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Bright kitchen

Ever since I brought home a 'Yellow Submarine' storybook my son has been OBSESSED!! From going to Amoeba and buying every book, mug and record; to watching the movie 5 times a day; to listening to him sing along to 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'; to throwing him a 'Yellow Submarine' pizza party; he's had The Beatles on the brain and now he's asked to learn to play the trumpet! When we were ready to convert his toddler room to a 'Big boy' room, it was a no-brainer what theme we would go with. We wanted to make sure that if we were going to pay homage to The Beatles that we did it right, but we also wanted to make sure the room had a California vibe to it. We scoured Etsy and Ebay with him for days picking out and bidding on posters, bedding and memorabilia. It was super fun to include him and he was so into it. We couldn't be happier with how cool his room turned out! We kept some of his original furniture but purchased a yellow 'Submarine' bed and end tables from the Jenny Lind collection, and a yellow floor lamp from the Land of Nod. We wanted to give him a corner for drawing and reading that had a kind of a pillow den feeling to it worthy of The Beatles, so we purchased floor pillows from Salvage Maria and posters from Ebay and Amoeba. On his bookcase we collected memorabilia from Ebay and Amazon. We kept his old zebra rug from Jonathan Adler and added a sheepskin rug and a kid's wire purple chair, both from The drawings above his bed were custom made by Art Duritos.

Contemporary large kitchen

As someone who is perpetually considering refacing my kitchen cabinets, I am always on the lookout for ideas to use once that day finally comes. While a natural wood Shaker-style cabinet door is beautiful, it can also look a little too commonplace. Build that same cabinet door in a paint grade poplar and give it a coat of a brightly-hued paint and you liven things up considerably. The style keeps things grounded while the color allows for a little self expression. If you tire of it in a decade, you can always cover the color with white or gray, and that Shaker style is here to stay. What do you think of this style of kitchen cabinet door?

Kitchen with island



It's easy to tuck away a toaster oven or coffee maker, but when it comes to big pieces like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, you don't have much say on where those things can go. That said, there are places they work in and places they don't, exemplified by the remodel done by Flickr user, adwriter. As you can see, before the renovation adwriter's kitchen was a bit cramped with the fridge plunked down in front of the main entrance. We're assuming that the previous homeowner had placed it there to create an eating nook on the other side of the room, but we think it just makes things too hectic when preparing meals. Adwriter replaced almost everything in the kitchen moving the refrigerator to the other side of the room, opening up the rest of the space as a result. The other nice aspect is that an enclosure was built around the new chiller, allowing it to become a part of the kitchen, rather than sticking out as its own piece.

Kitchen and dining room

Hanging on my wall are these two great looking and useful wood peels that we use to pull pizzas out of the oven. I got them for Ursula and I to use and was at first stymied as to how I'd store them. After oiling them and using them once, I decided they'd look great on the wall, and they do. I used a shiny brass screw to hang them and put mini over biggie.

Blue cabinet kitchen


Kitchen and dining room with transparent chairs

To say that my Google Reader is working double over time is an understatement. To get through all of my 800+ blog posts each day, I admit that I don't stop to read most posts anymore unless I see a pretty picture. Needless to say, this amazing bathroom stopped me in my tracks. I never knew I needed a yellow sink in my life until that moment. Paired with slate walls, a rustic sawhorse table and a vintage mirror, this bathroom is a perfect blend of old and new. Granted, it won't win any awards for storage space or even practicality, but I'll happily grab plenty of inspiration from this bathroom. I could only locate the yellow beauty on Aston Matthews, a UK website. That gives me time to a) save up money to buy said sink and b) find a bathroom where I actually have the freedom to replace the sink. What are your thoughts? Is a yellow sink to bold for your bathroom tastes or does the rest of the space mellow the yellow?


When Clare and Mike bought this 1950s house in Toronto's Leaside area, they had just five weeks to transform it into the ideal home for their family of seven. This crowded dining room was too busy for their modern taste so they got to work re-designing the space, starting with the walls. Goodbye wainscoting and French doors, hello clean, modern white! 'When we bought the house there was a large, rather ugly kitchen island and cabinets as well as unattractive, dated flooring. We had all old cabinet doors removed and resprayed off site and updated hardware with more contemporary pulls. We took out the old island and upper cabinets to open up the room and installed recessed lighting. We replaced the island with a clean white granite composite waterfall counter.' They had the alcove walls and ceiling re-framed and squared-off without embellishments, and painted the red oak floors white. They also replaced the overhead light fixture with a curbside find that Mike refurbished himself, and the gold ceiling pot lights were replaced with white, high-efficiency LED light bulbs.

Dining room

We're not sure if it started with the iBook or with Woody Allen's Sleeper, but there's something about a room filled with shiny white things that just makes us feel modern. After the break we take a look at Haus Maus blogger Holly's new place in Germany and all the beautiful white gizmos and furniture she's found.... Audioline makes phones here in the states, but this lovely white number seems to only be available in Europe. Does anyone know if European phones can be imported and used here in the states or are there compatibility issues. Holly's region-free DVD player and PSP are both white as well. The 32' Samsung LCD sits on Ikea's Besta Burs in high gloss white.


When we talked about making your bathroom your sanctuary we touched on having some lovely nice smelling soaps for the bath. Well some readers chimed in and reminded us that there are all kinds of no nonsense recipes for scrubs and lotions that you can make yourself using things that you might already have around the house-convenient and affordable! A roundup of our favorites is under the cut. Foot Scrub:Mix equal parts granulated sugar and olive oil and rub. To Exfoliate Elbows and Knees:Cut an orange in half and rub. Bath Soaks:Add a cup of strongly brewed peppermint tea to the water for an herbal soak. OrAdd a few tablespoons of liquid milk or dry milk for a milk bathFrom Green LIvingor Try the recipe we use. For Dry Skin:We have a friend that swears by rubbing pure coconut milk into her skin to battle dry skin. We confess, her skin is very soft and she always smells sweet. For Puffy Eyes:Use chamomile, green or black tea bagssteep them in just boiling water and then refridgerate.

Kitchen insland with large lamp

Oh boy, do I ever love the challenge of putting together a room on a budget and $1000 for a living room is most definitely a tight budget. Online classifieds, DIY projects and hand me downs are excellent resources for keeping the price down but that may not be your style or you just want to start with something fresh and new. If you're looking for a fresh look with a mid-century twist for your living room here's how you can get the look for $1000, with a few dollars to spare for an IKEA ice cream cone. When you're on a tight budget you have to be realistic about where you're going to shop but there's no shortage of stylish budget friendly options out there. The great thing about this look is that it's fairly neutral and as your budget or space grows you can easily add elements and accessories to make your living room even more stylish and cozy.

Minimalist kitchen

Q: What is the best way to set up a sofa, TV and small dining table in this space? The room is 9x15 and the sofa is 6'x3 feet wide. My first thought was to put it in the middle of the room with the TV on the windowless wall with the dining table behind it. I dont know if there will be enough clearance on the side so I thought putting the sofa on the window wall and the TV on the small wall to the right of that closet. The windows, closet and narrowness of the room make it challenging, so I need help! Editor: Let Jennifer know what you recommend in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

BLue kitchen

Don't you hate it when you fill you last piece of wall space. Just as I thought that we had all the perfect items of furniture to suit our needs, our walls were appropriately filled but overly stuffed and then we see an amazing shelving unit. Strangely enough the unit was complete with DIY instructions. In this months Inside Out magazine it advertises the above storage unit for Seletti but then gives the full instructions on how to make your own. Just take some heavy-duty straps, some wine boxes or crates and some wall paper or paint.... After decorating the boxes, lay the straps on the floor and place the boxes on top in your desired arrangement. Tighten the straps and ta dah! You saved yourself $1,800 and earned yourself extra shelving space. Have you made your own similar unit or found something perfect after filling all your wall space?


Q: I just bought my first place, a loft in a converted warehouse with an open mezzanine style bedroom area. My biggest dilemma in choosing furniture comes from this bedroom area. The current owner had just a mattress set up on the floor which I found very sloppy looking. Can you suggest a relatively inexpensive bed frame idea that would work in a space like this? We are also open to DIY ideas that aren't crazy difficult. Editor: Leave your recommendations for Michelle in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Minimalist kitchen

Hello AT,. I have just moved into this house and absolutely hate the color of the walls! We have a loft master bedroom which overlooks the family room. Does anyone have any suggestions for colors to paint these two rooms? My initial thought was to paint the whole place white since there is so much wood trim which I would like to leave in its natural color.... However, I am afraid it will look too washed out. What are people's thoughts on colors that look good in a bright room with lots of sunlight and that match the dark wood trim and beige carpet?

Green kitchen

Today we're unable to get away from the fact that we spent the weekend building desks for our new office and have a great tip to pass on: solid, chic, cheap desks for home or office. If you're not signed up, go for it right now.... AT EMAIL ARCHIVE. >> to full AT Email archive.