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Dining room with portraits on the wall

Re-nest's Creative Reuse series continues with this great idea from reader Heather... and check out Lisa's raised dog feeder in the image below left. We're wondering what impact the economic crisis has had on your remodeling plans. We cover a report that says that strict new regulations on green building and energy use will help the economy. We've got the scoop on the latest design from green architect Michelle Kaufmann, and we've also found some hot 80% post-consumer recycled glass tiles. Who would have thought napkin rings and an old picture frame could make this? We're wondering: have you changed your remodeling plans because of the economic situation? A new report says increasing energy efficiency standards puts more money in people's pockets-and that, in turn, helps strengthen the economy. Unlike a lot of other so-called 'Recycled' tile, Trend's latest offering is 80% post-consumer recycled. As usual, we think Michelle Kaufmann's design sensibility is fantastic. This new design takes a slightly warmer approach than we've become accustomed to.

Dining room

Clear furniture and accessories have been immensely popular with designers. Much of what's seen on the market has been made of acrylic, adding to our planet's plastic burden. If you love the look of clear furniture, glass is a great option. It's recyclable so it's gentler on our environment and much more scratch resistant than acrylic, keeping it beautiful and longer lasting. Clear home decor like tables, chairs and accessories make spaces look uncluttered and spacious. They're great for showing off rugs and beautiful flooring. The glass tables featured in the top photo are from Lamps Plus. They range from semi-tempered to tempered glass, making the tables strong and durable.

Open plan dining room and kitchen

These were the requirements for Design Sponge's own sofa search, which is shown step-by-step here at House and Garden. The search toured through too-expensive modern designer classics, sleeper sofas for those without a guest room, and even traditional designs. The search zeroed in on Room and Board's Andre sofa for its tufted back, affordable price tag, and slim dimensions. Design Sponge's search is a help to us all, as pinning down the right sofa can be a challenge.

Dining table

Ok...the Scavenger knows some people don't love it when dealers' wares make it onto our early morning list. I'm loving this chest of drawers that Nathan of Nate's Jewels has posted on AT's classifieds. The paneling and large glass pulls on the drawers are really cool - I like how the lighter panels give the dresser some aesthetic interest. MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!


We've seen mismatched chairs pulled up to a dining room table but we've never seen two mismatched tables put together to serve as a dining room table. Even though these two tables are quite different in style, their similar size and height pull this look together. We found a few other inspirational pics of mismatched furniture in cohesive spaces after the jump. Our favorite combo is definitely a seating bench plus a few mismatched chairs at the kitchen table. We've found thrift store chairs that are quite different in style and painted them all a robin's egg blue. To keep a bedroom from looking too uniform, we like the look of two contrasting side tables that are similar in height and size.

Dining room

Dorm life may seem like it doesn't have many choices when it comes to living a green lifestyle. You'd be surprised at the ways you can make a difference. Follow these great tips and not only green up your life but hopefully your roommate's too. Use task lighting with compact florescent lights to save energy. Buy foods that don't need to be microwaved or cooked, instead eat healthy fruits and veggies in between dining hall meals. Don't turn that window air conditioner on instead use a fan to cool the room.7. By plugging all of your electronics into power strips and being sure to turn them off when you're not in the room you can save tons of energy. Improve your air quality and decorate with a constant visual reminder of the fact that you're going green.

Large dining table

We just moved and love everything about our new kitchen. The previous owner was a chef and we're not kidding, if you ever renovate a kitchen, see if you can invite a chef over to help you plan the layout &mdash you won't regret it. One of our favorite details in the kitchen is the industrial cabinet hardware.... These oversized industrial handles are unexpected in a kitchen and we love how they make the cabinets mean business. They'd be right at home in a kitchen that's more farmhouse than sleek or modern. We've been looking online see where to get them and found a few places sell similar handles. The ones we found are called 'Bow handles' or 'Transom handles'.

Dining room orange chairs white table

We first started paying attention to the whole mattress debate three years ago when a good friend chucked their old bed, did a ton of research and then chose the EXPENSIVE Dux Bed. Readers consistently give these mattresses high quality, high price and high service votes. A Swedish design, the Dux Bed claims its fame from the huge multiple of springs in each mattress: 3,600 springs compared to the up to 900 springs found in conventional queen-size mattresses. This allows you just the right amount of firmness and softness so that your spine is straight and not bent. Dux Beds come in a few diffferent configurations, are extremely well made, have tons of springs and top layers of latex to conform to the body. A queen size will run you from $6,500, but should last you 20 years.... What's not to like?

Glass table dining room

A roomy double-bowl kitchen sink in stainless steel from Elkay. We'll never go back to using drop-in sinks again after installing an undermount in our kitchen. The number one reason? They are so much easier to clean. No flange on top of the counter that collects junk and muck. A few favorites for the kitchen and bath are listed and pictured here. An undermount sink requires that you countertop be of a solid surface, like Corian, or stone. If you have an existing laminate countertop, it would have to be replaced for proper installation of an undermount design. Steel Art sinks by Blanco are super cool and equally expensive.

Black dining table


Classic dining room


Bright dining room with alps views

I grew up eating dinner almost every night, at the dining room table with my family. My parents were flexible and creative and not too tied to 'Rules' ... except when it came to dinner. Dinner usually followed the traditional food pyramid - a vegetable or salad, a protein, and some carbs. I never understood, until I moved out of my parents' home, how critical that dining room table was. For years, I lived in apartments that I considered too small to accommodate a dining room table. I ate sitting on the couch, resting a plate on my knees, my glass of water on the coffee table. The TV? On. Then, close to two years ago, I moved into an apartment with an actual area that could be considered a dining room. Can I attribute all of this to having a dining room table? No. It also coincided with my move to Berkeley, Ca, a community that values very few things more than fresh, local, organic food. The dining room table is a big piece of the puzzle - sitting down, purposefully, with my partner almost every evening as part of our daily routine has changed my relationship with dinner. Do you feel the same way about your dining room table? Have you had a similar experience? How important is sitting down for dinner - and do you consider it part of a green lifestyle?

Large dining table

Right now we're helping a friend scour the depths of Ebay for a decent Nelson-esque slat bench. Personally, we've never been that big on buying big on Ebay. Relying solely on photos and an unknown vendor makes us hesitant about plunking down a great big wad of virtual cash. After hearing all kinds of large-scale success stories, we're starting to change our tune. Jump down to tell us about your most indulgent Ebay win and to see our one crazy splurge.... We bought a reclining mannequin on Ebay a few years ago. Sometimes it's hard to fit her into the decor but she's still with us and the transaction showed us that buying big on Ebay can pay off. So what's the biggest thing you've ever bought on Ebay? Did it work out or are you sticking with the knickknacks?

Dining room with wallpaper

Q: What are some ways to add more wall space when there isn't enough? There is a partition wall in my living room that isn't long enough for my furniture. I've tried numerous combinations, and the furniture either extends beyond the wall or seems to just float with no anchor to anything. I'm open to rearranging, adding or taking away furniture. Maybe I could make better use of the wall where the hallway door is? Add floor to ceiling bookcases at the end of tje partition wall? The entire living room/dining room is begging for suggestions. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Brenda in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Country kitchen with wood table

Our kitchen table has about as many uses as white vinegar does and while one night we could be entertaining guests, the next we could be sprawled out doing a large art project. The problem with those two things is that different lighting is usually required, but not anymore with this super cool, adjustable height pendant light! Although we have a bit of a crush on several different styles of light and we fell pretty hard for this shiny multi-tasker from CB2. Retailing for $199 the Pulley Pendant Lamp, seriously stole our hearts. Installing one or more over a dining room table not only brings a bit of metallic and glam, but a real sense of task lighting that can be adjusted for whatever activity you're partaking in. Reading and doing homework? No problem! Having an intimate dinner with a few friends? Sure thing, just pull and adjust as you see fit! Do you think this look is as cool as we do? Let us know below!

Round table dining room