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Open plan dining room


Small white dining room

Despite all the advertising pushing flatscreen TVs as an ecologically friendly alternative to bulky, old-fashioned CRTs, it pays to shop carefully. Because of all this upgrading, we'll use 50% more energy powering our TVs by 2009. A few tips for greener TV shopping, after the jump.... If you're comparing a few different TVs, or need somewhere to start, check out the TVs on the EnergyStar list. They use 30% less electricity than average TVs of the same size. These ratings will be more meaningful in September, when new, more strict requirements kick in. Our sister site unplggd has gone over the energy consumption of plasma TVs and blogged a few low-energy LCD alternatives. Think about what you'll do with your old TV when the new one shows up. Best Buy will recycle it for you-but only if you've bought a new TV there. Re-nest editor Stephanie had success freecycling her old tv.

Small ecletic dining room

Talk about a Box office smash! Here's a stylish option to those that need an office space but don't have the room, or like the aesthetic of conventional desks. This contemporary unit looks like a small cabinet or sideboard, but it actually opens up to a fully functioning work station. It comes complete with pull out keyboard tray, file cabinet, and additional shelves. When you're done, simply fold it back up! We could see this being quite functional and non descript in a living room, dining room or loft space. Available online at Target More images after the jump.....

Casual dining room in open plan kitchen

If you haven't been to Turquoise yet, you're missing out on some incredible interior design and a showroom filled with mid century and vintage pieces that make our heads spin. Now everything in showroom on is 40% off through the end of the year.

Bright dining room

In our opinion, building toys get you the most bang for your toy-buying buck. Blocks, train tracks, logs... you get these toys when your kids are young and - if our own childhood is anything to go by - they'll be played with for years. These build-your-own marble runs fall into the same camp. The quality of Quadrilla's German-engineered wooden blocks and twists makes this a keepsake toy that will last for years. Like any good building toy, you can start with a decent basic set, such as the one pictured at the left, and keep adding as many expansion kits as you want... until you can ostensibly create a complex masterpiece such as the one at the top of this post. There's also a smaller 'Try Me' starter set.

Elegant dining room

We know it looks like this room is styled for a magazine photo shoot, but it is a real, honest-to-goodness room in a family's home. The owner made some major changes to a chaotic kids' playroom to transform it into what she calls a 'Game room/lounge,' but what we'd describe as a true family room with space and activities for everyone. To really appreciate the transformation, see the before picture after the jump. Holy cow, right? We love the new warm color scheme and are inspired by how much storage and organization the owner added without it feeling clinical or school-like. We saw this incredible space on the fabulous This Young House blog where Sherry and John chronicle their own home's diy renovations and decorating. Check out their post on this beautiful room and, if you'd like to see more, follow their link to more photos and information.

Colorful chairs dining room

Here's an example of where we like the idea behind the product, but we're not so hot on the actual selection of finishes to choose from. The Mirr.Edge system allows you to fancy up that plan mirror sheet in your bathroom with a mirror acrylic or woodgrain finished polymer. Like we said, we like the idea, as we've living in our fair share of apartments and homes with those cheap tab held mirrors. Looking through Mirr.Edge's selection of choices/finishes, we're left wondering if a DIY solution using framing material from an art/frame shop and some industrial adhesive would work just as well. It would surely give you a lot more options to choose from.

White dining room


Neutral dining room


Yellow and gray dining room

Since it came out, I've been a big fan of this svelte modern sleeper sofa solution. Designed by Blu Dot, it's got durable good looks, a comfortable sleeping surface and an uncomplicated folding and unfolding approach. You can see comments on it here, and if you want to go cheaper in a similar style, I would recommend either or these super affordables: the Anywhere Sofa at $399 or the Lubi Daybed at $899..

Eccletic furniture dining room

Look familiar? Just right after we pouted about waiting for the grand daddy of home theater console pieces in a previous post about the GenevaSound that we first saw at ICFF earlier this year, George Emerson of Geneva sent us this update: the GenevaSound Home Theater is now available. Details below.... GenevaSound Home Theater has wide, deep 2.1 surround with its patented EmbracingSound DSP. There's a powerful, all-digital 700-Watt amplifier and seven speakers, with a 12-inch subwoofer, for startling film sound effects. Each speaker is individually powered and sealed for accurate, balanced acoustics. There's also a CD player and a radio receiver, and iPod/iPhone dock. There's ample space for components like a cable box, game console, or DVD player. With the integrated dock, you can just drop your iPod or iPhone in and fill the room with sound. The video outputs mean you can also watch your mobile videos on your TV.The GenevaSound Home Theater is your simple, foolproof link for transitioning between the mobile experience and the full-size home theater experience with your mobile player. We fell in love with this cabinet console GenevaSound Home Theater when it was a prototype, as it's one of the few home electronics pieces that not only compliment any flat screen home theater setup with it's aesthetics, but also offers specs that should please the discriminating audiophile in the home. We'll report back once we get our oily hands all over that piano black finish.

Table and bench dining room


Purple dining room


Modern dining room


Dining table with leather chairs

Dorie sent in a question for all the AT design minds: 'I just bought the Andover table and Corbin chairs in cherry from Room & Board and I'm wondering what kind of rug/lighting combo would work best this will be on honey-colored hardwood in a room that gets a fair amount of natural light. I'd prefer to keep the color scheme neutral in this part of the house, as I use greens and blues liberally elsewhere, but I'm open to ideas. The pictured pendant is designed for track lighting so it won't work for my situation, but it's a design I really like. Any suggestions for rugs and/or lighting?'. Please share your thoughts and ideas on rugs and lighting for her dining room with Dorie in the comments below.....

Modern open plan dining room

Although it might seem like wallpaper is too busy for a small space, used thoughtfully it can actually make a room appear larger. By choosing one accent wall or one architectural detail to highlight in your space, you can make a big statement on a small scale. The best part? Papering a small space means you can splurge on the pattern you really want.... In this hallway, a mirror reflects one patterned accent wall, making the space appear larger. Subtle patterns add visual interest without overwhelming. Wallpaper can be framed as art, used in a nook, or used to highlight an architectural detail.