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Colorful and geometrick backsplash kitchen


Kitchen with small breakfast bar

So many people have wasted space under their stairs. Storage is a great solution, but when you are short on space all over your home a half bath is an excellent thing to tuck under the stairs. Half bathrooms don't need much room, especially since you sit down in half of the space. By converting the forgotten space under the stairs you can not only add value to your home but also a very useful room! Hidden and unexpected, this adds a touch of whimsy and fun to a home that is short on floor space.

Ultra modern black and blue kitchen


Ultra modern kitchen

I had decided on dark tile floors, but now I am wavering and thinking about something light colored....apartmenttherapy(dot)com). Can you tell me will dark floors make my tiny place look bigger or smaller? The overall effect that I want is it to be airy and organic. In general, the lighter the floors the airier the space. Check out the rooms in today's earlier post on Stellan Herner's interior photographs. We pulled another example of a bright, simple, organic space - Andreas's Greektown Loft house tour. He chose to paint his floors black throughout rooms otherwise committed to white and off-white. What to AT-ers think? Should Karen go bold with dark tiles or emphasize openness with light floors? Karen, whatever you decide, please send in some photos!

Minimalist white kitchen


Grey kitchen

We posted about open shelving in bathrooms previously on Apartment Therapy, but we love the idea of using the shelves to enhance the decor. We absolutely adore the aquatic themed bathroom in the first photo. A collection of starfish, coral, and shells is what you would be surrounded by when taking a bath. The top shelves are used to display vintage cameras and the bottom ones are a perfect storage for towels and other bath necessities. What kind of collections do you display in your bathroom? We came across these wonderful photos on the Absolutely Beautiful Things blog.

Small open kitchen

The apartment I moved into earlier this summer had the most amazing exposed brick walls. These walls were the reason why we chose this apartment. We only lived in this apartment for 3 months - all thanks to the exposed brick walls. Maybe it was the amazingly old apartment building or the lack of detailed construction, but these walls were ruining our life. They would crumble when we touched them and had giant cracks and gaping holes. They would range from.5' to 4' in length. The centipedes supposedly loved the moisture from the brick walls and thrived inside the cracks. At night they would parade around my apartment running faster than I could get them. We spent so much money trying to seal up the cracks and nothing seemed to work.

Small red kitchen


White kitchen


Black kitchen

Black bedrooms, inky kitchen cabinets, and dark living rooms have all been fodder for discussion here on AT, but lately, I feel like I've seen a spate of black walls popping up in bathrooms. On the one hand, black walls in bathrooms can be unbelievably elegant and beautiful, as the bathroom in the Sag Harbour cottage above shows. If you're the sort of person to take long, relaxing baths, the dark walls could feel cozy, intimate, and restful. I had a black bedroom for years, and the color made it feel like a retreat from the world. On the other hand, bathrooms are not all about relaxation. In the morning, when you're getting ready, you probably want some light to jog you into being, and when you're trying to put on makeup, get a close shave, or perform other grooming tasks, it can be helpful to have a brighter space. It would make a difference if the bathroom in question had windows, of course, or lots of white tile or other white accents, but generally speaking, dark walls don't offer a light and bright atmosphere. So what do you think? Are black bathrooms a good idea, a bad idea, or good only in certain circumstances?

Large kitchen

AT:LA reader Dean writes us this question: Since we're in the middle of the Color Contest, I thought now would be the best time to enlist AT to help me find the perfect blue paint for my living room! I really want to paint my living room a rich navy. I am totally freaked out at the thought, but I'm taking the advice of everyone who's entered the Color Contest and 'Just going for it'!.... My couch is sort of an avocado green and I've got a large white Expedit shelf, Danish walnut chairs and a walnut credenza as the other key players in the room. I plan on buying a large flokati for the room, too.... I've been thinking about navy for a while, after I saw a living room designed by Philip Gorrivan. I got totally excited when I happened upon an old issue of Domino that featured Nick Olsen's apartment...his walls are the same color as my couch...and his couch is nearly the exact color that I want my walls!! Anyway, my keywords when trying to describe this color are: rich, jewely, Indian, Moroccan, dusty...Any ideas??? Well, Dean, we say: go navy! With your white Expedit shelf, it will pop out and create a breather from all that dark blue. Plus, we are big fans of walnut wood with rich, jewel-toned navy blue-it's classy in a very Audrey Hepburn kind of way.

Contemporary kitchen


Small kitchen with great lighting

This gorgeous line of bamboo furniture from Adapt Design is too perfect to highlight just one piece. Based in Oakland, California, Adapt Design adapts the material principles of bamboo, ensuring that each furniture piece is 'Enduring, light, and ecologically sustainable.' In addition to the ones we love, Adapt Designs produces custom projects for specific needs. We've only seen the Adapt designs online, and their retail locations page is still in the works, so you may have to investigate a bit if you want to see these in person before buying.

Kitchen with breakfast table


Large open kitchen

Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen has been up at New York City's Museum of Modern Art since September, but it took me until this past weekend to finally see it. For a cook and a lover of thoughtful design, this exhibit goes deep, so I ended up going back a second time in order to take it all in.... My Trip to MOMA's Design and the Modern Kitchen Exhibit.

Country kitchen

Bosch has recently redesigned their iconic refrigerator. That's basically what this is: a new fridge that looks vintage. It's got a new interior and new colors, so that it can match your kitchen design better. This fridge blends in something new into a design that never really went out of date. The fridge has received an A+ energy rating, which brings it up to spec with all modern fridges. This fridge is available in black, white, cappuccino, red, or quartz for about $2,600. Ouch! If you are in the market for a vintage-looking fridge, you might want to consider Smeg fridges.