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For the past two years we've run our Friday special photo gallery with the help of Meter Gallery and a particular theme - a sentence that wants to be finished - always related to the home. Now that it's 2007 it's time for a new theme.... As we did last year, we'd like to invite you to suggest a theme and we'll troll through them as we try to come up with the perfect one. For this year, what are some good half sentences that would suggest a new theme? Remember it's a celebration of photography and our homes and it's gotta be good enough for us all to come up with a great photo each week. To All Home is... PostsAbout Home is... - a weekly celebration of photography Submit your Home is... photograph to editor apartmenttherapy com Our online partner Meter Gallery, where Meter's photos can be purchased Last year's online exhibition: the Chair & photographs.

Dining room

We debated on posting this very lovely murphy bed for our readers for one reason only, the price. Before we give away the goods though we wanted to point out what a fantastic idea this is in general. A stylish couch and living area and a stashed away bed. If you were living in a studio apartment this would be genius or if you wanted to have a place for friends to crash when they came into town. So drum roll please...this lovely piece of furniture can be yours for a mere $18,770 we're sure shipping and installation isn't included, so plan ahead with your pennies. Secretly, we're hoping our favorite Swedes are watching and figure out how to make this happen for $299. Slightly serious here, slightly kidding... if you have the dollars to make this happen we applaud you-if not, we can only hope to be this efficient with our space someday soon.

Round dining table

Looking for a unique kids' rocking chair? This one is both handmade and affordable. It would make a nice addition to a reading nook or other quiet spot or put it on the porch for some summertime rocking. 'The chair is made from unfinished 3/4' plywood making it lightweight and ready for your finish, paint or decoupage. The chair is handmade by Etsy seller Amryn and only costs $35. Find them here.

Living room

Over the years we've marveled at various home activity walls, but leases can limit options for families. The felt board is a great solution that renters can put up without altering the walls. Using a foamcore base results in a lightweight panel that can be hung easily with a markless solution like the Command line by 3M. Make one giant felt board or hang several side by side like the ones pictured from Better Homes and Gardens, then get to work cutting out letters, numbers, shapes and everyday objects to engage the imagination.

Dining room

Finally! Hanging a curtain at the front door is something I've long considered for my home, but I haven't seen much precedent for doing it. My reasoning for wanting to hang a curtain like this is that the front door leaks cold air in like crazy, as does the adjacent mail slot. Sure, I could just improve the weather stripping on both. Hanging a curtain too couldn't hurt: it would help to stop drafts and looks great while doing it! Has anyone else out there considered hanging a curtain at the front door? Do you like this particular execution of the idea?

Kitchen and dining room wallpaper

Last night, we made our way to the Museum of Modern Art for the 'Scandinavian Design Today' event. The evening was basically a showcase for Design House Stockholm, a company that we love for their innovative designs at reasonable prices. Among the speakers was Design House Stockholm's founder, Anders Fardig, whose company currently works with 45 designers. We thought this was especially cool: Six times a year, they hold 'Design Days' - which are a bit like casting calls for new products. Fardig described today's Scandinavian design as 'a combination of fantasy and function.' As you can see from the photos after the jump, Design House Stockholm is achieving its goal of taking things that have been available and making them in a new way. Wing Desk: available in black or white; $650.Carrie Bicycle Basket: available in white, kelly green or black; $40. Bono Mugs: set of 4; $50. Cord Lamp: a standard bulb, textile cord and steel tube; $150. Umbrella Stand: blue steel frame and a soft sponge base; we didn't see the price last night, but it's retailing for 134 Euros on the Design House Stockholm website. Many of the new products are not available through the museum's online store yet, but you can stop by and see/buy them in person at 131 Third Street in San Francisco. Locally, you can also find Design House Stockholm at Scandinavian Details, which has a great online shop.

Dining room

This month has been all about COLOR in the kitchen, in food, and in harvest. Well, to cap it off, we have to show you these jolly little platters, made from refinished old candlesticks! These little pedestal plates are created by design team Iacoli & McAllister in Seattle, WA. They take a common discarded object - the tarnished brass candlesticks you see in thrift stores - and they powder coat them with bright colors to give them a new life. These are so bright and cute; we are totally smitten with them. They would make great serving plates for cookies, fudge, cheese, or fruit. They'd make a great centerpiece on the table all by themselves.

Dining room - Nasciturus design -

My boyfriend and I live in a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Logan square that is about 600 square feet. We didn't have much time to find an apartment and we had been traveling back and forth from Minnesota to find one. We have spent the last eight months making this apartment really feel like home to us. We both love mid-century modern pieces and are inspired by art and nature. I am very proud of our kitchen accent wall, it took much deliberation to find a pattern and color we both liked. Wall mounted shelving was something I really wanted and we both agreed would be a good way to use space in our small living room. We are both really proud of a lot of stuff we have done to make this apartment our own. Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour & House Call Submission Form.

Dining room with wallpaper

Dear AT,. My boyfriend and I are getting ready to move into a great old home in a few weeks. Although it's a rental, we're going to be there for a while and our landlord has given us the freedom to makes changes. Our quandary is the kitchen and adjoining dining room. The current aesthetic is very country, and our style is more modern....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. While we can't change the cabinets or counter-tops, we'd love some color ideas for the walls to downplay the medium oak color and make it feel more modern. Our furniture pieces going into the dining room are dark ebony color woods, and we were thinking of installing some floating stainless steel shelves on the long wall alongside the kitchen for cookbooks and a little extra storage. We'd love any and all ideas, especially colors, to help modernize the space.

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Dining room with waterfall crystal lamp

From the designer: The residence belongs to a young working professional originally from the East Coast. His fast-paced work ethic coupled with cool calming demeanor called for a marriage of the east coast and west; as the loft reflects the bachelor's point of view, without feeling very man-cavy at all. The challenge was designing a cohesive space with both aesthetics in mind. Since the open floor plan allowed for clear visibility from one end of the space to the next, the design called for low, loungey furnishings featuring pops of color that add interest to the original beige box. We had the 21' high walls painted in blues and greys, pulling in various colors of the mixed media artwork the client had collected over the years as well as new pieces we found while out sourcing for the space. We started out with a custom sectional in a beautiful heather grey ultrasuede and quickly devised the space to be broken up into 2 major areas: living/kitchen. Since the client is currently a renter, we didn't spend too much on permanent solutions opting instead to outfit the loft in pieces that he could easily transition into subsequent spaces. I specialize in color and pattern so when the client gave me a go on selecting the palette for the space, I opted for high contrast in a comfy cozy livable manner. Orange pillows covers from Macy's pepper the sectional while repurposed vintage chevron covers from West Elm add texture. I anchored the space with a patterned area rug from e-tailer Joss and Main and added surface space with our star coffee table from Home Consignment center and nesting tables from Ikea.

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Glass table with dark walls dining room

Q: I just bought my first place, a loft in a converted warehouse with an open mezzanine style bedroom area. My biggest dilemma in choosing furniture comes from this bedroom area. The current owner had just a mattress set up on the floor which I found very sloppy looking. Can you suggest a relatively inexpensive bed frame idea that would work in a space like this? We are also open to DIY ideas that aren't crazy difficult. Editor: Leave your recommendations for Michelle in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

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Minimalist dining room

It's not often that we have a chance to feature more classically designed furniture like George's desk and chair set. The curves are charming and genteel - we imagine writing perfectly witty notes to friends while seated here. MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

Dining room with dark wallpaper

Check out the before picture of this great purple kitchen after the jump. Thanks ILoveButter for tagging your house pics with Apartment Therapy Boston.... We think this is a pretty fantastic transformation! The alternating cabinet heights add a great bit of interest in the small space and the color won us over instantly. Check out more of ILoveButter's diy home renovations on Flickr and don't forget to tag your own therapy pics with Apartment Therapy Boston.