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In a world of white kitchens, its dark tones are definitely a standout, but there's lots to see here besides just color. Here are five noteworthy features of a kitchen that expertly blends old and new. Of course white marble is lovely in any kitchen, but it's especially striking here when contrasted with this kitchen's rich hunter green walls and cabinets. 'Traditional' elements like Shaker cabinets and apron-front sinks are a common feature of a lot of contemporary kitchens, but in this case the sleek, modern stove provides a refreshing contrast, and gives the room a sense of timelessness - not too trendy, not too period, but just right. Using open shelving in place of upper cabinets can make a kitchen seem lighter and more spacious, but open shelving can sometimes have a haphazard look. The open shelving in this kitchen, by contrast, is treated almost like a cabinet without doors, which gives it an intentional, built-in look. This kitchen neatly solves the cutting board problem very neatly with a small, vertical cubby that perfectly accomodates cutting boards, and cheese boards and pastry boards too. The stove is recessed into the wall a bit, which allows the range hood to be totally hidden, for a minimal look that complements the stove's modern detailing and helps to balance out the more decorative elements in the rest of the kitchen. You can see many more photos of this kitchen on the deVol website, and also check out some of the other beautiful kitchens they've created.

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We're always simultaneously heartened and chagrined when we read about New York families making clever use of their small spaces. Heartened that it can be done, yet chagrined knowing that we're probably not making the most of what we ourselves have. The Finger-Kennedy family whose apartment was recently featured in Dwell is definitely making the most of their 640 sq. Feet in the East Village with multi-functional furniture, hidden storage and skylights. 'When the family met with the architects who helped them transform and rejigger the apartment young Jonah voiced his opinion that the apartment should feel like a pirate ship. And indeed the architects incorporated ideas from boat design which demands clever solutions for small spaces. See Jonah's bed above? It's also a desk that the whole family can use. There are hidden 8' compartments in the floor to eke out every last bit of storage space. The family's dining table folds down from the wall, but can accommodate a dinner party if need be.

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As mention in an earlier post we're looking to ditch our 80's nanna inspired bathroom. Goodbye to our beigey pinkish sink and hello to.... Rodgerseller's Roma Embossed Washbasin. Oh how that sweet pattern would make me smile in the morning. Coming in two sizes of 85cm and 52cm's wide and they can be wall hung or bench mounted- this sink could work in most bathroom layouts big or small. If the flora pattern offends you, this sink is also available with no decoration which has a nice medical feel to it. Also available to compliment these sinks are option towel rails, pedestal bases and chromed legs.

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Q: We live in a 1950s ranch and the living room, hallway and kitchen all sort of flow into one space. When we moved in three years ago, we removed wallpaper and a border from the kitchen and painted it red. It seemed like a bit improvement at the time but now I am sick of the color and especially hate where it meets the hallway/living room. The hallway and living room are Behr Quincy Tan which I like but does not look good with the kitchen cabinets. The backsplash in the kitchen has a few random 'Fruit-motif' decals that are not removable - a large image behind the stove and then several others on 4X4 inch tiles throughout the backsplash. I guess I have two questions: what would be a good color to paint the entire space and how can I cover up those decals? Painting the cabinets or any other major kitchen renovations/upgrades are not an option although I am open to an inexpensive option for re-doing the backsplash. Editor: Please share your color ideas with Krysta in the comments below - thanks!

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AT reader Samira just dropped a little tip for any of you searching for a neat storage solution: a vintage wood barrister's bookshelf with glass doors. It's made of solid birch, and you have the option of how many shelves you want thanks to its modular design.

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If you're like us, every inch of space on shelves, dressers and desks is either in use or strategically left empty to create an illusion of an uncluttered space. Because of this we tend to prefer hanging art and photographs rather than using stand-up frames. Fabrications by Lindsay, an Etsy store by a crafty mom, steps in with these beautiful hanging ladder frames. She covers frames with modern, colorful fabric that are age-neutral and eye-catching. In addition to the hanging ladder frames, she sells single frames and earring-display frames. The hanging ladder frames are about $30 each - find them here.

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Ooooh, check out these neat reclaimed wood panels - so graphic and pretty! B&N Industries recently teamed up with TerraMai to update their original collection of carved relief panels with reclaimed materials - and the result is stunning. The new collection includes three wood species originating from olive barrel staves, recycled gym bleachers, and reclaimed Teak lumber. Yesterday AT:LA suggested using wood slats on walls to create texture and add style - these panels would work quite well. We can also see the Iconic Panels being used not only to decorate walls, but also divide spaces, or even serve as a bed's headboard. The panels are carved from FSC certified mdf panels, covered with FSC certified reclaimed wood veneer and finished with a low-VOC varnish. Check out all the styles and pricing, including the original collection at the B&N Industries website.

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COLOR INSPIRATION: The artwork I create is an inspiration for my living space. I wanted to create a space that the creatures I draw and paint could feel at home in. GO TO LINDSAY'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

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Just changing a small detail on an item, can make a world of difference. Nurseryworks' Square Changing Table has all the features of a regular changing table, but instead of being rectangular, this beautiful and bold table is squared - perfect for smaller nurseries. Made with lacquered fiberboard and pine, the changing table has two drawers and uses a standard-size changing pad. The door covering the two drawers comes available with a circle, square or diamond pattern and is offered in six colors. If the changing table looks familiar, that's because it comes from the same designers who made the changing table featured in our Computer-Themed nursery tour, back in June.

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