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Dining room with portraits on the wall

It comes as no surprise that two magazines in different countries should want to do stories on the exquisite home of Jenna Lyons, creative director at J. Crew. What is surprising is how much those stories differ visually. The images in the left column are from domino, while those on the right were published in Livingetc. Despite both being photographed by Melanie Acevedo's pro eye, the editorial decisions made on the shoot by a stylist, behind the lens, as well as behind a computer screen cast a very different tone to the magazines' images. There's a distinctly modern focus on the dining room to the left, but a more whimsical feeling is given to the space by doing a wider zoom to the right. Here, domino is the more sentimental of the pair, showing the breakfast nook in use by the family. It's worth mentioning that the shots are mirror images of one another. Wall color, artwork, and bedding all differ in these two views. To the left we see rich detail of all the bathroom's finishes, but we get a better sense of where the space sits in relation to the master bedroom on the right. It appears to be the same piece of furniture, just reconfigured.

Dining room

Here's a little micro-trend we're intrigued by: vintage cabinets as storage in modern kitchens. One vintage cabinets can provide a handy place to stash things you use often in a kitchen without a lot of upper storage... and the patina and texture of a vintage piece lends a certain depth and richness to a modern space. The kitchen above takes advantage of tall ceilings with a vintage cabinet and a pot rail. The texture of this cabinet provides a nice balance to the starkness of a mininmal kitchen. Two vintage cabinets are better than one! This kitchen has a nice little mix going on. A vintage cabinet paired with vintage-style tile in a kitchen from Bo Bedre. Finally, a little kitchen that's delicious in more ways than one - vintage cabinets, a basin sink, and those lovely blue walls mean there's a lot to love.

Open plan dining room and kitchen

If you are always on the hunt for bold decor ideas or elements that aren't yet a trend, then you'll appreciate this list of eye-popping and heart-stopping design details for any room in your home. Because tiles are so visually appealing, don't feel like you can't use them in another space in your home, like perhaps the living room? The proof is in Liz's bold, tiled living space. Liz turned a ho-hum window into a bold neon color statement. The toy aisle can be a surprisingly great place to find bold, colorful and abstract 'Art' when styled into your home's vignettes. Painting stripes on stairs is not a new idea, but in Liz's Chicago home, the painted stripe is continued on the adjacent wall, drawing the eye up, making the ceilings feel taller and making a plain stairwell look awesome. Liz's bedroom gets a major dose of bold by the appearance of a hanging bed. If the color of your wall paint and room decor palette might benefit from the addition of warm brass metallic accents, consider including brass curtain rods into the mix.

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The largest piece of real estate you actually have control over is likely your bed, so make it good with beautiful, comfortable bedding that makes you happy every time you go to sleep- no matter what your budget is. A really great oversized floral at a great price -Teen Vogue Violet Nights Twin Comforter Set from Amazon; $49.99. Small stripes add texture and interest - Assembly Home Tiny Stripe Duvet Cover from Urban Outfitters; $69 and currently 25% off. UNDER $100:. Bright florals paired with black are sophisticated and charming - Vintage Bloom Duvet Cover + Sham from PBTeen; $79. This cover looks hand drawn and sweet, but not too sweet - Kate Spain Hills and Valleys Reversible Quilt Sets from Macys; currently $79.99. If you can commit to keeping it clean, this duvet is a classic neutral that will work with everything. If you can't do white, try one of the other colors instead - Tile Style Duvet Cover from West Elm; $89. City Scene Ink Wash Reversible Duvet Cover Set from Kohl's; $59.99 on sale. The small scale print makes this duvet fun without being juvenile - Swiss Dot Duvet Cover from Land of Nod; $69.00. Pre-order it now and love it for life - Lena Corwin X UO Earth Quilt from Urban Outfitters; $349. This quilt will take you far, far away from dorm living, and into another world - Creature Hideaway Quilt from Anthropologie; $134. Reversible duvet with two great patterns on each side - COCOCOZY Katie Reversible Duvet Cover from Bed Bath & Beyond; $175.99. The chambray makes it casual, and the white border classes up the joint - Wainscott Oxford Weave Duvet Cover from Serena & Lily; $180. If you are headed off to college this year, which bedding do you have your eye on? Any that you would add to this list?



Dining room

Roma of DesignFlute sent us a heads up about an eco-friendly home showcased on Better Interiors. We've seen modern suspended seating before, but rarely with traditional furnishings. How about the beautiful carved jaali that filters a warm light into a cool interior? AT:India, here we come?

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Dining room orange chairs white table

Yesterday you voted on which French Country style dining room was higher end and, if you voted for this one, then you nailed it! Survey results though were pretty close, with roughly half of you choosing A and the other half B. Click through to see the price and source for each piece, along with the cheaper alternative options. Tufted Dining Chair from Ballard Designs; $665. Floral Rug from Ballard Designs; $599. All items combined ring up at the cash register for $4269, with the biggest ticket items being the chandelier and dining room table. Beaded Empire Chandelier from Shades of Light; $489. Embossed Mirror from Pier 1; $199. Rustic Trestle Table from World Market; $700. Tufted Dining Chair from Overstock; $205. Floral Rug from Overstock; $334. You might be more comfortable with a price tag of $1927, which is what this second collection will run. As always, if you find something similar to the items above, for a better price, share the information by linking to it in the comments below. Or, if you want to go out on your own, take a look at this earlier post, with shopping secrets and tips for finding a certain look for less money.

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In 2012, he moved into a 420 square foot apartment in SoHo, outfitted with all kinds of clever, customized solutions that gave the apartment the functionality of a much larger space. In 2014 he decided to go even smaller, and moved into a 350 square foot apartment in the same building. Graham saw the new apartment as a chance to downsize even more, but also to improve upon the design of the previous apartment. He wanted the new space to have a little more texture and character, and also be a little more affordable, with solutions that he could implement in some of his other projects. This diminutive space packs in all the features you would expect in an apartment more than twice its size. There's a living room, a sleeping space, room for a dinner party for up to 10 people, an office for Graham to work from home, and a guest room for visitors - all in 350 square feet. This may seem impossible, but the trick is that many of these functions occur within the same space, thanks to a clever layout and some very flexible furniture. The unit's office space also flexes to accommodate different needs. A 350-square-foot apartment is, even by New York standards, quite small, but Graham are making it work. This compact and highly efficient space is proof that, with a little ingenuity, and some very clever furniture, a little apartment can be the setting for a very big, rich life.

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There are a handful of reasons you might not want to push the color pink on your little girl, and chief among them might possibly just be 'I don't like pink.' Shopping in the kids department might have you thinking that your only choice in girls' decor is between 'Blush' or 'Petal pink,' but these 12 rooms can show you differently. First up is the nursery pictured above from Style Me Pretty Living. As you can see in the photo directly below, it actually does feature a pop of pink-lots of these rooms do. You don't have to completely ignore an entire hue on the color wheel because you're after a 'Not pink' room for your little one. That nursery - and these eleven other rooms - all serve as inspiration for creating a room for your girl that's only as pink and and girly as you want it to be. Do you have a little girl at home? Does her room look like any of these?

Classic dining room

In the past, we've talked a lot here at Re-nest about square footage. We've argued over whether or not a large home can be considered a green home. I don't know if we've come to any firm conclusions. Now, I'm thinking a little about the phrase 'Green luxury.' After stumbling on an interesting post about a palatial green remodel in Santa Barbara over at Michelle Kaufmann's blog, I started rolling the phrase over and over in my brain. Green luxury .... green luxury. This is what Michelle had to say on the subject:Whenever I hear or see a great new example of eco luxury I think, 'Yes! This is what green can be: beautiful, elegant, something people would be thrilled to call their own.' Then I want to let people know all about it so they can understand for themselves that luxury and green don't have to be mutually exclusive. I live in a small one bedroom apartment and don't harbor any delusions that I'll ever be able to afford a solar-heated swimming pool - or a bathroom the size of a studio apartment - but are these things less green because they're unattainable for most of us? It's tempting to say yes - by its very nature, the word 'Luxury' indicates the unnecessary. It's nice to have a gigantic bathroom, but does anyone really need 500 square feet to brush their teeth? Well the answer is usually 'No.' However, does it do us any favors to limit the scope of the green movement to urban homesteaders and those of us who are super keen on the first R - reduce? Is it better to be inclusive? Getting the second two Rs right - reusing and recycling - is WAY better than getting them all wrong, isn't it? What do you think? Can green and luxury coexist peacefully, and in a way that benefits the environment?

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Large dining table

Anyway, mother dearest has an absolutely beautiful blue bedroom that we just adore. Why do we love it? Zero-VOC paint, bed she made herself, great art from a local artist named Ogi... it was designed very inexpensively, and it's still absolutely gorgeous. Plus, it suits my mom, which is all that really matters, isn't it?

Dining room with wallpaper

If there is one thing that hasn't changed since its inception, it's the concept behind a washing machine. The box-like devices haven't changed that much, and even you look for something different, you'll end up paying thousands of dollars for something like that. Think about it, weren't those LG washing machines and dryers the latest rage in washing machine technology? Designer Djordje Zivanovic comes to the rescue with an Aquarium, and it's not for fishes! It's hard not to compare this design by Djordje Zivanovic to the iPhone. It's nice to see the whole box-like machine replaced by something spherical, but in the end, does it wash any better? Now that's the important question. Since this is only a concept, there isn't much information available on this. We've found a few interesting tidbits about the Aquarium. Washing machines are usually kept far away from prying eyes, so making one look cool doesn't really make much sense. The designer says that its innovative since it's only composed of two spheres, one inside the other. The spheres rotate in different axes, so looking at it can be mesmerizing. It's mentioned that this washing machine is called Aquarium because it doesn't need a water tap, meaning that you have to refill it periodically and it can be placed in the middle of your living room, if you find the movements of the spheres really interesting.

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Round table dining room