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What stands between a 'Good' living room and a 'Great' one? A good living room, while perfectly serviceable isn't bad, it just isn't as awesome as it could be. A great living room draws people in, keeps them there, and leaves them happier than before. This won't be a checklist of furniture items or physical items you should add to a room; this is a list of the intangible qualities that distinguish a great living room from just a good one. A great living room.... Has a seating arrangement that encourage conversation and sparks stories. It feels like the heart of a room - emphasizing that people are more important than things. Has the perfect mix of art that complements the room's style, along with a healthy dose of negative space to give the eyes spots to rest. Is a living room where the designer takes bold chances - and isn't afraid to fail. The kind of room where someone goes out on a limb to try something new, not knowing if it'll work or not. Perhaps most importantly, a great living room feels like you. What would you add to this list of what makes for a great living room?

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There's nothing like seeing a living room updated to accommodate another life - in Nicole's case, her preparations for the baby. Not only does the right choice of furniture make the space look absolutely gorgeous, but the most importantly, it completely integrates the technology into the backdrop, making the seemingly coldest piece in the room feel almost as vibrant as the space around it. A smart choice of choosing a white bezel on the LCD television keeps it from being a distraction in the room, especially when the focus is the child - not entertainment. A comfortable rocker and seating area for easy viewing of both the kiddo and Oprah. We also love the idea of using ample lighting on both sides of the couch balance out the electronics in the room. That, paired with natural light during the daytime, makes a space feel warm and welcoming no matter what time of day it is.

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This adorable yellow bathroom appeared here as a Good Question back in March. Its a rental so heavy duty reno was out of the question and Kiddo Katsu was looking for tips on a rental-friendly facelift. With yellow wall tile and silver tub, most readers voted for a black and white theme and we've got the results after the jump.... Black and white was definitely a great choice. We love the mix of patterns! Not sure if that's an actual cut in the rug around the toilet or just some clever folding but the overall effect is great.

Dining room with great windows

How do you design a small-space desk to give you maximum use of space? If you're DesignSpray, you just hack off it's back legs and get a much-needed assist from the wall to create a minimal, modern standing desk. The ConSOUL desk from DesignSpray leaves you with no wasted space. It gets a little help from being hinged into the wall, leaving you with a minimalist workspace-and a whole lot more floor than if you'd gone the traditional route. If you're a guy with a lot of desktop 'I-love-looking-at-them' trinkets, then look away. If you're a light computer user in the market for a small, beautiful standing desk, then the ConSOUL is definitely it-if you've got almost a grand to shell out.

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Dear AT:SF, I'm graduating from college and moving across the state to a new city. I don't have much furniture, but I've had my eye on the Gus* Modern Chunk dining table for a while. I was wondering if anyone out there can attest to the quality of this table.... ...I've had IKEA particleboard furniture all through college and I am now looking for furniture that will last me more than a few years. I know some pieces from stores like Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn may cost more, but are still made of the same MDF or particleboard. How is this table? Also, are there any similar tables out there that may be made of real wood? Or should I simply be trying to get over my fear of particleboard furniture? Thanks,. Christa,We'd always choose wood over particleboard or MDF. There are some comments here about Gus Modern, but we don't know about the quality of the Chunk. It does remind us of Crate and Barrel's Big Sur Dining Table, which is also made of solid oak.

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Dining room

We're not sure how we missed this, but we think it is a worthy read: Living Large on a Tiny Lot. It's part of the New York Times' Sketch Pad series that asks local architects and designers how they would improve available real estate.... For this 'Sketch,' Russel Groves and Jose Achi of S. Russel Groves Architects re-imagine a tiny bungalow on a tiny lot in Flanders, NY. The Audio Slideshow is an integral part of the story and shouldn't be missed!

Dining room

This is where old products go to die - but in a completely good way! All of the stuff you remember your parents using when you were a child, products that seemed to mysteriously disappear by the time you were a teenager, are to be found at Vermont Country Store. Along with nearly-extinct perfumes, obscure soaps, unusual canned goods, Vermont Country Store also has an interesting array of vintage-inspired toys and home goods that will send you back in time. We had a Raggedy Andy doll when we were very small, and seeing Vermont Country Store's Raggedy Ann and Andy now just makes us all misty-eyed. If your nostalgia only goes back to the '80s you can find a Strawberry Shortcake doll instead. Thrice-brushed flannel sheet blankets can help keep your family cozy this winter whether you're in Vermont or other snowy environs. For us the main attraction to Vermont Country Store is the high chance it offers to O.D. on nostalgia. Besides cool toys and odd knick-knacks, where else can you find Vaseline Soap, Rosebud Salve, Wind Song, a Bulova travel clock a slide viewer and Chiclets all in one place?

Dining table

Changing one's workspace from a regular desk to a standing desk can be a big challenge, but I made the switch over a year ago and haven't looked back. Attractive and affordable standing desks can be hard to find, but this DIY version from IKEA fits the bill nicely. 'Using just two 2x2 Expedit bookshelves, a Linnmon tabletop, and some 6' Capita legs from IKEA, IKEA Hackers user Sharon created a cute and functional standing desk that's perfect for a small space, and came in at under $200. 'The perfect height for a standing desk depends a lot on the person using it, of course. Sharon says she's 5'6', and this setup measures in at 39' tall, which she says has been a very good height for her. The best thing about this hack is all the storage space it creates under the desk. Usually that area goes to waste, and in a small apartment losing that much space can be a disaster. The bookshelves under the desk make a clever storage area for books, and a stool for when the novelty of standing all day starts to wear off. Check out the full instructions over at IKEA Hackers.

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'We would love to win, because we'd love some new furniture. When we moved into our apartment after our September wedding, we bought used furniture, making our room for under $500. We've included before and after photos, so you can see how we transformed a tiny run-down apartment into a stylish haven for work and play.' 'We can only imagine what we could do if we weren't just settling for what we could find at a thrift store. We love the stuff at CB2 and think it'd look awesome in our room.' 'DM's Dining Room - The curtains, the lighting, that gorgeous shade of red! What a warm, relaxing room to sit down to a meal in!'.



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As a newly minted architect I love all things drafting related. This makeover by Dream Book Design has taken a vintage and underused drafting table and has turned it into a gorgeous heirloom quality dining table. Check out the incredible transformation after the jump. We loved the industrial and farmhouse feel of this table and love even more that we built it. We know that some people will think that we ruined a perfectly good drafting table to make this dining room table, but we love it. Since we didn't alter the drafting table top, we can always take our table apart and the drafting table is still compatible... so we didn't ruin it. We think the table is super original and fun and goes well with our unique home. Check out their step by step process at Dream Book Design.

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Dining table

Sculptural lamps create instant drama, especially when placed on or near the floor. Lighting placed low provides great ambiance at a party, creating a soft light that reflects off freshly cleaned floors. These Castore Lamps would create an interesting focal point, grouped together on a low table. These Luau Portable Lamps could be used outside or indoors. The lamp uses replaceable LEDs that last 6-10 hours. These birch lamps are meant to create 'a forest of light.' The shade is made from silk and printed with a birch bark pattern. They're small, but they would look great lined up along a low ledge. Birch lamps come in a set of 3, available at Lekker for $450. Links to Other Sculptural Lamps: Gus Design Group Lightbox, $293 at Design Public.

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At least I'm assuming that's why you would want a leather keyboard. While I appreciate the feel and quality of a fine leather portfolio, can't say that this really evokes the same sort of feeling. An ode to Japanese simplicity or utter stupidity? What do you say?