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Kitchen and dining room

On our next trip to Seattle, we definitely plan to go to Peter Miller Details in Belltown. A couple of months ago we stumbled upon their website while looking for a Pentagram Calendar, and immediately became intrigued. Peter Miller Details sells beautiful, well-designed home and office products. Its neighbor, Peter Miller Books, sells architectural and design books and supplies. Peter Miller Details sells products from Alessi, Iittala, Marimekko, Stelton, to name just a few companies. Items include everything from flatware to clocks to glassware to desk accessories. The website is so wonderfully curated that we look forward to seeing the actual store. Oh, and if you're in, or going to, Seattle, be sure to see the website for A Very Small and Specific Guide to Seattle: Peter Miller's Favorites.


When I'm schlepping my dirty whites and darks down to the laundromat, I tend to daydream about having my own room for such tasks. I think, I'll have one organized and good-looking enough that I will want to do laundry. Here are a few inspiring examples that don't sacrifice functionality or style. Nothing says 'This is the room for clean things' like crisp, bright white. Sometimes a little more color is on order, like the punch of aqua in Image 4 or yellow in Image 8. These rooms stayed organized with hampers, cabinets, and shelving. Images 9 shows how useful fabric can be in masking something like plumbing. In Image 5, curtains help hide the washer and dryer when the laundry room is really just an alcove.

Large kitchen

Noorieke's home is a mix of whites, creams and grays. With the help of some amazing chandeliers making each room have a focal point, Noorieke has created a cozy winter retreat that we'd like to call home. This chandelier which joins the kitchen and the living room makes a statement. Because Noorieke's color palette is soft and cozy, this sparkly light source makes the room glow. An accented wall covered in iridescent wallpaper carries the luminous 'Glow' quality into the living room. A few tea lights and a fluffy rug help make this space warm and cozy. Noorieke tells us that she has since said goodbye to the black television in the corner of the room. A salon style photograph grouping of prints add an extra layer of comfy.


Name: Renee Location: Saint Paul, MN Division: Cool Inspiration for my palette: This space is a large family room which sees a lot of activity and use both by children and adults. We wanted to incorporate some fun colors into the room for the kids while still retaining a space which can be enjoyed by adults. I have always wanted to use turquoise and decided that doing an accent wall would be a fun way to do this without overwhelming the space too much. The chalkboard wall allows for a fun rotation of artwork and messages.


Q: I am really struggling to find artwork that works well in our tiny bedroom. So far I've put in several small paintings that I love, but they don't work well together or suit the space. Would it look better if I removed all the small paintings and bought two bigger pieces - one for over the bed and one to replace the three small pictures by the door? Any tips would be much appreciated. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Sara in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Modern kitchen cabinets



My floor plan is pretty straightforward because our dining room is a basic rectangle and the room is quite empty right now. I used the floor plan to get a sense of what size rug to buy and where a hutch or bookshelf might work best. If you didn't see my 'Before' pics from Monday's post, this is a shot of what the room looks like now - pretty barren. To make a floor plan of how I'd like the room to look post-redo, I found a very user-friendly app called House Design. Rug size: Originally I thought a 5 x 7 was a possibility but that was way off. The current plans show the dining room with a 7 x 11 sized rug, which looks like it will work nicely. The only downside is that 7 x 11 rugs are always SO much more expensive, but I'm pretty good at scouting obscure places and digging for sales, so hopefully there's a big, lonely marked-down rug out there that needs a home. We definitely need another piece of accent furniture in the room, and a shelf will serve a functional and decorative purpose. Seeing it on the floor plan helped clarify the best placement, and was also helpful in thinking about shelf dimensions. I'd like to have a couple proper extra chairs in the room, and I think if they're hip they would look nice flanking the radiator. Overall, the floor plan is getting me excited about visualizing a warm, inviting dining room.

Kitchen top with great lighting

You may not be willing to shell out as much money for accent chairs as you would for say, a couch, but you still want them to be comfortable enough to sit on when your friends come over, and beautiful enough for you to look at all the rest of the time. Not exactly a lounge chair, but it look comfortable enough for short periods of time-and certainly very pretty. A classy shape in refined leather, at a really nice price. This delicate shape would be perfect for an accent chair in a small space. Like its namesake, this chair has a classic look and will go with just about anything. The shape says mid-century; the button-tufting says well-behaved traditional. An interesting shape and cheerful colors make this one a clear winner. The shape is modern, but the nailhead detail along the back means this would blend nicely into a more traditional space, too. A very affordable take on a Bertoia diamond chair, for those with a big design appetite and a small budget.

Glass kitchen benchtop

Well, this is a similar concept, taken a step further: Bedrooms in Boxes are coordinating kits of bedding and accessories. It's kind of a lazy-man's way of decorating.... Bedrooms in Boxes is a complete kit of bedding and accessories. The bedding consists of sheet sets, duvet cover, and pillow cases. Then the accessories are things like candles, candle holders, wall banners. One set even has a masquerade mask, which is a little, eh, wierd. We don't really want themed decoration like this, but think this could be a fun way for children, teens, or the completely helpless to 'Decorate' their own spaces. What do you think? How does a kit like this stack up against more creative, individual design of interiors?

Contemporary large kitchen

This solid wood, rich dark brown dining table was purchased at the Merchadise Mart and 'Very gently used.' Without leaves, the table measures 64' x 42', and there are three leaves measuring 18' x 42'. Fully extended, the table can seat 10-12...perfect for dinner parties. The seller in Glenview posted no price, so offer up your best. It appears that getting 10-12 chairs that suit the table will be up to you, too. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Modern kitchen

As we look forward to Fall and all of its coziness, we want to shake things up a bit, make the bedroom even better. Not only does adding pattern to a room add warmth and pizazz, but if you do it in the form of a bedspread, sheet or rug, it's something totally removable. So when you get tired of it, you can just retire it for a season until you're ready for it again. Mix large scale patterns with small ones so it doesn't get overwhelming. Palette: choose fabrics and patterns that are part of the same color palette and you'll have a much better time creating a cohesive look. The pattern might be white and white in the form of stripes on the bedding, or different textures on a rug or pillow. Are you over faux bois yet? If not, you're in luck. Look what a little pattern did to this bathroom Take a look at this and see if you don't feel like going really bold. Finally some of our favorite tips for mixing and matching patterns.

Kitchen island

Design-like movies and printing-is moving in three dimensions. We're seeing a lot of spatial geometrics out there in the world-prints and patterns that jump right off the floor, wall or fabric. It's not a far cry from the flat, faceted, low-poly designs that have been popular recently, just a bit more bold. Above: A colorful interior from stylist and designer Amandine Berthon.

Dining room

Hello AT,. I just signed the lease on this great studio apartment. I'm pretty much starting fresh with new furniture but I'm not sure what color scheme would work best with the exposed brick. My other question is, how should I divide the room to hide my full size bed? Right now I'm thinking of putting it in the corner to the right of the closet.

Minimalist kitchen

Last year we watched good friends of ours struggle over decorating their new son's room. They wanted something that was appropriate for him that wouldn't look like fingernails on a chalkboard for them. As his mom said, 'What the heck is the deal with little animals on everything?'. We definitely think that manufacturers like Modern Seed and Sparkability are clueing in to the needs of new families that don't want 'little chickens' on everything. These are modern parents, who want modern kid's design. We cut this page out of Dwell two years ago because we loved the graphic nature in which these homeowners dealt with melding their child's bedroom in with their own style. Apparently a riff on a German painter Gerhard Richter, it reminds us of our favorite Pantone reference books and is an idea we plan to bookmark until the time comes.

Modern kitchen

Sometimes when you move into a new home you're excited about some of the decorative elements the former owners left behind. Like in Darby's case, you're left with a room that practically makes your eyes bleed and your stomach turn. As her twin sister put it 'There are not words clever enough for the atrocity.' But don't worry - this story and this bathroom have a happy ending. Whew - so much better right? On a very tight budget, Darby totally updated and transformed this orange disaster into an orange delight. The bathroom is used by her three children, two girls and a boy, so in a sense the orange is a blessing since it so easily falls into the gender neutral category. Although she would have liked to put in new countertops and floors and replace the sink or tub her budget only had room for some fabric, wallpaper which was painted over, updated hardware and, of course, paint to lighten up the cabinets.

Kitchen with modern cabinets

Q: I was recently in the Hilton Suites Magnificent Mile Hotel in Chicago and fell in love with the sofas in the lobby. They are made of a cognac leather with extremely deep seats. The interesting part was the texture of the leather, which almost has a pocked quality to it. There are small holes all over the leather as if to give it room to breathe. Here is the best picture I could find of the lobby where the sofas are. My question is: has anyone been there and knows where to find these exact sofas, or something similar? Editor: Please share any info, suggestions or sources with Shannon in the comments below...thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.