Decorate A Bedroom

Love! So far we 've covered living rooms and bedrooms check back in tomorrow morning for an amazing weekend project to transform your pad. Love this song for a bit of laidback, weirdly beautiful listening. Stick it on, put your feet up and remember that even if you wanna be rich you 're OK to take the weekend off TGIF.

I happen to think when it comes to business this is a good thing as the stronger and more obsessive you are about your idea, designs and business the more successful you will be. Take Gem and I, we are passionately obsessive about interiors and our business. When we are travelling, which is every month these days, we have discussions (sometimes the odd argument too) about the direction we are going in, but we always want the same thing jaw on the floor products and interiors. Despite this, we are like twins instantly loving or hating the very same thing. What I 'm trying to say, in a very rambling way, is that the biggest asset your business has is, you.

We 've reworked plastic flowers, we call them faux botanical 's. We 've reinvented the class for faux flowers, from the lines we sell, to the curation. From Gem 's experience in the flower industry, we knew we wanted to bring the very same sensibility to faux flowers. Check out our range of faux botanicals for a little inspiration. Everyone thought we were crazy with the faux thing, but we stuck with it, and have recreated a new wave of botanical 's.

Retail is changing when I started off I would quite simply fling open the door, people would wander in and that was pretty much it. You now need to create a cool website have a team of Web Managers, Digital Content Editors, Graphic Designers and Photographers on board. More product drops then ever, a changing homepage (we change ours every two weeks), weekly mail shots, daily content on social. Things will get tough, I can 't tell you enough how bumpy I have had it along the way, and the bigger you get the more problems you have. I go back to my obsession point when you are obsessed with something you don 't easily quit, you will do anything to keep it going.

But now Spring is just round the corner and we 're all so totally immersed in the new season 's collection what with trade shows next week, gearing up for wholesale customers and fresh deliveries arriving every day. Even though we deal with fauxs, we always follow the seasons and are inspired by quintessentially British blooms and native foliage from the beautiful blossoms and meadow flowers of early spring to magnificent fatheaded chrysanthemums and trailing lilac that conjures up heady summer days. I am always thrilled and amazed when I think how far our faux collection has come. We 've got a unique aesthetic (and lucky enough to have Gem 's amazing eye), and want to do nothing less than build the most beautiful curated selection of botanicals on the planet. We 're being stocked in some of the coolest stores around the world and we 're running workshops on how to arrange with seasonal, foraged, loose and wild faux stems too.

As we enter into a new month we have some big plans ahead. Firstly we have the biggest change up of the collection we have ever had in my whole retailing history. The new collection is massive, completely different than before (super luxe with a tribal edge) with tons and tons of our own label products. We move early March exact dates I will give a little nearer the time. So there you have it many changes afoot with the coolest collection on the planet due to land imminently!


Decorate A Bedroom

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