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There is a real renaissance in printmaking happening - small runs of cool prints and posters from artist run presses are available all over. Designers are producing more and more amazing wallpaper daily, too. If you are decorating with this type of affordable art on paper, then you know - framing gets expensive and push pins are unthinkable. This poster hanger might solve the installation issue. Designed by Jorgen Moller of Denmark, the poster hanger consists of two aluminum bars with black end caps that clip onto the poster. '20' size is available at Rare Device for $20. '24, 28, and 32' sizes are available at the MoMA store for $22-26.

Dining room

Saporiti Italia's Sedna K Kitchen island beautifully takes advantage Corian's transparent quality to merge an integrated display and information system into their futuristic kitchen island concept designed by Marti Guixé. Just imagine having recipes displayed prominently ontop of a surface which doesn't require worry of spills or damage to a laptop, or one that can display incoming emails or transmitted video from the door or phone so you don't have to leave your kitchen tasks.... As the kitchen becomes more of a haven for technological solutions and resources, it will be solutions like this wired countertop that will become more common in average households. Kitchen PCs are increasingly in the home cook's toolbox of resources, but as cooks who already drag their laptop back and forth from the home office to the kitchen, we would surely welcome this sort of solution specifically designed with kitchen tasks and demand in mind.

Modern table

We don't appreciate the importance of cleaning in our daily lives until the mess gets really out of hand. We've had a laundry issue lately that's threatened to overtake our home.... Since moving into our new apartment, we haven't been able to do any laundry. There's a combination lock to the laundry room, and we haven't gotten the code from our landlord or our neighbors. It's caused a lot of stress as we try to get our new place together in between piles of dirty clothes. Yesterday we drove a car full of laundry to my mother-in-law's house. Just doing a few loads made a huge difference in our stress level at home. Our laundry issue has helped us realize how important cleaning is to keeping the chaos at bay. The daily ritual of wiping down surfaces, doing a load of laundry, and taking out the trash is crucial to keeping a healthy home, and when you don't have that system in order, things start to fall apart. We're wondering: what types of messes have accumulated and infringed on your healthy home-life?

Dining room

Seems like everywhere you look something new is being used as a canvas. So it's no surprise that the next big thing to hit the streets comes straight from your living room - the Painted Sofa. Painting a couch can be a work of art, but also something quite practical. Companies like Fabric Spray Paint offer permanent, non-toxic spray paints for your furniture. Other people have had success using basic latex wall paint and mixing in Textile Medium, which helps the paint adhere to fabric. Whether you choose to paint your couch for fun or function, let us know how it goes and send in your examples to newyork(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com.

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Open plan dining room and kitchen


Orange dining room

Q: I made a table very similar to this one, and I'm at a loss for what style of chair I should look for to match it. I love the industrial look but I don't want to overwhelm my dining area with it. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Morgan in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Dining room with big lamp and leather chairs

Most famous for their Tizio lamp, that you have seen everwhere, I have bought a countless number of my favorite, the Tolomeo, for clients, friends and myself. If you are looking for stylish, functional, modern lighting with an Italian flair, Artemide is your first stop. You can see their full line at their shop on Greene Street or at their website - everything from the Tolomeo collection, to the Orbs, to the classic standing lamp, The Melampo. Problems? Artemide lighting at full retail is expensive, and their best work is architectural and cool. You won't find warm, fuzzy or even organic lighting here. For best prices, go to Lighting by Gregory, who always sell wholesale, next go the Artemide themselves, and finally you can find many of their lamps at higher prices at Design Within Reach.

Dining room

I've always wondered how Pantone picks the color of the year, and I wouldn't be surprised if the answer included a bottle of Cazadores, a bag of limes, some Triple Sec, and a Costco-sized bag of Hint of Lime Tostito chips. Well, no matter how they came to their decision, the fine folks at Pantone picked turquoise as the 2010 color of the year, and we're taking a look to see how it translates for this little girl's room. What we love about this room, designed and decorated by Massucco Warner Miller, is that it's got quite a good mix going on of styles: The turquoise feels very young and hip, and the red and white toile headboard and silhouette throw pillows is a nice nod to a more vintage, feminine style. With the turquoise and the white taking on the bulk of the room, the accents of red balances it all out just enough to make this room look fresh and fun. See more inspiring interiors by Massucco Warner Miller on their site.

Dining room

From the design firm that brought you the oversized-pac-man bookshelf comes these ghost-shaped lamps. As if you needed an excuse to turn your living room into a video game. Complete your media wall with these wall-mounted Ghosty lamps. Surely made to resemble Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde, these lamps are made from a steel support and translucent colored Corian. Hang them on the wall or prop them on a table stand. They're available in four colors; Glacier Ice, Mint Ice, Strawberry Ice and Lime Ice; but you'll have to email GinePro Design to snag one. What do you like better? these Ghosty lamps or the 80's Ghost lamp featured previously on Unplggd?

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Just having a washer and dryer in my apartment is a major step up for me. In Chicago, our coin-operated laundry is in the building's basement and that is a major step up from the place we lived before - I don't even want to tell you what that was like. Here in Paris our washer and dryer is in our one and only spacious bathroom, which also houses our tiny closet and I LOVE it. It is so convenient to do laundry - I don't even need a laundry basket! I just fold the clothes out of the dryer and turn around and put them away. If it's especially chilly, I'll pop my towel into the dryer before I get in the shower. When I get out, not only is the room warmer, but I have a heated towel as well! I would never have thought myself to put the laundry in the bathroom, but now I'm starting to think this is the best place for it. A few weeks ago Regina wrote about incorporating the laundry into the kitchen which, depending on your apartment's floor plan, seems like it could also be efficient. I'm curious: where is your laundry located and why do you love it?

Dining room

Designing a shared bedroom stumps many parents - do you go for a cohesive share-and-share-alike look or try to give each child their own bit of space to express their personality? While the size of the room may dictate which approach you take, here are some visual tips from shared kids rooms to get you started. TIPS FOR CREATING A COHESIVE LOOK. Using the same bedding for both the crib and toddler bed in this room ties them together. This shared room is so small that dividing it up wasn't a viable option. Even though there is a three year age difference between the two sisters who share this room, their belongings are integrated, they have side-by-side desk space and vintage patterns are used throughout to create a warm, unified room. These two brothers have always shared a room, and quite happily, but now that they are older their parents wanted to give them each a little privacy in their shared room. Using a physical gate to divide up a room might seem extreme, but it could be a smart, temporary solution for roomies with a significant age gap. In this case, it's used for a room shared by a mother and daughter. A curtain room divider makes perfect sense because it's impermanent and flexible. Do you have design tips for shared rooms to share? Sound off in the comments!

Dining room with wallpaper

How many times have you been shopping, seen something beautiful, or cool or cute or on sale, snatched it up, and then later realized you didn't really love or need it? Learning to shop conscientiously, or not at all, is liberating, better for the environment, and essential if you live in a small space. Here are some of the things we've learned on our own journey. Before you set foot in a supermarket, mall, or any other store, have a clear objective and a shopping list ... and stick to it! If you're the type of person who just can't resist a spontaneous shopping trip, keep a master list of things you are 'Allowed' to buy in your wallet or smartphone at all times. You can still have fun shopping, but the point is to refrain from extraneous purchases. How, where, and by whom was it made? How long will it last, and will it biodegrade someday or sit in a landfill? Also consider such questions as, Do I truly love this? How exactly would it enrich my life? Will I feel the same in a year, or even a decade? Before purchasing something on sale or at a discount store, ask yourself whether you would buy it if it weren't on sale. Is it on your list? Do you need it? What makes it a 'Good deal'? Once you get to the store, there's no need to meander; stick to the section(s) relevant to your list, make your purchases, and leave. Not only are you living simpler and saving money, but you're also saving time! Participate in activities that don't involve shopping. Do you have any other tips for buying only what you love and need?

Classic blue dining furniture

We know for a fact that a few very savvy design minded folks went for 'Now' as the answer to this weeks Guess the Decade challenge - but even though it looks.... ... like it absolutely could be current, it is definitely not a 2010 room. This was a very close one - the majority of readers who played along were off by just a little bit - they choose the 60s and it actually is from the 70s. The winning decade of the 70s came in second on our poll, with 102 votes - give yourselves a round of applause right now! I immediately thought 60s-the furniture is absolutely 60s-but now you people have me thinking...... The shag rug could be 70s.... Then again, the shag rug could be 2010. That little white lamp could be IKEA; the little green bottles could be present day West Elm. What about the contemporary lime green box on the side table? The white crate planter could be a recent purchase as well. Well, I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I'm cut out to be a decorating detective. No TV? Hanging on the white brick fireplace wall, perhaps? Curiouser and curiouser.... - creative license I too am torn between 1960s and 70s, though I will go with 70s due to the white shag rug. There's something about shag rug that just screams 70s to me. Jose A I'll guess early '70s, before burnt orange and olive green laid waste to the interior landscape. Rosenatti Shag rug says 70's. I'm guessing the owners hadn't got around to buying new furniture yet. The glass tea kettle does not look vintage and shag rugs are still some what popular.

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Modern dining table

Purple is a color that shows confidence, as it was once the color worn by Roman Emperors and continues to be the color most associated with royalty. The color purple is used to attract attention - here are some bold and beautiful pieces that will become the focus of any room simply for their hue. Arc en Ciel folding table in lilac, EMU. 6.