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Dining room with touches of color

Name: My Le Location: Toronto Canada Square Feet: 800 Division: International What I Love About My Small Home: I love the fact that it is an old house from the outside, but we have fixed it up completely on the inside. We built doors and furniture for the house after the renovation and that was how we started our little custom door and furniture business, 1925Workbench. Even though it's a small house, there's a window in every room.

Minimalist bench dining room

Solar energy and windows just seem like a no brainer, but while there have been plenty of concepts we've yet to see real life glass that can collect energy from the sun. One promising new product hopes to make that idea a reality. Engadget reports on Chin Hua, a company that's developing solar windows. They recently showed off their innovation at the Taipei International Optoelectronics Week. According to Engadget, the slightly foggy pane of glass can collect and deliver two watts of energy. It's unclear how long it takes to collect that amount and there aren't very many details, but it's an exciting development nonetheless. From what we've gathered, it sounds very similar to the Peer+ concept from the Dutch, in which, depending on how much light you let in through the window you collect more or less solar energy.

Small modern living room

Getting a bigger TV can often drain your budget, leaving you with a predicament of how to make your current setup work with a bigger TV that might not fit. Here's an idea seen over on Ikea Hacker from Frank, who hacked his Borghamn Media Unit to fit his new TV. Frank went even further to light the new feet for his modified media unit with LED lights.

Comtemporary dining room with leather charis

Here's a take on artwork that doesn't just go 'On' your wall, it becomes your wall. This is a great tip I got from Jane Mount, who was a 3rd place finisher in our 2006 Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest. She wanted to give her bedroom the feeling of a 'Cozy thicket' and create a space that was a retreat from the rest of the apartment.... Being a designer with a good sense of humor and plenty of DIY experience, she covered her bedroom closets with a huge mural that she had made by a company called Gallery Street in Roswell, Georgia. She just emailed them the file and they send back the mural in the size requested. All images are printed on commercial grade wallpaper, are fade and scratch resistant, wipeable and can come in any size you like. Enjoy the goofy pics below and think of your own possibilities!

Luxury dining room

We see outdoor living room spaces, dining tables with full course meals served outside on decks and in back yards, so what about bringing traditional outdoor decor to your indoor space? I found this image on Designed For Life, and I love the idea of the hammock indoors. I think it brings a great casual element to any home or room. Would you ever put a hammock in your living room? What elements of outdoor decor, would you consider bringing indoor?

Industrial loft dining room


Brown tones dining room

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White wood table dining room

Too much or just right? We saw this room by interior design team to the stars, Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, and were struck by all the symmetry going on.... It definitely makes the room feel very pulled together, but it could also come off as kind of rigid. What do you think? Is there such a thing as too much symmetry in a room, or does it give off a nice, finished look?

Simple dining room furniture combination

If there is one thing that hasn't changed since its inception, it's the concept behind a washing machine. The box-like devices haven't changed that much, and even you look for something different, you'll end up paying thousands of dollars for something like that. Think about it, weren't those LG washing machines and dryers the latest rage in washing machine technology? Designer Djordje Zivanovic comes to the rescue with an Aquarium, and it's not for fishes! It's hard not to compare this design by Djordje Zivanovic to the iPhone. It's nice to see the whole box-like machine replaced by something spherical, but in the end, does it wash any better? Now that's the important question. Since this is only a concept, there isn't much information available on this. We've found a few interesting tidbits about the Aquarium. Washing machines are usually kept far away from prying eyes, so making one look cool doesn't really make much sense. The designer says that its innovative since it's only composed of two spheres, one inside the other. The spheres rotate in different axes, so looking at it can be mesmerizing. It's mentioned that this washing machine is called Aquarium because it doesn't need a water tap, meaning that you have to refill it periodically and it can be placed in the middle of your living room, if you find the movements of the spheres really interesting.

Minimalist industrial look dining room

Our college-style 'Make-whatever's-in-the-fridge' culinary habits don't really facilitate the need to own an egg cup. If we ever had to get one, we'd get this to soothe our gadget-loving souls: the eiPOTT. 'Ei' is German for egg and 'Pott' is German for pot. So we have to imagine there was much confusion in Germany when Apple's music-playing iPod arrived on the scene. The little kinder thought they were getting egg cups for their birthdays! Well now the wrong has been right-ed and we have officially found the eiPOTT egg cup. From German design group qed*design, this little guy keeps all the Apple iPod styling-rectangle shape with a circular 'click wheel'-with an Ei-appropriate twist. If you're a geek who needs someplace to stick your boiled egg, we've found it.

Luxurious black dininig room

Anyway, mother dearest has an absolutely beautiful blue bedroom that we just adore. Why do we love it? Zero-VOC paint, bed she made herself, great art from a local artist named Ogi... it was designed very inexpensively, and it's still absolutely gorgeous. Plus, it suits my mom, which is all that really matters, isn't it?

Large and modern dining room

You know that feeling you get after a hard night of partying, and all you want to do is lay in bed and pretend that you don't have a raging hangover? Well, that pretty much sums it up for me right now...except it's Wednesday morning and there's work to be done and meetings to attend. So if you happen to be in the same boat that I'm slowly sinking in, maybe these photos of a small, serene cabin decorated in a mix of pretty fabrics and patterns will help ease the pain a bit. Hey, you know it's bad when even bunk beds look appealing.....

High ceiling dining room


Wood and steel dining room

Browsing Core77 this morning, Ian Walton's designs for Sleeve sparked a thought on the rise of the handle-free, insulated coffee mug. Are we so used to Starbuck's and coffee-to-go, that old fashioned mugs are losing steam? Jay Sorensen invented the Java Jacket in 1993 and in the past three years, Bodum continues to expand their already extensive line of double-walled glasses.... I know I've seen other examples of mugs and glasses that fall into this category...any referals would be appreciated!-aaron.

White dining room and kitchen

My room makeover:: The first part of the project started with painting the kitchen cabinets white. We added crown moulding to the contractor grade cabinets to give them a 'Higher end' look. We replaced the laminate kitchen countertops with John Boos butcher block. We replaced all the appliances with stainless steel and converted the electric stove to gas. After the kitchen was finished we hired a contractor to remove a couple walls in the entry way to open up the space. We had reclaimed barn beams installed to give it the modern rustic look we love so much. The contractor hand made us a set of rustic barn doors to replace the old bi-fold doors in the front closet. All the trim was ripped out and replaced with a nice thick craftsman trim. What I love most about my new space:: We love how open the space is now. Before the renovation the dining room was never used because it was too closed off.

Minimalist dining room with woods view