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Dining room

When we were researching the idea of installing white floors as part of our kitchen renovation, we couldn't find an honest report on what it was like living with them. Are they a nightmare to keep clean or is it much the same as a darker coloured floor? Are damages more noticeable? Someone please just give us an opinion other than 'They're pretty!'. We're here to tell you the truth about living with white floors, see more below the jump. They brighten our kitchen and dining space more than we expected and they are really beautiful. They are also very easy to clean which is lucky because these floors attract dirt unlike any other surface we've ever seen! The photo above is all the dirt, dog hair and dust that collected on our floors in 24 hours. Only 24hrs! We're very grateful that we chose a more textured floor finish which does help hide the dirt, especially after we had been considering a high gloss white. Our advice to anyone considering white floors is to consider your environment and cleaning commitment carefully before making that decision. If you live in an apartment with a shoes off rule and no pets- go for it! If you're like us, with people constantly walking in and out with shoes on and a shedding puppy who likes sneaking sticks inside to chew, then be prepared to sweep daily and mop every couple of days. Are there any decorating dark-secrets you've learned the hard way?

Dining room

Even though The Spring Cure has come to an end, that doesn't mean we're not still snooping around the Flickr pool and watching for a few late entries! We happened upon RobnSarah's transformation of a vintage tv into a dry bar and thought it was a great use of an otherwise useless item. We love the addition of the light and the hinged front door. Now we're curious what other vintage finds that technology has rendered obsolete could be used for the same purpose!

Dining room and floor lamp

Lately, we've been in love with deep, rich blues and Candy Pop's shade is right up our alley. Walls reminiscent of blue candy mixed with design elements similar to those in Marie Antoinette, this is one bedroom we could get comfortable in. More views of Candy Pop's fancy blue bedroom after the jump! Vintage floral curtains and antique lighting fixtures will upgrade any bedroom instantly. We also love how Candy Pop mixes mirrored accents and clear furniture which adds to the drama of a bedroom. A great combo-the classic Ghost chair paired with a romantic vanity. The bedside lamp shade reminds us of cotton candy and we love how the pair are settled on a decorative plate.

White dining room


Dining room


Dining room with dark table and wood chairs

A spare room is a thing of dreams for many small space dwellers, so if you've got a home that has one we are admittedly a tad envious. Figuring out what to do with that extra space can be tricky - office, laundry, storage, guest room? The possibilities are endless. Rather than resigning yourself to just one option, why not double them up? Canadian House & Home style editor Sarah Hartill did just that by adding a craft area to her laundry room. Despite its small square footage, the niche is able to do double duty thanks to stringent organization and scrupulous use of every scrap of available wall space. We found this picture at House & Home, but you can see more of Hartill's lovely home in this design*sponge sneak peek.

Dramatic dining room


Romantic dining room

Design hotel luxe meets spa styling? Organic meets slick? Jung from Guam installed high-end hardware and appliances and a pebbled shower floor in his bathroom and sent us the pics. 'I have 24 by 24 tiles that covers the floor throughout the house. I'd just recently installed the TOTO shower head, Laboratory and added complete natural river rocks on the floor. Including Kohler sink, and TOTO toilet. I hope you enjoy the pictures.'

Dining room

Name: Elizabeth Location: Austin, TX Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: I love the natural materials used in this bedroom because they have a very calming effect. I've collected shells or rocks from almost every trip I've taken, and these are displayed around the room. The organic linens, silk throw, and botanical motif on many of the textiles make it a very soothing place to relax.

Dining room with wallsticker


Dining room

We're always shocked at how expensive bean bag chairs are in stores. They don't have structure or complicated construction and are made from relatively inexpensive materials. What gives? If you're even mildly handy with a sewing machine, it's quite easy to make your own. Our favorite tutorial for this project can be found on Making It Fun, the blog of Michael Miller fabrics. You primary materials will be six yards of fabric and bean bag pellets. The tutorial has tons of photos so you can follow along at every step.

Set dining table

Ok, so we're probably not all as brave as Jungalow queen Justina Blakeney when it comes to pulling a room together based on prints and patterns. For Justina, the art seems effortless: throw multiple unexpected prints together, add a plant and poof! Magic. Take her dining room for instance: the composition is pretty straightforward, but the bold elements come together to reveal a perfect pattern-on-pattern extravaganza! Here's how to get the look for a high and low budget. This room would be nothing without Justina's own Aja wallpaper in Aubergine for Hygge & West, but at $190 a roll, it's certainly a splurge. If cloaking the whole room in the wallpaper is just not within your means, try framing large pieces of the wallpaper to hang above the buffet. For the 'High' look-which comes in a little under $5,000-vintage Panton dining chairs are also pricey, but look-a-likes are aplenty in the market for a lower budget. The fun and funky accessories, like the vintage pendant light, striped curtains, folk dolls and pompom charms are all relatively affordable and really give life to the space, so they make an appearance in both collages. Overall, this room works because of the tight color palette: warm golds, mustards and browns are balance by bright white furnishings with smatterings of earthy greens.

Rustic dining room

Sometimes we could all use just a little more space. Whether it be to hold your extra appliances, or another work/prep station, a cart or kitchen island can be the ideal solution. We love this kitchen work table/appliance cart unit for several reasons: 1. It's on casters so you can roll it wherever you need it. The main reason, is that it has a fold out attatchement to become a dining table for two- AND you can store the stools underneath. There's also a convenient towel holder bar on the side!

Asian inspired dining room

After a weekend jaunt through CB2, we will stand behind our initial reaction to the Alchemy Table and Stool! These are beautiful pieces in person. After the post initially went up, both pieces temporarily disappeared from the CB2 website. While there was some concern that they were discontinued, they're back!.... Check out our initial post on these unique pieces here. Also in the picture are the Bauhaus lamps in gravel, a brownish gray color. Check out the discussion here, for more about metal-shade lamps.

Glass table dining room


Dining room furniture

I'd like to introduce another series to Color Therapy, in which we look at great rooms for their color. You may not know this, but the only reason Color Therapy exists is because I was charged with recreating Claude Monet's dining room for Mr. Apartment Therapy himself, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. It's painted in two colors of yellow with dishes and furniture to match, and Maxwell wanted this room replicated in his Long Island bungalow, at a scale greatly reduced. I had pots of paint and began experimenting: banana yellows, school-bus yellows; sunflower, chamomile and taxi. I agree with some of the comments posted on the uses of yellow, as it's a difficult color to get right. I hate the pale pancake-batter yellows many people choose by default; I also find many yellows to be needlessly acid. What about a combination of Ralph Lauren's IB70 Collegiate Yellow, IB71 Beach Yellow and IB72 Bicycle Yellow? Even though they're right in a row on the color deck, they're different hues and values and I think they would create a dazzling room together. I find the Benjamin Moore Color Preview deck to be less helpful, but would consider either a combination of Sunburst 2023-40 and Citron 2024-30; or Sun Porch 2023-30 and Yellow Finch 2024-40. Lastly, Fine Paints of Europe has so many beautiful and complex yellows I don't even know where to start. Send me your ideas for future great rooms! I'm considering the following: the Boucher room at the Frick, Le Corbusier's palette and the Villa Savoy outside of Paris, the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.