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Bright kitchen

A modern kitchen celebrates clean lines and utility in a room that should never sacrifice function for form. These backsplash tile choices are durable and easy to clean, yet provide an aesthetic element that makes your kitchen really yours. Glass sheet backsplash: A glass sheet backsplash is sleek, easy to clean, sophisticated, and polished. Stacked pattern tiles are insistently well-ordered yet demand to be noticed. They gain their visual energy through a pattern that's actually devoid of one. A light grout paired with dark tiles is bold, while less contrasting colors offer a more subtle appeal. Either way, stacked pattern tiles say, 'You've seen me before, but not like this.' Stainless steel tiles: No fuss but certainly not boring, stainless steel tiles are clean and contemporary. Playing off the steel of appliances, they provide a cohesive look that highlights the warmth of rich wood cabinets. Understated and almost sparkling, stainless steel tiles are the perfect metallic neutral.

Contemporary large kitchen

Q: We want a rug to pull our living room together and give it a cozy feeling, but we are on an extremely tight budget. Will this brown HERRUP rug from IKEA work in my living room that is basically all solids? And where should we put it? I was thinking right in front of the couch, but there is also that area in front of the fireplace, between the tv and the chair/ottoman. If you have any other rug suggestions, I would love to hear them. I really do like the HERRUP rug a lot, I just don't want our living room to feel too dark and/or boring. Editor: Leave your suggestions for EEB0423 in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Kitchen with island

If you like the idea of a pegboard, but you're looking for something a little more sleek, these new stainless steel organizers from Chiasso are a modern take on a classic small-space solution.... Each part is sold separately. The magnetic board is $68, and each component ranges from $10 - 28. The magnetic board and accessories are available through Chiasso.


Inevitably I would let it go and then really dread having to clean the bathroom. Real Simple offers up a cleaning routine that will make your bathroom sparkle in minutes so you can get on with the more important things in life. Arm yourself with some Alka-Seltzer, disinfecting wipes, glass cleaner, a microfiber cloth, and a toilet brush, then get to work! Minute 3: Spray mirrors with glass cleaner and rub in circles with the cloth. Minute 4: With a fresh wipe, clean the top of the toilet tank, the flusher handle, and the lid. Take one more wipe and do the base of the toilet and the floor around it. Using another wipe, clean the vents and the baseboards. Minute 5: Move the wastebasket to just outside the door. Set out clean hand towels and a roll of toilet paper. Clean dust and hair from every corner, starting with the corner farthest from the door and backing out.

Kitchen and dining room

Reader Ana sent us a link to a preview of the new Bradshaw Coffee Table from Room & Board's 2008 collection. 'Not sure if you already caught this but Room & Board finally took heed of all the Sex & the City fans who loved Carrie's coffee table and they even named it the'Bradshaw'.... Here's a picture of Carrie Bradshaw's living room from a Good Question we attempted to answer last year. Room & Board's version is definitely close! Thanks Ana! It is shown in walnut and is listed at $849..

Blue cabinet kitchen

It's ubiquitous in bathrooms all over the world. You can just make some smart, sleek modifications and enjoy a fresh-feeling, semi-renovated spa-like space. There's certainly nothing wrong with a classic neutral like white subway tile, but if your main goal is to tone down the 'Boring' in your bathroom, a punchy tile can definitely get the job done, like here in this bright blue shower from Sequined Asphault Studio Photography. When you're in a style rut, you just go out and buy a new outfit. Do the same for your bathtub by building a new outer casing. You could even tie it into the rest of the bath, like here in this room from Four Point Design. Open it Up. If your shower/tub combo is boxed in, you might want to consider tearing down a wall or two to open up the space and make it more a part of the room, as seen here in this space from Roundabout Studio. There's no big demolition; just tear down the curtain rod and replace it with a stationary pane of glass that covers half the width of the tub, as seen here in a home on Dwell. Box it In. If you want the look of a Japanese-style shower room and can afford to sacrifice a bit of square footage, build a full glass wall a foot or so out from the edge of the tub and lay tile in between. You can leave the shower head where it is and still step into the tub to shower, or move the whole arrangement out a bit to create an adjacent standing shower space, like here in this bathroom on Houzz.

Kitchen and dining room with transparent chairs



Alright Angela....if you don't get unseated by lunch tomorrow, start thinking about which prize you want. This is the way we do it: 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets 2nd choice, and so on... down until there is nothing left. A wonderful Wusthof all-stainless pairing knife An excellent Microplane coarse grater An awesome 14x10 Michigan Maple cutting board A Fancy French red-stripe dishtowel Two handy French wooden spoons One unique French wooden cooking spoon from France.

Dining room

Who says you have to go the route of tradition and put up a typical Christmas tree? For those looking for a more minimal and modern contemporary spin on the old yuletide decoration, why not take a cue from this IKEA catalog setup where they've taken a trimmed tree branch and decorated it with a striking monochromatic selection of ornaments. Posted originally from: AT:LA. Our only qualm is that presents don't look hardly as nice under this as a traditional tree, but it could be executed as a smaller complimentary holiday decor detail with smaller vases also instead of a replacement for a traditional tree. A good friend created something similar for her wedding reception centerpieces, and they were such a big hit, attendees fought over who could take them. Either way, it's a great way to recycle and reuse some wintertime yard trimmings.



Kitchen insland with large lamp

ATSF recently blogged this pink powder room by Jay Jeffers and it instantly reminded us of another pink powder room that we fell in love with a while back. Designed by some pretty hip LA designers, this powder room gets it's punch from the wallpaper. The powder room was put together by design duo Woodson and Rummersfeld who like to mix Palm Springs Mid Century with Hollywood Regency meets the 80's. Sounds weird, we know, but they pull it off in style. We actually got to see this bathroom in person and it was even better than in pictures.

Minimalist kitchen

We posted about open shelving in bathrooms previously on Apartment Therapy, but we love the idea of using the shelves to enhance the decor. We absolutely adore the aquatic themed bathroom in the first photo. A collection of starfish, coral, and shells is what you would be surrounded by when taking a bath. The top shelves are used to display vintage cameras and the bottom ones are a perfect storage for towels and other bath necessities. What kind of collections do you display in your bathroom? We came across these wonderful photos on the Absolutely Beautiful Things blog.

BLue kitchen

Call us crazy, but we're really digging this wallpaper and picture frame d├ęcor happening around this flat screen. It looks like something the store Anthropologie would come up with for their store.... We know this isn't for everyone, but for those of us who are suckers for dainty interiors, it's a nice way to balance out the blandness of a television. The folks over at House to Home, turned an Ikea Lack shelf on its side to act as a TV console that holds a DVD player and what looks like an Xbox 360. Lets hope that's a Blu-ray player below, because there's no point in having an Xbox and a standard DVD player.


The pairing of black and white is so crisp and clean, it's no wonder it works well in the bathroom. Where else is that clean feeling more essential? See some of our favorites after the jump.... It was this renovation by Anna at Door Sixteen that originally put the idea into our heads, then it seemed like we were seeing black and white bathrooms everywhere, and in all sorts of styles. The pairing really is so classic and versatile, that it works with all sorts of decorating schemes. We like the use of natural elements and a neutral paint color to keep the room from feeling too stark with all the graphic black and white elements. Woah, we'd love to get a house tour from whatever fat cat bathes here. Is that a candelabra? A giant plasma? We like to think this is the tiny studio apartment of someone who just really likes to bathe.

Minimalist kitchen

On a visit to Clover House, the new home accessory store we wrote about a bit ago, we spotted these charcoal sachets from Breathe. Encased in modern-looking triangle pouches, the sachets are great for those of us who appreciate fresh-smelling clothes, but not so much the lavender or English rose variety of ribbon-tied sacks normally associated with the word sachet. The sachets are not available for sale online, but you can contact Clover House for ordering information through their store.

Green kitchen

Oh, IKEA. We applaud your green initiatives: taking the formaldehyde out of your products; charging a nickel for a plastic bag; making a public commitment to phase out PVC in both your products and your packaging... and we're sure we're forgetting a few other green deeds. When we stumbled upon, happenstance, a promotion for your Tempe, Arizona, store, we sighed. This sigh was not a sigh of contentment at reasonably priced, well designed, mass market housewares. HELP REDUCE C02 EMISSIONS BY USING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! Bring in your monthly bus pass to the AS-IS section of the store any day of the week, and receive an additional 10% OFF discount on AS-IS purchases only - on products $20 or more. Not valid on previous purchases and cannot be combined with any other offers. If you've been to IKEA, the above conjures up a comical image of some poor bus pass holder lugging a lightly used, heavily discounted Swedish bookshelf up the front steps of a bus. The bulk of IKEA products are made of particleboard and are therefore very heavy; most IKEA products are sold 'Knocked down,' which is a fancy way of saying you have to put it together yourself; however, AS-IS is the section of the store where IKEA offloads floor models and returns: ergo, things that have already been assembled. Heavy, large things that have already been assembled and that are unlikely to fit through, much less be allowed on, a public bus. We applaud IKEA for giving props to people who use public transportation, but perhaps a free cup of coffee might be a better promotion that recognizes that the vast majority of IKEA's merchandise leaves the store strapped to the roof of a car or stashed in the back of an SUV. image via