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Classic dining room with color touch

We spotted these neat burlap accent pillows over the weekend wanted to share with Apartment Therapy. The look and feel of burlap adds an.... ...extra design element in your space. We often talk about introducing interesting textures in your design style and spotting inspiration where ever you can. We saw a neat burlap detail while touring the Richard Neutra VDL house last summer.

Casual dining room


Bright dining room

For Kitchen and Bath month, we're starting up a new round of Guess the Decade. This bright, cheeful eat-in kitchen is your latest design detective assignment. Comments and conjecture are welcome in the comments, as always, but if you know the source of the photo - PLEASE don't tell. We promise to reveal it tomorrow, so please check back then for the answer.

Small dining room furniture set


Formal dining room

If your style is one part classic, one part glamorous-and all parts luxurious-rich textiles like velvet, shagreen, marble and fur should take center stage in your living room. Something...everything...needs to be able to catch the light from your crystal chandelier overheard, right? Let these 12 posh pieces be your swanky guide.

Small dining room at bay window

What's sure is that this shower head will get a reaction out of everyone. Plus, the idea of having multiple movable jets like that seems kind of logical, even if it's slightly disturbing. This shower head is by the UK company Vado and it's aptly named Sculpture. The shower head boasts six flexible tentacles, that can be arranged anyway you like. Sculpture can be affixed onto the ceiling, creating something different each time you get into the shower. It reminds us of something out of The Matrix or some kind of squid, but even so, you got to admit that this was a great idea. Sure, not everyone has the money or the space to set up extra nozzles for their showers. The tentacles can be arranged to shower a wider area, which is pretty neat. In the morning, nothing wakes you up like a nice hot shower with strong jets. Some people don't even feel awake until they've had a shower. It's part of a ritual and this shower head promises to improve this.

Square dining table

Are you all neutrals, all the time but have been feeling a little color curious as of late? It's nothing to worry about. We can help you with these easy ways to step up your game and add a little touch of your favorite color almost anywhere. Above: Take a chance on color with one piece to ease in with a different level of commitment. Can you spot the color above? It's a subtle statement. Check out the aqua drawer knobs that add just a little touch of something extra to a brown and white bath. A black, white or wood frame would have been fine, but Ramzi chose a rad red/orange instead. Want to keep your shelving classic on the outside? Make like Abby and add a wash of color inside instead! An aqua door adds a whole new element of colorful curb appeal to Tiffany's front porch.

High ceiling dining room

Although the post says arms are worn, we like when office furniture 'Kills two birds' by looking good enough to go anywhere. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

Light filled dining room

We love pairing red or orange with a buttery cream color. The cream takes some of the edge off and balances the boldness of such hot colors. We've compiled a roundup of color schemes, with warm colors ranging from pure red to burnt orange.

Pop art dining room

Around this time last year I was happily enjoying working in a newly renovated home office I had designed and optimized for my workflow, furnished and accessorized with small space living in mind. Our friend Alysia had used a portion of the living room as her home office, but I wanted to do something a bit different and use the closet as a work space. The inspiration for my home office/home theater: Three of my favorite movies heavily influenced what I had envisioned for this tiny space: the Symphony No. 9 In D Minor/Ode To Joy scene in Immortal Beloved, the organized perfection of the residence in Tom Ford's A Single Man, and a little of the mod-ultraviolence aesthetic of A Clockwork Orange. Favorite element in your space: The Graham & Brown black checker wallpaper. Biggest challenge in designing my space: Installing, painting, organizing...just about anything inside such a small space is a challenge. Just getting the IKEA Besta Burs desk from my previous studio home office was a challenge, requiring removing the closet bars and diagonally angling it inside carefully, as not to rip or ruin the black paint or wallpaper. What friends say about my space: Only a couple of friends have seen the home office in person thus far.

Warm wood dining room


Eccletic furniture dining room

Do you want a living room that gives off those effortless, cool, casual vibes that make you want to sink into it and never leave? The opposite of stuffy and stuck up, these are spaces that feel full, finished and vibrant. These eight spaces showcase the kind of elements you can bring into your living room to transform it into a similarly sweet space. Comfy seating is a must-have for living rooms that are cool, casual and inviting. Forget only decorating with items you think belong in a living room. If you've got a love affair with wigs, add those suckers in to your living room. So consider softer hues, like pastels, in your living room to give it a cool and casual feeling. One half of feeling like you have a cool and casual living room is catching glimpses of your living room throughout the day from other rooms in your home and thinking to yourself 'Man I have a really cool and casual living room!' So consider the view of your living room from other spaces - actively use doorways as frames for your living room. Like life, as in your living room, the more casual you are with your sense of humor - and not always worrying about being too serious - the more cool and laid back your living room will feel. Have fun and your living room will come off cool and casual.

Dining table with bench and chairs

From shipping containers to garbage trucks, we're fascinated by small space living on the go. This home may be more conventional, mobility-wise; but after reading Andreas Stavropoulos' inspiration and story to remodel and live in a vintage Airstream trailer, this home is definitely out of the ordinary. The inspiration behind Stavropoulos' home stems from his profession as a landscape architect. When he became self-employed, he found an urgency to surround himself with his medium. 'Whereas landscape architects once spent significant time on the site, the profession now finds some of the most creative minds shoehorned into cubicles. This seemed like a loss to me, and I wondered how it might be possible to create a space for real understanding within the profession-the kind of understanding that occurs from seeing a day of shadows move across a place, or listening to and observing people in a space,' he writes. With this simple and stylish Airstream studio that he renovated himself, Stavropoulos is able to travel and work on site. By the looks of these photos and the rest of the gallery on, we're fairly convinced that Stavropoulus is living a modern-day version of Walden.

Modern dining room furniture


Small round dining table

We're so glad we discovered Glynis Cotton's work. She's a quilt designer based in the Chelsea Hotel in NYC who recently launched her own quilt collection. The quilts are made of 100% cotton, and combine both new and vintage materials. 'Each quilt that I make is one of a kind due to the scarcity of my vintage fabrics. On my quilts, I appliqué images of things that dwell in children's imaginations like mermaids, pirate ships and forest creatures,' Glynis told us. She also says the images are reminiscent of her 70's childhood. One of a kind homemade blankets and quilts are unbeatable. We love the fact that Glynis, formerly a magazine editor, created Dandelion so that she could stay home with her two sons, and have a creative outlet. Take a can't come away from these uninspired!

Dining table for two

We clipped this image from an old issue of Budget Living years ago. There are so many innovative uses of vintage pieces going on this space: bookshelves in the kitchen, a chalkboard to-do list, and a functional application of a cake plate fetish. In Meg and Ross' kitchen, they used a file cabinet painted to match their decor. It's a smart way to create some extra storage space for very little money. In this kitchen, the owner used a vintage task light over the stove and used various jars and containers to hold color-coordinated kitchen supplies. Katie and Toby's Edgewater Apartment has amazing vintage tile in the kitchen. Stainless steel accessories keep things looking clean and simple against the colorful tile. This photo from June Schwarz's Sausolito Home on AT:SF shows how vintage utilitarian objects can be displayed as works of art.