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Dining room with touches of color

In their newest catalog, Brocade Home is selling the wallpaper they showcase in their catalog images. Here at AT, we get a lot of questions requesting names and distributors for various wallpaper patterns seen in shelter magazines, movies, TV shows and catalogs. Brocade Home is eliminating the second step by selling it themselves - just as Pottery Barn collaborated with Benjamin Moore to sell branded paint colors a few years ago. Who's next on the wallpaper train?.... circle print foil wallpaper - parisian blue medallion flocked metallic wallpaper - leaf. Brocade Home has a very distinct style and is definitely not for everyone - will a more marketable style fill in the gap? Orders range from $99 - $169 for two rolls that cover 60 sq.

Minimalist bench dining room

We might start going goth in our house: first there was Laure's intriguing black bathroom...and now this: a black study room/library. A color choice we haven't considered since our angst-ridden teens, we're surprised to see how sophisticated it looks! What do you think?

Small modern living room


Comtemporary dining room with leather charis

There's a lot of storage ideas packed into this tiny kitchen: open wall shelving, under-the-counter shelving, pretty cannisters, and a casual group of baskets. While it may seem cluttered, it seems like everything is organized to specific areas. We're liking the idea of arranging fruits, herbs, and flowers in a basket on the counter as both a storage spot and a rustic centerpiece.....

Luxury dining room


Industrial loft dining room


Brown tones dining room


White wood table dining room

Maybe I'm just a bit jealous, but it seems a bit excessive that people are now hiring interior designers to makeover their laundry rooms with limestone floors, built-in television screens, and even warming drawers 'For clothes too dainty for dryers'. According to the LA Times's 'Fluff piece', Laundry rooms clean up nicely, the newest home renovation status symbol trend has moved beyond restaurant quality kitchens and spa-style bathrooms, into the utilitarian realm of laundry rooms. Of course, you'd have to be amongst the 56.7% of households fortunate enough to have a separate laundry room. The last time I tried to give decor advice to the local laundry mat, they asked me to take my soiled drawers, issue of Elle Decor UK, and high-falutin' ideas elsewhere.

Simple dining room furniture combination

Name: Michael Location: Los Angeles, CA Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: It really reflects my personality: modern, warm, organized. I'm a creature of habit, and my bedroom reflects my morning rituals: I have the spot on my desk where my french press and breakfast go, and I face my computer and the street when I write, usually in the early mornings. I love my 'Found note' collection, and some toys from childhood that I put in a case on the wall. I'm one of those people who thinks physical clutter equals mental clutter. I've let other rooms in the house accumulate objects, but my bedroom is where I curate the most carefully. My dresser is maybe the one place I let get a little crowded, as you can see!

Minimalist industrial look dining room

White Chapel Ltd. is a wonderful resource for antique style cabinet and furniture hardware. They sell high quality brass hardware, and their selection is outstanding.... We enjoy a perusal through their catalog even when we aren't seeking anything in particular. It gets creative juices flowing and it's inspiring to see so many fine hardware pieces presented so clearly. This is one catalog we recommend getting a hard copy of. Their wares are shown photographed on a gridded background that communicates the hardware's scale at-a-glance.

Luxurious black dininig room

We loved yesterdays discussion of our own approach to our own simple life and realize more than ever how widely this concept can be interpreted. So...... we thought we'd try a thread all about what it means and see if we could - somehow - form a consensus over time. 'To me, Simple Living means....'.

Large and modern dining room


High ceiling dining room

How do you make the most of a small space you've turned into a bedroom, despite the small square footage? A Redditer found ways to maximize space when they turned the solarium of their small Toronto condo into a 8.5' x 8' bedroom by adding a wall. They came up with some simple but smart ways to make the small space feel peaceful and not overcrowded. It's not within every budget to buy a bed that has built-in storage, but in this small and closet-less space, it appears to have been a vital element to ensure this small space actually functioned the way they needed it. Another fun storage feature? Not just one nightstand, but three, on each side! Floating nightstands have long been a smart choice for small spaces, but here, the addition of even more wall-mounted ledges means more room for both needed and decorative objects. We all know that wall-mounted reflective surfaces like mirrors work magic in small spaces, and in here it's no different. They chose to add the mirror to the wall opposite the door, which is a smart move since it'll reflect an image of the other room, making it feel a little more open than it actually is. For saving space and adding privacy, you can't beat a sliding door, which they made here themselves using mostly items found at Home Depot. Keep the side of the drapes that face the bedroom a light color, preferably a similar color to the wall. This will help them blend in and expand the look of the space visually. It just makes sense - small spaces need less stuff, and keeping the decorative elements to a minimum will help keep a small space from feeling cluttered. As this small bedroom proves, you can find a good balance between art, decorative elements and more and still have a room that feels spacious for its size.

Wood and steel dining room

Vintage is definitely a hot trend right now in nurseries and especially children's rooms. Mixing modern pieces with vintage accessories immediately personalizes a room. While you may not want to take it this far- here are some great shots taken from Decorating Your Child's Room from the Doubleday Home Decorating Program, circa 1971, to inspire you. Vintage Goodness scanned these great shots from a pamphlet she found. Prominent features of these rooms are lots of avocado, trundle beds, and lots of bright patterns. Accessories seem to range from more typical vintage letters and numbers to the stranger whales, soldiers, and zebra prints! Vintage Goodness has a few more pics and lots more to inspire your modern vintage over at her blog.

White dining room and kitchen

There's lots of AT love for ModWalls tiles and Custom Blender. We're currently on the hunt for backsplash hexagon tiles which offer endless pattern possibilities. In our search, we spotted these stainless steel tiles - not the look we're going for but super sleek. From the site: This beautiful tile is constructed with a heavy porcelain base and a 1mm stainless steel overlay. Ideal for vertical applications such as kitchen backsplashes. Free Ground Shipping in Continental US on orders over $200. Stainless steel tiles sold per sheet of 36 tiles, approx. You can also order metal tile samples for $9.95.

Minimalist dining room with woods view