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It seems like only yesterday that our favorite LA landmark, the Griffith Park Observatory, closed for its four year renovation/ makeover. For us, the Observatory is the go-to destination for out- of-towners, with its Hollywood history and its stunning views. Now, almost ready and due to open in the fall, the media is being led through to get a peak.

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We had a friend come over the other day with a few questions regarding cleaning his electronics/appliances with stainless steel finishes. Luckily, it just so happened we had a secret formula that he could use by combining a few simple household items.... LIGHT CLEAN: Try using use a mild window cleaner for small fingerprints and smudges. You can also step it up a notch with mild vinegar and a microfiber cloth. Bar Keeper's Friend works amazingly well and isn't prone to scratch or mar a finish. HEAVY CLEAN: For big blemishes, use Soft Scrub with something a little more abrasive like a wash cloth to get those wine, oil, and more difficult to remove stains out! Magic Sponge and similar melamine foam products can work well, but must be used gently and sparingly. We use it for water/liquid stains, but only go with the grain of the metal with very gentle pressure. We find these melamine sponges a much safer bet than more abrasive cleaning products like AJAX when more serious stains need cleaning.

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If you are so lucky as to have an actual pantry, you're already ahead of the game. Of course, the downside to having room is that things accumulate and don't get dealt with. In the spirit of the new year, here are five things to target in your pantry, to pare it down and leave yourself plenty of room for the essentials. Stale or Expired Food: Just because it's a dry good or non-refrigerated item doesn't mean that it won't go bad. Inspect any containers or packaging left open, and toss anything that is no longer fresh. Anything Unappealing: Everyone has random consumable gifts that linger, and that you have no desire to eat. Again, donate to a food bank if you don't see yourself using it at any time in the future. Infested Dry Goods: This is the time to check out your bulk foods and flours for pantry moths and/or other kitchen pests, and throw away anything you suspect might be infested. Random Non-Food Items: Pantry space can quickly become general storage, and is often overrun by cleaning supplies, ladders, and all the detritus that accumulates in our lives. Find another spot to stick this stuff, and make it easier to access what you really need.

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We were tipped off to Nancy Bauch's White Forest Pottery by a friend who said that walking into her studio was like walking into another world. We haven't been there, but her website and her pottery makes this seem very possible. These are special pieces that define the intersection of simplicity and beauty. This is what she says.... In addition to using natural elements, she actively strives to simulate the imperfection and impermanence of nature itself. Each hand-made piece reflects the philosophy of 'Wabi sabi' an aesthetic that honors the beauty of imperfection. Her work is a reflection to the variability that is nature, and just as no two snowflakes are alike, so too are each of her pieces unique in their beauty. Most of the pieces are made of porcelain and range from bowls to cups to mugs to tiny vases to bells. Most are also white, though there is a bit of color in there on occasion.

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A fan of black? Like shiny things? Don't have that much money, but looking for the very best? We've got you covered. For this roundup, we have our budget-savvy glossy black edition for college students looking to get more broke or those who have too much white in their living room and want some darkside. With the Toshiba LCD television, you get a budget set with great contrast ratio and luscious blacks, and when you pair it up with the Playstation 3, high definition gaming and media streaming will be at your fingertips. Grab any type of receiver laying around and plug them into the Pinnacle speakers to get jaw dropping speakers that not only look good - they sound great! Lastly, the IKEA tv stand is muted black, which gives more shine to the rest of your electronics and the remote control lets you program every last piece of tech until the only remote control you have laying on the coffee table is the Logitech One. Got more shiny blackness to share? Let us know in the comments!

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Durham, North Carolina is home to many old tobacco warehouses no longer in use. Some warehouses have been converted into homes and we were lucky to get a look inside of one. The newly converted condo preserves the old warehouse features in an environmentally-friendly way. The photo above shows the view into the living room from the hallway/entry. The space is divided into two floors, with the bedroom and bathroom upstairs and the living room and kitchen on the first floor. The warehouse windows let in an enormous amount of natural light. Timber beams from the original warehouse were preserved and used in the new condo. How would feel about living in a former tobacco warehouse?

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They usually speak to us while at a tag sale or thrift store just after discovering a unique piece of something that we have no immediate use for but is just too good to pass up. CK at Bald Man Mod Pad must hear these voices, thus his purchasing of some plywood with a bunch of perfect little circles cut out. Kudos to him for taking the next step and actually using these pieces as a perfect accent for his son's bookcase. Double kudos for not only lighting up that bookcase, but for using bingo chips to add some color. CK does not provide a tutorial in the traditional sense. It's more like a rambling walk through his brain, which is a pretty amusing place.

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The TV's always been a tricky piece of technology to blend into any home. Because of its passive media consumptive nature, we've always considered its placement best when it's not drawing attention to itself, but only when called upon. What'd we think when Emma placed her TV in the most underutilized space in the home - the staircase? Well, let's just say it feels just right. The TV sits in a downstairs office area right below the main living room. It's a cozy little den area maximizes function and space, utilizing custom-made shelves that blend into the stairs and also serving as extra support. A long, wall-mounted desk, where the TV sits on, incorporates smart wire management to keep a clean look while leaving plenty of room to do work. We especially like the fact that natural light is still able to leak in from the streets, removing the whole 'Basement' feel altogether and creating a perfect space get productive with the ability to occasionally glance up to check out what's going on the TV. Emma Balch of M Design is an interior decorator in Buenos Aires. Her recent works includes guiding Anthropologie's Keith Johnson around Argentina on Man Shop's Globe, unique projects for clients, and exports of her designs. You can check out the rest of the incredible tour of her commercial space turned residential over at Design*Sponge online.

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When we came across this image of a fabulously white kitchen, we realized that it's not often you see open residential cabinets treated with square tiles as pictured. While it appears that the upper cabinets had their doors removed and white tiles added during a renovation, this seems like a great solution for creating a clean, cohesive kitchen design using the existing structure. We love how the backsplash material is carried up to the ceiling. Open shelving is always a divisive issue, as some people feel the look can get cluttered too easily if display organization isn't perfectly maintained at all times. In this kitchen, the neutral contents of the cabinets do a good job of adding some interest to the all-white areas. Tile is also much more appealing to look at than the usual MDF seen in most budget-friendly cabinetry.

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Alright Angela....if you don't get unseated by lunch tomorrow, start thinking about which prize you want. This is the way we do it: 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets 2nd choice, and so on... down until there is nothing left. A wonderful Wusthof all-stainless pairing knife An excellent Microplane coarse grater An awesome 14x10 Michigan Maple cutting board A Fancy French red-stripe dishtowel Two handy French wooden spoons One unique French wooden cooking spoon from France.

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There are a handful of reasons you might not want to push the color pink on your little girl, and chief among them might possibly just be 'I don't like pink.' Shopping in the kids department might have you thinking that your only choice in girls' decor is between 'Blush' or 'Petal pink,' but these 12 rooms can show you differently. First up is the nursery pictured above from Style Me Pretty Living. As you can see in the photo directly below, it actually does feature a pop of pink-lots of these rooms do. You don't have to completely ignore an entire hue on the color wheel because you're after a 'Not pink' room for your little one. That nursery - and these eleven other rooms - all serve as inspiration for creating a room for your girl that's only as pink and and girly as you want it to be. Do you have a little girl at home? Does her room look like any of these?

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From the brokers over at Alvhem, we were able to catch a glimpse of a beautiful property in Göteborg, Sweden, filled with Scandinavian influences aplenty. We've held many examples on how to go white before, but never have we seen something so thoughtfully integrated as this. While the first thing we'd like to point out would be the fact that the couch is just way too far away from the television set to be able to view any high definition movies properly, the openness of the space actually creates a very airy environment that's anything but a claustrophobic home theater. Depending on what you're looking for, perhaps avoiding the whole surround sound experience and wire headaches may just create that open living room feeling that you've been missing. Or, you could check out the Flatwire sound wiring system we reviewed a while back. If you're in the market for a white television set, you should check out our previous post where we rounded up 10 white LCD HDTVs for your viewing pleasure.

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Q: My husband and I are moving to an apartment that we are absolutely crazy about. It has a fantastic open floor plan, approximately 1300 square feet, and is built into the second story of a 1900s carriage house that is situated next to our to-be landlords' stone mansion. My question relates to the color of the living room area. The previous renter had painted the walls a dark red, which at first sight I didn't really like. Because it is a loft space, the ceilings are slanted in most of the rooms and the windows are few, limiting the natural light in certain areas of the apartment. Initially, I was thinking that by repainting the walls white or off-white, it would really open up the space even more and make it feel bigger. On the other hand, as the color started to grow on me a little bit, I wasn't sure if repainting the walls white would complement the white slanted ceilings and dark wood accents very well. My decor style involves a lot of rustic metallics, wood, reds, purples and yellows, so I don't think the color of the wall as it is right now would clash with how I plan on styling the space. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Sara in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

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Look familiar? Just right after we pouted about waiting for the grand daddy of home theater console pieces in a previous post about the GenevaSound that we first saw at ICFF earlier this year, George Emerson of Geneva sent us this update: the GenevaSound Home Theater is now available. Details below.... GenevaSound Home Theater has wide, deep 2.1 surround with its patented EmbracingSound DSP. There's a powerful, all-digital 700-Watt amplifier and seven speakers, with a 12-inch subwoofer, for startling film sound effects. Each speaker is individually powered and sealed for accurate, balanced acoustics. There's also a CD player and a radio receiver, and iPod/iPhone dock. There's ample space for components like a cable box, game console, or DVD player. With the integrated dock, you can just drop your iPod or iPhone in and fill the room with sound. The video outputs mean you can also watch your mobile videos on your TV.The GenevaSound Home Theater is your simple, foolproof link for transitioning between the mobile experience and the full-size home theater experience with your mobile player. We fell in love with this cabinet console GenevaSound Home Theater when it was a prototype, as it's one of the few home electronics pieces that not only compliment any flat screen home theater setup with it's aesthetics, but also offers specs that should please the discriminating audiophile in the home. We'll report back once we get our oily hands all over that piano black finish.

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Parents in the market for a big kid bed are in luck these days as there seems to be lots and lots to choose from. I tend to either like a fully kitted-out kids bed like this one or a kid bed that has grown up styling like this Liam Wooden bed. The horizontal wooden slats and the built-in galvanized gooseneck lamp are great details. You'll be glad to know that the Liam bed comes in all different sizes and finishes for the headboard. This is a steep not cheap bed guys so be forewarned. If that's more than you want to spend, consider a DIY version. There is one more thing in this room that made me look. Do you see it? It's the awesome storage next to the bed. The bookcase has cubbie shelves much like the Expedit plus it has pre-cut holes that hold galvanized buckets for portable storage. Fantastic idea! The Teddy Organizer also is availalbe for purchase over at PoshTots for $806..