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Rustic wood dining table

In a tiny bedroom a wall mount lamp can give you ample reading light without taking up space on a bedside table. The seven lamps shown here are all plug-in and most features swing-arms for ultimate usability.

Dining room

Q: I love the look of a distressed/rustic wood island for the kitchen - and even for the dining room. I would like to buy one pre-made, but can't seem to find anything that fits the bill as having that true salvaged feeling to it. Is there anywhere I can buy one similar to either of these? Thanks! Editor: Please share your sources and suggestions with Amanda in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Set dining table


Black and white living room

A roomy double-bowl kitchen sink in stainless steel from Elkay. We'll never go back to using drop-in sinks again after installing an undermount in our kitchen. The number one reason? They are so much easier to clean. No flange on top of the counter that collects junk and muck. A few favorites for the kitchen and bath are listed and pictured here. An undermount sink requires that you countertop be of a solid surface, like Corian, or stone. If you have an existing laminate countertop, it would have to be replaced for proper installation of an undermount design. Steel Art sinks by Blanco are super cool and equally expensive.

Red dining table


Dining room

Q:My daughter is in high school and the house seems to be filled with people all times of day and night. Lately her and her friends have a habit of holing up in her room, and they seem to be using a combination of the bed and the floor beside it as a lounge area, but I'd like a few ideas for furniture that can accommodate a couple friends so they're not always on the floor. 'The layout of her bedroom doesn't seem to offer many options of where to put a chair - the best place I can think of is one between the desk and the dresser. That's only enough space for one chair, and ideally I'd like to place another one or two somewhere in the room. Any ideas of where to put the chair or what type of chair to use? Most of the furniture in her room is grown-up, so I need something that would look good and yet is sturdy enough to withstand teenagers. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Lia in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Dining room with wallpaper

Not even the dodgy electrics, lack of central heating and pre-1970s decor could put us off - some hard work was a fair pay off for the welcome that we felt from the house, plus its stunning view. After getting the keys, we spent ten months renovating the house from top to bottom - there's not a surface that we didn't touch nor a wall that we're not intimately acquainted with! The house is a three bedroom 1930s mid terrace in Brislington, a suburb in the south of Bristol. The house hadn't been touched in years, so there was a lot of work to do. We mostly kept the original layout, but one big structural alteration was knocking through the kitchen and dining room to make one big room that spans the back of the house. This involved knocking down the existing coal house, designing the balcony, getting planning consent for it, and then actually finding a company who could construct it for us - the latter was probably the hardest part of the process! It was all worth it though and the balcony space is a wonderful addition to the house, particularly in summer. My favourite part of the house is the kitchen diner - I love having a sociable space where we can be cooking and talking to guests at the same time. My husband would agree with this, but he'd also add the wood burner - a long-held dream that was finally realized in this house! Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour & House Call Submission Form.

Dining room with wallpaper

This yellow chair in River North is a great color, great design, and is going for only 50 bucks. Seller shows us the comparison from Dania Furniture, which sells for $525. OTHER GOOD STUFF. Gray metal desk with white top for $100. Contemporary black sofa for $500. Room & Board dark wood writing desk for $60. Pier 1 lingerie chest for $120. Glass top center and end tables for $80. IKEA barstool for $5.Down sleeper sofa for $400. Thanks, Craig!

Small round dining table

Q: All the conventional wisdom says not to paint your ceiling a color in a small space, but I'm looking for feedback. My master bed & bath have ceilings around 8'. I'm going with white for the walls, with the color in the bedding, but am wondering about the ceiling. I'm wondering whether going with a very light blue in the ceiling in my master suite might suggest the sky and therefore might recede, and could work. I can't find any tips that would help - anyone have any thoughts? Editor: Leave your suggestions for Lisa in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Modern dining table

Q: I made a table very similar to this one, and I'm at a loss for what style of chair I should look for to match it. I love the industrial look but I don't want to overwhelm my dining area with it. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Morgan in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Dining room


Luxurious living room

These 10 kitchens all have features you might not expect - small but impactful details to both surprise and delight. Above: A gorgeous wooden sink in a kitchen from Bolig Liv. A brass backsplash is just so perfect for this minimal kitchen from Vogue Living. Encaustic tile on the side of an island gives this kitchen from De Dujes a pleasing jolt of color and pattern. A glowing brass toekick adds a tiny bit of a glam to a traditional kitchen from Desire to Inspire. These minimal glass cabinets are the perfect counterpart to the more traditionally styled lower cabinets in this kitchen from AD Russia. An unexpected flooring transition adds personality to a kitchen from Royal Roulotte. Artful open shelving graces the kitchen in Violaine & Gaetan's Montreal home.

Dining room

In an article about a colorful Moss Beach farmhouse designed for the Phillips family by Ellis A. Schoichet and Studio 3 Design, a colorful display of towels on lettered hooks that spelled out 'LAUGH' caught our eye. The hook was as much due to the colors as to the way the hooks bounced along the wall in a way that made them seem to be actually laughing. We went on a search for letter hooks and concluded that the Phillips family must have painted their hooks purple, as none of the sources we found carry them in anythng other than a shabby chic white finish. No matter: choosing your own color and painting them yourself is not a huge project, unless you're spelling out the whole alphabet. You could do lots of things with these generously-sized hooks besides laugh. Initial hooks would be a great way to keep everyone's stuff straight in your entryway. The CS Post General Store in Kansas was the most reasonable online source.

Dining booth

For us, no trip to Savannah, Ga., is complete without a stop at The Paris Market on West Broughton. We are especially impressed by their lighting selection, which includes some gorgeous glass chandeliers. On a recent visit it was the more organic chandelier shown above that caught our eye. We like the idea of recycling oyster shells that would otherwise just be tossed out. Which got us thinking: We could probably hit up our local oyster bars for some leftover shells, clean them up, drill holes in them, and craft one of these ourselves. The Paris Market's version is designed for candlelight, but we would make ours an electric fixture by attaching the shells to a pendant lamp shade. For a more polished look, we might spraypaint the shells with some glossy white paint. Hmmm ... Perhaps this would make a good January Jumpstart project?

Large kitchen

This is our Kitchen Remodel! We moved into our very 90s house 3 years ago... complete with wallpaper, vinyl, linoleum and office lighting. We worked with a crew to do the labor but chose everything ourselves. Our kitchen is in the middle of the house so although that is very cozy, it can be somewhat dark. We decided to go with white cabinets to brighten everything up and choose dark floors. I love color so I added splashes with the island and the hardware as well as the textiles! All of the sources are listen on my blog. Are you interested in sharing a decorating or renovating project with the Apartment Therapy readers? Contact the editors through our Makeover Project Submission Form.

Living room and dining room

Hi AT,. I moved into a great new apartment in June - the living area has beamed cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors, a big window, nice light and a lot of space. The common room is an open kitchen/living room plan. Before I start decorating and furnishing I'm wondering what the best floor plan would be. Email questions & pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: sf(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)comLink To All Good Questions I'm interested in utilizing the space to the best of its abilities. Ideally I'd like to have a small desk area, a small dining table and four chairs as well as the TV/sofa combo. All of that might not be possible but if I can work in some of that, it would be great.