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Romantic dining room

Doing the washing is probably my least favourite household chore. I think it's because it's so monotonous: Separate clothes, wash them and hang them on the line. It was only recently that I discovered this is not the way everyone does their laundry, and that there is actually quite an art to doing laundry well. I hadn't really given my process a lot of thought until I mentioned that I had trouble keeping my white pillowcases white and people suggested a hot water soak. Someone suggested that I should add vinegar and scented oil to the mix for delicious smelling pillowcases. I thought lint was just part of washing until I found out that you're not supposed to wash your towels with your clothes! Who knew!?! So now I'm on a mission to master the fine art of green clothes washing and I'm collecting tips. If you're using grey water safe detergent you can use your clothes washing water in the garden. You can make your own laundry detergent Cold water washing works for all general washing.

Dining room with three lamps

In a tiny bedroom a wall mount lamp can give you ample reading light without taking up space on a bedside table. The seven lamps shown here are all plug-in and most features swing-arms for ultimate usability.

Living room

'Q: I just bought this industrial dining table from West Elm and I am searching for a bench to go with it. I'm thinking of getting Parsons chairs for one side in a bright color, and then doing a bench on the other side. I can't seem to find a bench that works with the size and the color of the wood. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Ashley in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.



Black and white dining room

Maxine Snider is a Chicago designer whose work straddles the traditional/modern categories. Her collection includes fifty pieces and many of them could work in a bedroom, dining room, living room, or just about anywhere. In Chicago, Maxine Snider's work is available through the Holly Hunt showroom at the Merchandise Mart.

Small dining room

We must have pink on the brain here in LA. But we just couldn't resist this Valentine's Day palette we saw on Marie Claire Maison. We've never had the guts to go pink, always fearing it would be too little girl.... Plus we tend to favor cooler tones of blue and green on our walls. With dark red accents, a hint of blue and some orange accessories, we're struck by how decidedly un-little-girl the pink feels. There's no better way to warm up our unnaturally cold apartment than with these warm inviting tones. What do you think? Would you consider a pink palette like this? Have you taken a risk on a color you weren't sure about only to be thrilled with the outcome? What's the biggest risk you've taken? Worst disaster?

Dining table


Dining room

Q: I'm so excited to be moving into my first apartment soon! Although some of the appliances are outdated and the counter space is limited, I think I can work with the kitchen. I'm stuck on what to do with the dark cabinets, though. My landlord has agreed to let me paint the walls, and I'm thinking that that might be the quickest and most cost-effective solution for improving the space. What are your suggestions for paint colors? Any other ideas for how to brighten and update the kitchen are greatly appreciated! Editor: Leave your suggestions for Michelle in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Cottage dining table


Set dining table

We spotted these marvelous repurposed stools in the July 2008 issue of House Beautiful. This is one of the more brilliant salvage reuses we've seen in a long while. When folks repurpose things, it can sometimes look a little visually forced. We think these stools would have been a lovely standalone design, even if they weren't originally used as truck springs. The homeowners found them at.... Artefact Design & Salvage in Sonoma, California. Locally, you could check out Restoration Resources in Boston for architectural and other salvage pieces.

Dining room

When we renovated our bathroom we saved money by salvaging the sink top from the old cheap vanity and building a new stand for it.... It not only gave us the look we wanted, but saved a LOT of money. The faucet is Kohler, purchased very cheap on e-bay. There was a ledge between the end of the bathtub and the wall. When we renovated, I decided to put the new wall at the end of the tub, and then build storage shelves between the new wall and the old wall. The paint is from home depot, color corn husk by Behr. We re-glazed the original tub, installed the new tile directly over the old tile, and put up the bead-board. We also had a plumber remove a radiator to make room for the bookcase.

Small dining room with wallpaper


Dining room and kitchen

Q:My daughter is in high school and the house seems to be filled with people all times of day and night. Lately her and her friends have a habit of holing up in her room, and they seem to be using a combination of the bed and the floor beside it as a lounge area, but I'd like a few ideas for furniture that can accommodate a couple friends so they're not always on the floor. 'The layout of her bedroom doesn't seem to offer many options of where to put a chair - the best place I can think of is one between the desk and the dresser. That's only enough space for one chair, and ideally I'd like to place another one or two somewhere in the room. Any ideas of where to put the chair or what type of chair to use? Most of the furniture in her room is grown-up, so I need something that would look good and yet is sturdy enough to withstand teenagers. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Lia in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Blue dining room

It may be autumn, but spring colors warm up this bedroom showroom. Maxwell reports, 'I like the generous layout here of two full size twin beds in soft blue and yellow at the Thomasville display.' The Apartment Therapy team is on the ground in North Carolina for the twice-yearly High Point Market. We'll be blogging their favorite furniture finds as they send them in so check back for updates often. For even more up-to-the-minute coverage of High Point Market, be sure to follow Apartment Therapy on Facebook and Twitter.

Dining room


Rustic dining room

We're not normally all too fond of the revival of reproductions of dead animals in home decor. We noticed this particular instance where the effect was pulled off to some success thanks to a thoughtful use of lighting inside this Sunset Strip/Hollywood Hills abode which could easily be applied to other wall hung decorative features. We love the dramatic theater style lighting, the drapery backdrop and the shadows thrown onto the ceiling.... Take a closer peek of what the rest of this nearly $13 million dollar home has to offer besides faux deer heads on the wall here.