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Luxurious bedroom with wallpaper


Minimalist gray bedroom

What to do when you when you want a $900 bathroom table and sink, but are on a limited budget? Get hackin' of course. Ikea hacker Karen took an Ikea Bekvam kitchen cart for $49.99, took a sabre saw to it, installed a sink, stained/sealed it, and then added all the necessary plumbing.... All hardware and plumbing were purchased from the Expo Design Center. A commenter also mentioned creating a pedestal sink using a barstool for a small space bathroom, so even a small footprint could be created with the right complimentary sink. Just remember to waterproof seal any of wood pieces used.

Small bedroom with asian art


Master bedroom with contemporary lighting

Different levels... We found a lot of interesting things going on in this image from the May 2007 British Elle Decoration. First off, if you happen to need some extra storage, and you have a backsplash with enough height, we love the idea of putting up corner shelving. Perfect for spices, extra cups, small plates, or utensils. We also are intrigued with the split concrete/wood floor action going on.... We're on the fence about it, since it sort of feels a little too unfinished, but at the same time kind of interesting in a raw/industrial-meets-artsy kind of way. We're also fascinated by the swing arm lamp above the fridge. It's a bit unconventional to use this type of light fixture in a kitchen we like how it is pointed to bounce the light off the walls, which probably works fine because of the apparent high ceilings.

Bedroom with wood wardrobes


Small bedroom with green details

After a weekend jaunt through CB2, we will stand behind our initial reaction to the Alchemy Table and Stool! These are beautiful pieces in person. After the post initially went up, both pieces temporarily disappeared from the CB2 website. While there was some concern that they were discontinued, they're back!.... Check out our initial post on these unique pieces here. Also in the picture are the Bauhaus lamps in gravel, a brownish gray color. Check out the discussion here, for more about metal-shade lamps.

Minimalist city apartment bedroom


Stylish bedroom with chandellier


Luxurious bedroom in lake house


Green bedroom

Looks like 2008 Olympics mania has even creeped into the home decor market. Designer Jarvier Mariscal has designed a series of bathroom sinks for Roca, our favourite being the swimmers sink shown above. Check a few more images inspired by Olympic events under the jump.... More images available here, including an amusing tennis court basin not shown here.

Yellow and gray modern bedroom


Bedroom designer furniture

We're all looking for extra storage in our homes and sometimes it's extremely hard to find any spare room. If you have a large family or you're a struggling graduate student in the smallest studio ever made - you certainly know the importance of concealed storage. Of course we've all seen under stair storage before, after all, isn't that exactly where Harry Potter lived at one point? We definitely aren't recommending putting your nieces or nephews in there; but we do think it's a great use of unused space to turn into storage! If you have an older home, you can still keep the integrity of the home in mind by disguising the cabinets. Have built in handles made so at first glance guests would have no idea that was actually storage. There are hundreds of ways to go about adding under stair storage, but we think this one is especially great.

Harbor view bedroom

The light blue and chocolate brown color scheme that dominated a couple years ago has since suffered the consequences of over exposure. That doesn't mean that blue and brown don't work well together.

Bedroom fabrics


White and acqua bedroom

I'm calling it 'Livably minimalist,' and using it to describe those clean, mostly-white spaces that appeal to our spartan sensibilities, but which still showcase some of the comforts of home. In other words, like a seriously cool futurist catalog kitchen, but one that looks like somebody actually lives there. I've rounded up 10 examples of 'Livably minimalist' kitchens, so you can feel the modern-yet-lived-in vibes and decide for yourself if this is the aesthetic you've been after for your own space.

Vintage feel bedroom