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City apartment bedroom

For those with a big blank walls that need sprucing up, or those in small spaces looking to make use of every square inch they have, the Atlas AS4 shelving system becomes a versatile solution that not only looks great, but maximizes space using some of the highest quality materials we have seen in a shelving system. The shelves and drawers are made of solid hardwood and the rails are composed of solid steel. The AS4 wall system is available in Maple, White Oak, or Walnut with wall mounted rails in 50, 87, and 92 inches.

Luxurious bedroom with marina views

It's a room that's better dressed for utility than for elegance and it takes a lot of time and money to turn an unfinished laundry room into the sort of glamorous 'Mud room' we all pin from Pottery Barn on Pinterest. In real life, it might have bare concrete floors, exposed pipes and insulation, and a massive rusting water heater commanding attention in the corner. In the meantime, here's an easy fix for an unfinished laundry room, using just paint and fabric. Tayna from Dans le Townhouse has a partially finished basement. That means part of it was a totally livable space to hang out, and the other part, the laundry room, was a semi-walled off eyesore. Tanya painted the walls in the unfinished space to match the rest of the basement, then cleaned and coated the concrete floors with Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor enamel in a turquoise color. The fresh colors make a formerly grungy space look clean and new. Step 2: Hide the Machines & Exposed UglinessTo hide the 'Really old' washer and dryer, water tank and slop sink, Tanya made use of an easy and inexpensive solution: curtains. Curtains made from her old duvet cover were hung from IKEA curtain rods and hardware to keep the appliances and utilities hidden from the adjacent room.

Light modern and classic bedroom

Have stubborn rust stains in your toilet bowl? If you live in an older apartment then chances are you do. As much as we try to stay green with our cleaning products, sometimes it seems like you have to go harsh to tackle a major stain like rust. We just read on the queen of clean that Tang sprinkled around the bowl and left for an hour or two will do the trick. Apparently the Tang works because of the citric acid that oxidizes the rust stain. So anything powdery that contains citric acid will do it, even lemon flavored kool aid. What a relief to not have to bust out the harsh chemicals. An added bonus is that we don't have to worry if someone leaves the lid up and our kitty goes in for a drink that she'll be ingesting harmful chemicals. Finally it'll leave your bathroom with that fresh tang scent!

Attic bedroom with natural materials

'Kev is moving this month and has some questions for the crowd. He says,'Need some design/furniture layout tips on decorating my future new small studio. The unit is a 495 sq ft 'Soft loft' and will have a concrete ceiling, exposed ductwork, white walls and off-white cut Berber carpet.... I've been staring at my floor plan trying to figure out the best way to layout my furniture. I'm not all that excited about the carpet being in there. I wish it were able to be hardwood floors or concrete, but I'm renting so I can't make that choice. How do I deal with white carpet? Will it be awkward to put a rug on carpet? I've attached an image of my floor plan as well as some renderings of what the unit will look like. These are just renderings from the developer's website so they do not reflect the actual units of the building, like the cool concrete floors. I don't really have any furniture, so I basically have a clean slate to work with. I plan on getting a double or queen sized bed, a sofa, flat panel tv, chest of drawers, small dining table and a small desk. 'Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!'. We think a rug on top of the white carpet would be fine - we've seen it done many times and it works, especially against a light carpet.

Large contemporary bedroom with sky window

Around here we certainly love color, but that doesn't exclude some of the more subtle hues. Especially in the bedroom, some of us need something a bit more subdued, but in no way boring or unstylish. It's all about gray and white in Eric and Lauren's Reborn Bungalow. The white really pops against the gray walls, and of course we like that there isn't too much going on on the walls besides the gray in Polly and Ben's Shangri-LA Bedroom. A dressed up classic with bits of red and gold: Turquoise's Luxury Hotel Bedroom. We put together these 2 images from Domino because we loved the way the white, black and turquoise mixed with incredible textures make the gray feel so inviting and warm. If these didn't float your boat, check out some brighter colors options like adding some orange to your palette, or simply check out the psychology behind the colors you love.

Vintage children bedroom

One of the questions that comes up a lot when talking about home theater PCs, is what kind of mouse and/or keyboard to use? Remember that these computers are in the living room, so your gaming mouse won't look that good. Home theater PCs aren't new, but they are slowly becoming the norm in more and more homes. One of the most common questions we get is what kind of mouse or keyboard to use with a HTPC setup. They claim it's the perfect mouse for couch surfers. The device is a touchpad with a clickable surface as well as some handy features, such as one-thumb scrolling, and enter, esc, back buttons. It also has backlit buttons for playback and volume controls, making it handy in the dark. Some of the more handy features, such as an integrated search menu and an on-screen keyboard only work with Windows for now. What do you use? Well, we think that the Navigator is a step in the right direction, but it isn't perfect. As an alternative, we'd suggest getting a mouse with a bunch of programmable buttons, something like a Logitech MX Revolution. As for a keyboard, we'd suggest something like the super tiny wireless keyboard from Brando. It's also very small, so it won't get in the way.

Minimalist bedroom

Why should your books get all the coffee table glory? Nowadays, some children's books are so beautiful, they are truly coffee table-worthy. Here are four of our favorites we love as much as our children do.... Life Doesn't Frighten Me at All by Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The words of Maya Angelou and the images of Jean-Michel Basquiat seem to have been made for each other as they marry in the book with the same name as Angelou's poem Life Doesn't Frighten Me at All. 16 plates by Basquiat illustrate Angelou's poem which taps into fears everyone has - whether you're a child or not - and shows with humor and heart that life doesn't have to be frightening if you face your fears. While at first glance it may appear that Basquiat's work is too scary for younger children, it really isn't. Leonardo teaches children that while you may not be good at some things, there's certainly a niche out there for you to fill. An ALA Notable Children's Book Award winner, Vaccaro Seeger's book teaches children about opposites in an interactive and engaging way. This cool book takes kids through various comparisons of opposites using die cut-outs and flaps on each page: a tiny bug becomes an elephant's eye, a black bat becomes a white ghost, something simple turns into something complicated - all with the turn of the page or the lift of a flap. Winner of the 2007 Caldecott Medal, Flotsam is a picture book which depicts a boy's day at the beach which begins as ordinary and ends up as extraordinary. We've noticed this book is quite popular among young art students, perhaps because of its graphic novel feel. So next time your rearranging your coffee table, remember that there are some books out there you can set out which the entire family can admire and read..

Scandinavian design bedroom

We think that the simple living movement has lost it's voice, and what began in the late 90's as an earnest attempt to extricate lives from an overly complex and consumption oriented culture, has dwindled to a exist only as a national magazine title with the biggest advertising revenue of any shelter mag around. It's the voice that says you don't need so many things to live comfortably. It's a voice that urges you to choose quality over quantity. It's a voice that says don't be distracted by all the meaningless jabber and media nonsense that is out there. It's a voice that says having a balanced homelife is essential. It's a voice that says be in control of your life and avoid entanglements, people or debt that will rob you of that position. It's a voice that says richness comes from the relationships that you create, and these cannot be purchased. We're working on this voice ourselves, and we'd like to be surrounded by more of them.

Luxury goth bedroom

Emma wrote to us: 'I just moved into the most lovely fourplex, and while the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all roomier and nicer than any apartment I've ever lived in... the bedroom is the smallest I've ever inhabited in my entire life! While I have no problems with size, I'd like for it to look really great and be as functional as possible.' 'I've already decided to combine black and white with my current favorite color, yellow, to brighten it up... but something still seems a bit plain about it. What would you guys do to spruce it up and give it more room for my huge collection of clothing?'. Especially my super boring 'Ikea birch' dresser!! 'Some specs: it is approx. 7.5 by 9 feet, with eensy teeny but very tall closet. There are two doors - one leads to our back foyer, the other to another bedroom, and one window.' 1) Great looking room, we love the colors and honestly it doesn't give the impression of being too small or cramped in the photos. Since the room is not large, we'd go with one over-sized piece, rather than a bunch of small pieces. Artwork that is big and bold and colorful on one of the walls would be spectacular. Since it was reasonably priced, you can give this a try without too much anxiety - and if you just cover the wood, the clear inserts on the drawers would be a nice a nice visual break in the pattern. Ok, AT-at-home designers...take it away.... Wallpaper Dresser image from Cote Maison via: Another Shade of Grey.

White bedroom with mirror

Our post about Gray Kids Rooms inspired Ohdeedoh reader Leah to write in and share some pictures of the gray kids room she designed for her first child.... 'When we were expecting our first kid last June we didn't find out the sex and wanted to go with a good neutral color for our nursery that doubles as a guest room when the grandparents are in town,' Leah told us. 'I choose the Dwell Robin Motif bedding first and then went with gray on one wall and left the other three walls white. We use the blue and green out of the Robin bedding for accent colors and have since added many pieces to compliment the room - a Robin Rosenthal counting poster as well as a blue Eames RAR rocker. The room has a calm cool feel even on hot and sunny SoCal days. Plus, it works great for my son.' Kristin Hohenadel blogging from rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France.

Minimalist bedroom

In their newest catalog, Brocade Home is selling the wallpaper they showcase in their catalog images. Here at AT, we get a lot of questions requesting names and distributors for various wallpaper patterns seen in shelter magazines, movies, TV shows and catalogs. Brocade Home is eliminating the second step by selling it themselves - just as Pottery Barn collaborated with Benjamin Moore to sell branded paint colors a few years ago. Who's next on the wallpaper train?.... circle print foil wallpaper - parisian blue medallion flocked metallic wallpaper - leaf. Brocade Home has a very distinct style and is definitely not for everyone - will a more marketable style fill in the gap? Orders range from $99 - $169 for two rolls that cover 60 sq.

Bedroom with ocean view


Neutral colors bedroom


Bedroom with yellow bedding

For those of us in small apartments without such luxury features, this portable fireplace is the ideal way to add some fun and function to any room. As the nights grow colder, we find the idea of some added warmth ever more appealing.... The Travelmate Portable Fireplace by Conmoto is made of black powder-coated steel and glass, and burns a bio-ethanol liquid fuel. The glass panel is held on with magnets and is removable to allow for the fire to be lit. The flames are regulated by opening and closing the stainless steel slide on the front of the fireplace. 'The Travelmate measures 20' h x 28' w x 8' d, and weighs 55 lbs. We love the way the playful suitcase shape highlights the portability of the unit, but a stand to raise the fireplace off the floor is also available. The Travelmate Portable Fireplace is now available in the U.S. for $2700 to $3200, not an inexpensive option to be sure, but certainly less intrusive than installing a true fireplace in your space.

Bedroom with high ceilings

'Guess the Decade' is back with a striking wallpapered bedroom in classic black & white with some great green accents. Comments and conjecture are welcome in the comments, as always, but if you know the source of the photo - PLEASE don't tell. We promise to reveal it tomorrow, so please check back then for the answer.

Wood panel bedroom

After buying this foreclosed one-bedroom in a trendy area of Charlotte, North Carolina, new homeowners Katie and Patrick were greeted with a less-than-encouraging scene. As they shared in their House Tour, 'The day we officially moved in, this is what we found: a foreclosure notice, a bullet, an inmate identification card, and a dead pigeon.' First on the long list of much-needed home improvements was a renovation of the dated kitchen. Katie and Patrick tackled a smelly, ridiculously low dropped ceiling that made their already tight kitchen feel like it was closing in on them. They enlisted the help of family to tear it down, repair nail holes, remove glue residue, and dispose of the nasty construction. Thanks to IKEA, the sink, hardware, cabinets, and countertops added modern style at an affordable price! Additionally, with the ceiling raised, lighting added, and a half wall removed, the kitchen got the light it so desperately needed. On the dining room side, IKEA cabinets double as a counter and additional storage. Now that their kitchen is up-to-date, Katie and Patrick look forward to hosting that breakfast party they keep talking about.