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Classic bedroom with neutral color scheme

If you like a nice, big flat shower head that dumps a lot of water on you AND you like filtered water running down your sexy body, this is for you. These ShowerUp shower head filters are some of the nicest we've ever seen.... Available with a double or single arm extension for 40' or 20' adjustment range, these elegant thinks will get up and out of your way and then dump the good water straight down from the top. Filters come in different capacities, finishes come in satin nickel or chrome and prices range from $55-$152..

Scandinavian grey wall bedroom design

I started to understand the 'Cave' part of 'Man cave' when, in our old apartment, my fiance would lower all the blinds to block out as much light as possible when watching TV. When we moved, we proactively darkened our TV room with a deep shade of blue paint. After a few months of basically camping on the floor while waiting for a custom order that fell through, we finally bought this Klyne sectional on sale from Crate & Barrel. It takes up almost the whole wall and gives us plenty of room to stretch out. The coffee table is a glass Craigslist find that we kept from our apartment. We picked the wall color, Rain Storm by Behr, together. My fiance likes it because it adequately darkens the room, and I like it because it's basically my favorite color. The color is interesting and changes a lot depending on the light, and it also helps highlight the tray ceiling.

Narrow bedroom design with wood floor

It's an old living room opening to a garden, made in the 70s with some wood brought from Anatolia. We have changed the mirrors, re-polished wood, removed some of the cabinet doors so we could use them as book shelves. Would you like a room in your home to be featured as an Apartment Therapy Favorite Rooms post? Submit your room here.

White calming bedroom


High ceiling bedroom

The other day, sitting in a friend's backyard, we were intrigued by the variety of flowers. We were even more intrigued by the number of hummingbirds her garden attracted. Sitting quietly, watching them hover, their wings beating at extraordinary speed, we couldn't help but notice that her garden was full of wildlife from pretty butterflies to curious squirrels. Some tips for attracting wildlife to your own garden, after the jump.... Localize: Native plants attract native wildlife. Variety: An eclectic choice of plants and flowers equals more types of animals. Ladybugs, for example, eat aphids, green flies, mealy bugs and other scale insects. Shade: Good for humans, inviting to our animal brethren who don't have air-conditioned homes to retreat to. A water feature is another option to encourage animals, block out noise and encourage a tranquil, inviting atmosphere.