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My friend was indoctrinated into a High Modernist paradigm, in which all surfaces and materials were meant to have integrity and remain of a piece with the structures they refer to. Something like wallpaper was antithetical to this belief because it covers a surface but doesn't reveal it. My counterpoint has always been this: what about narrative? What about whimsy, sensuality and character?.... My friend acknowledges that his Modernist philosophy allows no room for 'Theatre,' but sometimes I like being entertained. So let's take a poll: do you like doilies, curlicues and wallpaper, or are you a white-box modernist? And if I must be held to the purposes of this column, this whole argument resurfaced because I mentioned that I like the base color of this wallpaper. Special thanks once again to Benjamin Marcus for his endlessly quotable assistance. Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter.

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They wanted 'Bold.' Their generous parents wanted 'Reasonable.' One sister's inspiration list included a Sephora bag and a Union Jack- an ode to their British grandmother who lives with them- and the other sister insisted on animal print, and requested that the room be neither too matchy nor too loud. We started by painting the walls Benjamin Moore's Simply White- my favorite white for North facing rooms because it has the slightest hint of warmth while still reading as a pure white. I used painter's tape to paint the far side of the room in bold black and white stripes. Spatially, the most logical space was the wall with the two windows, but the windows were unevenly spaced on the wall, and the headboards were almost ten inches wider than the window frames. I scored inexpensive white cotton duck cloth and black grosgrain ribbon, and sent them to the talented Paul and Nancy Johnson of Paul David Design to be turned into pelmet boxes and curtains. As for their original furniture, we incorporated a few items while shipping the rest down the hall to their younger sisters' room.

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'After over a week of being too sick with the flu to do anything beyond moving a mouse a few inches here and there, I was able to finally install a new 92' pulldown Panoview Greywolf II movie screen in our apartment.... The large screen was a freebie during a Circuit City promotion and I had to wait 5 months for the screen to finally be delivered. 'The ceiling mounting option was fairly easy. I needed to purchase two weight bearing swag ceiling hooks, which are readily available at Home Depot in the ceiling lamp hardware section. Drilling two 1/3' holes using a power drill, I fastened the swag hooks, uniformly spaced the distance of the two preset loops on the Greyhawk II screen. The screen weight about 24lbs, so you want to make sure you drill into support beams if possible. Currently the Optoma DLP projector is ceiling mounted using an affordable solution from eBay, but will require additional drilling through a wall dividing the living room from a walk-in closet, which will store the components and hide the wiring. I'm dreading this last part, since it will require a bit of planning of how to attractively finish what amounts to a hole in the wall. 'For now, all we can do is enjoy the huge picture that dwarfs our 40' LCD. The screen has a 1.8 gain and none of the sparkling issues some users have mentioned; excellent viewing angle irregardless of whether sitting or standing. I'll have specifics about image performance after a few days of using the projector/screen combo, since I tired myself out installing everything last night. We can't wait to get everything fully setup for use in the coming days for a full test run using a PS3 for our first movie night screening. Now the question is which movie to screen.....



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Done well and your home is sophisticated, timeless, and soothing. If you're not careful your house reads 2-dimensional and dull. Interest comes in the form of texture, which you desperately need. It can come in the form of projects large and small, from full-on architectural details to smaller accessories and decor. Erin of Earnest Home Co. found this simple geometric mat at her local Home Goods and loved its knubby texture. If You Have One Weekend.... Previously flat as a pancake, Jenna Sue's wall now has wooden panels for texture and architectural interest. The new grey surface elevates an otherwise bland bedroom into a sophisticated space.

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Clear furniture and accessories have been immensely popular with designers. Much of what's seen on the market has been made of acrylic, adding to our planet's plastic burden. If you love the look of clear furniture, glass is a great option. It's recyclable so it's gentler on our environment and much more scratch resistant than acrylic, keeping it beautiful and longer lasting. Clear home decor like tables, chairs and accessories make spaces look uncluttered and spacious. They're great for showing off rugs and beautiful flooring. The glass tables featured in the top photo are from Lamps Plus. They range from semi-tempered to tempered glass, making the tables strong and durable.

Dining room

Spotted on This Old House's website, we like how this homeowner took a too-deep kitchen shelf space and turned it into a secret spot for hiding something behind.... We have some shelves that are way too deep to see the back of too - and while our solution was to put blocks in back to elevate the items in the rear, this pullout secret shelf is great. Spices are stored in the back, behind the cookbooks which are always visible. We play around with spices a bit more than cookbooks, so for us we'd switch and put the spices in front, but we love the dual purpose creative thinking, and applaud people who use every inch.

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They knew how to do texture right back when these vintage pieces were new - warm, slightly rustic, but with clean lines and appealing shapes. Modern Times is a shop featuring 20th century design located in Chicago at 2100 W. Grand.

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Did you know that when you buy a pineapple, you can do more than compost the top? You can actually plant it to get two pineapples for the price of one! Okay, the catch is that it takes patience, but at least while you're waiting for your very own pineapple to grow, you'll have a lovely tropical plant for your garden or sun room. Want to know how? It's easier than you'd think. First, you pick a fresh, whole pineapple up at the store. Make sure the crown is green, healthy and that the pineapple isn't overripe. Make sure to trim off any additional flesh, leaving only the center and it's root buds. You'll also want to remove some of the bottom most leaves because, once planted, the leaves that are partially in dirt or touching the dirt will rot. Then place the crown upside down to dry in an area where the temperature does not fluctuate wildly. Use a good quality potting soil and plant in a pot or, if you're in a temperate climate, you can plant it outside. It can take up to 20 months for your plant to produce fruit, but imagine how exciting it will be to make that first harvest!


Our work took us to Pasadena yesterday when we spotted this giant glass partition. Used to separate a work station and a conference table area, the French doors allow light through while maintaining a sense of coziness. The doors were scored at an estate sale and work beautifully as a partition from the entryway area. The 'Wow factor' is unique because of the size and the vintage style of the French doors. For extra privacy, you could always apply contact paper to the middle area but we really like the airy quality of the current look.

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If you like a nice, big flat shower head that dumps a lot of water on you AND you like filtered water running down your sexy body, this is for you. These ShowerUp shower head filters are some of the nicest we've ever seen.... Available with a double or single arm extension for 40' or 20' adjustment range, these elegant thinks will get up and out of your way and then dump the good water straight down from the top. Filters come in different capacities, finishes come in satin nickel or chrome and prices range from $55-$152..

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Instead, lay your eyes on these fantastic outdoor area rugs by Italian designer Paola Lenti. The rugs are anti bacterial, non-toxic, and non-allergenic, made of Lenti's signature Rope yarn. The outdoor furniture you see in some of these photos is also designed by Lenti.

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We also have a small baby at home running up to his desk and pulling on every wire she can find. So we need a beautiful modern desk, preferably under $1,000, where the wires would not be easily accessible. The desk faces away from the wall, since that is the best way to place a desk in his office. Basically, you'd want a great free standing desk with cable management. We've selected a tempered glass desk for you with available cable management, to keep the wires away from the curious hands of your toddler. You can add more odds and ends if you think that you are running out of desk space. It's easy to want to get the largest desk possible, but with drawers and smart thinking, you won't need that much space. If tempered glass isn't your cup of tea, you can always choose a wooden desk.

Modern kitchen

Hi Apartment Therapy Editors, I wanted to send in my bedroom pics. I bought the lamps from williams sonoma home then found shades on ebay while I wait for the custom shades to arrive. I wanted them a different shape but black.... The bedroom has high ceilings and eventually I will paint the wall the bed sits in front of but while we rent here I can't paint. The curtains are a solution while we rent here there are a lot of windows and the light can be brutal in the morning so these are black out from bed bath, but I had to add shades under them as well. The bedroom has lots of black and white almost in an 80's way, so I had to use that as a jumping off point in decorating while we are here. I tried to buy dressers that would blend in be functional to hold everything but later go in a different style room. This is probably not the best looking solution but it holds all the components out of sight. The door to the bathroom doesn't work really over the the carpet so in order to have something in front of it while we rent, I put up the beads. The square white window stuff is blocking this glass bricks which I hated the look of, and let in too much morning light. I didn't put any art over the tub because I was worried the steam from the shower would ruin it.