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Dining table with different chairs

Creating a monochromatic theme in the home office is an easy way to alleviate a design dilemma if you happen to be stuck in one. After the jump are 3 elegant offices which have been pulled off with minimal effort beyond matching colors to create a powerful impact. White We think the staircase can be an excellent place to store some unexpected tech and this example is no different. This bright white space has a very warm and welcoming feel in part due to the painted wood and that very cozy heater right by your feet. The office feels cohesive and professionally designed all due to the coordinating color. Grey Working with pure silvers can be a challenge because it could quickly appear too futuristic or gimmicky but this office stays classy in part due to the warm sunlight streaming in which might help contrast the cool greys and numerous computers. Again, the setup is relatively simple without using any design trickery other than matching a color. The results are often polarizing: some are great and the rest are terrible. Interestingly enough, this black office was only a temporary transitional space and consequently didn't have a large budget.

Colorful chairs and wallpaper dining room


Dining room with pattern painted wood floor


Alfresco dining room

Amanda's cramped main bathroom was in desperate need of two things: light and space. From Amanda: We bought our 1925 Sears Kit home in December of 2014 and have slowly been renovating room by room. Our upstairs bathroom was one of the rooms we learned to live with for almost two years. It had pale blue walls with years of mildew built up on them, cracked tile on the floors and walls and a toilet that hiked up our water bill every month. Our first step in the renovation was to remove the yellow tile from the wall. The tile may look good in the photo, but it was cracked in several places and there was an entire half of a wall that the tile was missing from. We then just gutted the bathroom from there, only leaving the shower tile. 'The bathroom is really small for a main bathroom so we knew when we rebuilt we wanted it to be light and bright. Before any rebuilding, we first installed new lighting above the sink, a vent in the ceiling to prevent future mold and mildew build up, and a light in the shower. We went with a light gray porcelain tile on the floor, new toilet, discount beadboard vanity, and decided to try out the'Fixer Upper' look with faux shiplap on the walls.

Dining room with sky light

Every Friday, the editors' blog at ReadyMade features a reader's weekend project, which never fails to make me feel like I'm about to waste my own weekend accomplishing next to nothing. The creativity of those projects is just amazing! I was especially wowed by last week's feature, this crepe paper wall treatment from ReadyMade reader Matt Pisane.... Matt's crepe paper project was so successful that he did it for a friend in this bedroom too! Matt was sick of his blank white walls, but he wanted a less costly, less labor-intensive solution than painting. Crepe paper and double-sided scotch tape were all it took to create this dramatic striped look. He used a piece of tape at the top and bottom of each streamer, and believe it or not, he just eyeballed the stripes to get them straight. He also notes the importance of making sure to buy crepe paper that doesn't bleed. While this doesn't seem like it would last terribly long, I think it's a fun way to temporarily add some fun and drama to a room, especially if you're a renter and painting's not allowed. For more tips from Matt on how to make this project work, including tips for ensuring straight stripes if you're a perfectionist, read the full post at ReadyMade. You can also find more of their 'Weekend Warrior' projects here.

Small dining room

I always imagined I would end up an archaeologist when I grew up, or perhaps a scientist, so it was quite the surprise that I ended up a writer and interior designer. Because of my love of science, old things and other cultures, my dream living room would be a bold mix of bright colors, global patterns, modern accessories, Mid-Century Modern-inspired furniture pieces and more.

Kitchen and dining room


Dining room with great art wall

Last year during bathroom month we posted a video roundup, The Japanese Toilet Tour. This year, we're jumping into the bathtub for some commercials on bathing. Lesson #1 - Showgirl style headdresses are a nice bath accessory. Lesson #2 - If a raccoon steals your white radish, don't fret, just go for a relaxing soak. Lesson #3 - You know Toto's insulated bath works well if it stays hot enough for Mr. Hot Water Container to want to hop in.

Dining room with feature wall

We're not sure how we missed this, but we think it is a worthy read: Living Large on a Tiny Lot. It's part of the New York Times' Sketch Pad series that asks local architects and designers how they would improve available real estate.... For this 'Sketch,' Russel Groves and Jose Achi of S. Russel Groves Architects re-imagine a tiny bungalow on a tiny lot in Flanders, NY. The Audio Slideshow is an integral part of the story and shouldn't be missed!

Dining room with bold furniture


Dining room with open view


Minimalist dining room

Victoria's House Tour may have been last summer, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten it. Now that it's Bathroom Month, we immediately thought of her bathroom. The sectioned mirrors reflect the light beautifully, and make a small room seem larger. If you'd like a similar look, Restoration Hardware sells a Triptych Tabletop Mirror.

Dining chairs with nice fabric

On Friday night we went with some friends to a restaurant in Amagansett, NY and admired this big clock on their wall. We snapped a few pics and did a little sleuthing.... The first design note we made was how nice a large clock like this energizes the space - how the oversize quality of it makes it a dramatic feature in the room. This can also be done in homes, where oversize clocks or mirrors create focal points. For over 70 years, Electric TimeĀ® has been a master in the art of handcrafted clock manufacture and design. Our choices of indoor and outdoor styles range from silhouette clocks and tower clocks to post clocks, street clocks and wall clocks. If you are interested in vintage clocks and time, they have some great links here.

Small dining room

We've featured the home office of Flickr User and Unplggd Flickr Pool member, LewSpeigh before. His tastes have matured and certainly streamlined since the last time we peeked inside his office and we're pleasantly surprised. The only remnants of the previous office is that fantastic alarm clock. 'Santa gifted LewSpeight a Macbook Pro for Christmas and we're certainly happy he did because the gift inspired him enough to shoot photos of his new setup. The setup includes: Macbook Pro hooked up to the Samsung 24' monitor, Mac Mini, wireless Apple keyboard, two IKEA Lamps, Altec Lansing Speakers, Palm Pre Mobile Phone and MX Revolution Mouse. We love the angled white desk and how the desktop and laptop wallpaper perfectly accent each other and create a super cool mood. We're noticing Samsung has really stepped up their game and they seem to be the go-to manufacturer for monitors, even with Mac users. As we learned from his debut on Unplggd he's saved up all of his own money to purchase everything in the home office.

Dining room


Dining table with leather chairs