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We must have pink on the brain here in LA. But we just couldn't resist this Valentine's Day palette we saw on Marie Claire Maison. We've never had the guts to go pink, always fearing it would be too little girl.... Plus we tend to favor cooler tones of blue and green on our walls. With dark red accents, a hint of blue and some orange accessories, we're struck by how decidedly un-little-girl the pink feels. There's no better way to warm up our unnaturally cold apartment than with these warm inviting tones. What do you think? Would you consider a pink palette like this? Have you taken a risk on a color you weren't sure about only to be thrilled with the outcome? What's the biggest risk you've taken? Worst disaster?

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They embrace the idea that less is more, and most appreciate design that is clean, pure and simple in form. Help Dad grab the brass ring with the Crescent Brass Bottle Opener from The Future Perfect. Akita Desktop Accessories from Plant & Moss are perfect for today's concrete jungle. Handcrafted and simply luxurious, the Leather Laptop Cover in Tan with Brass Button from OEN is 100% leather. The unique design of the World Time Clock by Charlotte van der Waals from Amazon displays the time for all 24 time zones. 78.7.A master of minimal design, the Picnic Time X-Grill from looks as good cooking as it does being carried. The Barcelona Bird Feeder By Monique Engelund is inspired by the work of a minimalist master.

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Many of us live with a roommate or significant other in a place with one bathroom. It can be difficult to go about your daily routine with only one sink or shower.... We have come across this fabulous roundup on the Remodelista blog. There are some great examples of how to make the most of one bathroom. As a start, double towel hangers are a simple solution when more than one person uses a bathroom. We would love them in our home, especially with large shower heads that feature adjustable water pressure and eco-friendly design. For now, we will enjoy our double sinks that definitely speed up the morning routine.

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An email from Catherine I'm looking to get an area rug for my living room in a 9' x 21' size. I'm looking for something in wool, but very simple, with no pattern. Since I don't need anything fancy, I'm not even sure where to look. Hi Catherine! For something that large, and especially if you're not concerned with a pattern, you might consider going to a regular carpeting store or carpet warehouse and seeing if they have any remnants that fit that size. Normally they can bind the edges for you and the results can give you a real custom look and also be quite cost effective. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any other suggestions?

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Doing the washing is probably my least favourite household chore. I think it's because it's so monotonous: Separate clothes, wash them and hang them on the line. It was only recently that I discovered this is not the way everyone does their laundry, and that there is actually quite an art to doing laundry well. I hadn't really given my process a lot of thought until I mentioned that I had trouble keeping my white pillowcases white and people suggested a hot water soak. Someone suggested that I should add vinegar and scented oil to the mix for delicious smelling pillowcases. I thought lint was just part of washing until I found out that you're not supposed to wash your towels with your clothes! Who knew!?! So now I'm on a mission to master the fine art of green clothes washing and I'm collecting tips. If you're using grey water safe detergent you can use your clothes washing water in the garden. You can make your own laundry detergent Cold water washing works for all general washing.

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Now this is pretty cool: National Geographic teamed up with artisans across the world to start Novica, an online retail shop that sells beautiful handmade home d├ęcor and gifts that come directly from the artisan. If you're looking for high quality ethnic furniture and accessories, this is the best place we've come across. It's like World Market without the mass production. Featured here is the 'Spanish Elegance' leather ottoman, hand embossed by artisan Jose Antonio Rios. The Tooled Leather Ottoman is available at Novica for $144.95. The craft of embossing leather in the Rios family has been handed down from generation to generation, becoming a part of Peruvian culture and tradition. To this day, all the design and labor is handmade: embossing is done with chisel and hammer before the leather pieces are placed on the wood base. Here we were, complaining about carpal tunnel from typing.....

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Amanda writes: 'When we first bought the house, I painted our bedroom this deep, dark teal. I had rented so long, I just wanted to cover every surface with paint and wallpaper! While a pretty color, it made our room very depressing, dark, and cave-like.' When our contractor was taking out the walls and ceilings, we realized we had an awesome pitch to the ceiling. We also decided to take down a hallway door, scoot the opening to include the master bath and purchase all new doors. By moving the door down the hallway, we created an en-suite bath. Our fantastic contractor Julien let me know when I was making a bad choice! When I start with a room, I make a 'Vision board' with a word document. I cut and paste all the things I like, then I bring them to Mike, my husband, and he weighs in. I compare prices on Google shopping, and I hunt high and low for coupons, promo codes and sales. I made spreadsheets for each room so I could keep track of everything I spent.

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Hi AT,. I've looked high and low for a stainless steel kitchen table similar to the aluminum dwr kronos table. Everything I've found is bar height ~34/35', instead of dining 29/30'. We often see stainless steel tables for sale on Craigslist, or you could go the restaurant supply store route. Blu Dot's Strut is another metal table we like - although it doesn't look at all like the Kronos.

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Today I'm going High, Mid and Low with three armchairs that have great styling and comfort. One is my all time favorite and $$$ from Italy, another is from Mitchell Gold and great for small spaces, and the last one is a fabulous green offering from C&B. Stay on the pulse with a double shot: blog + email. Click below for past emails.... AT EMAIL ARCHIVE. to full AT Email archive.

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It's recognizable everywhere and is especially striking, which is why we found this lamp so interesting. This lamp is a tribute to all things relating to video games, and it was a DIY project, so you can make one yourself as well. It looks exactly like an Atari joystick, except that it's about 5 times the size of a normal one. One important thing that Seamster mentions is that he practiced making the parts a few different times in order to get them just right. His 15 step Instructable is quite detailed and will help you create your own amazing lamp. He used photos to model his lamp, since he no longer has his Atari 2600. The success of his build entailed spending a lot of time on details, like the raised ring around the joystick and the way that the base looks. Once the raised ring and base were done, he moved onto the stick, which took him two times to get right. He used the covers of some old video games to make the lamp shade, which is quite appropriate. He primed and painted the whole thing, the set himself to assembling the lamp, using a simple socket lamp from Home Depot. Even if you don't, getting some help or taking your time will make your Atari lamp look good.

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This is it: time to reckon with that bathroom cabinet, where you're sure to find half-empty bottles of lotion, cleaning agents, and probably an old toothbrush or three. We find that underneath the bathroom sink is where most of our forgot-we-had-it or didn't-quite-like-it-enough-to-use-it-often products wind up. Whether it's that lotion we got in our stocking at Christmas, or the bottle of chemical-laden cleaner we bought three years ago, just before making a switch to all green cleaners... Chances are, there are many unused things under there. Whenever we're preparing for a move, or feel a spring cleaning purge coming on, we sit down on the floor and reach under the sink. If you need to pare down in the cleaning agent department, do it the right way. Clean out empties that can be recycled, or save them for making your own household cleaners. Ladies, we can't sing enough praises for one way to de-clutter that bathroom cabinet; forgo the one-use-only fem products and opt for a very eco-friendly option. Once you've organized your products, you can more easily containerize them.

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