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Beautiful small kitchen

'Oh, and by the way, I threw away all your little throw pillows. Yea. Cuz throw pillows suck. They serve no purpose. They're purely decorative.' Yeah, I know some people are huge fans of throw pillows in multitude, but even a decor-friendly gent like myself has to agree with Reuben on this one. One or two throw pillows are attractive and aid in comfort. When you start inching into numbers that require stacking and layering them upon the bed or couch, it becomes a serious case of overindulgence that provides neither comfort or practical use. At least that's how I personally feel when surrounded by an army of pillows. Noting a past survey, I think I'm in the minority though...I'm surprised to see people with upwards of 9 pillows on their bed.

Wood cabinets large kitchen

Black and white has never really gone out of style, but judging by what we've seen on the web, we'd say the combo is extra hot right now. After we posted a roundup of black and white rooms on Apartment Therapy, we started to notice a whole lot of beautiful, black and white rooms across the blogosphere.

Large kitchen

Cue the sad trombone, but I couldn't help myself with the pun. We love this cool bookshelf from young designer Justin Southey. You can store books in the belly of the whale and then swim him around the room on the casters. Southey is a designer and illustrator living in South Africa. His nautical bookshelf doesn't currently appear to be available for purchase, but we can dream, can't we? The whale is a bit leviathan, but since it can be moved around its size might pose fewer problems.

White and red modern kitchen

Above are two of the 4,600 pieces of high resolution artwork available for download right now, part of The Getty museum's free Open Content Program. Alongside the pair of Jan van Huysum floral still lifes, Titian, Renoir, Cézanne, Gauguin and countless other famous artists' works are available to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.... Visitors to the Getty Search Gateway's Open Content Images can browse through the growing collection of 4,600 images, and further filter their search according to parameters such as art type, topics, by artist, and by location portrayed. Upon downloading, you'll only be asked whether you're downloading the image for personal or professional use, and whether the image is being used by a private individual, non-profit, or for-profit organization. I downloaded a digital copy of Pietro Paolini's painting, Achilles among the Daughters of Lycomedes, and found the transfer fast; the total file size was 22.7 MB jpeg at 4,885 x 2824 resolution once opened, a resolution fine enough to print out using a capable archival quality inkjet printer for printing on art stock or inkjet compatible canvas for framing. Tip: Take your chosen file(s) over to Kinko's and use one of their large format printers and you've got an instant wall-sized reproduction piece for about $47..

White minimalist kitchen


Granite benchtop kitchen

In our tiny bedroom we just don't have the option of putting our bed against a plain wall; every single wall has a window, a door, a couple of windows or a closet. The whole thing is already barely big enough to fit a bed into. Using sheer curtains layered below thicker curtains helps to create an anchor out of the window. The thicker curtains on either side provide a frame for the bed and the sheers afford a certain amount of privacy and they keep they scare black window effect from happening at night. It makes the bed look like it's supposed to be in front of the window instead of awkwardly fighting with it for space. Have you tried this at home? How has it worked out?

Large country kitchen

Earlier this week we posted a number of bold, bright and warm-colored bedrooms; some readers were into it, others not so much. We loved the touch of red featured in a rug in one of the photos so we gathered 20 gorgeous red rugs if you're looking for a bit of boldness for your bedroom! These 20 rugs we've gathered come in a number of shades, shapes, sizes and prices, and some are old and some new, but they're all the perfect thing to add to a bedroom when you want just a burst of red to liven up the decor!

Large kitchen

You love things that are feminine, but not too girly. Sound familiar? Then this Dorm Style guide is for you. Table lamp, $20.Acrylic side chair, $90.Velvet cushion, $32.Peel n' stick headboard in Twin, $40.Twin Duvet Cover, $89, and sham, $19.Metal side table, $20. MORE AFFORDABLE DORM STYLE:Grey and Yellow for $138Scandinavian Modern for $238Moroccan Inspiration for $403. Images: As linked above. Re-edited from a post originally published 8.16.2011.

Round cabinents modern kitchen

We spotted these marvelous repurposed stools in the July 2008 issue of House Beautiful. This is one of the more brilliant salvage reuses we've seen in a long while. When folks repurpose things, it can sometimes look a little visually forced. We think these stools would have been a lovely standalone design, even if they weren't originally used as truck springs. Locally, you could check out Restoration Resources in Boston for architectural and other salvage pieces.

Modern orange kitchen

A spare room is a thing of dreams for many small space dwellers, so if you've got a home that has one we are admittedly a tad envious. Figuring out what to do with that extra space can be tricky - office, laundry, storage, guest room? The possibilities are endless. Rather than resigning yourself to just one option, why not double them up? Canadian House & Home style editor Sarah Hartill did just that by adding a craft area to her laundry room. Despite its small square footage, the niche is able to do double duty thanks to stringent organization and scrupulous use of every scrap of available wall space. We found this picture at House & Home, but you can see more of Hartill's lovely home in this design*sponge sneak peek.

Yellow kitchen


Large kitchen wood cabinets

Move over Nanny Diaries and make room for the Bathroom Diaries. Even if everyone 'Went' before leaving the house, inevitably someone will have to 'Go' while you're out. You probably know of a few bathroom spots in your town or neighborhood that are public and clean, but what about when you're traveling? The Bathroom Diaries website has been around since 2000 and is the world's largest bathroom database with 12,000 reader-submitted reviews of loos around the globe. They cover over 120 countries so you should be able to find a decent bathroom whether you're in Aruba or Arkansas. Bathrooms are rated on cleanliness, safety, availability of a changing table, wheelchair access and more. If you belong to Vindigo, you can access the Bathroom Diaries through your cell phone. If not, you might want to print out reviews in advance for the places you're visiting. Seen an exceptional bathroom in your travels? Nominate it for a Golden Plunger award. Below is one winner: the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson, Missouri.

Modern white kitchen


Open kitchen

This kitchen seems to be suffering from a bit of a brown overload. With the combination of wood cabinetry and hardwood floors, plus the black appliances and dark green paint, this kitchen is looking a little dark. Isn't it amazing what a little white paint can do? Of course, it's a lot more than just a little white paint at work here. Over the span of one month Jessie, from the blog Imperfectly Polished, transformed this kitchen with a lot of little touches. There's the subway tile backsplash, the DIY concrete counter tops, and the addition of beadboard to the ends of the cabinetry. The addition of the concrete counter tops and beadboard do as much to spruce up this kitchen as painting the cabinetry. The beadboard has a way of making the sides of the cabinetry and island look finished. The concrete counter tops? Well, they're just plain pretty - and in a sea of granite counter tops, the concrete is a welcome change! To see many, many more photos of Jessie's kitchen renovation, check out her blog: Imperfectly Polished: The Big Kitchen Reveal.

Kitchen purple backsplash

I had the opportunity to have a brief stay at the Hotel Ändra in Seattle last week, and was happily inspired by the bright and modern design of their basic suite bathroom. I must admit that I am a judgmental hotel guest and the bathroom is usually the place that I like to spend the least amount of time on any stay. I was pleasantly surprised to find a bathroom at the downtown Hotel Ändra that I would be happy to have in my own home. I took mental notes for my 'Some-day-dream-bathroom,' especially the colors! Tiny, square bathroom tile in light aqua, complimented a slate tile floor and kept the space looking fresh and clean. The shower area was an airy, open space with thick glass partition. Plus, a modern consoled sink, left-justified for space to use as a counter. Bonus: the lighted mirrors prevented steaming, so the mirrors were always clear!

Gray kitchen

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