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Minimalist modern bedroom


Light filled bedroom

Taking a gander at Target's new items we came across these dandy looking Brady barstools. If you have the common bar counter area and have been looking for a stool that was something other than wrought iron or wicker based and that didn't break the bank this might be your ticket.

Minimalist bedroom

Check out a very touching story in today's NYTimes: Holdouts on Dry Ground Say, 'Why Leave Now?'. Billie Moore, who lives in an undamaged 3,000-square-foot house on the city's southwestern flank that also stayed dry, said she did not want to lose her job as a pediatric nurse at the Ochsner Clinic in Jefferson Parish, which continues to function. 'Who's going to take care of the patients if all the nurses go away?' Ms. Moore asked. When police officers arrived at her house to warn of the health risks of remaining, she showed them her hospital identification card. Ms. Moore and her husband, Richard Robinson, have been using an old gas stove to cook pasta and rice, dumping cans of peas on top for flavor. 'We try to be normal and sit down and eat,' Ms. Moore, 52, said. 'I think that how we'll stay healthy is if I keep the house clean.'

Black and white bedroom


Dining room with feature wall

The word 'Modern,' particularly when applied to kitchens, has gotten a bit muddled over the years as eclectic mixes of different styles have become the norm. We're totally okay with that; using the word modern and all the great ideas that are associated with that style is a fast track to a good-looking kitchen that matches your personality. In that same spirit, here are seven kitchens of the modern variety that feature design ideas we think you could use in your own kitchen. No matter the style of your kitchen, you can cut down on the bulkiness of larger, main elements to give a room an airy feel, and you can take out smaller design details to make a room feel less busy. There's something so simple and wonderful about the force of the straight line that you often spot in modern kitchens. Because modern kitchens can sometimes be on the minimal end of furnishings and accessories, the ones that really pop are the ones that contain bold, contrasting material choices. It's not seen in every modern kitchen, but sometimes you come across a modern kitchen with one or more surfaces covered in a highly gloss material. You do not have to splurge on the most expensive materials, whether you want a modern styled kitchen or something else. Even kitchens that are considered modern can have a few elements that might come from a different or older design style. Like the kitchen above, the architecture of the kitchen - thick and intricate plaster work - didn't have to be followed to the letter around the rest of the room to be respected; the sleek modern cabinetry, wall shelves, lighting and other understated design elements complement the existing architecture quite nicely.

Bedroom with floor boards

Remember the last time we showed a gray and red room? The soft pale gray walls made the bright red bed look great. Darker shades of gray look great with red as well. Check out the charcoal wall in combination with the lighter gray we came across at the French store Laurette. It's a nice way to use a dark color without darkening the room too much. The gray furniture and bedding makes everything monotone so that the red punches really stand out.

Small bedroom with textured feature wall

Hello AT,. We have been slowly working on updating our living room, and now we are at a point where we are very happy with the wall color, the floor and the furniture. We can't for the life of us choose new curtains. You have enough dark furniture and A LOT of putty color on the walls, so brighten it up with nice, simple white or slightly off-white cotton or linen curtains that go down to the floor. What would make a big difference as well is a RUG! That and the curtains you will be living in a totally different environment.

Modernist bedroom


Small bedroom


Large bedroom

Q: After having lived in super-tiny 1-room student apartments for my whole life, where space constraints meant there was really only one way to arrange the furniture, I recently moved into a new space which allows for a bit more space planning and design. The good news is that I didn't bring much furniture and will buy everything after having planned the room layout. The only pieces I wanted to keep are a big wooden dining table with leather chairs and an old Chinese chest that will be a coffee table. So there aren't many constraints from that end. What I definitely would like to have is one dining area at least containing the dining table and chairs, and a living room at least containing a small sofa, an additionalchair, the Chinese chest as a coffee table and a 55'' flatscreen. There is some kind of alcove and I don't really know how to use that one. In that alcove and dining room with table and chairs diagonally opposite, or.... 2) the other way round, having the dining room area with table and chairs in that alcove and the living room area diagonally opposite. I'm not really happy with these designs. My style is a mix of art deco, eclectic, Asian/African. There is dark-brown wooded parquet in the room with white walls of 2,80m height.

Bedroom in gray shades


Bedroom with king size bed


Romantic bedrooom with chandellier


Bedroom with geometric and modern patterns

Patrick's window was being worked on while I was there. While it was freezing outside, I was in the Bloomingdale's windows testing out their internet connection and checking on the installation of Jane, Patrick and Curtis' window displays. They're being installed, Apartment Therapy style, right now and should be done by tonight.... You can follow it all right here, www. The openings to the window are hidden in the store and locked when installation isn't going on. One of the entrances is right here through the Marc Jacob's store. Getting closer! The windows are a lot smaller than you expect. This is Curtis' incredible paint by numbers wall already installed. This is the TV screen that will be showing our site live and keeping track of the window voting for the next two weeks Jane's window is the most done already.

Grey pallete attic bedroom


Bedroom with purple touches

Our favorite home offices to take inspiration from are the ones that look the most lived in and real. While we appreciate a perfectly staged home office for a photo shoot, they don't hold a candle to a work space that we know someone actually works in and utilizes on a daily basis. We love this minimalist white with pops of color home office we found on LifeHacker today. The space mimics a giant Mac and we think that's pretty cool. Daniel created his desk from several different IKEA pieces and hacked them into a stellar desk. We really enjoy that there is so much white, with subtle pops of bright red and blue. Even though there are only a few colorful pieces, because they are so few and so bright - they make a huge impact. This office is inspiring because it is attainable and real. We saw his desk chair in IKEA last weekend and contemplated purchasing it!