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Large kitchen with dining area

Wait a minute though! a friend sent us this link last week saying have you heard about this? A housing plan called Better Shelter. 'Better shelter aims to fill a void in the Orange County housing market. Taking elements of residential design from a variety of sources, the end result is:'. Affordable housing that has a design aesthetic based in case study housing, mid-century modern and sustainable construction methods. Better shelter recognizes there is an audience of homebuyers in Orange County that are design savvy, have an appreciation for architectural design but have been priced out of the market for such developments. Site plans look to have lot sizes from 1400sqft-3075sqft. It appears from the site notes that the two founders of the project come from some very successful design and business backgrounds Steve Jones and Peter Zehnder veterans of the surf and skate world Have partnered up to bring cool homes and architecture to the little people. The development called 1.7 Ocean must be in process as they are prequalifying and have photos of a sample unit.


What about marble in a black kitchen? Now you've got something really interesting. In the photo above, from WS Workshop via Inside Living, a luxurious, light marble is the perfect counterpart to moody, minimalist black cabinets. Here's another kitchen, from 24 Design Construction, where marble countertops pair beautifully with dark cabinets. Of course, you don't need to paint your whole kitchen black to get the effect. In this kitchen from Shoot Factory, a light marble makes a lovely pairing with a vintage-style black stove. In this kitchen from Traditional Home, marble gets punched up with just a bit of black, in the window frame. Finally, my very favorite of all these spaces - an incredibly elegant, light, modern kitchen, rendered lively with just the right amount of black from a black sink, black faucet and that gorgeous black lamp.


Over the past few months, we've been spending our time looking for ways to make the house more 'Us'. This small half bath on the main level is fine, but it's boring and not really our style. The rest of the walls in the house are shades of blue and green, so we thought it'd be fun to get another color in here, maybe with a graphic pattern. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Kate in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.


We can imagine the difficulty of being surrounded by so much beauty in the desert if your living space in the house you purchased just does not compare. Drawing inspiration from natural elements and the beauty of the desert, Lindsay infused her dark and uninspiring spare bedroom with, as she says, 'As much white, natural wood, and stone as possible.' For this entertaining-loving host, the guest bedroom is the largest bedroom in this house, and got a careful, exuberant makeover fit for a king! And though the space looks much improved from its plain, boring beginnings, a lot of the choices that Lindsay made didn't cost a lot of money. 'In Lindsay's words:'This is the guest room I love hosting friends and having them wake up to the beautiful light filtering through the curtains. 'The biggest changes to this room were removing the old carpet, removing the closet doors, installing a proper bathroom door, and painting the walls. Removing the closet doors was relatively easy, and makes the room feel bigger. I replaced the doors with simple white curtains.' 'The previous owners had put a flimsy plastic accordion door separating the en-suite bath from the bedroom, and it never closed. I installed a real door and added some hooks for hanging towels.' 'The windows are an odd shape, so I took standard IKEA white curtains and cut/sewed/draped them to fit. I wanted simple white window coverings that would let in filtered light and accent the view.' 'I made the bed frame using a tutorial by Grace Bonney from Design*Sponge. The Pendleton blanket is the first item I ever purchased for this home - I absolutely love this blanket and it's one of my most prized possessions.'

Open plan living room and kitchen

Tim gave me free range, to do what I want, which means bubblegum pink, yellowy greens, giant cabbage rose prints, animal prints, and everything mirrored. I love the look of Betsey Johnson's pink Manhattan apartment, and anything Jonathan Adler. We're keeping some of the furniture we already have-a king sized mattress and box spring, a white bookcase, a huge Ikea wardrobe with white sides and mirrored doors. I know it's most practical to buy classic furniture and add personality with accessories. My problem is that I always try to add personality with furniture too, which is why I'm dying to get a mirrored vanity. I like how Lucite looks, but I can't find anything affordable. Our landlord definitely won't want us to rewire anything or add wall lighting.

Kitchen with yellow details

Name: Room and Board - Cricket Floor Lamp Store: Room and Board Value: $429. A Room & Board exclusive, this lamp adds gentle lighting and a contemporary aesthetic to your space. Each lamp features a hand-welded base topped off with a natural linen shade.

Contemporary large kitchen

One particular trend we've noticed in the blogosphere as of late is the increased popularity in the collecting of vintage fans, cameras, and turntables. Seeing as some of the old tech may in fact be better than its newer counterparts, we're all for it. Just make sure you match the old stuff with the proper display materials such as good ol' reclaimed wood. Above, we have IKEA MARKOR side tables paired with an old farmhouse wooden crate used as a display platform for the vintage goods. Going through the new IKEA Fall catalog, we're starting to see more and more traditional pieces of furniture being added to IKEA's vast collection, so it's going to be quite interesting to see how all of these pieces play a part in pushing for a post-contemporary modern design aesthetic. Reclaimed wooden shelves also make for a beautiful display idea, especially if you paint the backdrop with chalkboard paint and get creative with how you place all the items. We may suggest reclaimed media consoles and bedside tables as the perfect home for your love for vintage tech! Got a creative vintage display setup to share? We'd love to see it! Link us in the comments or add it to our Unplggd Flickr group!

Kitchen high ceiling

Q: We are looking for ideas on how to best dress our living room windows to complement the new built in unit. Although there are a second set of windows to the left of the area pictured, the living room still doesn't get a lot of light so we want to keep as much light as possible while obscuring at least the bottom half of the view. Top down, bottom up shades would be a good suggestion but I just hate the strings that remain when the shades are pulled down. We've also considered double-hung shutters but my concern is the amount of light they would block? Editor: Leave your suggestions for Andrea in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Kitchen with island

Our Kitchen and Bath month is coming to a close, but before it does we had to share these sumptuous kitchen cabinets from Sunset Magazine. Instead of using paint, veneer, or stain, the simple beauty of the wood is left unfinished.... The kitchen is located in the home of Cisco Pinedo, owner of home furnishings company Cisco Brothers. According to Pinedo, 'If it's a great material, let it be'. What do you think of using unfinished wood for cabinets? For more from Cisco Pinedo's home, see the article Soulful Simplicity from Sunset Magazine.


Library cards - the old-fashioned kind, are so endearing to us. For all those summer birthdays coming up- what a cute idea for a birthday card- especially when attached to a great children's book! These letterpress library cards are by Simplesong Design and unfortunately, looks like they sold out on Etsy right now, but hopefully they'll return. In the meantime, we're thinking DIY.... Thanks Lmnop!


While the setup itself is still a bit lacking, this real bedroom home office from Gizmodo is inspirational. If your office has to be in your bedroom, wouldn't you want something simple and serene? What do you think, Unplggd? Do any of you have gorgeous views from your comfortable desk chair? Share them with us. How many of you use balance balls instead of desk chairs?



Country kitchen


White kitchen with checked floor


Kitchen with yellow wall and details

Got your interior designer hat on? Because it's time for another round of Fill in the Design !. What rug would YOU choose for this bedroom? Would you add a punch of color? Keep in low key and muted? Just for fun we photoshopped out what the designer actually chose, so you can pick your favorite floor covering, and vote for your selection after the jump.

Kitchen pantry