is rolling in, and remind ourselves that there's hope.

White kitchen with blue backsplah

They create a solid space for little ones to play and get the creative juices flowing, but more often than not, they aren't really something you want in your living room. It's not that you're exactly opposed to the Legos being there, but the tables themselves aren't exactly stylish. That's why you should build your own! Check out what this table hides inside. Ana White has been busy once again and this time she's taken to the living room. Ana's hide away coffee table is the best of both worlds and not only looks great, but has large toy storage bins within it. They're perfect for holding anything from Lincoln Logs to Legos, and even has recessed panels so Lego bases will fit right in. This makes it easy for small hands to stay busy while parents take a few moments to snuggle on the sofa and catch up on a little HGTV or Mad Men. Head over and check out the full tutorial for this table, it would make a great holiday gift for parents and kids alike - and don't fret if you've never attempted wood working, Ana makes things simple with easy step by step photos and a cut list to take to your hardware store.

Country kitchen


Kitchen with island

Most people have a strong reaction to pink, and love it or hate it - it's become a bold choice for decor. While one would imagine that it might be an offbeat fit for the dining room, it actually makes alot of sense. Pink is a color that is perceived as being romantic, upbeat and festive, which are moods that we hope any dinner party would inspire. We like the idea of using an unusual color for a little unexpected drama in the room where you hope to entertain and dazzle guests just a little bit, but want to know what you think - Is pink for the dining room an appetizing proposition or enough to make you start skipping meals? Check out House Beautiful for more great photos and decorating ideas.

Modern kitchen cabinets


Modern kitchen

Black and white are just two colors you can't screw up. They were made for each other and we feel like people need to embrace them more. If you want a quick and easy way to get a cool and modern home office - go black and white! Candy Black Design Offices are extremely inspirational if you're going for the black and white, semi-minimalist vibe. Black White Home Office is a great example of black and white done right in a home office. Black Study Room is much more on the traditional side, but still very successfully done. The black walls work great the creams and other neutrals and it's really easy to select a desk for this space. You can use a wood, painted or glass desk and they'd all work great.

French kitchen

It holds three shelves and the door doesn't close all the way. Don't get us wrong, we love that we have a medicine cabinet that stores all of our toiletries. If we could have any medicine cabinet we would definitely go for the one pictured above. We spotted this mirrored medicine cabinet online and thought it was cool. After closer inspection we noticed that this medicine cabinet was like no other we had seen before-it has cold storage! This medicine cabinet is part of the M Series line from Robern and can be surface mounted or semi-recessed. It would be great for storing nail polish, cremes, medicines that need to be chilled and even the convenient bottle of water. Luckily, this luxury medicine cabinet is temperature zoned so your toothbrushes aren't subject to the chilly conditions.

Stainless steel counter top


Country kitchen

We like cozy office spaces that invite you in and Dora's nook does just that. Small but still communicates style and personality.... Dora has everything she needs at her fingertips. Taking her projects off the desk top results in a clean look and extra space when working. Instead of going for a sleek, clear magazine holder, Dora opted for the milky white color which lends to her homey vibe. By simply taking a white IKEA chair, she adds warmth by stacking a powder blue pillow on top to match the soft color palette. Office supplies are corralled in mugs and a pop of pink in a ceramic pitcher. We love how Dora has edited her office space to just the basics-essential in keeping a small office clutter-free.

White kitchen

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Gray cabinets kitchen

Hello AT,. My new home has a back room that was recently added. I've just painted it in Benjamin Moore 'Desert shadows' a dark, eggplanty brown. The trim and baseboard has been unpainted since the room was just added. Should I paint the baseboard and trim white to match the white trim in the rest of the house?....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. Should I paint the loft white with brown walls? Or should I do something totally different and paint the trim a contrasting color? A glossier, darker brown? Should I stain it darker brown? I'm decorating the room in a kind of cozy middle-eastern style, with lots of magenta, a tea table, and a pouf.