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Surfing flickr we came across a photostream from Sylvie Oxman, the Los Gatos-based owner of Blossom Home Vintage Furnishings. Sylvie refurbishes vintage furniture and recently re-did her own livingroom using some of her salvaged finds. Better Homes & Gardens featured the project as a Best Under 5K Update, but Sylvie's flickr set has the tell-all, with more pictures and notes. Cottage Style's fatal flaw is usually its antiquated preciousness, but this room's great color palette and its brightness and sense of space feel more modern. What makes it work for us is the large, B&W fabric print on the wall above the sofa, which gives breathing room to all the other colors and patterns. The addition of that vintage alphabet cube is a stroke of subtle graphic genius.

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Most of us probably have some carrara marble in the bathroom, in the form of the saddle at the room's entry. We've rounded up some beautiful uses of the material in bathrooms here, starting with Stephanie's Tile & Marble Vision.... For more natural stone in the bathroom, check out our previous post on Travertine in the Bathroom.

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This 'Dark and dreary' dining room just begged for a makeover to not only brighten it up, but also to make it a space that might actually get used. Inhabited by folks who love to entertain, this small room needed more seating and storage as well as a redesign to utilize space better. The first thing we did was sell all the existing furniture on Craigslist. Then my Dad mentioned the idea of a custom banquette and it was the perfect idea to add comfortable seating and extra storage space. The rest of the pieces were all found at local thrift stores. The solid wood table was sanded and refinished with a darker stain, the chairs were re-upholstered with a geometric fabric and a large mirror and chandelier were added to soften the space. The new space is much more functional and comfortable; it's my new favorite spot in the house.

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The Madrid home of Rosalind Williams and Tino Calabuig is only 11.5' wide! The couple bought the four-story building in 2001 and renovated it, making the top two floors their own home. The New York Times gives us a peek at their space filled with an eclectic collection of modern art, Tunisian tapestries, African wood carvings and religious icons.... Outside of the couple's vast art collection, the apartment is furnished from street finds, thrift stores and antiques. They definitely enjoy the 'Mix and mingle' of various periods and styles. Read the article about their real estate adventures in Madrid: In Spain, a Bright and Narrow Space and its slideshow.

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We spent some time checking out past house tours for inspiration and basically gasped when we saw Heather Frazier's Dining Room. It's exactly the color palette we've been slowly working towards in the bedroom. Hydrangeas! Remember to whack the bottom of the stems to break them up so that they continue to suck up water. Simple white platters like this square platter from Crate and Barrel. Mexican Pottery in the perfect shade of blue from Colcha in Venice. A light hearted print from etsy seller seasprayblue.

Dining table

Dear AT:. I found a beautiful old table at an Oakland antiques/thrift store, Uhuru Furniture. The top of the table is especially lovely-the surface has an incredible patina that I really want to preserve. I'd like to get a.custom-cut, tempered glass top to put on it... where is the best place to get something like that? Email questions & pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: sf(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com Link To All Good Questions. The Acacia Glass Company near GG Park in Inner Sunset will cut glass in custom sizes in a variety of thicknesses. We've used them for exactly this kind of thing and they were prompt and professional.

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It's not always easy to find compact appliances, so in case you find yourself renovating a small kitchen and starved for helpful resources, here's a good starter list. Refrigerators & Freezers Based out of Austin, Texas, this online store has pretty much every small appliance on the US market, including washer/dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and cooktops. Smeg They're an Italian manufacturer that produces sleek, slim appliances. It's always worth checking Amazon for price comparisons when you're appliance shopping. They have a wide range of luxury and budget kitchen appliances - this is the Sanyo SR-3770S Counter-High Refrigerator, $200. Dishwashers Bosch Bosch is part of the Siemens Home Appliance Group, the world's third largest appliance manufacturer. This White 18-inch Frigidaire Portable Dishwasher is available there for $516. AJ Madison Based out of New York, this online retailer sells a huge selection of kitchen appliances and fixtures, many of them small scale, and they have an outlet section for discounted goods. Sears Sears is a good source for budget appliances, and they have a number of outlet stores if you're looking for serious discounts. IKEA Their appliance selection has expanded this year and now includes induction cooktops and wall ovens. A five-year warranty comes with all IKEA appliances, except for the LAGAN series, which has a 1-year warranty.

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During the Room for Color Contest, many readers learn that one of the best ways to experiment and add color without painting or spending a lot money is to add throw pillows. Good throw pillows are hard to find and it's nice to find ones that offer unique patterning, rich colors and something that you just won't see in any one else's home. Ta da! I'm here to help, with my updated Best Of list complete with sources and picks in a range of prices and styles. The pillows above are from Rob, who sent this in: 'I spoke to my mom and told her about the amazing needle-point pillows that Jonathan Adler created. Knowing she was a needle-pointing maven in the 70's, I asked her if she could make some for my red leather couch. We decided on Andy Warhol icon's and we had an artist in Cincinnati paint the images for us onto a canvas. While each took months to complete, the pillows are the centerpiece of my apartment and speak for themselves. Thanks, MOM!!!'.

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After traveling around the world with hubby and two small kids and living in Ireland and England we moved back to my hometown into this cute little 1920s art deco home. I worked as a florist overseas and fell in love with green foliage against a green backdrop, hence my green house color. My home is tucked below the road slightly and it feels like an oasis protected from the street! Favorites....My black lounge with family heirloom black chesterfield sofa and white china swans from Iconic New Zealand brand, Crown Lynn. This home with all its black and white and green is just me! People come in and say how absolutely this house fits me. I'm always moving things around, changing things and fluffing my nest! It's not unusual for my husband to come home from work and find I've changed the bedroom around and he can't find the bed in the dark! It is my nest, a building I love and the home I have made for my family. My 86 years young Mum is about to move in too - all my favorite things, belongings, and especially people in a little green house! Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour & House Call Submission Form.

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Q: I'm renting a quaint studio apartment in Chicago. I love everything about the space except for the bumpy plaster walls in my main living space. All over the walls to hide the texture, but it's impossible to put a nail in the wall without the plaster crumbling. How can I hang art and other decor without ruining the plaster walls? If that's not an option, do you have any ideas for minimizing the textured look without fundamentally changing the structure? Editor: Leave your suggestions for Cynthia in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

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Maybe it's because he's french and had a fixation with the idea of the American old west, but when I was young my dad used to drag me around to the Rose Bowl to buy awesomely bad thrift store paintings of cowboys, cactus and horses, sometimes even40's era Indian Chiefs. As a little girl I did not have the same appreciation that I have today. The bathroom can be a great place to go big with color or with overscale artwork or fun collections that might not make the same impact in another part of the house. I like this collection of deer prints from gentillefille's flickr set that she picked up at a thrift store and put on display in the bathroom.

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When Kristen and Kyle renovated their Portland kitchen, they went with custom cabinetry, schoolhouse lighting, and classic Benjamin Moore colors. Paint, Cabinets, and Counters Dovetail Custom Woodworks Kristen and Kyle used these Portland-based carpenters to build their cabinets and a butcher block-topped island. Kristen says, 'I think it's the custom built cabinets' that 'Make the kitchen look spiffy aesthetically.' Benjamin Moore The kitchen walls are Rockport Gray HC-105, while the cabinets are painted in White Dove OC-17 - a decorator favorite. It's a classic look that helps dark appliances blend in. Fixtures and Tile Kristen and Kyle's faucet is a discontinued model, but you can find a similar look by searching for 'Bridge faucets.' We found this Belle Foret Kitchen Bridge Faucet with Matching Spray - N11001 for $279 at online renovation resource Kohler The sink is a basic stainless steel single basin model by Kohler, similar to this Staccato Single-Basin Self-Rimming Kitchen Sink, $314, although she says, 'We wish we had splurged and gone with a deep farmhouse sink.' For other good fixture/sink sources, see this post. Kristen and Kyle found their classic white subway tile there. Shown: Rhone Classic Schoolhouse Pendant, $177. Yellow accessories give this kitchen its sunny personality. Kristen says her favorite is the tea kettle: 'It gets used every morning and night - we love tea!' Shown: Le Creuset Classic Whistling Tea Kettle, $68 at Bambeco Kristen uses trays to organize supplies like water bottles, flowers, and cooking tools.

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We've noticed a trend, lately, of large dining tables smack in the middle of kitchens. We've seen many a dinette set or breakfast table worked into a kitchen space, but we're seeing more and more full dining setups in the center of this often utilitarian space. Whether we have previously failed to take note of this bold furniture placement in rooms, or if it is a new trend toward merging the kitchen and dining areas, we think we like it. Being able to claim neither a full kitchen nor a dining room, we are quite envious of the opportunity to work with large, even oversized furniture. Kim has documented her entire kitchen remodel over at Desire To Inspire, and we were interested to see her choice of a large dining table for six, directly in the middle of her newly open kitchen. We didn't expect to see such a dominant piece, afraid it might disrupt the flow of the kitchen, but we absolutely love it. She has worked a great, large seating arrangement into a warm and inviting kitchen and seems to still have plenty of room to navigate while cooking. Perhaps we're looking a little harder now, but we came across another great example of a sizable dining table in the kitchen in the March issue of Livingetc. The dining chairs are upholstered in a colorful floral, which brings a bright upholstered accent to a stainless, modern kitchen. It seems to add a sense of community and entertainment to the kitchen.

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No matter the size of your home, I think it's really important to create a casual, comfortable, welcoming space in which to sit down and enjoy a meal. If you're in a smaller space, it's your breakfast nook in the morning and your intimate dining room-with the help of some candles-at night. Here are high and low budget versions of a fresh, eclectic look for your casual dining space. If you have a bit of a budget to play with and would like to invest in a few key pieces, try this look.... Get the HIGH Casual Dining Look: Wall art: All You Need Is Love Poster, Black Rooster, $365. Planters: Trigg Wall Planters, West Elm, $25/set of 2 small. Or, if you're a bit more thrifty with your home decor purchases or you're a renter on the move, try this look! Note that each look includes the cost of two chairs, so you'll have to adjust accordingly. Of course, you can always mix and match between the two to create your own custom look to fit your budget!

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Lets get real here: Anything you can do with a small piece of wood, you can do with a wooden cutting board. In case you need a little jump start on some ideas, here are 10 examples and projects to inspire you. Grab a clock hardware kit and turn it into a wall clock, like Emma did with the state-shaped cutting board above on A Beautiful Mess. Use it to top an ottoman coffee table, in lieu of glass or a tray. You can use a cutting board instead of a tray anywhere, really. If it's light enough, attach a pair of cabinet bar pulls to the top at each short end of the cutting board to make a tote-able serving tray. Give it a coat of chalkboard paint and use it as a message board. This is especially cool if your cutting board has a handle cut out or another interesting shape.