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The first one belongs to Gregory and Jenny in Venice, CA, and the second is Sooz Gordon's place in Scotland. One is light and bright, and the second is dark and cozy.

Black and white dining room

Books nearly made me drop out of school in first grade. I'd learned to read early, but my school had strict library rules, and though I was bored to tears by Dick and Jane, the second- and third-grade books were off limits. So I took to phoning my great-grandfather from school each morning. I'd complain of headache, he'd come get me, and we'd play and read happily at his house each day. On my first day, the teacher marched me into the school library. 'This child is allowed to read any book she wants to.' At that moment, I was seven feet tall, and my education was secured. If you've taken a Cure, you'll know that one of its central tenets is that your home has energy in it that is unlocked when you work on it, and novelist Masha Hamilton has given me a great way to unlock the energy on my bookshelves and put it to good use giving other people access to a library. Initially launched with three camels on Oct. 14, 1996, the library now uses 12 camels traveling to four settlements per day, four days per week. The camels bring books to a semi-nomadic people who live with drought, famine and chronic poverty. The books are spread out on grass mats beneath an acacia tree, and the library patrons, often barefoot, sometimes joined by goats or donkeys, gather with great excitement to choose their books until the next visit. The Camel Book Drive is set up to support the bookmobile's efforts, and on that site you can see pictures and a video and get all the information if you'd like to donate either books or funds for a new tent to protect library patrons from the desert sun.

Bright dining room

The happy modern aesthetic is one that is, well...modern and happy. In the living room, a peppy colored sofa is key to the look, then build around it with graphic textiles, contemporary furniture frames and punchy accessories.

Dining table

'Hi AT:SF, I'm in the process of completly re-doing my living room in my townhouse and need advice! So far I've purchased the R&B 76' Andre sofa in Teton Pewter, the R&B 42 inch Linear Media Stand in white oak, and two Hans Wegner CH25 chairs. At this point I can still return things if they don't work.... ...I need a colorful 8 x 10 rug that would add some 'Pop' to the room and highlight the color of the Wegner chairs as my wood floors are light. The chairs will be located in place of the gold chairs with a table in between. The sofa will face the windows and the media stand will be on the right wall. I need to find a small scale coffee table and accent table for between the Wegner chairs. I'd like to go more modern than mid-century with the tables. Re-cap:What rug?What coffee and accent table?Any other suggestions? Attached are pictures of.1) Andre Sofa.2) CH25 chairs.

Dining room

Is because we wear gray all the time and we're looking for something to mix it up? Or maybe it's a harbinger of spring? Or could it be a friend's child's obsession with Curious George and his patron? Whatever it is, we're currently having a yellow moment. Which is why these yellow floors we saw on Bloesem were so arresting and unexpected in an otherwise neutral room. More ways to incorporate yellow, after the jump.... Most likely it's the fact that we're about to paint over our living room's yellow walls. When yellow lines the hallway, you can be sure that a home filled with good food, good friends and good conversation is at the end. Grey and yellow is one of our favorite combinations whether it's the walls that are yellow and the furnishing grey or vis versa.... This much yellow is definitely a commitment. You cannot be shy and have a room that rocks this bright a colour. Aubergine aka eggplant or deep black purple and yellow is a sophisticated and sexy combination. To brighten up these dark times, how about bringing a touch of yellow into your home and creating your own bit of sunshine? It can be a simple as a bowl of lemons, a bright teapot or a wall on one end of your living room. Or try throwing yellow into an otherwise neutral and subdued room with a bright pillow, a throw or a bunch of sunny daffodils.

Classic dining room

We've seen card files as coffee tables, consoles and in craft rooms, but this kitchen island is proof that every idea has not yet been exhausted for using this much sought-after vintage find. We especially like the smaller footprint afforded by this particular card file, which we may have otherwise passed up for its odd dimensions. The shape of the drawers tells us that this isn't a library card file exactly, but perhaps storage for some other kind of document or supplies. We wish we could find more pictures of how those drawers are being used in this kitchen. Towels, cutting boards or other vertical storage perhaps? What would you use them for?

White dining room


Luxurious dining room chairs


Formal dining room

It can come as a nasty surprise when your beloved workstation desk no longer fits in the space you have available. This is also the case when you thought your desk would fit flush but you're left with some extra space. When we moved into our new home, it was apparent that the IKEA Galant super desk that we had with extensions wouldn't fit at all in the new home office. The Galant is a nice desk, when you have room for it, but in our experience they are magnets for clutter, at least in our case. Gary from Germany was in the opposite situation when he was looking for a desk that would fit the entire width of his home office. The Expedits aren't deep enough to fit the entire tabletop, so there is some space for cable management as well as LED lighting strips. Lastly, he added a third Expedit with two drawers on the right side of the desk. Since the desk is set up against a wall, some LED strips would work very well. We like how the Expedit with drawers adds some desk real estate, without making the desk too large.

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Dining room

Hello AT,. Could you by any chance recommend a nice sleek minimalist piano lamp? I liked the looks of this one from Target, but sadly it's out of stock. I'd especially love one that's tiltable, so I can adjust the light when I play.

Dining room


Dining room lamp made many desk lamps


Dining room with transparent chairs

COLOR INSPIRATION: I got the bedspread years ago and loved it but never used it because it was too pink but then I painted the back wall in a color I would describe as chocolate and strawberry milkshake. GO TO NAHIRANA'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

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Modern dining table

Among our predictions for the looks that will dominate the kitchen in 2017? What we're calling the new country kitchen. After years of hyper-minimal kitchens, we're seeing a swing back towards a more intricate, textured look - one that incorporates elements of the modern kitchen, like open shelving and minimal upper cabinets, but also brings in certain rustic or even traditional elements. We like to call it 'the new country kitchen'. The space above, from One Fine Stay, is a perfect example: the subway tile and open look of the kitchen, sans upper cabinets, are quite familiar, but the antique cabinets, which help to ground the space and add a little bit of warmth, are what really sets this room apart. See all our other predictions for the new colors for the kitchen here. The hyper-minimal style of this kitchen from SF Girl by Bay is enhanced by the texture of the exposed brick wall. Another favorite for the new country kitchen is soapstone countertops, seen here paired with shaker cabinets for an especially timeless look. The new kitchen is all about bringing together new and old elements in a way that feels timeless but also fresh. An antique work table, which serves as an island, adds warmth to this kitchen from My Scandinavian Home. Never has a kitchen so beautifully embraced the contrast between old and new as does this one from Svenngarden. This kitchen from The Country Philes, via Apartment Therapy, works dark colors and also vintage elements.