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Minimalist dining room

The Bratsera Hotel on the Greek island of Hydra lived its first life as a 19th-century sponge factory before it was reincarnated into a 26-room inn during the 1990s. The rooms, described as 'Typical Hydriot architecture,' are full of interesting details like the platform bed and step stool shown above. For more, click below.... Wide plank wood is used for the floorboards, steps, loft and ceiling. White fabric casually draped over the canopy bed softens the room. A mosquito net can cover the bed or be swept to the side.

Open plan dining room

The New York Times shows us a massive granite house that was built in 1858 on 80 acres with views of Long Island Sound. When the first owner, Benjamin Pike Jr. passed away, the estate was purchased by William Steinway when he moved his piano manufacturing business to Astoria, Queens. 'Granite forgives neglect very gracefully,' and the overall structure is in good shape - especially all the original interior details including Italianate plasterwork, carved wood and marble.... The original owner, Benjamin Pike Jr., was a Manhattan optician who had instruments and scientific symbols etched in many of the glass doors in the house.... 'The basement includes a billiard room, a bar and a Roman bath for parties.' In need of more care and investment than its current owner Michael Halberian has the funds or energy for, the house is for sale. For more on the history of the house and additional pictures, see A Hilltop Idyll, With Grace Notes of the Past and the slideshow.

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Open plan dining room

In a world of white kitchens, its dark tones are definitely a standout, but there's lots to see here besides just color. Here are five noteworthy features of a kitchen that expertly blends old and new. Of course white marble is lovely in any kitchen, but it's especially striking here when contrasted with this kitchen's rich hunter green walls and cabinets. 'Traditional' elements like Shaker cabinets and apron-front sinks are a common feature of a lot of contemporary kitchens, but in this case the sleek, modern stove provides a refreshing contrast, and gives the room a sense of timelessness - not too trendy, not too period, but just right. Using open shelving in place of upper cabinets can make a kitchen seem lighter and more spacious, but open shelving can sometimes have a haphazard look. The open shelving in this kitchen, by contrast, is treated almost like a cabinet without doors, which gives it an intentional, built-in look. This kitchen neatly solves the cutting board problem very neatly with a small, vertical cubby that perfectly accomodates cutting boards, and cheese boards and pastry boards too. The stove is recessed into the wall a bit, which allows the range hood to be totally hidden, for a minimal look that complements the stove's modern detailing and helps to balance out the more decorative elements in the rest of the kitchen. You can see many more photos of this kitchen on the deVol website, and also check out some of the other beautiful kitchens they've created.

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She writes: I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year and would like to pose a question to the group. I have attached a photo of my living room - as you can see, the fireplace wall is built out and pretty bare right now. I am thinking about wallpapering just that wall with a bold pattern.... ...and could use input. Would it look strange to wallpaper just that wall? Any ideas or suggestions on patterns, process or other creative input? Please share your suggestions with Julie in the comments...thanks!

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The iPad recently saved my life on a long flight to the other side of the world. Beyond its web surfing and TV playing capabilities, the device can run other applications that have the potential to make your life a whole lot easier. One recently-updated app called LivingRoom allows users to easily place and customize furniture pieces in a floor plan. LivingRoom is intuitive and user-friendly with its easy set of menus from which functions are selected. You are able to make notes to yourself within the interface, and you can email a PDF of the plan with one click of your mouse. The program is available for only $4.99 and can be purchased directly from the App Store. Check out the above video to see just what this bad boy can do.

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Hi AT,. Virtually everything I read about arranging bedroom furniture insists that that the bed should face the bedroom entrance, and especially that you don't want to present a side view of the bed. I am not willing to be shredded by shards of falling glass when the next earthquake comes, and I have windows opposite the bedroom door. If I put the bed against one of the side walls, then my husband and I have to play leapfrog to get in and out of bed. Email questions & pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: sf(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)comLink To All Good Questions. You might find it interesting that Feng Shui adherents prefer to keep the doorway within sight while sleeping, but the end of the bed must be out of doorway alignment. Lying in bed with your soles directly facing the door is called the coffin position....because the dead were traditionally carried out feet first. We're not slaves to Feng Shui or any other space planning philosophy, but we do find that the 'Coffin position' can give us the heebeejeebees. It seems your problem is its own solution: sleep sideways, be earthquake safe, and don't worry about anyone's rules,.

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In Lakeview, this red European designer couch is for sale. Some great things going for it: only a few years old, fun shape, felt fabric, and a great cherry red. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

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To get the look at home, I suggested modern wood cabinets and a marble countertop, or a thick wood countertop paired with a marble backsplash. The finishes that are 'hot' for kitchens right now - marble, subway tile, brass - can often end up reading lovely but a bit cold, so a little rustic wood is the perfect thing to balance them all out and add just the right amount of warmth and texture. This kitchen has a marble countertop, and a mix of a white and wood cabinets. Little things that I love: the luxe, thick edge detail on the countertop; the way the wood cabinets and the wood floor coordinate with one another; and the way the marble returns to the floor at the end of the cabinet. The open island and exposed ceiling beams give this wood and marble kitchen a slightly more rustic feel. The detailing and choice of woods in this kitchen give it a midecentury feel - proof that the combo of marble + wood is incredibly versatile. Finally, wood cabinets and a marble countertop from the kitchen of Kitchn editor Faith Durand. The light marble and the dark wood complement one another perfectly.

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Shortly after our son was born, we came across a Magic Cabin catalog and as we turned each page we became completely enchanted with every item inside. Simple and natural is often best when it comes to children�s toys and Magic Cabin is a retailer which takes this notion to heart. Founded by stay-at-home mom Sara McDonald, Magic Cabin began in 1989 with a 12-page hand-drawn catalog which featured McDonald�s popular Waldorf-style dolls, and since then Magic Cabin has grown immensely. Wooden toys, beeswax candle-making kits, dress up clothing and even furniture are to be found there. Magic Cabin's wooden toys are beautiful artisanal works with great attention to detail. They can easily be passed down from sibling to sibling as they are made from hearty, natural materials rather than cheap plastics. Having the word Magic in their name is no misnomer as nearly everything they offer has a soupcon of whimsy and enchantment. Some pieces that stand out are their Tree Fort made from salvaged branches, their toddler walker with wooden blocks made from solid beechwood, and a colorful flowered clothes rack made from Baltic birch. As stated on their Web site, 'Our mission is to provide quality natural-fiber dolls that represent all the colors of humanity; toys with simple designs to encourage creative, imaginative play.'

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The diminutive proportions and clever designs of these 14 desks makes them perfect for small spaces. It's 47 inches wide and only 11 inches deep, but perfect for a laptop. It's only 31 inches wide and 28 inches deep, and the fact that it's wall-mounted opens up space for other things underneath and gives it a pleasing visual lightness. At 48' wide and 20' deep, it's not quite as small as some of our other picks, but the shelves mean that you can store things above your desk, even if you're not able to mount shelves to the wall. For a smaller desk option with shelves above, there's the Stairway white 72.5' desk, $349 from CB2. It's only 30 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. The slim little Farringdon laptop desk is $299 from The Container Store. Standing desks, allegedly, are better for your health, and there's the additional benefit of not needing to make space for a chair. Knotten standing desk, $149 from IKEA. Arguably the most attractive of the wall-mounted options is this Mid-century office shelving from West Elm. The desk is only 24 inches wide, and a mere 8 inches deep when folded. The Besta Burs desk is almost four feet wide but a mere 16 inches deep, making it a great option for placing in a narrow spot or behind a sofa. 199 from IKEA. The Parsons mini desk is $299 from West Elm.