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Modern kitchen with family table

Inspired by this incredible Fall centerpiece, reader The Felt Mouse went out and found a gray pumpkin for their own arrangement and mixed it with orange mums and sweet mini white pumpkins for a monochromatic-with-a-punch-of-color look. We wnt out and bought a grey pumpkin when we saw Jonathan's. We figured you couldnt get any simpler than just arranging gourds and pumpkins. If you want to put a little more work in try your hand at actually carving a pumpkin. New kinds of carving: Jack-o-lantern house numbers from Sunset, Lace Patterned GrePumpkins and Translucent Monogrammed Pumpkins from Martha. Set the table and set the halloween mood: we found this dining table set up on Little Ant Design and loved how simple it was. Branches: Find some branches outside and paint them black, orange or white and add them to a mantle or a centerpiece, or even to the porch around your pumpkin.

Functional small kitchen

In the last several years, urban farms have sprung up all over the country, offering consumers a fresh and local alternative to large scale industrial food production methods. Found in the most unlikeliest of places-empty lots, old asphalt playing fields, rooftops- many of the country's urban farms stand upon the principle that healthy, affordable food should be a basic human right. Despite the increased media attention and growing popularity, most urban farms haven't yet found a way to thrive in the market economy. The problem is that most city farms still rely heavily on volunteer labor and grant funding. According to a recent piece in the Earth Island Journal, this is a definite problem because these farms 'Are unlikely to fulfill their aspirations and make a meaningful dent in the problem of food insecurity if they are forever running on the treadmill of foundation funding.' One farm that has successfully turned a profit while making local, organic produce available to its nearby residents is Greensgrow, an urban farm started in 1998 to serve a low-income neighborhood in north Philadelphia. It sells vegetables, herbs, honey, and seedlings produced on-site, along with produce, breads, meats, and cheeses from local producers, and also makes biodiesel from waste oil produced by the restaurants that buy its vegetables. Greensgrow co-founder Mary Seton Corboy says this diversification partly explains why her organization is financially self-sufficient, while many other urban farms are not. In 2009, Greensgrow had an earned income of $825,000 from CSAs, farm stand sales, restaurant sales, and nursery sales. For more on this, read the full article at Earth Island Journal.

Open plan kitchen and living room

My boyfriend and I live in a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Logan square that is about 600 square feet. We didn't have much time to find an apartment and we had been traveling back and forth from Minnesota to find one. We have spent the last eight months making this apartment really feel like home to us. We both love mid-century modern pieces and are inspired by art and nature. I am very proud of our kitchen accent wall, it took much deliberation to find a pattern and color we both liked. Wall mounted shelving was something I really wanted and we both agreed would be a good way to use space in our small living room. We are both really proud of a lot of stuff we have done to make this apartment our own. Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour & House Call Submission Form.

Kitchen with glass table

Hello Apartment Therapy! I have a good question for you all: I have a long, narrow balcony off my apartment in Istanbul and I am wondering what I should do with it. Our view is not very nice; we are face-to-face with other people's balconies and I am wondering if there is a way to delicately screen the view. Should I use plants? The balcony doesn't get any direct sunlight, so I'm not sure what kind to put. Perhaps some kind of curtain would be good? We do have a small table and two chairs, but that leaves almost half of the balcony empty and I'd like to use the entire space. We like the idea of almost-sheer white curtains to add some privacy - or even inexpensive seagrass blinds that can be lowered around the perimeter. Do you have an outside space you'd like to share with the Apartment Therapy community? We have a special form for sending photos and info on your garden, deck, yard, balcony or patio to the editors.

Large kitchen and wood breakfast table

I always imagined I would end up an archaeologist when I grew up, or perhaps a scientist, so it was quite the surprise that I ended up a writer and interior designer. Because of my love of science, old things and other cultures, my dream living room would be a bold mix of bright colors, global patterns, modern accessories, Mid-Century Modern-inspired furniture pieces and more.

Modern kitchen cabinets


Industrial look kitchen

We've seen Family Rules before, but this one golden rule pretty much covers it all. This adorable print is a collaboration between father and son. Six year old Koen drew all of the elements here and then his dad digitally arranged them.

White kitchen benchtop

From AT:Chicago's own classifieds there are two glass vessel sinks for $150. Victor, the seller, says they are new and includes the drain assemblies and faucets in the price. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.White dining table/chairs for $125Crate and Barrel console and coffee table for $90 Heywood Wakefield dining table for $600.Set of large carved mirrors for $100. each. Room and Board daybed for $250.Faux bamboo coffee table needs work for $40 Mid-c dining set with sideboard for $200 obo.

Pink kitchen

I had two speaker stands sitting around that are meant for tiny surround sound speakers with threads in them, but I needed to raise my bookshelf speakers in my room. I removed the L bracket that allows that, and had to create a surface for the speakers to rest on. So I found two hardcover books, punctured the center of the rear cover, and inserted a screw with large fender washers surrounding the cover on each side. If you don't want to sacrifice any books, remember, there are various other DIY methods for creating speaker stands: Dirt-Cheap Speaker Stands using the base of those horrible halogen lamps from college, articulating lamp arms for smaller speakers, or a more elegant IKEA hack solution.

Yellow kitchen cabinets

Victor sent us a link to a photo tour of an art collection displayed in his livingroom. Few people commit to collecting the work of just one artist, but it's often a high-impact way to integrate art into a room. 'He says:'The pieces on the walls are lithographs and seriographs and the statuary are bronzes made from lost wax molds. 'The lamp is made of traditional Oaxacan black clay pottery, and is actually a creation of my own!'.

Bright white kitchen


Kitchen with dark cabinets

Sure, you could spend nearly $5000 for a nicely constructed Steelcase Sit-to-Walkstation to keep in shape while putting in those butt-expanding hours behind the keyboard. If you already have a treadmill gathering dust in the rec room/garage, you only need spend about $20 to make your own walk-as-your-browse workstation as shown in the clip above. The hack is pretty much securing a wooden plank across the side arms using Tornado E-Z Ancors most every treadmill ships with. This means no running, but walking and browsing should be no problem, and the project seems simple enough to install or remove depending upon whether you want a leisurely walk while reading Unplggd or a more serious jaunt without the DIY desk.

Large white kitchen

'Oh, and by the way, I threw away all your little throw pillows. Yea. Cuz throw pillows suck. They serve no purpose. They're purely decorative.' Yeah, I know some people are huge fans of throw pillows in multitude, but even a decor-friendly gent like myself has to agree with Reuben on this one. One or two throw pillows are attractive and aid in comfort. When you start inching into numbers that require stacking and layering them upon the bed or couch, it becomes a serious case of overindulgence that provides neither comfort or practical use. At least that's how I personally feel when surrounded by an army of pillows. Noting a past survey, I think I'm in the minority though...I'm surprised to see people with upwards of 9 pillows on their bed.

Kitchen with colorful backsplash


Country kitchen with stainless steel

Q: My boyfriend recently bought a two bedroom, 633 sq. While we originally had planned on making the extra room into an office/guestroom, it seems a bit tight to fit a futon and a desk built for two. The other night, I posed the crazy idea of ditching the futon, buying an air mattress for guests, and turning our office into a dining room. Our current desk would look great as a dining table, as weird as that sounds. Is devoting one room in a two bedroom condo to a dining room crazy? And is it weird to travel done the hall to access it? Editor:Please share your advice with Emily in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Modern kitchen