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Large kitchen

Q: We live in a 1950s ranch and the living room, hallway and kitchen all sort of flow into one space. When we moved in three years ago, we removed wallpaper and a border from the kitchen and painted it red. It seemed like a bit improvement at the time but now I am sick of the color and especially hate where it meets the hallway/living room. The hallway and living room are Behr Quincy Tan which I like but does not look good with the kitchen cabinets. The backsplash in the kitchen has a few random 'Fruit-motif' decals that are not removable - a large image behind the stove and then several others on 4X4 inch tiles throughout the backsplash. I guess I have two questions: what would be a good color to paint the entire space and how can I cover up those decals? Painting the cabinets or any other major kitchen renovations/upgrades are not an option although I am open to an inexpensive option for re-doing the backsplash. Editor: Please share your color ideas with Krysta in the comments below - thanks!

Modern yellow kitchen

One thing I particularly remember while visiting and staying in Paris was the challenging amount of stairs in many apartment buildings. I ended up loving my morning and evening jaunts up the steep flights of stairs at our friend's aged apartment, a novelty for a native Angeleno where nobody takes stairs unless the escalator or elevators are out of order. I also left with an appreciation of how challenging it could be to move furniture in such tall, stair-only dwellings, another problem mostly rare in flat terrain Los Angeles. In most parts of the United States, we're given the luxury of avoiding this challenge, and some friends have mentioned they dislike having stairs/multi-story floors in their home altogether, preferring single story dwellings or living on the first floor.

Bright color kitchen

This 'Dark and dreary' dining room just begged for a makeover to not only brighten it up, but also to make it a space that might actually get used. Inhabited by folks who love to entertain, this small room needed more seating and storage as well as a redesign to utilize space better. The first thing we did was sell all the existing furniture on Craigslist. Then my Dad mentioned the idea of a custom banquette and it was the perfect idea to add comfortable seating and extra storage space. The rest of the pieces were all found at local thrift stores. The solid wood table was sanded and refinished with a darker stain, the chairs were re-upholstered with a geometric fabric and a large mirror and chandelier were added to soften the space. The new space is much more functional and comfortable; it's my new favorite spot in the house.

Wood floor kitchen

'Living room = sofa' is a classic equation that's so ingrained in our decorative consciousness that it's hard to break free. Sometimes sofas aren't what you deep down need or want for your space. You might use your living room in an entirely different way that isn't conducive to a single linear piece of furniture. The sitting area above, from My Scandinavian Home, eschews the sofa in favor of a ring of armchairs, which are more conducive to conversation and games in a way that linear sofas just aren't. These amazing lounge chairs from seen in Casa Vogue give plenty of room to spread out relax and not bump up against the person next to you. Frank Roop designed this classic and elegant living room, with nary a sofa in sight. The arrangement packs in lots of seating and uses less floor space than a traditional sofa. Artist Aldo Chaparro channels his inner Bohemian with this living room set up that's relaxed and informal.

Wood cabinets kitchen

We are sure by now you have heard that it is Kitchen & Bath month over at Apartment Therapy and we wanted to start it off with a roundup of some colorful shower curtains that are sure to make any bathroom feel bright and cheery. Still inspired by February's Do-It-Yourself month?

Country kitchen

Fireplaces are usually more rustic than sleek, but what about those looking for fireplace accessories for their modern homes? One great source I've found is Blomus, available for purchase through Kitchen Accessories Unlimited. These stainless steel tools are functional and look sharp. The tool rack shown here is wall mounted, to free up space around the hearth.

Narrow casual kitchen

So how many of you have organized your books according to colour, like our industrious and organized Flickr poster, 'Chotda' has? Look at this beautiful display! The sheer audacity of it all...we're impressed, and a tad bit jealous. Some may argue this is a poor way to organize books, but we'd disagree, since those of us visually oriented often remember books not by their titles, but by the colour of the cover. Some of us indeed judge a book by its cover...and then decide where to store it accordingly. Then upon reading some of the comments underneath the photo, we found a link to a nearly as impressive colour coded collection of CDs by another Flickr poster, 'Sugarfreak'. We love these folks who are so dedicated to making colour a part of their lives, even when they're be a bit obsessive.

Minimalist kitchen


Modern kitchen

My son is a LEGO fanatic and we were both pleasantly surprised when we visited the LEGO Web site and discovered the LEGO club. The LEGO Club gives kids a chance to upload their latest creations in addition to connecting with other LEGO fans. Your child will also get LEGO building tips, their own page with a customizable avatar.

Large kitchen with green details

A modern kitchen celebrates clean lines and utility in a room that should never sacrifice function for form. These backsplash tile choices are durable and easy to clean, yet provide an aesthetic element that makes your kitchen really yours. Glass sheet backsplash: A glass sheet backsplash is sleek, easy to clean, sophisticated, and polished. Stacked pattern tiles are insistently well-ordered yet demand to be noticed. They gain their visual energy through a pattern that's actually devoid of one. A light grout paired with dark tiles is bold, while less contrasting colors offer a more subtle appeal. Either way, stacked pattern tiles say, 'You've seen me before, but not like this.' Stainless steel tiles: No fuss but certainly not boring, stainless steel tiles are clean and contemporary. Playing off the steel of appliances, they provide a cohesive look that highlights the warmth of rich wood cabinets. Understated and almost sparkling, stainless steel tiles are the perfect metallic neutral.

Green kitchen

When the weather's this lovely, I find myself exceedingly jealous of people who have grills and can cook outside. I'm even more jealous of people who have kitchens like these, with doors and even walls that can be peeled back to create an entire kitchen that's gloriously open to the outdoors. The house pictured above, a lovely remodeled Victorian in Cape Town, has a kitchen that opens up to an internal courtyard. From Planete Deco, a kitchen/dining room combo that flows seamlessly into the outdoors. Although this kitchen from Desire to Inspire doesn't connect to an expansive backyard, the architects have cleverly achieved the same indoor/outdoor effect with a little patio, where folding doors allow the whole kitchen to become an outdoor space. This stunning kitchen from New Zealand Design Blog has walls that completely retract, uniting it with the backyard beyond. You don't need to have a huge kitchen, or a huge outdoor space, to make this idea work, as evidenced by this lovely space from House Beautiful. This kitchen from Location18 offers the option of dining indoors or out. Here's a lovely idea from Houzz: an outdoor bar that connects to the kitchen via a folding window. Finally, a kitchen from My Domaine whose wall of folding doors allows it to become one with the outdoors.

Contemporary kitchen wood cabinets


Purple kitchen


Pink country kitchen

'There's something about this nice low bench of wood, 60'x16'x9' that we like. It has simple lines, is made of real wood, and it has a sort of textural quality because of the various shades/colors. It could also be used either as seating or as display - and it's a nice change from the ubiquitous Nelson bench. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Turquoise kitchen


Large white kitchen

Over the years we've marveled at various home activity walls, but leases can limit options for families. The felt board is a great solution that renters can put up without altering the walls. Using a foamcore base results in a lightweight panel that can be hung easily with a markless solution like the Command line by 3M. Make one giant felt board or hang several side by side like the ones pictured from Better Homes and Gardens, then get to work cutting out letters, numbers, shapes and everyday objects to engage the imagination.