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Q: I am really struggling to find artwork that works well in our tiny bedroom. So far I've put in several small paintings that I love, but they don't work well together or suit the space. Would it look better if I removed all the small paintings and bought two bigger pieces - one for over the bed and one to replace the three small pictures by the door? Any tips would be much appreciated. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Sara in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

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Dining room

We were surprised to find a few elements of its large dining room that stood out to us for inspiration in our own home. Here are the four things that we related to most in this photo of the White House's State Dining Room.... Fire Element: There is nothing quite like eating at a hearth. If you don't have a fireplace in your dining room, candles are another way to introduce fire to the setting. Calming Colors: Linger on this photo and you'll recognize that the State Dining Room is almost entirely a soft white color with just pops of color from the yellow seat upholstery and dark accents from the wood and the painting over the mantle. The soft white color of the room is warm, soothing, and inviting. The room's color, like its layout, allows one to focus wholly on the dining experience. The ability to adjust the table's size can be a great asset to a dining room. The State Dining Room is where where large dinners are held. The President's Dining Room is for smaller family dinners, but we found only one photo of it.

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Fireplaces aren't just a simple wood burning contraption of yesteryear. Modern day fireplaces can be gas, propane, or even electric - and they can look fantastic as well. Check out some great indoor and outdoor fireplaces for your modern home. 'Dimplex 50' Linear Electric Fireplace - BLF50: Providing over 4,000 BTU of heat, this remote controlled electric fireplace from Dimplex is versatile in its installation. Napoleon Linear Patio Flame: At just over 4 feet wide, this outdoor propane unit includes a kit to convert it to natural gas. A powder coated exterior and stainless steel lid gives your outdoor space an instant modern look while keeping warm. Firegear 60-inch Linear Fireplace Cabinet: This 5' long fireplace comes ready for you to finish however you like in your outdoor patio space. Napoleon 48' Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace EFL48: This 48' electric fireplace is reasonably priced at just over $600. Decorative stone embers and a painted black frame give this unit a sleek look.

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Dining room

It may be autumn, but spring colors warm up this bedroom showroom. Maxwell reports, 'I like the generous layout here of two full size twin beds in soft blue and yellow at the Thomasville display.' The Apartment Therapy team is on the ground in North Carolina for the twice-yearly High Point Market. We'll be blogging their favorite furniture finds as they send them in so check back for updates often. For even more up-to-the-minute coverage of High Point Market, be sure to follow Apartment Therapy on Facebook and Twitter.

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Browsing Core77 this morning, Ian Walton's designs for Sleeve sparked a thought on the rise of the handle-free, insulated coffee mug. Are we so used to Starbuck's and coffee-to-go, that old fashioned mugs are losing steam? Jay Sorensen invented the Java Jacket in 1993 and in the past three years, Bodum continues to expand their already extensive line of double-walled glasses.... I know I've seen other examples of mugs and glasses that fall into this category...any referals would be appreciated!-aaron.

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Dining room

We're so glad we discovered Glynis Cotton's work. She's a quilt designer based in the Chelsea Hotel in NYC who recently launched her own quilt collection. The quilts are made of 100% cotton, and combine both new and vintage materials. 'Each quilt that I make is one of a kind due to the scarcity of my vintage fabrics. On my quilts, I appliqué images of things that dwell in children's imaginations like mermaids, pirate ships and forest creatures,' Glynis told us. She also says the images are reminiscent of her 70's childhood. One of a kind homemade blankets and quilts are unbeatable. We love the fact that Glynis, formerly a magazine editor, created Dandelion so that she could stay home with her two sons, and have a creative outlet. Take a can't come away from these uninspired!

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You know, the part of you that looks at a discarded sake barrel on the street outside your favorite Japanese restaurant and reimagines it as a funky side table. All it needs, after all, is a good scrub-down and some nice legs. Furniture designer Ian Maclean had such a positive response to the retro hairpin legs he fabricates for his own line that he now makes them available for his customers' DIY projects.... This means you can make your own stylish case study furniture, even if you can't weld. Made of cold-rolled or stainless steel round bar with 'TIG-welded joints', Maclean's hairpin legs mimic the clever design of v-shaped MCM appendages, as seen in the quintessentially-Californian case study bed and the bedside table. Hairpin legs come in many sizes and run from $18 to $37/apiece. Custom fabrication is also available to accommodate beds or different sizes and styles.

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There's plenty of choices when it comes to building up your first home theater system, but to pull it off eloquenty... well, that's another story. There's so many things to consider, from the type of wiring for the speakers to choosing between a projector vs. HDTV, it can easily become an overwhelming experience. Luckily for you, we've got four tips that you just can't go wrong with. Building a Focal Point: Whether it's having an extra large console or a wallpapered media wall, building a strong focal point for the screen anchors and blends the technology with the rest of the home. When anyone asks about why you have so much tech in your home, you can easily argue, 'Hey, it's part of the decor.' Plenty of Seating: This should be a no-brainer, but we've seen so many homes that tend of neglect that fact that the best home theaters out there has plenty of comfortable seating for guests - all within the TV or screen's optimal viewing angle. Hide the Equipment: Even though individual tech pieces may be fun to look at, the reality is no one wants to see your Comcast DVR or Boxee Box cluttering up the area around your TV. There's plenty of solutions out there that'll allow you to hide components without having them overheat. Plenty of Space Between the Screen and Viewers: While we all know how awesome it is to have that 'immersion' factor in the home theater experience, that doesn't mean stick your entire family a couple feet from the TV. Leave some breathing room.

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Check out this elegantly simple bathroom vanity from Italian manufacturer, Mastella. The Jey vanity is a curved open shelf in natural wood. Definitiely designed for the consumer who is not intimidated by open storage!.... Available in varying sizes and two tones of wood. If you prefer closed storage, check out Mastella's Guest vanity.

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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a lounger! It's a table! It's P'kolino's Play Table. Upon first glance, the P'kolino Play Table looks like a playground climber of some sort but then you discover that it is so much more - and when you're short on space, any multi-function item is a welcome addition. The P'kolino Play Table is a multiple-use modular wonder, made with bent maple wood and soft foam which can transform itself into a desk and table set, a climber and a sleek lounger. Flip the table over and children can use it as a rocker. We love how the pieces fit together, like a puzzle, for compact and easy storage.

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It may seem like I am obsessed with bathroom decor, but I'm going to go out on a limb and ask: What's up with armchairs in bathrooms? I brought it up to my mum who is an interior decorator, and we ended up discussing it for a good 2 hours. She said, 'Well, some people enjoy talking to other people while they're in the tub.' I said, 'But what happens when they run out of things to say? Is the person sitting in the armchair going to sit and thumb through an old magazine? And wouldn't it get a bit steamy in there from the hot water? And wouldn't the moisture affect the wood and the fabric of the chair?' It finally got to the point where my mum gave me a look that I haven't seen since I was in my inquisitive tweens.