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Kitchen with white benchtop

It's Showtime CA Boom II starts today through Sunday and everyone is welcome, because unlike most trade shows CA Boom was conceived for anyone with an interest in sophisticated design. A market that's very Vegas World Market Center premieres this week with 1,200 exhibitors and an overload of glitz. Now Vegas has its own Pacific Design Center- a 10-story landmark populated with permanent manufacturer showrooms catering to architects and interior designers. Letting go: such sweet sorrow Playwright Horton Foote spent years collecting American folk art and antiques. L.A. dolce vita Milanese designer Francesco Rota's new dolce vita furniture collection is Italian minimalism with a California kick. TRENDSPOTTING Say aloha to the latest wave in teen design. It's surfer style everywhere. Cactuses galore, but there's so much more There are over 500 kinds of cactuses and succulents on display and for sale at the annual Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society exhibition this weekend. In the new book The Very Small Home: Japanese Ideas for Living Well in Limited Space the Japanese ideal of unassuming elegance in finding storage solutions, and calm living.

Yellow kitchen

An appropriate topic for Small Cool month, Unplggd's gathered various examples of optimizing the space within a closet or stand-alone storage for home office use. Now if we can only clean out our walk-in closet of all the stored away 'Stuff' so we can follow suit.... Read Roundup of Home Offices In A Closet.

Kitchen with solar window

Drawing on the walls usually is not an activity parents encourage. When the results are as impressive as what we saw at Coochicoos, you might want to re-evaluate. Jump below to find out how to create this DIY wallpaper.... Kellie, of Scraplog, grabbed two fat paint pens she had laying around the house and followed a pattern from a magazine. She says the project took her 2-3 hours with no measuring. See more photos of her finished project at her blog. We think this would be a fast, easy and inexpensive way to dress up a nursery Great job, Kellie!

Corner drawer cabinet

Why I chose these colors for the nursery:I didn't specifically chose the colors, it sort of came together by themselves in time while I was still imagining the future nursery. After a bit of color palette experimentation at, I found the perfect tone of yellow that goes well with the fabric. Then I found the poster by Steven Harrington, with color scheme which ties in all the different bright colors together. The rest of the colors are of course from her toys and books, since we prefer to keep the furniture in white or natural color, with some playful exceptions like the LĂ–MSK IKEA chair. I love the way the colors look girlie, yet not cutesy. is an excellent resource to experiment with color palettes, and if you're not keen on making your own, there are thousands of available palettes to use as inspiration. Having a small library in the room always adds instant colors and character to the room, even a plain white one. Color(s) and brand(s) of paint used in the room:We used Flexa, with specially mixed color for the yellow wall.

Large white kitchen

Name: Michael Location: Los Angeles, CA Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: It really reflects my personality: modern, warm, organized. I'm a creature of habit, and my bedroom reflects my morning rituals: I have the spot on my desk where my french press and breakfast go, and I face my computer and the street when I write, usually in the early mornings. I love my 'Found note' collection, and some toys from childhood that I put in a case on the wall. I'm one of those people who thinks physical clutter equals mental clutter. I've let other rooms in the house accumulate objects, but my bedroom is where I curate the most carefully. My dresser is maybe the one place I let get a little crowded, as you can see!

Kitchen with dark floor boards

After traveling around the world with hubby and two small kids and living in Ireland and England we moved back to my hometown into this cute little 1920s art deco home. I worked as a florist overseas and fell in love with green foliage against a green backdrop, hence my green house color. My home is tucked below the road slightly and it feels like an oasis protected from the street! Favorites....My black lounge with family heirloom black chesterfield sofa and white china swans from Iconic New Zealand brand, Crown Lynn. This home with all its black and white and green is just me! People come in and say how absolutely this house fits me. I'm always moving things around, changing things and fluffing my nest! It's not unusual for my husband to come home from work and find I've changed the bedroom around and he can't find the bed in the dark! It is my nest, a building I love and the home I have made for my family. My 86 years young Mum is about to move in too - all my favorite things, belongings, and especially people in a little green house! Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour & House Call Submission Form.

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Large kitchen with white cabinets and dark floor

Solar energy and windows just seem like a no brainer, but while there have been plenty of concepts we've yet to see real life glass that can collect energy from the sun. One promising new product hopes to make that idea a reality. Engadget reports on Chin Hua, a company that's developing solar windows. They recently showed off their innovation at the Taipei International Optoelectronics Week. According to Engadget, the slightly foggy pane of glass can collect and deliver two watts of energy. It's unclear how long it takes to collect that amount and there aren't very many details, but it's an exciting development nonetheless. From what we've gathered, it sounds very similar to the Peer+ concept from the Dutch, in which, depending on how much light you let in through the window you collect more or less solar energy.

Kitchen with red stools

Most mornings we go through the same routine: we step on our digital scale, grab something heavy and step on again, then weigh ourselves a third time. The reason? The scale gives a different reading before and after we hold the heavy thing. We've learned not to trust it, and have begun to feel nostalgic for a good old fashioned analog scale. Circular dial gives a more visceral sense of relative weight gain or loss. Four little colored tabs fit around the face to mark weight goals and milestones. Since the relative accuracy of an analog scale's spring mechanism trumps the body fat readouts and tenth of a pound increments of our digital scale, we'll be picking one of these up soon.

Large kitchen with dark cabinets

Do you wish you were more disciplined about limiting the length of your showers? Well, in honor of Earth Day 2009, we decided to show you a couple of eco-oddities that would aid you in your struggle to conserve resources.... Apparently these dynamic shower curtains, which we spotted on Moco Loco, are designed to help you monitor your water use. The Green Warrior Shower Curtains, prototypes designed by Elisabeth Buecher, interact with water and steam to inflate as your shower progresses. If your decadence keeps you in the shower too long, the shower curtain either strangles you or spikes you, depending on the model. That's one way to do it.... Strange, but true? Do you have any techniques to limit the lengths of your showers, short of compressing yourself in a sheath of plastic?

Open plan kitchen and dining room

I designed a little cocktail/side table for myself and realized it's awfully cute and clever and maybe there is a way I can get it on the market. I'm going to make at least a few of them to sell myself. Contact Jim at jimcollins(at)pacbell(dot)net with any questions.

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Kitchen with red cabinets

Tipped off by our mom, we hereby post a good resource for your NYC radiator woes. Started in 1990 by Tom and Peg Kennedy, who found wood radiator covers WAY too expensive, The Wooden Radiator Company offers three general styles at affordable prices. They have also recently added bookcases and baseboard covers to match. While modernistas may not find these designs immediately pleasing, The Wooden Radiator Company can paint, stain or tone down their designs to fit in with most decors and the shaker is pretty plain. The covers are strong enough to stand on and the finishes are heat resistant. Orders can be transmitted online, by fax or in person in the cities that they visit. They make the rounds of the Northeast every few months and are in NYC this month.

Kitchen with red cabinets


Small kitchen and dining table with yellow chairs


Bright kitchen

Cleaning out your bathroom cabinet can sometimes be painful. Sorting through old or unused items in your bathroom cabinets is as easy as coming to terms with what your family is actually using. Check out the tips below to make purging and cleaning as easy as can be! Pull Everything Out: You can't clean what you haven't faced. For bathrooms sinks with storage underneath, it's amazing how many things can fit underneath, so pull them out. Make Things Pretty: Although it seems silly to make your medicine cabinet or storage area pretty, you're more likely to keep things clean and sorted if you enjoy the space. Do you have a trick that always helps you clean things out? Share your secret in the comments below!