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Beautiful small kitchen

We were surprised to see this French country dining set this morning...not your typical Craigslist find and not what we typically get excited about. This set is so bright and light, perhaps the perfect springtime transformation for a dark kitchen. We'd love to see how this set would look with a simple rug, a lighter wall color, and in the right home. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page...(like the first item on our list, a Black Le Corbusier leather chair from Tom.

Wood cabinets large kitchen

We've always wanted to install a trough sink in a hallway bathroom for the kids. Our reason? The combination of vintage styling and the practicality of the large trough seems so perfect for children. Of course my heart went pitter patter on seeing this delicious teal trough sink complete with yellow rubber ducks. It reminds me of preschool times - ambling up to the trough sink in the art room to wash the paint off my arms and hands.

Large kitchen

We love pairing red or orange with a buttery cream color. The cream takes some of the edge off and balances the boldness of such hot colors. We've compiled a roundup of color schemes, with warm colors ranging from pure red to burnt orange.

White and red modern kitchen

Remember the racing car bed the Rickster had in Silver Spoons? Cheesy, yes, but I must admit, at the time, I was a bit envious. If you think your child would enjoy a car as a bed, but don't want to go to the extreme, this project found at IKEA Hacker is for you. The bed is the Vikare bed from IKEA, which doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. but any bed with a footboard will do. Anna, the talented mom who hacked this bed, described using adhesive plastic sheets to create the jeep details. Unlike the Rickster, when they grow out of this phase, you can remove the decals or repaint the bed. Check out more photos of this jeep bed over at IKEA Hacker.

White minimalist kitchen

As we popped an English muffin into the toaster over this morning, the New York Times RSS Feed smacked us in the face with the future of our breakfast: Forget a 'popcorn' button on the microwave, the newest kitchen gadgets are able to prepare a full meal with a hit from your index finger. If you've got a burnt-to-the-crisp thumb when it comes to getting down in the kitchen, you'll be happy to know that there's a slew of new kitchen tech coming your way with one-touch buttons to make everything from cookies to poached eggs. A toaster from West Bend perfectly browns toast and poaches an egg at the same time. A bread maker comes equipped with a one-touch 'Bake a Cake' button. Convection-heat toaster ovens include a one-touch 'Smart cookie' option to make instant treats out of store-bought dough. Standard microwaves include more than popcorn and defrost helpers. They now can include buttons for pizzas, breakfast sausage and omelets. Even expensive gadgets are getting into the mix. A $2,000 Electrolux wall oven includes a 'Perfect turkey' button to make Thanksgiving a lot easier. So does this mean we're going to start seeing 'Instant Green Bean Casserole' or 'Instant Pumpkin Pie' buttons? Who knows? What might seem silly to you is the perfect solution for someone else's morning routine.

Granite benchtop kitchen


Large country kitchen


Large kitchen


Round cabinents modern kitchen

While a tropical vibe is usually reserved for a balcony with a beach view, we're loving Ana's added elements that justify enjoying a piƱa colada on a humid day.... While Ana does have the added benefit of a lush and amazing view, she adds lightweight curtains to the balcony which inspire a tropical atmosphere. Making the space cozier, Ana mixes in a comfy love seat to lounge around on. The cream-colored curtains and sofa cushions give the balcony a relaxed, easy going vibe. By simply incorporating a few elements, Ana has transformed her balcony into an inviting spot to spend an afternoon.

Modern orange kitchen


Yellow kitchen

Is it the world's largest highchair or the most obvious invention, ever? The Mother/Child dining table brings mother and child together for meals by combining the functionality of a highchair and the intimate nature of dinner at a cozy table. Produced by Studio Maartje Steenkamp, who also created the Highchair, the Mother/Child table is made from MDF and comes in glossy white. What do you think? Is it a conversation piece, or common sense piece?

Large kitchen wood cabinets


Modern white kitchen

Most of the time we go the elbow grease route when it comes to getting the ring around the tub off, and we've followed flylady's advice and used shampoo in the toilet, but sometimes the bathroom needs something with more gusto. We've been intrigued ever since Gregory blogged about Method's Le Scrub and Li'l Bowl Blu. Le Scrub gets its abrasive character from finely milled marble Lil' Bowl Blu is a non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner. They both have a eucalyptus mint scent, so you know the bathroom will smell like a spa by the time you're done. So when the tang and vinegar aren't doing the trick, you know you have another alternative.

Open kitchen

It's recognizable everywhere and is especially striking, which is why we found this lamp so interesting. This lamp is a tribute to all things relating to video games, and it was a DIY project, so you can make one yourself as well. It looks exactly like an Atari joystick, except that it's about 5 times the size of a normal one. One important thing that Seamster mentions is that he practiced making the parts a few different times in order to get them just right. His 15 step Instructable is quite detailed and will help you create your own amazing lamp. He used photos to model his lamp, since he no longer has his Atari 2600. The success of his build entailed spending a lot of time on details, like the raised ring around the joystick and the way that the base looks. Once the raised ring and base were done, he moved onto the stick, which took him two times to get right. He used the covers of some old video games to make the lamp shade, which is quite appropriate. He primed and painted the whole thing, the set himself to assembling the lamp, using a simple socket lamp from Home Depot. Even if you don't, getting some help or taking your time will make your Atari lamp look good.

Kitchen purple backsplash

We looked at this soft birdie mobile before, but we were interested to see how Creative Chick, Leslie, tackled the project. She swapped out her old Ikea mobile for this.... Leslie added a few extra birds around the room. Visit the website to find out the variations to the original bird mobile instructions that Leslie applied. She found balancing the mobile the most challenging aspect.

Gray kitchen

I really like these chairs - traditional French bistro chairs. >> Maison Gatti Bistro Chairs: Made by Maison Gatti since 1920 these are constructed out of rattan and Rilsan, a natural polymer made of castor oil. They come in tons of shapes from stool to chair to armchair to lounge and in any color or weave you want. >> Poitoux Rattan Chairs: These are also one of the top brands in France. Made of nylon and rattan, these come in many different shapes and color combinations. >> French Bistro Chairs by American Rag: 'Bring that French cafe feeling into your home' with these French style chairs made in Italy! From Los Angeles' American Rag's French shop, Masion Midi, with cane wood and nylon, these simple copies aren't bad for $200. -----. They stock a complete line of these chairs in many styles and colors which substitute a soft plastic for the seat material. >> Bistro Rattan Chair: These only come in two colors and are made for commerical customers. >> Aluminum Bamboo Look Bistro Chair: Here you go, lowballing it and super strong with a metal frame. How about a rattan bistro high chair? this was is Paris - custom made for this bistro near Les Halles.