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Small modern dining room with red accents

When my ship comes in.... We've used Brownstone Brothers with clients and they were GOOD. They make the nervewrackingness of moving fade away with their calm, precision and expert service. Call them on the phone and someone will pick up after one ring. MUG has recommended them, NY Magazine has named them best mover of the year, and The Franklin Report gives them a top rating along with the tip that 'Many decorators and the carriage trade have been longtime customers of Brownstone Brothers.' While not stuffy, Brownstone Brothers is a long time Upper East Side moving company that recently relocated their offices to the South Bronx. All you need to know is that if you have a big move, a difficult move or a fragile move and you are willing to pay a high amount for high end service, you only need to make one call to arrange for a free estimate.

Small contemporary dining room

We've all heard that high-contrast, black and white imagery is stimulating to babies so here are some ideas for using black and white in the nursery from Australian lifestyle magazine, Real Living. The room was created by Belinda Graham, a writer and web editor for Real Living. She provides plenty of ideas for using black and white including: silhouettes, chalkboard paint, wooden letters, framed ultrasound pictures, painting a quote, and more. See her ideas for using black and white in the nursery at Real Living and at her own blog, Renovate and Decorate. One of our favorite resources Belinda mentions is free downloadable black and white images created by blogger Kal Barteski of [i] Love Life. Are you using black and white in your baby's nursery? Show us - tag your Flickr photos with 'Ohdeedoh.'

Minimalist dining room

A Digital Shower? If you want to keep your shower like a balmy sauna, this shower head will let you do that with precision. From the makers of German luxury bath fittings, Grohe's Ondus Shower Head offers all that you could want in a techie shower. We've talked about Grohe before at AT. But this latest model has some unique features including temperature control, a 'Pause' button, and even a clock. Crave slammed this as a 'Digital shower for lazy bathers', but we disagree. Couldn't you use this shower to be more green? You can watch how long you've been in the shower, monitor your water temperature, and hit the pause button when you're not needing the water. Being green in style comes at a least we assume. We couldn't find it for sale yet online, if anyone knows a source please share.

Dining room with feature wall

Got a large load of recyclables and want to drop it off all at once somewhere to be processed? Or would you rather have them come and pick it up right from your curb at a scheduled time? We've sometimes found our apartment building's city recycling bins completely jam packed with materials, and having an alternate route to recycle would be welcome. The Recycling Center combines Google Ajax Search and Google Maps to help locate recycling centers that can provide these services, alongside possibly providing a free recycling bin for your effort. Try's like Yelp and quite easy to use.

Dining room with modern furniture


Eccletic dining room

If you like a nice, big flat shower head that dumps a lot of water on you AND you like filtered water running down your sexy body, this is for you. These ShowerUp shower head filters are some of the nicest we've ever seen. Available with a double or single arm extension for 40' or 20' adjustment range, these elegant thinks will get up and out of your way and then dump the good water straight down from the top. Filters come in different capacities, finishes come in satin nickel or chrome and prices range from $55-$152..

Small industrial feel dining room


Picnic table and yellow accents dining room


Minimalist dining room

Check out this vintage Fainting Couch from the '20s. It was reupholstered last year 'In a beautiful and dramatic upholstery fabric.' See more info in our classifieds. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Dining room with eccletic furniture

It looks like the pigeon chick that had been nesting inside our building's exposed roof line trim has finally flown the coop. It's actually a little sad not hearing that baby bird coo or chirp for its supper from its attentive parents, as I got used to checking on its growth status from an invisible, but audible, chick to a full-sized winged poop machine. Maybe I'll need to get one of these Window View Nest Boxes, all in the hope next spring I'll be able to watch Discovery HD-quality nature programming from my own window.

Outdoor furniture in indoor dining room

Name: Rene Location: Chicago, IL Division: Dark Inspiration for my palette: Originally this bedroom had white walls, ceiling and trim, and minimal design. An unexpected breakup was the chance to completely transform the room from what it had been. I used Francesca Black for the wall color, as it creates a neutral but deeply rich backdrop to the space. Keeping the ceiling, trim, bedding, and accessories in a neutral white palette allows the space from feeling cave-like. Pops of color were brought in with the use of a red vintage crystal chandelier and minimal artwork with gold frames. The overall use of dark colors is minimal, yet it creates a relaxing and comfortable retreat each night.

Dining room with 50s furniture

We love mirrors, and try to put them in as many rooms as possible in our house. No, not because we're vain, but because of the way they reflect light and their surroundings. This Golden Lilypad Mirror would do the job beautifully, and is somewhat of an art object in itself.

Small dining room with green walls

Every Friday, the editors' blog at ReadyMade features a reader's weekend project, which never fails to make me feel like I'm about to waste my own weekend accomplishing next to nothing. The creativity of those projects is just amazing! I was especially wowed by last week's feature, this crepe paper wall treatment from ReadyMade reader Matt Pisane.... Matt's crepe paper project was so successful that he did it for a friend in this bedroom too! Matt was sick of his blank white walls, but he wanted a less costly, less labor-intensive solution than painting. Crepe paper and double-sided scotch tape were all it took to create this dramatic striped look. He used a piece of tape at the top and bottom of each streamer, and believe it or not, he just eyeballed the stripes to get them straight. He also notes the importance of making sure to buy crepe paper that doesn't bleed. While this doesn't seem like it would last terribly long, I think it's a fun way to temporarily add some fun and drama to a room, especially if you're a renter and painting's not allowed. For more tips from Matt on how to make this project work, including tips for ensuring straight stripes if you're a perfectionist, read the full post at ReadyMade. You can also find more of their 'Weekend Warrior' projects here.

Dining room with leather chairs

White-painted floors are just plain beautiful, but we just might prefer the slightly softened version: whitewashed floors.... Whitewashing allows a bit of the wood grain and color to show through the finish. The result is a soft, hazy white layer that's a little bit rustic, but still spiffs up an old floor quite nicely, unifying the entire surface in whiteness. If a brick wall is what you're wanting to whitewash, AT's got it covered here.

Rattan chairs in dining room

The industrial designer knows a thing or two about taking work outside, spending a lot of his time designing projects in the bamboo-lined backyard of his Los Angeles home. 'Working outside is more about leaving things behind than acquiring new tools,' he tells us. 'It's easy to mistake tools for ideas, and leaving your normal workspace helps to make the distinction. When I can, I leave my laptop inside and take only a pen, notebook, and cup of tea or coffee with me. The less I take, the more I tend to accomplish.' He explains, '90% of my work requires a computer so a laptop with substantial battery life is useful.' And the workspace setup that holds that laptop will vary. 'I also enjoy working on the ground,' he says. For Roth, working outside acts as a source of inspiration. 'I can get distracted when working, but I get distracted by the right things outside. The movement of bamboo leaves in a breeze inspires me more than the sound of my fridge.' What's more, he says the benefits of working so close to nature can even perhaps help create better work. 'Work that's inspired by nature has a chance of being good; work that's inspired by other work is probably following a trend.'

Dining room with groovy style