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Kitchen cupboards

It has stainless steel appliances, including an under cabinet microwave. In all we will have 3 base units: one cabinet under the sink, a drawer unit under the microwave and drawers to the right of the stainless stove. The floor is southern yellow pine, the back splash will be white beveled subway tile and the opposite wall will be white with a stainless pot rack and magnetic knife holder. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Lucie in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Modern kitchen


Grey kitchen

Hello Boston! We will be installing lighting soon in our loft, and so we need to make a choice on what kind of lighting to hang over our dining area. What you can't see in the attached photo is that the ceiling height is 15 feet! We can't decide if we should go simple and classic, or big and dramatic. What does everyone think? Suggestions? Thanks! Alan.

Wood cabinets and green touches kitchen


Asian flair kitchen


Yellow cabinets kitchen

So many apartments we've rented have had random medicine cabinets installed over the sink that should have been recessed but weren't, or they have had flat mirrors without needed storage. Storage and a mirror but without needing to be recessed.... We spotted this walnut Molger mirror cabinet on a trip to Ikea several months ago and were really impressed with its design. The mirror slides from left to right on a track so that you can retrieve your toothbrush and toothpaste behind it, yet leaves some open storage for easy access. Granted we wouldn't recommend this solution to folks that tend to jam things haphazardly inside a medicine cabinet, or who have prescriptions to hide from prying eyes. For those of us who like things neat and have attractive containers for cotton balls and lotion, it has a particular spa-like feel.

Blue cabinets kitche

Kitchen storage space is always at a premium, and this is especially true in small kitchens. Having a kitchen with a small footprint doesn't have to mean always struggling to fit things in. If you're remodeling, consider one of these 13 solutions that will help you get the most out of your small kitchen. Above, a great way to add extra serving, snacking or work space is with a fold out table that expands when you need it, and folds into the wall when you don't. Above: Get the most out of a narrow space with a pull-out cabinet, like this one from Home Depot. An appliance garage can help you save much-needed counter space, as seen on BHG. Spotted on Martha Stewart: a drawer with two layers of built-in silverware trays, so you can store your everyday stuff and your good silver in the same place. Image from BHG. This pull-out cutting board/trash can combo adds a little extra works space to a small kitchen, and makes sweeping scraps into the trash super easy. If you love the idea of bar stools but lack the floor space for them, these swing-out island-mounted stools from House Beautiful may be the perfect solution. Toe kick drawers, like these from Home Depot, take advantage of otherwise unused space, and are great for big, flat items like cookie sheets and muffin tins. A rolling work island that tucks under the counter when not in use is a great option for a small kitchen.

Modern kitchen

This question has popped up four times in the past two days, and we still haven't figured out a foolproof solution. So we're asking you, dear readers, to help us out: What kind of window treatment could you use for a bay window? We're thinking maybe breezy panels to add a punch of color, but we're afraid of the movie theater look.

Ecletic kitchen


Minimalist kitchen

This image of room dividers at the Hotel Auteuil in Geneva reminded us of the sail cloth wall in David and Im's OneSpace. It's a clever idea for a studio or loft just have to find cloth in the right size and weight. In this room, the sheer white curtains do a great job of sectioning off the space without blocking light or weighing down the room. Click below for resources and how to get a similar look.... David and Im's OneSpace.

Modern grey kitchen with breakfast bar

We see similar sofas to this one, but not at this price with new(er) cushions. This sofa has a vintage Danish teak frame in great condition with custom made cushions that have barely been used. Currently priced at $200! Want more? Check out some good stuff after the jump.... Thank Craig!

Kitchen with large island


Contemporary kitchen

Despite all the advertising pushing flatscreen TVs as an ecologically friendly alternative to bulky, old-fashioned CRTs, it pays to shop carefully. Because of all this upgrading, we'll use 50% more energy powering our TVs by 2009. A few tips for greener TV shopping, after the jump.... If you're comparing a few different TVs, or need somewhere to start, check out the TVs on the EnergyStar list. They use 30% less electricity than average TVs of the same size. These ratings will be more meaningful in September, when new, more strict requirements kick in. Our sister site unplggd has gone over the energy consumption of plasma TVs and blogged a few low-energy LCD alternatives. Think about what you'll do with your old TV when the new one shows up. Best Buy will recycle it for you-but only if you've bought a new TV there. Re-nest editor Stephanie had success freecycling her old tv.

Modern orange cabinets kitchen

Many of us live with a roommate or significant other in a place with one bathroom. It can be difficult to go about your daily routine with only one sink or shower.... We have come across this fabulous roundup on the Remodelista blog. There are some great examples of how to make the most of one bathroom. As a start, double towel hangers are a simple solution when more than one person uses a bathroom. We would love them in our home, especially with large shower heads that feature adjustable water pressure and eco-friendly design. For now, we will enjoy our double sinks that definitely speed up the morning routine.

Kitchen with island

Last night we were at a party where two designers were raving about... hangers. Organizational nerds unite! These are hangers that completely changed the closet of the most organized person we know.... Bed Bath & Beyond describes them like this: The ultra slim shape of these hangers provides three times the amount of closet space. Best of all, the velvety surface prevents clothing from slipping. Each hanger features indents for slips and similar items. A set of 10 is $9.99 here and a set of 50 is $39.99 here. Also available in camel and light blue, and as pants hangers.

Green and grey kitchen

A few weeks ago, Rebecca shared a simple trick to bringing order to your clothes closet. Organize your closet by type: put all the jackets together, all the button down shirts together, all the good pants together, all the jeans together. Now, organize your closet by colour: From left to right, from white to black, from light to dark or use ROYGBV. Face all your clothes the same way: You've gone through the trouble of getting matching hangers, now face all your clothes the same way. Too many clothes? Try this trick to weed out the ones you don't wear that hang and this one for the ones in drawers. Old Clothes? Take the ones you don't wear anymore to your local thrift shop or upcycle them by giving them a new use or two.