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Classic bedroom with neutral color scheme

Whether you have a washer and dryer in your building or if you haul your hamper to a laundromat, laundry can be one of those chores you just don't want to deal with. Clean laundry can be so...delicious. For us, clean sheets for us are one of life's great little luxuries and it makes dealing with laundry worth it. Here are some tips and tricks from the archives that seek to help keep laundry simple, help build habits, inspire and just help git 'er done. DIY scented laundry booster made out of things you probably already have on hand. Vinegar,Tennis Balls and Hydrogen Peroxide are Danny Seo's Green Advice go to's for clean, green laundry: add vinegar to the wash to cut down on soap residue, add tennis balls to the dryer in place of fabric softener sheets and use hydrogen peroxide on loads of white to keep them fresh. In our old apartment, each tenant pitched in to keep the common area clean and organized which went a long way towards actually wanting to go and do laundry. Always leave a basket near your laundry if you're in a shared space. For Inspiration: Stylish Laundry Room Gallery Get inspired by this gallery of clean and organized laundry rooms. You might need to psych yourself into laundry, so if it's in your own space, try painting a bright bold color behind the set.

Scandinavian grey wall bedroom design

I always imagined I would end up an archaeologist when I grew up, or perhaps a scientist, so it was quite the surprise that I ended up a writer and interior designer. Because of my love of science, old things and other cultures, my dream living room would be a bold mix of bright colors, global patterns, modern accessories, Mid-Century Modern-inspired furniture pieces and more.

Narrow bedroom design with wood floor

To complete your summertime entertaining kit, pair it with this folding bar cart and quench your guest's thirst while the smell of barbequed food whets their appetite for your smoke infused fare.... The well-named Gastone, made of steel and aluminum with polyurethane trays, is sturdy enough to hold a evening's worth of mixers and glasses, that you can wheel over to your guests. In five colours, you can find one to match your decor, indoors or out. When the party's over, just fold it up and put it away to await your next fete.

White calming bedroom

Q: I am moving into a very small studio in the beginning of January and wanted some ideas on how to place a full bed, dresser and small seating in a cozy space. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Glowmouse in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

High ceiling bedroom