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Small dining room furniture set

AT:SF, I'm looking for a tv stand on large casters preferably made of wood. I remember seeing this exact thing in DWR catalogues, but it seems to have disappeared. Does anyone have any idea where I can find something like this? A couple of years ago we were looking for one that was like a thick piece of wood with large casters. We never found it and were actually toying with the idea of making one... but got sidetracked and never did. This post on Unplggd mentions several TV Stands - some of them could be set on casters.

Formal dining room


Small dining room at bay window


Square dining table

The idea of a princess canopy over my bed made me cringe. I always thought I'd just get my feet stuck in them as I popped out of bed to pee in the middle of the night. I can totally get behind for a boy or a girl and it's a great way to bring color into your space in a big way. The idea of a canopy made from a single piece of fabric, with potentially just fused sides and minimal work to hang - well that's a project I'm on board with. This canopy brings color and separates the sleeping area from the rest of the room. Fabric is always on sale around the holidays and there's coupons to use on top of that. It's hanging from an embroidery hoop, or you could even use a large dowel rod so it has a camping tent shape instead of a circus tent shape. You can find the full tutorial on making your own on Southern Living.

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Light filled dining room

Name: Maria Location: San Jose, CA Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: I love the big window, the turquoise walls, and all the colorful art. I've heard that bedrooms should be more subdued and relaxing, but I'd quickly get bored with a subdued room, plus, I can't see any of the art when the lights are off, so going to sleep is not a problem. I love having a TV in the bedroom, but I didn't want it to be a focal point in the room, so I hid it in a frame collage.

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Warm wood dining room

On our way over to Granada Hills to shoot a MidCentury residence, we caught a glimpse of a structure that was obviously much, much different from its surrounding neighbors.... Just off of Woodley Ave. In north most reaches of Granada Hills, close to the second biggest public park in Los Angeles, is your everyday suburban neighborhood filled with postwar, single house dwellings intermixed with newer tract homes. 'According to our House Tour contact, his neighbors began converting their post war 1950's single story home into a Victorian'eyesore' over the years because his wife had always dreamt of living in one as a child. So the husband spent years converting and adding architectural elements, initially all by himself, painting the exterior with colours that seem more San Francisco Haight Ashbury than San Fernando suburbs. It's still not complete from the looks of things, and we were disappointed to discover nobody was home when we rang the doorbell. No, I wouldn't personally want my own home to look like this, but I can respect that this person wanted something different...much different. It's a totally unexpected, individualistic and colourful ode to their own dreams. Growing up just a few miles away, I know the Valley is mostly about 'fitting in', and I'm quite proud someone had the gumption to follow their architectural dreams, irregardless of property value worries.

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Dining table with bench and chairs

We just want a really good chair for a really good price. Is that too much to ask? Well, here's one awesome answer: this Danish armchair is near perfect, with the exception of needing a cleaning. This lovely chair is going for $225. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

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When you live in a rental, your hands are tied when it comes to the bathroom. As we saw the other day, when Laure rounded up some luxurious bathrooms from our house tours, luxury is obtainable. Here are some ideas you can use in your 'Beyond hope' bathroom. Add a piece of furniture: a small stool, an ottoman, a bench, a chest of drawers if you have the room. Stacks of them if you have the space - a shelf above the door?, a basket of towels rolled up, hooks on the back of the door to hold them - somehow, a plethora of good, fluffy, matching towels in a bathroom makes it feel opulent. A candle in the bathroom, even a flickering votive in a glass, makes your bathroom feel like something else. Plants or Flowers: Plants do wonderfully in the moist environment of a bathroom. A table lamp: Lighting in a rental bathroom can be the worst. After you change out your lightbulbs for something more flattering, consider adding a table lamp if you have the room. Frame your mirror: Consider adding a simple frame to a bathroom mirror using an actual frame, molding or paint one on with decorative paint.

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We cannot stress the importance of building a calm surrounding for your hectic workspace. It helps to be able to instantly cut working tension by looking up at a stellar view. Good advice for anyone, but especially for university students getting back into the groove.... Even if your desk can't overlook a gorgeous urban garden scene, it's never too late to think about the view from your desk. Even in the most seemingly un-glamorous of situations-a college dorm room-you can still get a vista view of your school's historic landscape and architecture. This Flickr user posted this image of his desk perched in front of his window at the University of Washington in Seattle that shows a birds-eye view of campus. It's the perfect spot to crack open a Red Bull and take a breather from an all-nighter! Image from Jack Brodus at Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

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We had a difficult time avoiding the Nido/Neato wordplay in the title of this beautiful new indoor or outdoor seating. It's not often you find outdoor furniture that you would just as easily have in your living room! Designed by Javier Pastor for Expormim, these chairs and benches are made of 6mm steel tubing and end up fairly lightweight. The seating comes in black and white powder coated finishes, and we could just as easily see one or a pair of these chairs in a living room as on a patio! The indoor/outdoor flexibility comes in particularly handy if you see your patio space as an extension of your living area. Do you have any other favorite outdoor furniture that works inside as well? How about affordable options.