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I've always been a fan of minimalism - and somehow it's especially appealing in the bathroom. With the right materials and the right detailing, minimal spaces can actually be very lovely, even luxurious. Here are 14 bathrooms that prove that sometimes, less really is more. Above: Marble makes a minimal space from Vogue Australia. All the details in this bathroom from Homedit are executed perfectly, from the marble shelf above the wall that carries the toilet, to the beautifully minimal glass shower enclosure, to the ceiling-mounted shower head. Quirky cabinets add a touch of levity to a minimal space from the New Zealand Design Blog. Minimal styling means that the wood vanity and black faucets in this room from Nordic Design really stand out. White marble with black accents in a bathroom from Apartment 34.

Open plan dining room

Hello AT, I just moved into a new apartment and my window is huge - 180 inches wide, divide into 3 contiguous sections. I am having a tough time figuring out what to do for a window covering since nothing comes this large and I don't want to spend a fortune on an apartment I might only live in for a year. Lindsey- Don't be caught thinking you must go for 'Traditional' window coverings as they are usually very expensive or very cheap....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. Our first suggestion is to check IKEA -they carry lots of inexpensive but fully functional window hardware. We personally recommend looking into the Dignitet Curtain Wire in your situation. If the IKEA has recently returned to carrying an entire line of unique textiles, too. We're sure our readers will have more suggestions...anyone? -aaron.

Dining room with pop art

If you're lucky enough to have the space for a formal dining area then we'll all just be patiently waiting for our dinner party invite. If you have the space, large or small, it's great to put the effort into making your dining area memorable because let's face it, it's not common these days that we have the time to stop and enjoy a meal together. This dining space and style description was created by the talented and popular Emily Henderson Design team for the also popular and always stylish blogger, Nicolette Mason. This space is full of great contrast: black and white, soft and edgy, vintage and contemporary, abstract art and sweet illustrations. It all works together to create a great look that would make anyone want to RSVP 'Yes' to this dinner party. Below are two style boards that recreate this look but at very different price points. If you have a larger budget and like to invest in the finer details then try this look. If you're on a more modest budget but still want to create a glam meets contemporary space, then try this look.

Dining room with dark wallpaper feature wall

Flat, 'Regular' art is just fine and dandy for most of your walls. If you're looking for ideas on how to make a room really have a wow factor, look to DIY art ideas that feature more 3D. Bursting from your walls they grab attention, add a fun element to any room and are even a blast to make. Pictured above: What looks like a perky, bright abstract modern art piece is a interesting mix of rolled paper and framed chicken wire - and a DIY project just about anyone could do! Spotted on Sugar & Cloth. What? Is this a space-age piece of art created by an artist from the future? Nope, it's a cool, geometric, mirrored DIY art piece you could make for your walls. Point the way in your home with a rustic wood inspired arrow you could make any size, direction or color. This borders on being barely 3D, but we still think it counts, and love that you can say something with color with this idea. This idea would add a lot of texture to a wall! You could customize it any way you want by choosing the colors and shapes. Baskets and color blocking on a wall spotted on Design Improvised. What have been your favorite DIY 3D art ideas for home? Share your suggestions below!

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A friend recently told of her idea to buy a custom-sized runner for the kitchen. Originally she was looking at a series of floor carpet squares, then she decided the 'Runner' really needed to offer support and comfort more than anything else. She turned to these marble top anti-fatigue mats, available at American Floor Mats. The more commercially used anti-fatigue mats could be a great solution for weary feet at home...has anyone else given this a try? All details and pricing info here at American Floor Mats.

Classic dining room

If you've got a ton of digital photos uploaded on Facebook for grandparents or friends, and printing them out in any tangible form seems overwhelming at this point, check out Shape Collage. Download it for free and in less than a minute, it'll transform those photos into any shape imaginable. You chose the shape, and then you can adjust the size, number, and spacing of the photos included. Download it free here, or if you want to use photos that aren't online, you can upgrade to a $25 personal account. We'd be willing to give it a shot because it does something with those photos in less than a minute- maybe a good grandparent gift?

Contemporary dining room

Bringing kitsch souvenirs home from a trip is sometimes a gamble; you could end up with an interesting conversation piece, a someday-family heirloom or just a cheesy mistake that ends up in storage. What if you live in a city chock full of kitschy souvenirs? Can you bring them into your home and call them art? We've been trawling the Cat Street Market off of Hollywood Road since moving to Hong Kong as a thrifting alternative. It offers a pleasant diversion on a busy day, watching tourists look at antique knock-offs and home d├ęcor items that we see everywhere. We've been returning to a vendor who seems to specialize in Chairman Mao sculptures, drawn to the colours and variety of poses in which he is modelled. We've only actually purchased one, and he stands proudly waving at us in our living room, dressed in what seems to be his dressing gown. Usually a souvenir gains interest once removed from the thousands of exact replicas with which it mwas originally displayed - we think Mao works best en mass, waving at us from as many angles as possible.

Small living and dining room

Are you all neutrals, all the time but have been feeling a little color curious as of late? It's nothing to worry about. We can help you with these easy ways to step up your game and add a little touch of your favorite color almost anywhere. Above: Take a chance on color with one piece to ease in with a different level of commitment. Can you spot the color above? It's a subtle statement. Check out the aqua drawer knobs that add just a little touch of something extra to a brown and white bath. A black, white or wood frame would have been fine, but Ramzi chose a rad red/orange instead. Want to keep your shelving classic on the outside? Make like Abby and add a wash of color inside instead! An aqua door adds a whole new element of colorful curb appeal to Tiffany's front porch.

Classic dining room

In lieu of Bathroom month, here's a quick refresher course on ways to make your bathroom cleaner and greener. This is pretty self-evident, as conventional bathroom cleaners create toxic fumes that no one should breathe in! This is especially a problem for bathrooms, which are typically small and poorly ventilated. If DIY solutions are not your thing, there are plenty of green cleaners on the market: we like Oxy-Grout Grout Cleaner by Natural Choices for the tub, and Fresh and Natural Bathroom Cleaner with Tea Tree and Lavender from LifeTree. Buy organic cotton or bamboo towels and wash cloths. In addition to organic cotton, bamboo is a good option since it has natural antibacterial properties. Globe CFLs are most commonly used in bathroom vanities. There are a number of plants that will thrive in the bathroom.

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Contemporary dining room

After Sarah's link to the new blog Stair Porn yesterday, we had to share our own photos from a recent tour of Venice which included a jaunt past Scala Contarini del Bovolo - a six-story exterior spiral staircase built at the end of the 15th century.... The Venetian word bovolo translates to snail. There are pictures all over the web of this famous staircase.

Red table dining room

With all the black walls floating around AT, we thought we'd pull together a dramatic color combo that we rarely see: blue and black. It's a combination that can come off as romantic and moody or crisp and elegant, depending on the shades you choose and whether or not you balance the combo with a lighter neutral.

Large dining table in open plan kitchen

We spotted these marvelous repurposed stools in the July 2008 issue of House Beautiful. This is one of the more brilliant salvage reuses we've seen in a long while. When folks repurpose things, it can sometimes look a little visually forced. We think these stools would have been a lovely standalone design, even if they weren't originally used as truck springs. Locally, you could check out Restoration Resources in Boston for architectural and other salvage pieces.

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Rattan dining room furniture

It takes a lot to run things and we need a to place to store all of that stuff. Good thing they don't have thumbs yet, because they haven't figured out how to open a cabinet drawer. An Excellent Office Storage Pair Last week Mike told us about a great combination to make the Alex and Helmer IKEA units even better at containing our mess! Alex, IKEA $119.00 One of the more obvious and certainly more popular options, the IKEA Alex drawer unit is one of the best. In our household it holds printing paper, old photographs, our portfolios and much more. 10 Ways to Use Kitchen Storage in the Office is another extremely useful and innovative way to tame the beast in the office. Using unlikely items such as wine racks to wrangle magazines is such a fun and interesting idea! The wine rack would also be great for storing rolled up cords. Synchronicity Letter-Size Interior File Folders, The Container Store $5.99 Have to be the coolest folders we've seen. These would certainly be useful in any file cart or cabinet.

Dining room with chocolate walls

How can a playroom be green? Martin Brown of Portland, Oregon turned an attic in his 1922 house into a great playroom for his son utilizing scrap material, an antique window, low-temperature LED light fixtures, an occupancy sensor and a hydronic baseboard heater.... Martin detailed his retrofit of his unfinished attic at his blog Bottleworld. The walls and ceilings were done in tongue and groove beadboard to match the rest of the home. New insulation and fireproofing was added, along with a few green features. A verdant-brand thermostat with occupancy sensor A hydronic baseboard heater. Checkout the entire project at An attic playroom via All photos by Martin Brown and used with permission.