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Small corner home office

The light blue and chocolate brown color scheme that dominated a couple years ago has since suffered the consequences of over exposure. That doesn't mean that blue and brown don't work well together.

Home office with wallpaper


Wood furniture home office


Large bed bedroom


Winter bedding

In this week's close-up look at International Real Estate, The New York Times shows us a recently renovated one-bedroom duplex apartment in Casco Viejo, the colonial district in Panama City, Panama. Located in a historic building from the 19th century that blends Spanish and French colonial styles, the apartment features arched windows, floor-to-ceiling bookcases and an exposed stone wall from the 17th century.... This apartment is listed for $450,000. See the full listing and information about buying real estate in Panama: For Sale in ... Panama and more pictures in the slideshow.

Four post bed


Soft color bedroom

Contemporary furniture abounds at this local shop Utah shop, Manhattan Loft. Our favorite is the Kiss leather platform bed, which would be great for a studio apartment, functioning as a bed, seating area, and small laptop workspace. They also have some 'Loft design tips' on the site.

Pink luxury bedroom

I've dreamed of owning a blue velvet sofa for about as long as I can remember. As a self-professed neat freak with a white fluffy dog - I have a feeling it would end badly. So its only leather couches for me, but it doesn't mean a girl can't dream! This is my version of my dream living room, based entirely around my blue velvet sofa.

Modern bedroom

If you like the idea of a pegboard, but you're looking for something a little more sleek, these new stainless steel organizers from Chiasso are a modern take on a classic small-space solution.... Each part is sold separately. The magnetic board is $68, and each component ranges from $10 - 28. The magnetic board and accessories are available through Chiasso.

Modern bedroom white black and yellow color scheme

My man and I are constantly bickering about which couch is better. Thus, we have two sofas! One for him and one for me! We've always known that we should chuck one of the sofas. Chances are our next apartment won't be as living room ample as our current abode. It looks good but boy is it uncomfortable! A few guests have preferred to sleep on it because it's 'Good for their backs'. Sure it's not as fun and modern as the dark grey sofa, but it's so comfortable! I like to be comfortable while I'm sitting and watching TV. Am I crazy? I completely understand his argument, it's a good one. Which is more important, comfort or visual appeal?

Minimalist bedroom

We like to wait until the middle of winter, when our muscles ache from the cold, and splurge on our annual spa treatment. We always leave with a relaxed back and new ideas for the home. There's just something about those calming scents, mixed with clean tile and candlelight. We really love the look of the Peninsula's Relaxation Room. The drapes, the sheets, the tiled fireplace...such a peaceful vibe. White Egyptian cotton sheets Scented candles Long drapes that pool at the floor Clean tile in the bathroom Ambient lighting.

White and red bedroom

Hi AT! My girlfriend and I have been struggling with the lighting in our dining room. The chandelier we have now directs light down onto the table, creating a kind of cave of light, leaving the rest of the room feeling a bit dark. Lamps are difficult for two reasons: only one outlet and the room is a little small. We are considering a different overhead light and/or sconces. Our tastes lean towards MCM but we already have a modern white, globe-type light hanging in the back room off the dining room. Of course, we ain't too spendy! Thanks, Nick.apartmenttherapy(dot)com). Any lighting suggestions for Nick's dim dining room?

Bedroom with white floarboards

Q: I have been endless hours trying to find a light fixture to fit our dining room space. The room is rectangular...the table is rectangular and the buffet is too! I did find two that I love - but they are out of my budget. I love these two because they are simple with details that make them stand out. Not over the top....not too plain....What do you think? Editor: Leave your suggestions for Jess in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

White bedroom with turquoise accents

We've seen plenty of uses for chalkboard paint from DIY decor to blackboard backsplashes, but how often do we see the same artsy application with Dry Erase? Welcome to the world of 'Cubicleism' art by blogger Bill Taylor. In his North Carolina office, colleagues adorn cubicles with calendars and newspaper clippings. Every day, he spends a few minutes sketching on a whiteboard with his palette of Dry Erase markers, completing a fist-sized section of a painting at a time. His reproductions run the gamut from classic pieces by artists like Picasso and Lichtenstein to comic book covers like Iron Man. It takes Bill an average of six weeks to complete a painting. The work is left up for a couple of days to be admired, and then wiped clean to start all over again. Says Bill, 'People ask me all the time if it's painful to erase them when they are done. Honestly, no, because I'm always excited about starting on the next one.' What do you think? Will Dry Erase - with its modern polish and lack of dust - become the new artsy trend anytime soon?

Luxury bedroom

We would guess most people are familiar enough with their bathroom layout to be able to locate the light switch in their sleep. For those who aren't or are frequent visitors to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Robern has a new bathroom cabinet with an integrated night light. The in handle LED and a built in light sensor illuminates the under side of the cabinet automatically when the light conditions are dark enough to warrant it. Now your midnight bathroom trips can happen discreetly without having to wake your partner by turning on all the bathroom lights.

Romantic plush bedroom

Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Our offer? If you post something GOOD, we will feature it here in Scavenger where it is sure to sell.... This nice dark wood armoire will suit a television or clothes and despite the fact that it IS from Pottery Barn, this is a very useful piece of furniture at a greatly reduced price. They say there are nicks and scratches from earlier moves, but with dark wood, this is easy to fix. MGR. OTHER GOOD STUFF.Club Chair on auction for $310.Hesman Trophy Club chair on auction for $10.Trad. red mahogany dining table on auction for $63.Vintage French bar counter for $2000.