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Dining room with wallpaper

My room makeover:: We decided to use some vision and good bones, and transform a definitively traditional 70's Georgian home to the French country/vintage eclectic styled home it is today. Our Family Room is a large space with a wall of windows and room for 2 clearly defined and unique sitting areas. Keeping a bright white ceiling draws attention to the height and openness of the room. 2 cozy sitting areas make the room feel more intimate and the neutral color palette of the furniture keeps it relaxed. My makeover advice:: A couple words of advice:When creating 2 seating areas in a single large room, let your most natural walking path be your dividing line and leave plenty of obvious space so that foot traffic will continue to travel where you want it to rather than THROUGH your seating areas. This is an especially good idea when you have kids and large dogs ;)When choosing gray paint colors, make sure you actually see the paint in the room at different times of day. Gray has a way of appearing either too purple, too green or too beige, and the natural light coming into the room will affect these tones. What I love most about my new space:: What we love most - other than the fact that our eclectic style speaks volumes in this room - is the ability to have 2 separate seating areas in a common room and it not look too cramped or confining.

Round dining table

What would be better than an iPhone? An iPhone Nano or a giant iPhone? Needless to say that a giant iPhone would be pretty useless, unless it's used as a product display for some manner. This iPhone coffee table was made by iLoungers Tuan Nguyen, Ken Thomas and their associates. They were inspired by another coffee table based around an iPod that was made before by other iLoungers. We have to say that this table does look pretty slick. The table itself is made out of corrugated cardboard and glued together with white glue. It features removable coasters that are shaped like the iPhone icons. Like most projects, we're pretty sure that something like this won't get fabricated anytime soon. All that remains is for people to make their own. It's amazing how many things can be made out of cardboard without being temporary. Corrugated cardboard is a really tough material and is easy to shape.

Dining room on former church building

We could only be so fortunate to have a mom like Unplggd reader, Ricardo Fay, whose artistic mother painted these Apple-themed wall art to adorn his home office space and bedroom. Iconic, colourful, fun and obviously advertising your computing allegiance with pride. Any similar Windows/PC decorative wall art out there?

Dining room with wallpaper

Last week, we witnessed the transformation of Elizabeth's tiny bathroom, and today we're taking a look at the rest of her tw0-bedroom co-op. When Elizabeth bought the place, she originally planned to only remodel the bathroom, but her contractor helped her realize that with only a few small changes, she could have a whole apartment that she was really happy with. Elizabeth worked with a contractor, Gennadiy, to come up with some ideas for transforming not just the bathroom, but the rest of the apartment, all within the original budget. Convinced by Gennadiy's vision, Elizabeth signed on for the extra upgrades - and wound up with a whole new apartment, all within her original budget. Gennadiy realized that the kitchen cabinets were in very good condition - it was just the yellow paint and clunky crown molding that made them look dated. By removing some of the molding and painting the cabinets white, he gave the kitchen a much more, open look. A new countertop and backsplash, along with new undercabinet lighting, completes the transformation. Little changes make a big difference in the living room, too - Gennadiy cleaned up some of the molding details, and replaced dated light fixtures. In the bedroom, Gennadiy added some smart storage - a cubby on top of the closet that takes advantage of the apartment's 11 foot ceilings. Because in New York, who doesn't need a little extra space?

Dining room

This solid wood, rich dark brown dining table was purchased at the Merchadise Mart and 'Very gently used.' Without leaves, the table measures 64' x 42', and there are three leaves measuring 18' x 42'. Fully extended, the table can seat 10-12...perfect for dinner parties. The seller in Glenview posted no price, so offer up your best. It appears that getting 10-12 chairs that suit the table will be up to you, too. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Kitchen and dining room

We've said it a thousand times and we don't mind saying it a thousand more &mdash we cannot get enough of iPhone cases. If we could own every awesome iPhone case we find, we would, and we would love it. This is one of the few cases we've come across that we probably wouldn't want to own, but it's still awesome. It reminds me of something a construction worker would want, but at the same time an architect &mdash or maybe even the mom next door. The Steel iPhone Case is made from Steel on the outside and silicon padding for the inside. The only thing we don't like about this case is the protective flip shield for the front. Yes, it will protect the screen isn't one of the great selling points of the iPhone is that it's not a flip phone? Many of you will be happy to know that this isn't another concept case, it's actually available for purchase. The Stainless Steel and Silicone iPhone Case is available through LtdTools for $95..

Modern dining table


Dining room

For better or worse, some brave souls have been known to take matters into their own hands and paint their kitchen appliances. Is it a solid choice? We love Danny Seo's chalkboard painted fridge up top. Have you ever painted a kitchen appliance? Any tips to assure quality, durability, and a good finish? We're not sure we could ever take this plunge, though we're interested in hearing from those of you who have. 1 Danny Seo's awesome chalkboard fridge via Apartment Therapy 2 The black front panel on this dishwasher was removed and painted to match the surrounding cabinets. Image: Laurey W. Glenn 3 A painted-on 'Stainless' project gone wrong, via Pure Style Home 4 Painted-on rivets by a custom auto body painter at Dynamic Rides.

Dining room

Hello AT,. I have high ceilings in my very small nyc highrise apt. The room is quite a bit higher than it's footprint. My style is quite modern, most of my furniture is DWR, Desiron etc etc. I like the idea of molding/wainscoting, and painting the lower portion a darker color. Painting the lower half of your wall with a rich darker color from the level of your bedside table on down. This would create a strong horizontal gesture that would serve to balance the vertical gesture of the walls. Anything you can do to accent the horizontal will help, such as low furniture stretching from corner to corner. Consider a modern four poster bed with a canopy to bring the ceiling down inside the bed area. Hang a pendant lamp from center of ceiling that comes down to direct your gaze lower. Paint your ceiling a darker color! We've seen blue ceilings in bedrooms that are really beautiful. The color will have a contracting effect and bring the ceiling down a bit.

Open plan dining room and kitchen

My design style is usually punctuated with color, however lately I have wanted to it all strip away and live in a house filled entirely with black and white furnishings. While this may sound stark and cold, I think personal effects, soft fabrics and a plush rug would warm up the space. Here is the living room of my vision - a luxe interpretation of black and white. Regency Bullseye Fireplace made out of limestone, English Fireplaces3.

Large dining table

Havalah's family room fireplace featured an extra-long mantel that also spanned some strange built-ins. With an update, this focal wall becomes much more functional. When we moved into our house, there was this funny looking mantel in our back family room. Then next to the fireplace, there were these two 'holes' like cabinets that were completely useless to us. We started by tearing down the old mantel, then my husband added wainscoting to the back of the holes and added some built in shelves. To tie everything together, he also added some white trim, which also matched the window and the finished mantel. For more photos and details, check out Havalah's blog, Sisters, What!

Dining room

We've been captivated for quite some time with this view from our bedroom window. The difference in lighting from the second floor condo to the first floor condo is startling. We have to wonder if this is a fishbowl view of the difference between traditional incandescent lighting and eco-friendly compact fluorescent lighting. We are definitely partial to warm, yellowy lighting so we favor the first floor condo's lighting. Now we just have to work up the chutzpa to tell them we've been ogling their household silhouette at night and ask them to kindly settle the mystery. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer the lighting in one condo over the other?

Dining room

This isn't a traditional trailer park exclusively for beautifully kept Airstreams, but it is the world's only collection of trailer park penthouse suites - a collection of seven beautifully polished aluminum Airstream travel trailers ready for your overnight stay.... This gleaming fleet of seven Airstream travel trailers have been positioned on the rooftop of the Grand Daddy Hotel, overlooking Cape Town's Table Mountain and the city below. Each of the seven trailers has been customized and themed with 'Capetonian soul,' and features air-conditioning, insulation, hot and cold water, flushing toilets and showers. They are arranged around a beautifully manicured rooftop. Afro-Funk by Carla Soudien: The trailer's earthy colours set the tone for an African experience - minus the wildlife. Soudien was inspired by the street fashion of Cape Town and this is represented in her careful attention to texture. Dorothy by Sarah Pratt: Sarah Pratt, a fine artist as well as a lecturer at Michaelis is responsible for the trendy Dorothy airstream. Pratt reinvents the airstream with a Duck-egg-blue foundation color and then covers every inch with white polka dots. Townsend also has her own leather accessories label, Missibaba.

Red modern chairs

Even though the loft is very large, we saw so many smart and space saving design ideas used that it inspired us to look to it for solutions that would translate to small spaces, too. From the main photo above the jump - Good ideas for the kitchen: Back lit open kitchen shelving and a simple, single prep table keep the kitchen looking visually interesting yet clean, professional, uncluttered and far from 'Kitchen-y', which is a bonus since it is completely open to the rest of the space, an issue that studio dwellers often deal with. Good ideas for the bedroom: The bed sits behind a wall that doesn't reach the ceiling, which functions as a privacy partition, but doesn't interrupt the flow of the space. The floor to ceiling white drapes accentuate ceiling height, always a good thing, both in open lofts for playing up the drama and in small spaces for accentuating the vertical space, thus relieving the feeling of a confined area. Good ideas for the bath: the glass partition is functional yet adds no bulk or visual clutter to the space, while the floor to ceiling mirror behind the sink and vanity expands and modernizes the space. Good idea for storage: squeeze it in wherever you can! Bookshelves and boxed storage sit up above the living room, where the ceiling is dropped to a lower level. A series of up lights celebrate the good looking idea and the ingenuity rather than hiding it, as well as providing another source of illumination for the space. Good idea for a sink area: The sinks are installed on a 'Floating' vanity, with clever towel racks installed underneath. The towel placement would be good in a small bathroom for several reasons - they are close at hand, they hide the plumbing pipes underneath and are not taking up wall space.

Modern dining table

I have two big rules when shopping for small space furniture. Wall Mounted Shelves - Whether you buy or DIY, you can customize a lot of storage by mounting shelves on the wall. Place them behind a sofa or fill in a small wall by going floor to ceiling. Tables with Storage - When it comes to making the most of a small space, the trick is having furniture that serves multiple purposes. If you're going to put a table in the room, make sure it has some storage in it. C Tables - The base of these clever side tables slide under a sofa or chair, which is great when you have limited floor space. Baskets - These are another great way to stash blankets, magazines and other living room essentials. Wall Mounted Cabinets - Mounting a cabinet on the wall can give you a piece of furniture where you might not think there's enough room.

Colorful dining room

On October 7, the Wright Auction house is holding the Modern Design auction. We just received our catalog and are planning a few posts highlighting some beautiful examples of modern design that will be on the block next month. We kick it off today with a selection of dining chairs. The auction is October 7 at 12pm.All info is here. The Wright Auction house is located at 1440 West Hubbard in Chicago.