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Dining table with different chairs

Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Our offer? If you post something GOOD, we will feature it here in Scavenger where it is sure to sell.... This nice dark wood armoire will suit a television or clothes and despite the fact that it IS from Pottery Barn, this is a very useful piece of furniture at a greatly reduced price. They say there are nicks and scratches from earlier moves, but with dark wood, this is easy to fix. MGR. OTHER GOOD STUFF.Club Chair on auction for $310.Hesman Trophy Club chair on auction for $10.Trad. red mahogany dining table on auction for $63.Vintage French bar counter for $2000.

Colorful chairs and wallpaper dining room

High ceilings, dramatic rooms, period details and stained glass are just some of the benefits of living in a recently restored church. This one was recently restored by a couple in Kyloe, Northumberland with impressive results .... Read the full post at Re-Nest.

Dining room with pattern painted wood floor

I had two speaker stands sitting around that are meant for tiny surround sound speakers with threads in them, but I needed to raise my bookshelf speakers in my room. I removed the L bracket that allows that, and had to create a surface for the speakers to rest on. So I found two hardcover books, punctured the center of the rear cover, and inserted a screw with large fender washers surrounding the cover on each side. If you don't want to sacrifice any books, remember, there are various other DIY methods for creating speaker stands: Dirt-Cheap Speaker Stands using the base of those horrible halogen lamps from college, articulating lamp arms for smaller speakers, or a more elegant IKEA hack solution.

Alfresco dining room


Dining room with sky light

White Chapel Ltd. is a wonderful resource for antique style cabinet and furniture hardware. They sell high quality brass hardware, and their selection is outstanding.... We enjoy a perusal through their catalog even when we aren't seeking anything in particular. It gets creative juices flowing and it's inspiring to see so many fine hardware pieces presented so clearly. This is one catalog we recommend getting a hard copy of. Their wares are shown photographed on a gridded background that communicates the hardware's scale at-a-glance.

Small dining room


Kitchen and dining room

For us, no trip to Savannah, Ga., is complete without a stop at The Paris Market on West Broughton. We are especially impressed by their lighting selection, which includes some gorgeous glass chandeliers. On a recent visit it was the more organic chandelier shown above that caught our eye. We like the idea of recycling oyster shells that would otherwise just be tossed out. Which got us thinking: We could probably hit up our local oyster bars for some leftover shells, clean them up, drill holes in them, and craft one of these ourselves. The Paris Market's version is designed for candlelight, but we would make ours an electric fixture by attaching the shells to a pendant lamp shade. For a more polished look, we might spraypaint the shells with some glossy white paint. Hmmm ... Perhaps this would make a good January Jumpstart project?

Dining room with great art wall

Eight-foot ceilings used to be standard but many new DC condo buildings now boast ceiling heights of at least 10 feet. Ra'ed and David lowered the ceiling in their contemporary condo, accentuating the ceiling with midnight blue paint. In a recent Slate article, Witold Rybczynski asks if high ceilings are 'Wretched architectural excessive or just good taste?' Do you like high or low ceiling heights? Survey below the jump.... Witold Rybczynski clearly favors high ceilings, claiming they make rooms better proportioned, though can feel initially overwhelming. Do you find high ceilings overwhelming? Or do you enjoy the added space added by high ceilings? Joe loves the high ceilings in his art deco loft, which is shown on this page. Read Witold Rybczynski's Slate article 'How High; Are high ceilings a sign of wretched architectural excess or just good taste?' by clicking here.

Dining room with feature wall


Dining room with bold furniture

To be perfectly honest I initially had a difficult time determining how I felt about these Barnacle wall mounted storage vessels. On one hand, I immediately imagined the grand effect of using these en masse, placed upon a large column or wall mimicking their natural inspiration, creating a storage solution that would both look like an art installation while providing utilitarian use. It's also their geometrically-modern form which would make these a tough fit for anyone who did not live in a 'Machine for living' interior, or at least one of the less traditional variety. Still, sometimes you can admire something simply for what it is without necessarily wanting it for yourself, and these certainly fall under that category.

Dining room with open view

Buying a new TV can be just like buying a pair of jeans; you want something that matches your style and fits your form. So why is it that we'll approvingly try on a pair of jeans before we buy them, but trying on a TV is still an unthinkable convention? Website TV Size Matters wants to change up the way we buy tech by letting your living room 'Test out' a new TV. Wondering if a 60-inch set is too big for your space? Wish you could get a glimpse of what a new TV might look like in your room? Check out TV Size Matters. When you upload a photo of your room, TV Size Matters shows you a simulation of what the space might look like with different-sized TVs from a sliding scale. It works by having you set the scale of the room by drawing a line on the photo-along a known object like your picture frames or sofa back-and typing in the length of that line in real life. TV size matters will show you if the screen fits in its intended spot, but it's still up to you to pick the best screen for your space. Remember that viewing distance has a lot to do with choosing the right screen size-this post has a great chart that spells out the ideal viewing-distance to screen-size ratio.

Minimalist dining room

The cart features a garden hose sink that drains into a watering can, two small shelves for storage and a chopping board that forms an extra surface for food prep. This project is not for the faint hearted do-it-yourself-er, but if you'd like to take a crack at it you can download FREE instructions to make the Outdoor Kitchen Cart at Studiomama's online shop.

Dining chairs with nice fabric


Small dining room

We like this ideas from San Interior Design, which shows how one could gut out a bedroom closet to be used for the purpose of creating an inset bedroom home theater setup. Many homes these days come with an excess of closet/storage options, so why not take advantage of the extra space and reconsider it to house and hide a television and components? Something like the Tria Self System or larger Stolmen Flat Panel Mount from IKEA could be the foundation of your home theater in a closet setup. Consider installing a bathroom fan to ventilate all your components, lest you overheat your setup. The best thing about a setup like this is you could keep doors to shut away the whole system while not in use, but with careful planning and hidden wires running through a wall or stand, the setup should be decor benign even if no doors are used, as shown in the first photo.

Dining room

If you are so lucky as to have an actual pantry, you're already ahead of the game. Of course, the downside to having room is that things accumulate and don't get dealt with. In the spirit of the new year, here are five things to target in your pantry, to pare it down and leave yourself plenty of room for the essentials. Stale or Expired Food: Just because it's a dry good or non-refrigerated item doesn't mean that it won't go bad. Inspect any containers or packaging left open, and toss anything that is no longer fresh. Anything Unappealing: Everyone has random consumable gifts that linger, and that you have no desire to eat. Again, donate to a food bank if you don't see yourself using it at any time in the future. Infested Dry Goods: This is the time to check out your bulk foods and flours for pantry moths and/or other kitchen pests, and throw away anything you suspect might be infested. Random Non-Food Items: Pantry space can quickly become general storage, and is often overrun by cleaning supplies, ladders, and all the detritus that accumulates in our lives. Find another spot to stick this stuff, and make it easier to access what you really need.

Dining table with leather chairs

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