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Can you have too much of a good thing? Apparently not. These 10 homes from our House Tours prove that seriously woodsy rooms can still look modern, rustic and everything in between. There's a lot to love about Shena and George's Formerly Blighted, Beautifully Salvaged New Orleans Home, including the wood-indulgent kitchen and the beautiful stairs. In decorating Peggy & Chris' Los Angeles Modern, they were inspired by 'The fearless use of wood in traditional Japanese homes.' All the wood paneling makes this converted space, David's Warm and Modern Studio in a Former Garage, homier. Renters craving a wood look can take a cue from the store-bought room divider screens flanking the bed in Erick's Modern Organic Burbank Mix. The salvaged wood wall in Jove's Bright Home with Inventive Features serves as a focal point for the entire lofty space. Mark and his wife Pamela had to work hard to uncover the shiplap paneling in Mark Maček's Modern, Warm & Woodsy. All the wood in Jodi & Michael's Sunny Hideaway in the Wilderness makes you feel like they're living in a magical treehouse. All the natural light from the windows keeps Natalie's Peaceful & Free-Spirited Tiny Home on Wheels feeling big and bright.

Modern kitchen

Sure, you love sushi and can say sayonara but if you need a brush-up on Japanese design sensibilities then we've got you. Get your home feeling a little more calm and peaceful by taking a few tips from classic Japanese design. Lines are straight, silhouettes are simple and smooth surfaces prevail. Embrace your small space - Spaces in Japan may be small but homes stay functional thanks multitasking spaces. Rooms often transition from one purpose to another with sliding walls or portable room dividers. Nuture nature - Organic, raw materials are perfect for creating calm in a home. Wood and bamboo are common design and building materials which just adds to the outside-inside mentality. Make space for an entry -Most Japanese homes prioritize space for an entryway, called a genkan. This handy trick creates a physical barrier between the street and the home which minimizes dirt. Don't forget the floor - Traditional Japanese rooms make great use of the floor with plenty of pillows and cushions for use as seating.

Modern country kitchen



We're all looking for extra storage in our homes and sometimes it's extremely hard to find any spare room. If you have a large family or you're a struggling graduate student in the smallest studio ever made - you certainly know the importance of concealed storage. Of course we've all seen under stair storage before, after all, isn't that exactly where Harry Potter lived at one point? We definitely aren't recommending putting your nieces or nephews in there; but we do think it's a great use of unused space to turn into storage! If you have an older home, you can still keep the integrity of the home in mind by disguising the cabinets. Have built in handles made so at first glance guests would have no idea that was actually storage. There are hundreds of ways to go about adding under stair storage, but we think this one is especially great.

Kitchen with aquarium

We are building a house in a mountain town and are looking for interior design ideas that are contemporary with a 'Nod' to the mountain setting. Are there any books, magazines or web sites I can look to for inspiration? Western Interiors and Design and dwell are sometimes useful. For the most part I'm finding that 'Alpine contemporary' usually involves log furniture, maybe a black hammered-metal chandelier, and snowshoes, animal skins, and blankets on the walls. I would love any ideas or suggestions of design elements/materials/colours that make you think of a mountain life that's not necessarily taking place in a hunting lodge. PS. I'd send a picture of an example interior, but so far I've only found the don'ts and not the do's. Here's a mountain instead.... Kim,.

Ktichen with dining area

We just moved and love everything about our new kitchen. The previous owner was a chef and we're not kidding, if you ever renovate a kitchen, see if you can invite a chef over to help you plan the layout &mdash you won't regret it. One of our favorite details in the kitchen is the industrial cabinet hardware.... These oversized industrial handles are unexpected in a kitchen and we love how they make the cabinets mean business. They'd be right at home in a kitchen that's more farmhouse than sleek or modern. We've been looking online see where to get them and found a few places sell similar handles. The ones we found are called 'Bow handles' or 'Transom handles'.


Living Etc. recently featured a gallery of really amazing illusions for the home that includes all kinds of different 'Fantasy worlds,' from a quiet forest in a bathroom to an ancient mosaic floor in the home office. Take a look at some of our favorite optical illusions after the jump.... If an outdoor shower is considered a treat in your book, this idea of papering the bathroom in a forest-themed mural may appeal. This could actually work better in a smaller bathroom than a large one: the visual impact of the tree trunks could give the illusion of extra height and depth. Love the idea of having an extensive library in your home? The mere thought of how many books that would take might be a bit daunting. Here's an alternative: wallpaper the room or a wall with this faux library design-you could mix it up with real bookcases to extend the illusion that much more. The idea of juxtaposing something mundane with something fantastically historical and artistic really appeals to us. Why? Well there's that part when Annette Bening is telling off Michael Douglas in the middle of the Oval Office and then she goes out the wrong door, and we actually remember thinking, 'Heh. The door's painted to match the wall seamlessly. Cool.' So yes, this is pretty much the same idea. A friend of ours lives in a studio apartment and has one useless, alternate bathroom door, and we're thinking this could be a great solution to 'Hide' the door.

Kitchen with yellow accents

If you've been following us, you know that we're excited about the trend toward grey in childrens' spaces. Check out this lovely dove grey and white pagoda design gracing this bedroom. It's the work of Martensen Jones Interiors and what a beautiful impact the pattern makes on the wall. The dove grey works like a pastel, keeping things light and airy, yet sophisticated. The wall treatment can work for a young child, older child, or an adult. For more grey combinations check out these posts: grey and pink grey and yellow grey and red grey Swedish style.

Kitchen with white cabinets

This apartment by designer Amy Lau is one of our favorite examples of a space that hits the right note with natural wood. The coffee table is the perfect anchor for a room of spare but texturally rich furnishings. Although designer rooms are a great source of inspiration, their furnishings often come with a high price tag, and burled wood antiques or Nakashima coffee tables are no exception.

Stainless steel kitchen

I've always been a fan of minimalism - and somehow it's especially appealing in the bathroom. With the right materials and the right detailing, minimal spaces can actually be very lovely, even luxurious. Here are 14 bathrooms that prove that sometimes, less really is more. Above: Marble makes a minimal space from Vogue Australia. All the details in this bathroom from Homedit are executed perfectly, from the marble shelf above the wall that carries the toilet, to the beautifully minimal glass shower enclosure, to the ceiling-mounted shower head. Quirky cabinets add a touch of levity to a minimal space from the New Zealand Design Blog. Minimal styling means that the wood vanity and black faucets in this room from Nordic Design really stand out. White marble with black accents in a bathroom from Apartment 34.

Kitchen and dining room


Country kitchen

Are your couches geeky enough? The 'USB Sofa' is a concept created for OFFF Lisbon 2008, the International Festival for the Post Digital Creation Culture, which looks and functions like a leather couch with the added feature of providing a USB-connected living room network. Perfect for impromptu study sessions and group project workshops, these couches would find a perfect home in a college student's apartment. Everyone could plug their laptops into one of the seven USB cables that poke out from the couch cushions and everyone will be able to share common files stored on the sofa. In the age we're in now, with WiFi and flash drives, you really don't need a special sofa to share files. The novelty of knowing your sofa is geeked out is priceless.


Like a pop of scarlet lipstick to dress up jeans and a tee, red has the ability to make a big statement even in small doses. If you are looking to freshen up a space bringing in a little of the color is the quickest way to catch the eye and focus attention.


There are tons of tricks to make your small space feel bigger. Aside from mirrors, great lighting and floating furniture, consider using glass in your small space. We spotted.... ...this pretty glass cart-turned-console table at the new Tobi Tobin shop in Los Angeles and thought it was a great idea for small spaces. The glass provides a nice texture and allows a clear view to the decor items stored away, in this case, a collection of books. The idea of allowing the eye to expand beyond the furniture adds depth to small spaces.


Do you have a bathroom scale? We have one that measures our weight, our body fat composition, and water composition, and we like to weigh in once a week to see if all that running during the week helped or if we need to tail back on our Nutella intake. Besides the certain negative connotations connected with scales, some friends have said they don't like scales in their bathroom because they're 'Ugly'. So we've found five of the most minimal, unobstrusive designs out there for the bathroom, all under the jump.....

Red kitchen

Q: I am looking for suggestions on how to arrange the furniture in my long, narrow living room. Possibly so the TV is able to be seen, but not the focal point. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Stacy in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.