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Minimalist kitchen

Looking to make your home office greener? Well, this store may help you make some appropriate environmentally-friendly choices. We're suspicious of the term 'Green,' especially when it comes to a store. When we first clicked over to The Green Office, we wondered how much of it would be hype or faux green. We instantly liked their indicator system, which gives you a snapshot of each product's 'Greeness.' The selection of products is extensive, from envelopes to electronics. It's not so much that the products are made or marketed to be green, but sold from a green point-of-view. While they sell traditional office products as well as greener choices, each is clearly defined through their green rating system. If a choice offers no environmental savings, it is marked 'Conventional product.' It also promotes recycling with its extensive list of recycling centers, and has a newly founded blog to promote environmental issues.

Kitchen and dining room

Q: My boyfriend and I are moving into a new house that has a huge, awesome living room. There's so much space that we don't know how to fill it. We were thinking of making two seating areas here, one around the entertainment center and one by the fireplace.... Eventually, we might put the entertainment center downstairs, but not at this moment, since we don't have extra furniture to put down there. We have a big comfy leather couch and chair with an ottoman, a coffee table and side table, and that's it for living room furniture. Our living space opens up into the dining room off to the side of the kitchen-there's just so much space, we don't know how to separate everything effectively without making it look too cluttered. Editor: Please share your suggestions for Ashely's new space in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Modern dining table

In this week's close-up look at International Real Estate, The New York Times shows us a recently renovated one-bedroom duplex apartment in Casco Viejo, the colonial district in Panama City, Panama. Located in a historic building from the 19th century that blends Spanish and French colonial styles, the apartment features arched windows, floor-to-ceiling bookcases and an exposed stone wall from the 17th century.... This apartment is listed for $450,000. See the full listing and information about buying real estate in Panama: For Sale in ... Panama and more pictures in the slideshow.

Dining room


Dining room piano and library

The kitchen, I can hear you saying, is the last place I would want wallpaper. Typically, kitchen finishes involve shiny, uniform surfaces. Fancy wallpaper is cheaper than fancy tile, and one simple addition can make it easy to clean, too. This is the secret to making wallpaper in the kitchen not a giant disaster - mount a layer of plexiglass to the wall between the upper and lower cabinets to protect the paper from water and oil. Here, a floral wallpaper adds an unexpected touch to a modern kitchen. 'Here's another modern kitchen, unexpectedly punched up with a floral wallpaper. An advantage of the plexi approach is that you don't need the 4' backsplash you sometimes see in kitchens, where the countertop material wraps onto the wall - it's a more elegant and minimal treatment. The wallpaper is sealed with a substance called Proseal, which protects it from moisture. Here's some wallpaper in a kitchen from one of my very favorite Apartment Therapy tours, of Leslie's tiny apartment in Los Angeles. Finally, a clever idea from our friends at The Kitchn: if the idea of exposing wallpaper to the wear and tear of splashes and spills doesn't thrill you, you can still liven up your kitchen with pattern by hanging wallpaper in the space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling.

Dining room


Dining room

I often think its best to provide strong pieces of furniture with an even match, so rather than giving the heavy dining table total center stage I'd temper it with some of my other visually commanding obsessions, all of which share that same sort of 'Sturdy and substantial without being overbearing' quality. The table is available through Silk & Burlap, which has a fabulous new location in Frederick. 00, the Arctic Pear is tragically expensive, but this is a dream room right? Its clean lines are a nice compliment to the dining table, without being so similar in style that it would compete with it. To balance the industrial vibe of the table, I would choose Terrain's Steel Wire Chairs, $398, which are a fun mix of modern and country, whimsical and substantial. To soften the table, I would dress it in casual linen from Brook Farm General Store and EmersonMade, $52, and earthy Nuestra Tierra Chamba servingware from Toque Blanche, which I discovered through the stylish Camille of The Vintique Object. For dinner, I'd serve water, because after splurging on this dream room, that's about all that I could manage...for approximately the next one hundred years.

Minimalist kitchen and dining room


Dining room glass table

The Wow Dining Table at The Conran Shop is probably the best extending table we've ever seen. There are no 'Hidden parts' that don't keep up with the aesthetic quality of the exposed parts of the table. The table consists of two equal beech wood leaves on an aluminum frame. When unfolded, the size expands to 82.5x30'. A pivoting arm offsets the tabletop to recenter it when opening and closing. Sorry for the small photo - there don't seem to be any large ones out there.

Medieval dining room

When you think about essential kitchen appliances you think fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, espresso machine. This isn't something that you typically find in a residential kitchen but it would help to decrease the volume of garbage you throw out. Broan says that you can compress 14 average garbage bags into one compactor size bag. While you will still have to make composting and recycling part or your routine to decrease the amount of waste you produce, with a compactor, that which is going out your door will be taking up less space.

Minimalist dining room

Name: Mike Location: Philadelphia, PA Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: Two extra large picture windows have great city skyline views but we can close the blackout curtains and create a quiet, private retreat. 13' ceilings with exposed structural supports create volume in a long narrow room. Copper, gray, green, brown and stone color palette with metallic accents makes for subdued, masculine urban feeling.

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Contemporary dining room

I just moved into a beautiful new apartment! It is almost perfect. To be clear, the counter is pink with flecks of glitter. How can I deal with this baby blue and pink tiled bathroom with orange and black accents?? I was thinking about using a striped shower curtain, but should I just go with all white or black showers curtains and bath mats? There is no wall to paint in the is completely covered in pink tile. This is the sample curtain Anne-Lise sent along with her question. We know how she feels - our bathroom is also covered in speckled tile with pink fixtures - but we chose to fight it rather than embrace it. We think the addition of more colors might make the space even more disjointed. All black or all white accessories sounds good to us.

Living room and dining room

A funny we noticed while attending last week's media event with bloggers hailing from the States and Europe: while the Europeans tended to go out and party after the media presentation events were over, the Americans would regularly return to their rooms or the lobby to work well into the night. It was during one of those 2:45 am stretches while working from the Penha Longa's lounge we met Manuel, the creator and writer for Le Blog Deco. He was the lone Frenchman who was fastidiously working while his fellow countrymen painted the Lisbon streets red. We didn't speak a lick of French, but Manuel spoke English pretty well enough for us to understand we had found a compatriot, and we quickly became acquainted with his excellent design and decor blog. An example of his keen eye? These Red Dot Award winning in-floor tubs from KÄSCH he just posted today.... KÄSCH's Overflow series of floor sunken tubs has us wondering if we'd prefer this style opposed to the traditional style if given the option. There's no doubt the in-floor design gives the tubs a more luxurious and relaxing appeal, possibly because they remind us of jacuzzis. These looks as expensive as they do inviting. Be sure to keep an eye out in the coming weeks while we work with Manuel/Le Blog Deco for some European house tours and a Behind the Blog feature over at Unplggd.

Dining room

When you have a small kitchen with limited storage space, finding a place for a full pantry can be a dilemma. Certain items - tea, coffee, sugar, salt ndash; need to be readily available, and while those sets of kitchen canisters are great in theory, who can afford to waste valuable real estate keeping them on the counter? Got some glass or plastic jars about to be tossed into the recycle bin? Wait! There's a solution that we remembered from our childhood that's not only a great space saver, but it's a great way to use jars that might otherwise go towards recycling. Once you've devoured the contents of a plastic or glass jar, clean the inside thoroughly, remove the label and let dry. Nail, Crazy Glue or use magnets to secure the jar lids to the under side of a shelf. Design*Sponge has a full tutorial if you want to go the 'Screwing the lids to the shelf' route; if you're all thumbs, you might want to go the magnetic route via this tutorial on Instructables by a resourceful Parsons student, Garrett Tillman.

Country kitchen