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Large open plan dining room with reclaimed wood table

We recently had our own Adventure and Outing at a family get-together in the Finger Lakes. As excited as we were to spend time with family, we were most looking forward to meeting the two newest family members who are close in age to our one-year-old son. To both minimize the amount each family with a baby would need to transport and to reduce the clutter in the rental home, we made sure to coordinate beforehand to see what baby items we could all share. Having three full-size high chairs never would have worked in this space so between the three families we had one standard high chair, one booster seat and one clamp-on chair for al fresco dining. One family brought a water mat while we brought a baby float to share. One area of sharing we could have coordinated better was food as we ended up with about three dozen baby yogurts and a dozen bananas. Have you vacationed with multiple babies or young children before? Any tips for coordinating beforehand to share?

White contemporary dining table

It has stainless steel appliances, including an under cabinet microwave. In all we will have 3 base units: one cabinet under the sink, a drawer unit under the microwave and drawers to the right of the stainless stove. The floor is southern yellow pine, the back splash will be white beveled subway tile and the opposite wall will be white with a stainless pot rack and magnetic knife holder. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Lucie in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Reclaimed wood table and benches

Q: We're giving our living room and fireplace a makeover. The fireplace has deep grout that makes a simple re-paint job difficult and I don't like the dust accumulation in the grout areas. We will replace the drywall and plan to tile over the brick with Walker Zanger tile called Sansui. My husband and I can't decide if we should hang these long and narrow tiles vertical or horizontal. What should we do with the damaged black slate bench, keep it or change it? Our kitchen has red oak flooring which is in need of refinishing and the front hall is tiled with the black slate. Should we match the kitchen or go with another type of surface. Should we change the entry flooring to match the kitchen?Sent by Leslie. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Leslie in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Salvage wood table


Minimalist japanese dining room

Wood may seem like an obvious choice for green homes, but certification matters. For now, we're talking wood in its full-fiber form: no MDF, OSB, plywood, Glulam, or other 'Carbohydrate' wood here. Foremost: vast tracts of land are owned by timber companies, like Weyerhaeuser, that would go out of business if they didn't have wood to sell. They're behind the SFI, or Sustainable Forestry Initiative, a certification program often criticized as weak. We think FSC certification, which is administered by The Forest Stewardship Council, a truly independent nonprofit, and more local choices, like the Northwest's Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities certification are better options. FSC wood is widely available at outlets... including the Home Depot. Inquire at your local lumberyard if any of their wood comes from nearby family forests. You might even consider taking a weekend trip out to see where the studs or floor for your home will come from.

Small formal table

No matter the size of your home, I think it's really important to create a casual, comfortable, welcoming space in which to sit down and enjoy a meal. If you're in a smaller space, it's your breakfast nook in the morning and your intimate dining room-with the help of some candles-at night. Here are high and low budget versions of a fresh, eclectic look for your casual dining space. If you have a bit of a budget to play with and would like to invest in a few key pieces, try this look.... Get the HIGH Casual Dining Look: Wall art: All You Need Is Love Poster, Black Rooster, $365. Planters: Trigg Wall Planters, West Elm, $25/set of 2 small. Or, if you're a bit more thrifty with your home decor purchases or you're a renter on the move, try this look! Note that each look includes the cost of two chairs, so you'll have to adjust accordingly. Of course, you can always mix and match between the two to create your own custom look to fit your budget!

Dining room with feature wall


Dining room with stones feature wall

Derek took a smart approach to his kitchen renovation, sourcing items from industrial supply companies to create a durable space for cooking. Working with an architect, he developed an open, airy layout that's functional and family friendly. For other industrial home sources, see our archives.

Light filled dining area


Minimalist luxury dining room

Name: Lindsay Location: Pittsburgh, PA Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: I love that I'm the first person to utilize this small forgotten space since this home was built in 1884. I adore feeling like I'm sleeping in John Malkovich's 7 1/2 floor. Even though I'm just a renter, I completely designed, insulated, and remodeled this not-tall-enough-to-stand-in space myself.

Industrlia look table and benches dining table

It's not just A/V or computer gear we think of trying to incorporate and hide away into the rest of our home decor. Kitchen appliances can especially be a dominating presence in any homre. Faith over at The Kitchn asks if you have ever wanted to hide your appliances as cabinetry with a recent Hot or Not poll.

Formal dining room with mirror

While this question was originally intended for AT, we figured our like-minded readers may help Liz in her search for the perfect study/occasional computing desk for her home office:Hey all! Liz here - just thought I'd throw this out there in case anyone knows of an excellent study desk to place in my home office. The thing is - it's completely open to the living room so I want something that's light in character, but sturdy and well-designed as well. Oh! And I'd like to use it for computing, so a small compartment to shove my laptop in would be kind of nice. Well, Liz, we're glad you're reaching out and as always, we're more than happy to help! The above desk is one of our favorites from recent months; it's called the Yves writing desk, designed by husband and wife team of Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon. It's made from solid walnut with leather top and two drawers. The leather also comes in two flavors - the green you see above and a bespoke color. One of our favorite classic pieces is the Nelson Swag Leg Desk which sports that classical retro look that's been timeless throughout the years and should fit perfectly into any modern home office setting. Any other favorites for Liz? Let her know in the comments!

Small round table

Q: After moving into my new apartment, I was thrilled about the new corner fireplace. Only one problem: I can't enjoy it when I can't see it from the couch! Any suggestions for furniture arrangement with a view of both the television and the fireplace? Wall mounting is not an option and I can not block access to the balcony doors. Editor: Please share your suggestions for furniture placement with Angela in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Black and white dining room


Open plan dining and kitchen

Rolling with the theme of our blue and yellow bathrooms, we're moving on to a color scheme we love: red-orange and cream. Bricks Bath Towels from CB2, on sale for $14.99.