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Luxurious bedroom with wallpaper

We love this sweeping staircase even without its hidden storage, but the bank of drawers elevates these stairs to a masterpiece.... Ctd 2005 designed these stairs for a client who wanted to combine Shaker and Japanese utility into the space. There are lots of other great inspirational pictures in Ctd 2005's photostream.

Minimalist gray bedroom


Small bedroom with asian art


Master bedroom with contemporary lighting

Q: We just bought a 1930s tudor, and can't figure out how to layout our living room. The room has lots of openings as well as a fireplace. Should we mount the television over the fireplace, keep it on the wall where the previous owners had it, or something else? I wish scrapping the tv altogether was an option, but my husband won't oblige. We'd like to maximize our seating options without creating disjointed space or having to squeeze by furniture to get from room to room. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Terra in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Bedroom with wood wardrobes

When we hear the phrase 'Theme room' we automatically think of a child's bedroom. Fun for kids but not transferable for our grown-up apartment. So when we were in the bathroom of our local Echo Park salon and noticed it's simple 'House theme', we thought 'Wow-this is totally feasible for any adult space.' More views after the jump. It's easier to 'Reel it in' because you're less likely to go overboard with decorative theme items. The salon chose two very effective 'House representations': the wallpaper and a pair of photographs. Pulling the look together they use black paint which tends to draw your eye up to the wallpaper as well as to the checkered tile floor. We love this look and think they pulled off a difficult design challenge in going for a theme. For more tips you can check out this short article called How Can I Create a Tasteful Theme Room?

Small bedroom with green details

We just learned a trick from a friend about how to remove finger prints from stainless steel appliance doors. Even when using soap/cleaner and water, fingerprints are difficult to wash off and usually just blur into a noticeable darker mark on your shiny new fridge or stove top. Add a dab of baby oil or mineral oil, wipe with a soft cloth, and those fingerprints disappear quickly. This additive can also work for removing sticker adhesive on stainless steel appliance products and other glues. Too bad we don't have any stainless steel appliances except our toaster and waffle maker.

Minimalist city apartment bedroom


Stylish bedroom with chandellier

HE is a fascinating character, and his whole story was well written up by the NYTimes just over a month ago, but what I want to focus on his new cork floors that I photographed.... posted originally from: AT:New York. Cork is a great, 'Green' flooring solution. Cut from trees that renew themselves between each harvest, it's durable, moisture resistant, and provides thermal and acoustic insulation. It is also hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and insect resistant. When installed as a 'Floating floor' it also requires no toxic glues or adhesives AND it's easy to install. I have been a little resistant to cork floors in the past because of their dark color and mottled surface. They remind me too much of the macrame 70's and feel their busy texture adds visual clutter. These white tiles are really bright and airy, and they feel really good under your feet. I would totally recommend looking into these if you wanted to do a white floor anywhere in your home.

Luxurious bedroom in lake house

Q: We recently bought a small 1970's rustic ranch-house getaway near a lake in the mountains. I have an inherited crystal chandelier which is too big to hang in our tiny, tiny city pad. This is our country kitchen bought 'As is'. We've added some bright decorative elements, lace white curtains and new white-and-wood hutch replacing the corner unit plus another opposite side. Would replacing the kitchen pendant with a crystal chandelier like the one in this AT archive bedroom photo look ridiculous?? Thanks! -Sent by Elizabeth. Editor: I love this question for its Green Acres implications: is a fancy chandelier just the thing to add the perfect amount of glitz to a rustic home, or would it stick out like a sore thumb? Please share your always-insightful advice with Elizabeth! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Green bedroom

My kids call our dining room the 'Thanksgiving Room.' My husband says that we should put caution tape at its entrance because I don't let anyone in there. I guess that tells you what you need to know about how often we use our formal dining room! I love our dining room and I'm glad we have it, but truthfully, it's mostly a showpiece, and I think I'm an exception among a generation that has mostly said goodbye to the formal dining room. The coffee table in the living room, the dresser in our master bedroom, even a chest of drawers in our master bath are showstoppers from another era and beloved to me because of whose they were. My entire dining room is an inheritance, from the intricate and once-plush velvet chairs to the custom-made table of mahogany and ebony. I even have the blueprint of the table - how awesome is that?? The head and foot chairs are not only part of my grandparents' set, but were the chairs used by the bride and groom at the wedding of some of our dearest friends. The china and silver that fill the absolutely gorgeous credenza are also passed down to me. We have an expanding table in our kitchen, where we eat all our meals. Even when we have guests, we open up the table and eat there. It's more comfortable, more informal, and much easier to clean. I don't have to stress about water marks on the table or food spilling on antique upholstery.

Yellow and gray modern bedroom

Since it came out, I've been a big fan of this svelte modern sleeper sofa solution. Designed by Blu Dot, it's got durable good looks, a comfortable sleeping surface and an uncomplicated folding and unfolding approach. You can see comments on it here, and if you want to go cheaper in a similar style, I would recommend either or these super affordables: the Anywhere Sofa at $399 or the Lubi Daybed at $899..

Bedroom designer furniture

Hi Apartment Therapy Editors, I wanted to send in my bedroom pics. I bought the lamps from williams sonoma home then found shades on ebay while I wait for the custom shades to arrive. I wanted them a different shape but black.... The bedroom has high ceilings and eventually I will paint the wall the bed sits in front of but while we rent here I can't paint. The curtains are a solution while we rent here there are a lot of windows and the light can be brutal in the morning so these are black out from bed bath, but I had to add shades under them as well. The bedroom has lots of black and white almost in an 80's way, so I had to use that as a jumping off point in decorating while we are here. I tried to buy dressers that would blend in be functional to hold everything but later go in a different style room. This is probably not the best looking solution but it holds all the components out of sight. The door to the bathroom doesn't work really over the the carpet so in order to have something in front of it while we rent, I put up the beads. The square white window stuff is blocking this glass bricks which I hated the look of, and let in too much morning light. I didn't put any art over the tub because I was worried the steam from the shower would ruin it.

Harbor view bedroom


Bedroom fabrics

In cases when you need extra chairs for guests or simply want super slim, affordable chairs for a studio apartment, we're big fans of the Lina Chair.... A classic DWR design that has been a staple with our clients for many years, the Lina is made like the typical French park folding chairs, but with a padded leather seat and back that comes in three colors. Strong enough for daily use, it folds up into next to nothing.

White and acqua bedroom


Vintage feel bedroom

Contemporary furniture abounds at this local shop Utah shop, Manhattan Loft. Our favorite is the Kiss leather platform bed, which would be great for a studio apartment, functioning as a bed, seating area, and small laptop workspace. They also have some 'Loft design tips' on the site.