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White bed board


Yellow tones bedroom


Bedroom with water views balcony

The furniture made by OHIO Design is breathtaking - from their clever Primco Table, to their book matched and clean lined Sophia 30 Credenza. All OHIO furniture is made with recycled and FSC woods, and environmentally friendly substances and techniques whenever possible. The wood is then finished with all natural beeswax and orange oil. OHIO's got a great collection of bedroom furniture, check the pieces out after the jump.

Studio bedroom

The contractor we consulted told us, in a sense, that the house was built around the tub and that we would literally have to take our house apart to move it. Since we are stuck with this tub, what colors can we use along with this tub to help update it? I have a picture of the 1950's ad of our exact tub. Editor: That is a big, blue tub! As a renter of a smurf-blue bathroom, I'd like to recommend a sunny yellow-orange color to brighten the room and act complementary to the blue.

Vintage brit bedroom


Unique wood bed canopy


Black bedroom


Bed head wall with plank texture

Our post about Gray Kids Rooms inspired Ohdeedoh reader Leah to write in and share some pictures of the gray kids room she designed for her first child.... 'When we were expecting our first kid last June we didn't find out the sex and wanted to go with a good neutral color for our nursery that doubles as a guest room when the grandparents are in town,' Leah told us. 'I choose the Dwell Robin Motif bedding first and then went with gray on one wall and left the other three walls white. We use the blue and green out of the Robin bedding for accent colors and have since added many pieces to compliment the room - a Robin Rosenthal counting poster as well as a blue Eames RAR rocker. The room has a calm cool feel even on hot and sunny SoCal days. Plus, it works great for my son.' Kristin Hohenadel blogging from rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France.

Bedroom with combination of bright and neutral colors

Last week we featured a gallery of dark bedrooms, moody, cocoonlike spaces full of fluffy blankets and somber hues. This week, we're looking at bedrooms that are just the opposite of that: light, bright spaces decorated all in white. Pictured above: a beautiful, bright bedroom from Kinfolk. If you like this look, the whole apartment, which is decorated completely in shades of white, is worth checking out. The key to making this work, I think, is adding a little texture. Since we're talking bedrooms here, this is easy to acheieve with rugs, quilts, and bedding in textured fabrics like linen. Here, the floor covering adds just enough texture to a super-minimal space. A white floor, too - these folks are really dedicated. I love the layers of different textures on the bed - and on the floor. Finally, a romantic space from Stadshem, via Nordic Design - proof that monochromatic spaces can be far from boring.

Large bedroom with wallpaper feature wall


Bedroom with glass bed side chest

Hello AT, We are just about finished with our DIY kitchen remodel and are eager to move on to our next project - the living room fireplace. Our plan is to remove the fireplace mantel, build out the wall around the fireplace 12 inches and tile over the brick around the fireplace and floor. We want to then put in 12 inch deep, 35 inch tall built-in cabinets on the bottom and shelves on the walls above to the ceiling.... We plan on getting the cabinets in white from Ikea in either Solar or Applad and using a natural stained wood for the top of the cabinets and the wall shelves. The TV will be moved down and placed on the wall beside the fireplace between a shelf and the cabinet. I want to go with a natural-modern look of white streamlined cabinets and lightly stained wood for the shelves. New furniture purchases will be dependent on the look of the room, so that is not a concern.

Bedroom with large windows and park view

Q: After months of looking we've finally found the table for the dining space in our new apartment, Zuo Modern's Universe Dining Table. Now we're trying to figure out what chairs to pair it with. We're looking for something every-day and affordable - something with clean lines similar to the 9 Dragons would be more our speed. We've also looked at some Eiffel Chairs, but would we do wood or chrome, fiberglass or acrylic, color or clear? Editor: Leave your chair suggestions for Joelle in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Bedroom with elegant all white furniture


Black and white bedroom

Just about anything will look great in a high-ceilinged, light-flooded space, but despite what Pinterest tells us, style does exist in spaces 8' and under. In the kitchen from Simple Colorful above, white walls, ceilings, and furnishings keep things airy, while gracefully draped cords draw the eye up. Same goes for kitchen cabinets: that useless gap above upper cabinets looks especially silly in a shorter room, so take everything up to the ceiling. Older homes don't shy away from paneled or bead board ceilings, even when their ceilings are low. Keeping the ceiling, barn door, and bathroom vanity the same material creates flow and serenity, while the rustic wood itself is a cool feature. While shelving can happily climb short walls, if you're looking to visually increase the height of a space, keep the big, heavy pieces of furniture nice and low. Conventional design wisdom says that white paint will make a small space feel larger, but without lots of natural daylight, that just isn't the case. Cozy colors are often best in smaller rooms, and that goes for height-challenged ones as well. The bedroom above, featured on Lonny, proves that adding color on the ceiling can work to create a chic cocoon. No one's looking at the ceiling in this fun bedroom on Houzz.

Contemporary large white bedroom


Small bedroom with custom storage

When your child needs a designated study area where they can keep their books and supplies, why not hook them up with a lovely modern desk? We spied Sophia's study desk on Flickr and loved the simplicity and order of her space - while still being stylish. Alana, tells us, 'We bought it from the estate of our house's previous owner. She had a nice collection of vintage Danish modern pieces all throughout the house. I don't see any manufacturer info anywhere on it.' We love unexpected finds, and Alana certainly scored with this one. A laptop, abacus, singing bird toy, and more make their home on this desk. With a sweet little space like this, who wouldn't want to study?