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Minimalist white kitchen


White french country kitchen

On the Country Living site, we ran across photos of an unusual library set up - one in which the shelving catches your eye before its contents, thanks to a coat of a very.... ...fearlessly vibrant paint color, Benjamin Moore's Prairie Green. The built in shelves are fairly basic in their form, but feature a few unique details and touches - dentil molding cornices and, one of our favorite things, framed artwork hung on bookshelves. The painted woodwork theme is continues throughout the room, with the glossy grey painted floor boards, a yellow Windsor chair and a blue-washed round table base. See more of this colorful home in this Country Living slideshow.

Kitchen with dark wood cabinets

With all the vacationing and staycationing at Apartment Therapy this month, we thought we'd show you how to create a luxury hotel room of your own right at home. For your luxury hotel suite ensemble you'll need a few things to make your vacation day indoors perfect. We bookmarked some great finds from an online store called Linen Place. 'You'll first want to pick up some down pillows and a duvet. There is a summer weight option down duvet if you or your mate run hot. Another item that will keep you in bed all day are 1000 thread count Egyptian sheets. Throwing in these curtains'>black-out curtains from Target, time will seem irrelevant. We have the same curtains from Target and would never go back to everyday drapes. For this staycation, we like to get the room nice and cold, order delivery from our favorite Indian restaurant and catch up on our Netflix.

Small condo kitchen


Open white modern kitchen

Q: My husband and I recently bought and moved into a house. I have to choose the curtains for the living room, but I am not sure which is the best optionit has high ceilings. Please does anyone who lives with high ceilings have recommendations/sources for curtains for windows like mine? Editor - Andrea, be sure to check out some of the recommendations made here from a previous reader question about a similar dilemma for some excellent advice about covering windows in a high ceiling space. Got a good question you'd like answered? Send your queries and a photo or two illustrating your question, and we'll see if the Apartment Therapy LA team or our readers can help answer your question.

Modern kitchen with red backsplash

Whatever your gear-toting vessel of choice-messenger bag, backback, purse-there's a few things that every techie should have on hand. You can be ready for anything, no matter what happens along the way, if you keep these 3 items handy. At Least One Pair of EarbudsEven if your listening gear of choice is a sweet pair of Sennheiser cans, you might not carry them everywhere with you. Be ready for YouTube tutorial vids at the library, or an impromptu jam session on the train, by keeping an old and compact pair of earbuds handy. Try this: iHip's retractable earbuds are compact and inexpensive at around $12. A Backup Phone BatteryA long day out of the house takes as much energy out of you as it does out of your smartphone. Try the Juice Pack case for iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S III. Or the keychain-sized portable battery Juice Pack Reserve for iPhone or other Micro USB smartphones. An Empty Flash Drive You Can Afford to LoseYou might keep a personal drive to travel with important docs, but you might also want to keep a cheap spare on you. Try this: A 1GB drive will cover you in a jam for less than $1..

Kitchen with breakfast bar island

Every year our Small Cool Kitchens contest celebrates the petite yet lovely spaces where people cook. Today I'm thrilled to announce the winners of this year's event. Both the U.S. and international winners this year had real heart and some smart design.

Wood cabinets for flat kitchen


Kitchen with high ceiling

Hello AT,. I'm looking for a rug kitchen rug/mat. What color goes with my green and yellow tiled kitchen floors? I want the rug to tone down the colors and make it cozier in there. It makes the room feel blah, especially since the walls are also beige. I would love white, but is white crazy to have in a kitchen since it will get dirty? We'd go with a soft RED and - because color is very important - we'd go with the type of red you find in Bolon Vinyl sisal. You can get this cut to size for kitchens, and it was originally designed as kitchen matting in Scandinavia. To see what this looks like, click over to this link: Bolon Woven Vinyl Floorcovering. The color we have in mind they call BURDOCK. Anyone else?

Country kitchen

Shower stalls tend to be squarish and nestled in a corner, but what if you have more space available in your bathroom and you'd like to have something more distinctive? Or what if you have less space and need something smaller? The circular shower looks modern and minimal, and is perfect as a centerpiece for your bathroom. When you are trying to organize your bathroom, you usually don't have that much space to deal with. In most cases, a nicely tiled shower nestled in a corner with a glass door will do the trick quite well. What if you want to make your shower stand out and be the centerpiece of you bathroom or if you just don't have the space for a large shower stall? The Spanish bathroom design company Roca has come up with something quite particular. It's a perfectly circular shower stall, that opens and closes automatically thanks to motion sensors. It's called the Transtube and it's a 360° shower stall. It gives the appearance of floating on air and it's ideal for modern and minimal bathrooms. The automatically rotating door features no handles, no hinges, nor any screws. There is a sleek chrome column inside that lets you regulate all of its features. The circular shape will let you shuffle it into smaller bathrooms as well, without losing any luxury.

Kitchen with dark cabinets and wallpaper

COLOR PALETTE: Prairie Styie - green, taupe, chocolate brown, orange. GO TO VIKTORIA'S ROOM TO ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better! If you love color and are thinking about adding new hues to your home, help is here. Whether you enter or simply find fantastic rooms to choose as favorites - join us!

Large kitchen with dark cabinets

Name: JP Location: London United Kingdom Division: International Inspiration for my palette: A wall of books on white bookshelves usually does not require any additional color as the book spines provide ample. So the rest of the room is mainly white, but I added vivid details such as lamps and mid-century trays to make it more young and alive.

Modern kitchen with island

We grew up in a 30's era building that had lots of built-ins, including a metal laundry hamper flush with the tiled bathroom wall. So we didn't wrestle with the uninspiring options for standalone hampers - nay, we didn't even really know that there was such a thing as a standalone laundry hamper - until adulthood. We may be slow on the laundry hamper scene, but after years of searching for a decent one, we just came across Bodie and Fou's Birch Bin, and we feel like we've found the Holy Grail. Evocative of a hand-crafted round Shaker box, the Birch Bin has a roll-back lid and a floaty, contemporary look. Elegance has its price: in this case about $270, plus shipping from the UK...but it's the next best thing to built-in.

Kitchen with metal backsplash


Kitchen with a farm feeling touch

A while back we took a look at Apartment Bathrooms from Around the World which was fun to put together, but is was not necessarily a group of 'Style conscious' rooms. We decided to go for another 'round the world type post, but this time, go for a geographically varied group of rooms that all show an eye for design. We dove into Normal Room this afternoon and were not disappointed with what we found - we're always amazed at all the countries represented on the site. All photos found on Normal Room, a site where people from across the globe post photos of their own 'Normal' rooms - endlessly interesting!

Minimalist kitchen