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Kitchen with white benchtop

We tend to avoid putting red and green together for obvious reasons. After looking through WorldTraveling's photos of her beautiful flat in Japan, we're starting to reconsider this traditional holiday color combo for the home. The color coordination almost overshadows some of the small living solutions that she and her husband have devised in their stylish home. More details and photos after the jump.... Even though the majority of the furniture in their place came from a leasing company, this couple does a great job making it all their own. The pillows on their leased sofa are made of memory foam and large enough to throw on the floor for extra seating, while the basket next to the sofa holds blankets for lounging or overnight guests. The large mirror behind the sofa opens up the living room nicely, making the apartment seem much wider. Check out more great photos and details at WorldTraveling's flickr.

Yellow kitchen


Kitchen with solar window


Corner drawer cabinet

We love when eco ideas are in line with beautiful design, because why have one without the other? We saw these beautiful objects from Italian based Metamorphosi and thought we'd share. Over at Treehugger, they noted that Metamorphosi is a 'a collaboration between architects, deejays, musicians, decorators, garden planners, and botanists. uses only eco-friendly or recycled materials to create its whimsical interiors and exteriors laden with glass objects'. The company only works on commissioned designs and clients who sign on must be committed to promoting ecological materials and designs that will contribute to safeguarding the environment. Their Website has some beautiful interiors as well as plenty of objects to admire.

Large white kitchen


Kitchen with dark floor boards

In case you weren't paying attention during grade school, here's a real-life lesson in 'The grass isn't always greener': You could spend a chunk of your life wishing you had an apartment with massively tall ceilings, then regret it all the moment you realize that, yeah, sometimes it's hard to decorate with those new proportions. Like, what ever do you do with the space above the kitchen? Above: You can bring the lights down to where you need them, like these suspended track lights from James Ivy Designs. You can extend the cabinets all the way up to the tall ceilings, like in this dusty green kitchen from This Old House. You might even consider a library ladder setup, like in this quaint kitchen from Country Living, to get good use out of the highest shelves. Or bring the backsplash up and over the top cabinets, like the checkerboard pattern in this Brazil apartment designed by Gislene Lopes and featured on Home World Design. The goal with each of these designs is to visually bridge the gap between your usable, close-to-the-ground kitchen features and the tall, tall ceilings. This Mexico home in Architectural Digest makes it happen with ceramics atop the cabinetry and a low-hanging pendant light.

White cabinet kitchen with black top table

We were surprised to see this French country dining set this morning...not your typical Craigslist find and not what we typically get excited about. This set is so bright and light, perhaps the perfect springtime transformation for a dark kitchen. We'd love to see how this set would look with a simple rug, a lighter wall color, and in the right home. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page...(like the first item on our list, a Black Le Corbusier leather chair from Tom.

Large kitchen with white cabinets and dark floor

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Kitchen with red stools

Remember when we reported on Martha Stewart's minimal office upgrade at her new location in Manhattan? Well the domestic goddess herself has decided to correct the rumors both on her site and her show. I just want to say that this article is a misrepresentation of what actually was discussed within our offices. The list of pens is an assortment of what our company will provide our employees with at our expense. We never stated that other pens were not allowed to be used. In these tough economic times, harmony is essential within the working environment. I must also inform you that we use a great assortment of writing implements from the Martha Stewart crafts line available at Michael's Crafts and Walmart. We love that she took the time to sell her MC and W lines! She also addressed the rumor on her show, where ever the clever business woman, she did not mention the name of the blog who wrote the rumor, but instead directed viewers to her site to get the blog's name.... Now you may be wondering where the fabulous photo up top came from. Well, an intern at a radio station was sent down to Martha's book signing with a print out of photos from the post. In classy Martha fashion, she autographed the print out with a stern warning about believing the hype.

Large kitchen with dark cabinets


Open plan kitchen and dining room

Anna Dorfman-Stark, a book cover designer, her husband Evan, and two dogs, Bruno and Fritz, moved from Brooklyn into a 1880s Victorian rowhouse in the Newburgh, NY. The entire home was a fixer-upper, and since buying their house in March 2006 they've been swimming in repairs and renovations and dirt and plaster and paint and bricks. We did a House Tour in February, but since then, Anna's still been hard at work finishing the upstairs bathroom. Anna used window film rather than curtains or blinds for privacy. We love the tub tray that Anna found at Ikea, and check out that floor! Even the door needed work, after much sanding, patching, caulking, priming, painting, and striping of hardware, Anna has a old, solid wood door that would put any hollow-core door to shame. Seriously, this home is so beautiful, it's making us want to leave Brooklyn for Newburgh! Anna's AT House Tour: Anna's Old-and-New Newburgh Victorian and more photos are on her blog, Door Sixteen.

Kitchen with red rug


Kitchen with red cabinets

Most days we're all about brightening up your tech centric rooms, but there's something to be said about using a rich and dark color to contrast the bright glow coming from your computer monitor. This space, found over at Design*Sponge, is where LA-based jewelry maker Melissa McClure does her work. The deep gray matched with the light wood hues from the drafting chair and corkboard give this space a refined look. While dark rooms can get depressing, there's something about this color tone that makes the space feel cozy - a space you'd want to curl up on a overstuffed chair, a good read, and a roaring fire. Maybe that's where Melissa transports herself to when she's working long hours on her jewelry line.

Kitchen with red cabinets

During this series we have played quite a few games in our quest to discover the fitness potential in gaming with the Xbox 360 Kinect. Our perspective in what to look for in a game has changed during the course of these past 16 weeks along with our fitness level, and we now have a new wish list of elements we would love to see in a workout title. The Kinect makes swiping easy so grabbing a slider to swipe just seems to be the height of annoying, silly, and non-intuitive design. Quick Start Workouts: When you are pressed for time you don't want it to take 8 minutes just to get the workout routine started. More games need to give the option to launch into a 20 minute workout right from the main menu. We would love to see better tracking mechanisms for our workouts so that it is easy to see our progress and to better plan what activities will help us maximize the health benefits from future workouts. Having laid out our wish list, which titles out of the ones we have reviewed do we keep coming back to? Dance Central, Kinect Sports, and EA Sports Active 2 are in almost perpetual rotation and we are eagerly awaiting the next series of fitness titles arriving later this year.

Small kitchen and dining table with yellow chairs

We always feel comforted by the fact that this AT:SF reader and friend changes her home more often than we do...Can you guess whose newly redone living room it is? Take a peek below the jump to see if you're right. We think Victoria's loveseat looks like a cozy place to curl up on a cold winter day.

Bright kitchen

You'll probably never spend more time in your bedroom than when you're a teenager. You want privacy, your own music, privacy, a nap, did I mention privacy? Teens Emily Cohn and Emma Orlow started the Do Not Enter Diaries to explore teenagers and their bedrooms: what things teens surround themselves with and how they spend their time in them. How best to access this behind-the-doors intel? Get inside and take videos. Emily, Emma and their teen correspondents interview and videotape kids in their own bedrooms talking about themselves and their surroundings. They've been able to gather videos from around the country and the world in all kinds of bedrooms. They release a new video each week and they're really fun to watch. The teens talk about themselves and give tours of their rooms, pointing out their favorite things, often mementos from school or hobbies. I don't have much daily interaction with teenagers and these videos made me feel very optimistic about the next generation. Perhaps Toronto correspondent Leyla sums up the project best: 'You know when you go to like your friend's for the first time and you just want to snoop around and look at everything? That's kind of what I get to do being a correspondent and I get to be really nosy and ask them a bunch of questions...'.