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Beatiful kitchen with wooden cabinets

There's something about black leather couches that brings forth images of cheesy bachelor pads, this set is not that! Beautiful lines and those classic mid-century legs. The price is a bit high but it does include a matching chair as well. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Modern kitchen

Check out this compact storage solution by the Paris based furniture maker, The Hansen Family. We think it could work well in a guestroom or entryway. These handcrafted ateliers, designed by Gesa Hansen, include a hat tree, flip-up mirror, cubby holes for shoes or papers, two drawers, and two large shelves for additional storage. They are made from solid oak and measure 27.5″ x 55.1″ x 27.5″. It will be on exhibit at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this May in New York. There also appears to be a trunk for bar items in the works!

Modern kitchen with gray cabinets

Our friend is decorating her bedroom in yellow and gray - a color combination we love. She thought it might be too trendy at first, but she loved the pieces she found so much that she decided to go with it. We think that's the right way to approach decorating - don't worry too much about trends and do what you love because you're the one living with it.

Kitchen with island

Hello AT, I just moved into a new apartment and my window is huge - 180 inches wide, divide into 3 contiguous sections. I am having a tough time figuring out what to do for a window covering since nothing comes this large and I don't want to spend a fortune on an apartment I might only live in for a year. Lindsey- Don't be caught thinking you must go for 'Traditional' window coverings as they are usually very expensive or very cheap....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. Our first suggestion is to check IKEA -they carry lots of inexpensive but fully functional window hardware. We personally recommend looking into the Dignitet Curtain Wire in your situation. If the IKEA has recently returned to carrying an entire line of unique textiles, too. We're sure our readers will have more suggestions...anyone? -aaron.

Country kitchen

In between blogging, we've been doing the Fall Cure and trying to get our bedroom together. As much as we'd love to have a room full of modernist furniture, our collection is really a mishmash of contemporary pieces we've slowly acquired and hand-me-downs from family. Based on what we already have, we're planning an upgrade that combines our 70s mod aesthetic with our second-hand shabby chic pieces.

Green cabinet kitchen

Architects Steve Schappacher and Rhea White painstakingly renovated a 1904 fisherman's cottage on Shelter Island. While their black and white kitchen benefits from custom designs and the keen eyes of two talented architects, other renovators can achieve a similar style if they know where to look. Here's our brief guide to getting a kitchen like this for yourself.

Large contemporary kitchen

This post title made you look, hm? Would you believe us if we told you that after spending a couple of hours trolling the internet, including a rather exhaustive keyword search on Flickr, we were not able to find a single pink bedroom for a boy? It's true. Apparently, good ol' science has an explanation for this.... According to this snippet from Wired, females are hard-wired to prefer colors on the pinker end of the spectrum. No one knows why for certain, but one researcher speculates that 'Evolution may have driven females to prefer reddish colors - reddish fruits, healthy, reddish faces. Culture may exploit and compound this natural female preference.' Right? But an informal survey of the preschoolers of our acquaintance revealed that several little boys, including our own, held pink to be their favorite color. Would you use, or have you ever used, pink as the dominant color in a boy's room? Has your little boy ever expressed interest in having a pink room? If so, what was your reaction? We really want to know!

Large kitchen and dining room

The Alpha Chair is beautiful in a very sculptural way. Designed by Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta for PIE, the Alpha Chair is hand-crafted from bamboo. Its smooth curves blend art and contemporary minimalism with an Asian influence. The Alpha Chair is available at Vivavi for $700..


The bedroom at Monkey Cottage made us want to live in an attic. What did we do but go in search of more lovely attic bedrooms? There are lots of them out there, as many an attic has been converted into a spare room for guests, cozy kids' room, or even a lofty master bedroom. The one pictured up top is from Veronika & Sebastian's London House Tour. Many more after the jump.... via Marie Claire Maison via Living Etc. An attic bedroom in Kansas City via Projectionist Accommodation at the Needleworkers Cottage Accommodation at the Glenturret Mill in Scotland Storage in the Eaves at Monkey Cottage An attic bedroom in the West Carie Cottage in Scotland via House to Home An attic bedroom at the Dingle Cottage.


'Hi AT:SF, I'm in the process of completly re-doing my living room in my townhouse and need advice! So far I've purchased the R&B 76' Andre sofa in Teton Pewter, the R&B 42 inch Linear Media Stand in white oak, and two Hans Wegner CH25 chairs. At this point I can still return things if they don't work.... ...I need a colorful 8 x 10 rug that would add some 'Pop' to the room and highlight the color of the Wegner chairs as my wood floors are light. The chairs will be located in place of the gold chairs with a table in between. The sofa will face the windows and the media stand will be on the right wall. I need to find a small scale coffee table and accent table for between the Wegner chairs. I'd like to go more modern than mid-century with the tables. Re-cap:What rug?What coffee and accent table?Any other suggestions? Attached are pictures of.1) Andre Sofa.2) CH25 chairs.

White kitchen and laundry


Open plan living room and kitchen

I've become absolutely obsessed with wallpaper lately. I've seen some fine examples of wallpaper in a few of the homes I've been in while shooting House Tours. My teenage bedroom was in a turn of the century house with walls that had so many layers of wallpaper on them that they almost started to encroach on the room's square footage! I'm in love with beautiful wallpaper patterns but I'm reticent to apply it to the walls of our condo out of fear that the walls will never be the same. There's always the option of using starched fabric as wallpaper. Sherwin Williams offers a removable wallpaper that was covered here at ApartmentTherapy a couple years ago. In theory EasyChange sounds like the perfect wallpaper for someone who likes to redecorate often. What do you think? Should I get over my fear of wallpaper and just go for it? Does anyone have experience with Sherwin Williams' EasyChange wallpaper?

Kitchen with island

I've dreamed of owning a blue velvet sofa for about as long as I can remember. As a self-professed neat freak with a white fluffy dog - I have a feeling it would end badly. So its only leather couches for me, but it doesn't mean a girl can't dream! This is my version of my dream living room, based entirely around my blue velvet sofa.



Kitchen with island

Are you staring at the blank wall above your sofa with hammer in hand, afraid to punch the first hole to hang your art? Or maybe you've already hung art above your sofa, but every time you look at your handiwork, something feels 'Off.' Hanging art isn't rocket science, but with so many different variables, it can sometimes be difficult to get just right. This post is filled with examples of rooms that have nailed the placement of art hanging above their sofa-use this as visual inspiration to hang art in your own space. Below, find a sofa + wall situation that most matches the one in your home, and use the photo as a visual example of how you might hang art in your space. Pay attention to the size of the art, how far it hangs above the sofa and the amount of room between the top of the art piece and the ceiling. The art in the above photo could have been hung a little higher, in my opinion, but because of the low hanging chandelier, the lower art hanging placement makes perfect sense in the room's overall composition. If your sofa is in front of a window and the wall space above it is split up like the above photo, take a cue from Alison and Jeff's living room and hang art on either side of your window. If the art above Alex's sofa had been a canvas or framed photo, I would have hung it lower. This art piece could have been too big/overwhelming for this sofa and room, but the wall was painted a dark hue, and that helps the art feel like it fits just right. Julie's living room shows off an excellently hung art gallery wall. Evenly spaced, the gallery wall is balanced and creates a great shape-a shape that acts like one individual art piece. Don't let architectural details give you a hang-up about hanging art above your sofa; either work around them...or completely ignore them and hang art where you want to anyway.


Minimalism isn't a new trend in home offices, but it's one that will always work well, since it will force you to de-clutter your desk frequently to keep up the look. The trick to minimal home office solutions is to try and keep things simple. Once you keep that in mind, it can be rewarding to set these types of home offices up. You can easily contrast a minimal workstation with a wooden desk of some kind, or simply go for a glass desk. Jared's Clean & Cordless Workstation Jared uses a frosted glass desk with four IKEA Lagra spots mounted underneath. Ronnie's Mac Mini + iMac Combo Ronnie combines a Mac Mini with an iMac to get the most out of his minimal workstation. MacBook Pro + Mac Mini Combo There are different ways of combining computers to get the performance you need at home. Sam's System Attic Sam's delightful home office makes us want to set up our own home office up in our attic. A lot of though went into making this a home office that allows for a few different workstations.