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Dining room


Dining room

We're suckers for fun photo ideas and what could be better than those old fashioned photo booth strips? Making your own at home. If you're suffering from cabin fever, grab a curtain, a stool, and set up your camera on a tripod. Have fun! Find out how Brooke made her photos look like those old-fashioned strips here.

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Since we're in our planning phase for our front and back yards right now, one of the things that's on our Garden 2008 Must-Have list is a garden of herbs. After seeing this photo on CJohsons' flickr, we're even more excited to get our herb garden going. Love these tin pails that these herbs are growing in-anyone know where to get something similar? We've got too many terracotta pots in the back right now, must mix it up...!

Dining room

Ch-ch-ch-changes! There really isn't any better way to show how this cupboard changes than via this little video. Utilizing louvered strips, like a moving billboard, the facade of this cupoard has different graphics so 'The expression of its surface changes.' Designed by Front for the Milan 07 design show.

Large kitchen with island

Living Etc. recently featured a gallery of really amazing illusions for the home that includes all kinds of different 'Fantasy worlds,' from a quiet forest in a bathroom to an ancient mosaic floor in the home office. Take a look at some of our favorite optical illusions after the jump.... If an outdoor shower is considered a treat in your book, this idea of papering the bathroom in a forest-themed mural may appeal. This could actually work better in a smaller bathroom than a large one: the visual impact of the tree trunks could give the illusion of extra height and depth. Love the idea of having an extensive library in your home? The mere thought of how many books that would take might be a bit daunting. Here's an alternative: wallpaper the room or a wall with this faux library design-you could mix it up with real bookcases to extend the illusion that much more. The idea of juxtaposing something mundane with something fantastically historical and artistic really appeals to us. Why? Well there's that part when Annette Bening is telling off Michael Douglas in the middle of the Oval Office and then she goes out the wrong door, and we actually remember thinking, 'Heh. The door's painted to match the wall seamlessly. Cool.' So yes, this is pretty much the same idea. A friend of ours lives in a studio apartment and has one useless, alternate bathroom door, and we're thinking this could be a great solution to 'Hide' the door.

Dining room

Hardwood floors in the bathroom?! Can this be? We know that it's possible but should we be so bold as to tempt the water gods with this choice of flooring? Jump down to see why this AT junkie and bathroom renovator says YES! Jellyknits decided to go for the plank treatment because she wanted the floor from the outside hallway into the bathroom to be seamless. This bath is on the main floor so the shower is typically only used for overnight guests. Two rows of subway tile have been brought down onto the floor to give the occasional bather six inches of splash insurance. As for the thought of plumbing back-ups, we assume she's knocking on - ha! - the floor. What are your thoughts on bathroom flooring: tile, hardwood, carpet?

Dining room with large art work

Since this is an attempt to create a collection of bedrooms that are 'romantic', it's worth defining what in the world we mean by romantic anyway. I don't mean romantic so much in the 'will put you in the mood for love' sense, because I'm sure that's highly personal - what I'm going for in assembling these photos is something more romantic in an aesthetic sense, as in 'hews close to the ideals of the19th century Romantic movement'. Above: The canopy takes this space from Homelife to the next level. I love how the light grey walls and somber colors give this space from Skona Hem a moody feel. A room fit for a modern Marie Antoinette, spotted on This is Glamorous. A mix of vintage pieces makes this room from Lilium Designs. Doesn't this bed look so cool and inviting? From Nuevo Estilo. This room from Cote Maison is a little simpler in its decor than the others pictured, but I think there's still something undeniably appealing, and even a bit luxurious, about it. Romantic doesn't have to mean a certain style - I think this room from El Ramla Hamra fits the bill. A romantic space from Caroline & Sebastian's San Francisco home. Finally, a beautifully bright space from Stadshem.

Dining room


Living room

Just because your bedroom is itty-bitty doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. We've searched the web for the most attractive tiny bedrooms out there and have rounded them up here to inspire your own small space. Above: This bedroom is about as small as they come, but a soothing paint color and simple linens make it relaxing and beautiful. Above: provided you don't live in earthquake country, shelves above the bed are a great way to eke a little extra storage out of a small bedroom. An all-over white palette keeps this small bedroom soothing. On the other hand, just because your room isn't small doesn't mean you can't embrace pattern. Dark colors can work in a smaller bedroom provided you have lots of light. Tiffany's Naturally Sunlit Bedroom has a lot going on - she's turned her furniture to take advantage of the room's long, narrow shape. Lots of built-in shelving gives this bedroom from Hemnet a boost.

Dining room

Another thing we love is our new George Taylor shower head. Large, flat, adjustable and with metal tips that don't corrode, it allows our hot water to flow down like rain, whether it is on high or low. There are a number of shower heads like this, so you needn't get this exact one, but we're happy with this one. We found out today that the price went up ALOT from $140 to $320 and we don't know why, so you might want to shop around. This exact one can also be found through as the P646c, where it is originally manufactured. Many sites list the 8' version, but the 12' version is still available. These sites also sell Strom Plumbing Shower Heads online.

Dining room

Ogilvy & Mather came up with a smarter ad for IBM's Smarter Cities campaign. The outdoor billboards curve outward to form a bench or an overhang as protection from the rain, or slope up steps to create a ramp. Smarter Cities gets behind the idea that if cities were smarter, than life in cities would be better. In other news, Google buys mapping software Waze, and New York's beaches get a post-Sandy redesign.

Dining room with large table

Now this making the best of a small space! We love this before and after of seldom used closet filled with a mishmash of 'Stuff' was converted into a multifunctional home office/home entertainment center. It's a pretty industrial chic looking setup with the galvanized metal shelving system and rolling metal toolbox as TV stand and storage. Check out what it looked like below.... The only thing we're not too hot on is the seating, as a high stool like that would get our backs hurting after just half an hour of surfing online. A small flat panel would also be more space and energy efficient, but this might be a case of just using what they've got, so we tip our hat for them for their affordable solution. It was so good, it was chosen amongst Southern Living magazine's 20 Best Before & Afters.

Large dining table

Remember the racing car bed the Rickster had in Silver Spoons? Cheesy, yes, but I must admit, at the time, I was a bit envious. If you think your child would enjoy a car as a bed, but don't want to go to the extreme, this project found at IKEA Hacker is for you. The bed is the Vikare bed from IKEA, which doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. but any bed with a footboard will do. Anna, the talented mom who hacked this bed, described using adhesive plastic sheets to create the jeep details. Unlike the Rickster, when they grow out of this phase, you can remove the decals or repaint the bed. Check out more photos of this jeep bed over at IKEA Hacker.

Contemporary dining room

Last year I rented this urban cottage in Brooklyn to be in the same neighborhood as my kids. Now they drop by all the time and it makes me very happy. For the downstairs I used bright colors to create a vibrant atmosphere, while the upstairs is very quiet and serene. The light throughout the house is strong and beautiful. I had to start from scratch on a shoestring budget, so my little cottage is filled with thrift shop and consignment store finds, hand-me-downs, and a few modestly priced new pieces. I did treat myself to a few special things for the living room, including the striped fold-down desk.

Bright kitchen

Q: This room was pretty much a selling point for my husband and I. It's one of two entertaining spaces, but this one is definitely the most grand. I've never tried to decorate something so massive! And while the stonework is one of its best features, it's also one of the most difficult to decorate with. How does one try and set up a room with such a glory hog? This space will have the television and seating for guests to lounge around, but with measurements that exceed my tape measure I'm at a loss. FYI, that wall color came with the house, soon to be painted over. Any ideas that would preserve the stone would be super helpful! Editor: Leave your suggestions for Adriana in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Dining room

Common wisdom says that when it comes to bathroom suites, newer, more streamlined, and whiter is better. The bathroom is often the first room homeowners want to gut, but this isn't the only option. If you're lucky enough to have a suite of retro bathware in good nick, whether it be pink, mint green, or even avocado, maybe think twice about ripping it out. In Sophie and Nick's Manchester home, above, a pink bathroom suite was brought up-to-date with a simple white and grey color scheme, co-ordinating modern tile, and lots of rustic and natural elements. In this Australian home snapped by Toby Scott for Real Living, a jade suite stands out-nay, glows-in an otherwise white and modern bathroom. Blue suites are a rarer find, but in certain locations-by the sea, I think, or in a child's bathroom-they can work. BYGGFABRIKEN. I promised you a chic avocado bathroom, and this one featured on BYGGFABRIKEN is as good as I can do. Finally, don't despair if you don't have a super-cool pastel suite to play with. Classic white in a retro style works perfectly as well, especially when contrasted with colorful retro tiling, as in this bathroom by Tim Barber Ltd Architecture. I suppose that's another post for another day, however.... Do you, or have you ever, lived with a colored bathroom suite? How do/did you feel about it? Has anything here changed your mind?