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Romantic bedroom

Are you looking to carve out a small little spot in a corner of your living room or dining room for a work or hobby space? Just a little bit of room that's all for you to flex your creative muscles? You might find inspiration for what should be in that corner from this beautifully appointed home office set-up. Whether you do your work during the day next to a natural light source like a window, or you prefer to burn the midnight oil, you'll need some sort of light to get your work done. If any of your work needs a computer to get it done, make sure you have room for your laptop or desktop, and make getting power to your technology easy to access and the wires easy to disguise. If you do any other type of work outside of the digital realm, make sure you have surface room that can support your art or creative work. Having inspiration outside your field of work within reach can help you take yourself out of your own thoughts and give your brain a break that could result in letting the creative gears work on the problem in your brain's background. No matter what creative work you like to dig into at home, make your tools easy to get to and appealing. Whether you buy it or build it, make sure the surface - the desk or wall-mounted shelf - that you do your work on is sturdy and can literally support your creative efforts. If you will be commandeering a corner for your creative work at home, consider styling and decorating this work corner in the same style as the rest of the room so it blends in and complements the room, rather than sticks out and makes the space feel disjointed.

Small bedroom with simple bed frame

We love mirrors, and try to put them in as many rooms as possible in our house. No, not because we're vain, but because of the way they reflect light and their surroundings. This Golden Lilypad Mirror would do the job beautifully, and is somewhat of an art object in itself.

Bedroom with modern timber

Deborah emailed us a good question: I have a windowless kitchen, which currently is lit by the original fluorsecent tube in a plastic box on the ceiling. The kitchen is around the corner and the length of the apartment away from the windows - so there is no glimmer of natural light at all. The kitchen is 10x7 with an open doorway into the front hall - the measurements include the counters and appliances which run along the right and far wall as you face into the kitchen. With all that in mind - do you have any recommendations on the best way to light the space? I would like to have light on my tasks as well as having a more attractive quality to the general lighting. What I'm hoping for is recommendations on types of lighting that would work best - track lights, recessed, whatever? I think pendant lights would clutter the space, which is quite small, and might make taller visitors want to duck, too. Based on what you describe, we'd suggest the recessed lighting for two reasons - one, it is an update in keeping with current lighting trends for kitchens and two, it would most likely work the best with the ceiling height you have. We found the above before and after photo of a kitchen that goes from what looks to be a florescent fixture to recessed lights as an example. We also ran across a good guideline for recessed lighting layout if it is the only source of built-in light for a room, such as yours - they should be no further apart than every 25 feet of floor space.

Romantic rustic white bedroom


Modern minimalist light filled bedroom

We might start going goth in our house: first there was Laure's intriguing black bathroom...and now this: a black study room/library. A color choice we haven't considered since our angst-ridden teens, we're surprised to see how sophisticated it looks! What do you think?

Acqua color tones bedroom

Eight-foot ceilings used to be standard but many new DC condo buildings now boast ceiling heights of at least 10 feet. Ra'ed and David lowered the ceiling in their contemporary condo, accentuating the ceiling with midnight blue paint. In a recent Slate article, Witold Rybczynski asks if high ceilings are 'Wretched architectural excessive or just good taste?' Do you like high or low ceiling heights? Survey below the jump.... Witold Rybczynski clearly favors high ceilings, claiming they make rooms better proportioned, though can feel initially overwhelming. Do you find high ceilings overwhelming? Or do you enjoy the added space added by high ceilings? Joe loves the high ceilings in his art deco loft, which is shown on this page. Read Witold Rybczynski's Slate article 'How High; Are high ceilings a sign of wretched architectural excess or just good taste?' by clicking here.

Bedroom with storage options

This time around we see a wall mounted Stolmen drawer set acting as both dresser and media center. We like this solution because it serves both media equipment and clothes storage needs while nicely blending the TV and electronics equipment into the bedroom...although most people we know are very much against having a TV in the bedroom. Since it is mentioned that the cable box is located in one of the drawers underneath the TV, we are assuming that RF rather than infrared is being used for remote control needs, something that needs to be considered in going with this type of cabinet as media storage.

Neutral colors bedroom

Parents in the market for a big kid bed are in luck these days as there seems to be lots and lots to choose from. I tend to either like a fully kitted-out kids bed like this one or a kid bed that has grown up styling like this Liam Wooden bed. The horizontal wooden slats and the built-in galvanized gooseneck lamp are great details. You'll be glad to know that the Liam bed comes in all different sizes and finishes for the headboard. This is a steep not cheap bed guys so be forewarned. If that's more than you want to spend, consider a DIY version. There is one more thing in this room that made me look. Do you see it? It's the awesome storage next to the bed. The bookcase has cubbie shelves much like the Expedit plus it has pre-cut holes that hold galvanized buckets for portable storage. Fantastic idea! The Teddy Organizer also is availalbe for purchase over at PoshTots for $806..

Small urban bedroom

A nursery based on a soothing neutral, like taupe, can also be appealing. Case in point - this beautifully decorated nursery featuring taupe as the primary color. We like the taupe on the crib and dresser/changer as well as the creamier taupe on the walls and carpet.

Luxury bedroom with skyline view

Although Christopher loved his new queen-sized platform bed, he had an epiphany one morning while brushing his teeth. It dawned on him that there was a lot of valuable dead air under that bed. If he could just find a way to get under the mattress, it would open up tons of room for storing sweaters and sheets.... ...not to mention a great place to hide Christmas presents. After hours of online searching, a trip to the auto parts store, and a few conversations with friends, Christopher had all necessary parts and a general approach to the project. The key was a set of bed storage lifts, found online at Woodworkers Supply. Armed with those, along with some basic plywood and 2 x 4 frames, he and some friends went to work retrofitting the bed. All in all, the project took about twenty hours of planning, four hours of shopping, and four hours of construction. For all of you with small spaces, is this a project you want to tackle?

Large bedroom light filled


Creative bedroom storage

Name: Anni Location: Saugerties, NY Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: The natural light and the color. We have a few pieces of mid-century furniture so we chose a dark green/blue to really make them stand out. We also have several artists in the family so we are lucky to have a lot of really beautiful original art.

Small bedroom with TV unit

Call us crazy, but we're really digging this wallpaper and picture frame d├ęcor happening around this flat screen. It looks like something the store Anthropologie would come up with for their store.... We know this isn't for everyone, but for those of us who are suckers for dainty interiors, it's a nice way to balance out the blandness of a television. The folks over at House to Home, turned an Ikea Lack shelf on its side to act as a TV console that holds a DVD player and what looks like an Xbox 360. Lets hope that's a Blu-ray player below, because there's no point in having an Xbox and a standard DVD player.

Large bedroom with novel feature wall

Have you ever ripped apart your couch trying to locate the remote, only to find you've randomly brought it along to the loo with you? None of you? Well, we're sure you have your own version of the ol' hide the remote story, which is why these throw pillows may be of interest. Designed by Etsy seller, Pillow Throw Decor, these cushions feature little pockets on them that let you tuck in your remote once you've powered down the TV. Next time you go in to relax in front of the boob tube, you'll know exactly where your remote is. Sure you could tuck your remote in a drawer when not in use, but how many times have you crashed on the couch only to have to peel yourself off again to get the dang controller. This way you can be extra lazy, while still being stylish, and simply flip over your throw pillow to turn on the telly.

Black and white bedroom

We first dubbed this color scheme 'The ketchup/mustard effect' long before we ever actually experienced it in an interior space. After catching a glimpse of this house project by local interior design firm 3 Fold Design we've forgotten all about any condiment-colored similarities. Decide about this color combination for yourself after the jump.... The designer duo of local studio 3 Fold Design consists of Page Gandy and Tracy Curtis, both licensed designers and long-time pillars of the Austin interior design community. Ever since joining forces to create 3 Fold Design, the pair have worked on a number of award-winning residential projects, like this Clarksville residence that won the 2008 ASID award for 1st place residential residence. We love the use of grays and whites as the neutrals and love even more the combination of modern red and yellow as the accents. Gandy and Curtis also incorporated money, energy and space saving ideas in this home. What do you think about this home and its color scheme? Do you dig the red and yellow used together as accents or is the combination too reminiscent of ketchup and mustard to you? Is the idea of seeing ketchup and mustard in this color combo just silly? Let us know!

Bedroom with dark wood floor