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Large dining room with large windows

It's color month at Ohdeedoh and it's got me thinking about a color I'm starting to see crop up more and more in the home. Admittedly, it's a hard color to use in large amounts. The room pictured above is from the home of designer David Kaihoi in New York City's East Village. If purple walls, windows, trim, upholstery and textiles is too much for you, you can just dabble in a little purple. Stokke introduced a purple Tripp Trapp highchair last month which is a perfect opportunity for using a small amount of purple in your home.

Dining room

Q: I've got some dead space across from my TV in my room, and I'd love to fill it with a sofa so when friends come over, they'll have somewhere to sit. The sofa can't be too deep, because if it protrudes out from the wall too much, it'll get in the way of my office chair. So I'm looking for a very small couch for a relatively cheap price. The one from Muji seemed to be a good pick, but since I'm in California, shipping would cost an extra $100 and that kind of kills the deal for me. I also considered this UO one, but I've done some research on it and it seems like the general consensus is that it'll disintegrate in a few years. I included pictures just for size and style reference, because I definitely like them both, but between price and quality, it seems like I can't go with either. I've also already looked into IKEA, but their offerings are either too long or too deep. AT, where can I find a small, cheap couch? Does one even exist? Thanks! Editor: Please help Gordon out with your suggestions for small scale sofa with a small pricetag to match - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Dining room

This cookbook holder is one of our favorite cooking tools. Affordable, easy to store and not bad looking, we can see no reason to live without this. We know there are lots of you who can cook well without consulting recipes but we really like to follow along. In our tiny kitchen, keeping the book or magazine up off the precious counter space is remarkably helpful. We've had it for a year and use it all the time. BTW, the cookbook in the picture is Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook, another favorite. We've tried a bunch of recipes haven't been disappointed yet. Chrome cookbook holder available from Crate and Barrel.

Dining room

Emma wrote to us: 'I just moved into the most lovely fourplex, and while the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all roomier and nicer than any apartment I've ever lived in... the bedroom is the smallest I've ever inhabited in my entire life! While I have no problems with size, I'd like for it to look really great and be as functional as possible.' 'I've already decided to combine black and white with my current favorite color, yellow, to brighten it up... but something still seems a bit plain about it. What would you guys do to spruce it up and give it more room for my huge collection of clothing?'. Especially my super boring 'Ikea birch' dresser!! 'Some specs: it is approx. 7.5 by 9 feet, with eensy teeny but very tall closet. There are two doors - one leads to our back foyer, the other to another bedroom, and one window.' 1) Great looking room, we love the colors and honestly it doesn't give the impression of being too small or cramped in the photos. Since the room is not large, we'd go with one over-sized piece, rather than a bunch of small pieces. Artwork that is big and bold and colorful on one of the walls would be spectacular. Since it was reasonably priced, you can give this a try without too much anxiety - and if you just cover the wood, the clear inserts on the drawers would be a nice a nice visual break in the pattern. Ok, AT-at-home designers...take it away.... Wallpaper Dresser image from Cote Maison via: Another Shade of Grey.

Rustic dining room

Hello All,I start a new job and I need a home office. Please guide me to a great desk that doesn't look like an office. Thanks,T. Dear T,We saw this desk at the Container Store and think it's a great option for the home. More ideas below the jump.... The Java Roll-Out Desk is on sale at The Container Store for $224.25. It measures 34' x 21.5' x 37.75' and offers up to 36' of workspace when pulled out. Does anyone have this desk? Any other desk recommendations?

Outdoor dining area


White dining room

We're constantly amazed at the insanely crazy creative ways people re-make their old, well-loved possessions into completely new pieces. A piano on it's way to the dump found new life in the offices of a music industry design house. Spotted on Reddit's Design Porn subreddit, this desk belongs to Sarah Dodds of Backstage Design Studio, an Austin, TX, design agency focused on art and creative for musicians and musical releases. Sarah Answered a few questions about the desk through a commenter on Reddit. Before you ask: No, it's no longer functional as a piano. This gorgeous one-of-a-kind desk does make for a really sweet workspace. The piano's orginal keys were set as flush as possible to form a new work surface for the computer keyboard. Pull-out drawing boards on each side offer up a-la-carte work space as needed. Sarah has even more plans for this instrument-turned-furniture piece, including a crazy cool tech modification. The piano's front dials control the inset lights, and in the future, Sarah wants to rig the piano pedals to control the lighting for the rest of the Backstage studio. Here's another piano-to-desk conversion we've spotlighted, Mrs. Amber Apple's Piano Desk.

Dining table

Does anyone know where I can dispose of interior house paint in or around the West Hollywood/West Los Angeles area? Some kind of haz-mat or paint drop-off location? The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County actually has a website that answers this question. They actually have a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program, that gives LA county residents a legal and cost-free way to dispose of unwanted household chemicals. For Orange County residents, you can call The County of Orange Integrated Waste Management Department's Household Waste Office at834-6752 for locations near you. This website has other useful info for OC residents.

Dining room

Based in Japan, Leif.designpark is a collective of three designers, Takashi Ueno and Mamoru Naito and Keizaburo Honda, whose work is both modern and deeply traditional. 'The unstained natural colors of wood must result from absorbing the numerous nutrients within the soil. The diversity is amazing. Tone is an attempt at producing furniture using effectively materials and skills established in the Japanese culture.' While the 'Green' furniture movement in the US has been diligently looking for more and more ways to use unfinished wood, we thought this was a great addition to the mix.

Glass table dining room

Although we love a clean house, we hate cleaning it when there are many more interesting things to do! And, although we've considered a weekly or biweekly maid, we'd rather save the money to spend on those more interesting things. The dilemma becomes how to find the time to clean and not have it take all day. Here's one trick we use in the bathroom.... Keeping a few supplies in the bathroom means cleaning more apt to happen regularly and often. A small sprayer of Windex, a small supply of clean rags and a squeegee, kept in a pretty container, lets us wipe down the counter, the mirror, the shower or the tub when we're through using them; keeping our toilet brush stored in some liquid soap and a few drops of bleach means it's always at the ready to wipe out the bowl. Doing a little bit every day keeps us from having to spend the whole day cleaning and keeps the bathroom pleasant to use at all times.

Minimalist dining room

It's silly, I know, but I can't write this without thinking of Chris Farley saying 'Fat guy in a little coat'. Large as it may be, the pendant takes up no floor space since it's suspended overhead. What it does do is introduce an entirely new scale, creating a dynamic feeling that livens a small space. What do you think? Would you do this in a small room of your own? Or have you already?

Dining room

Bathrooms don't usually have a lot of room for storage furniture, so wall-mounted pieces can save space while providing much-needed storage. Top: This Steel Cube Wall-Mounted Cabinet from the Container Store is $477.89, and the modular compartments can be rearranged into different configurations. These Freden Wall Shelves from IKEA are paired with a Bekvam Step Stool for easy access. West Elm's Metal/Wood Bath Accessories contain a range of towel bars, wall-mounted shelves, hooks, and rings for $16 - $44. Vitra's Utensilo has been a hold-everything organizer since 1969. It comes in two sizes and runs between $300 and $400. Other suggestions for wall-mounted bathroom storage?

Large open living house

Lots of New York apartments come with charming vintage bathrooms. The bathroom of Heather and Doug's Park Slope condo, true to its roots in the 80s, had dark, dour maroon tile on the walls and grungy white tile on the floor. The homeowners, with a view to selling the apartment in the next few years, wanted a bathroom remodel that would make their space brighter and more pleasant, and appeal to potential buyers as well. The new bathroom feels infinitely brighter and fresher, thanks to bright white walls, and a classic subway tile surround in the shower. The floor tile, a blue mosaic tile laid in a herringbone pattern, adds texture and character to the space. The bathroom is quite small, but a few new storage solutions help open up the space. The old medicine cabinet, which protruded into the room, has been replaced with a new one that's recessed into the wall, so the storage space is the same but the cabinet seems less bulky. The new shower curtain hangs on a thin wire instead of a rod - a tiny detail, but one that helps contribute to the new bathroom's clean, fresh feel. Heather says that she loves that the bathroom is 'Much more functional and looks bright and clean.' Now she and Doug, and their two kids, have a space that makes time spent in the bathroom much more pleasant - and will hopefully make selling their apartment a breeze, too.

Dining room with large art work

Wood pallets are an unfortunate innocent bystander of our shipping needs. Often found discarded behind grocery stores and shopping malls, I'm sure they would long for a greater meaning to their one use lives. Jen Turner felt the same way and decided to turn four lucky pallets into a rustic DIY dining table. Using four pallets and some decent carpentry skills, Jen built this table that can be customized based on the sizes of the pallets you are using. This table would be great for both indoor or outdoor uses. Personally, if I were a pallet table, I'd be happy spending my days in the room above with that awesome bird decal.

Luxurious dining room

You can't see much when you're sleeping, but imagine waking up to one of these views. Here are 11 spaces with vistas so dreamy, you might never want to get out of bed. The bedroom of an architect's home in São Paulo has sweeping views of the city. An Australian home with an absolutely breathtaking view, from Freshome. An 18th-century French chateau nestled in the mountains, from Vogue. Glass walls mean this bedroom, from Roche Bobois via Home Adore, is pretty much all view. A home in Marseilles with a lovely Mediterranean view, from Milk Magazine. You don't have to have stunning landscapes or uninterrupted sight lines to have a great view, as evidenced by this bedroom from My Paradissi. A lovely landscape from the New Zealand Design Blog. Finally, from Jacqueline's West Village Studio, a New York streetscape - in my opinion, the very best view of all.

Wall with art work

Hello AT,I'm going to be remodeling my 6x5 bathroom here in Minneapolis where a bathtub remains important for resale. I've been looking for some small tubs online, but unfortunately everything i can find is only made in Europe with no real shipping to the US. Are you aware of any manufacturers or retailers in the US or that ship here that would sell a small tub? I'd prefer a semi corner tub so the room doesn't feel quite so small and have more room for storage as we don't have a closet, either.