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Bedroom with wallpaper

If you don't want to paint your whole apartment black, but would like to darken things up a bit. The subject of black moldings has come up before on AT, but it's actually surprisingly difficult to find good photos of them. So we were thrilled to stumble on this photo in the recent Living Etc. magazine. We've actually done this ourselves, a few years ago, and we were pleased with the results. Even in our tiny one-bedroom, the black moldings added depth and visual interest to the space. The home pictured here is located in central Marseilles and is a renovated printing factory.

Bedroom with fireplace

This small addition to a 1790's house blends sleek contemporary fixtures with existing rustic spaces. The stainless steel finishes and window wall in the kitchen contrast beautifully with the rich tile flooring and brick wall. In the bathroom, that same contrast can be found again. A frameless glass shower door and simple fixtures are set against an exposed brick fireplace and rough-hewn open beams. To see more of these beautiful interventions, visit Studio-A Architecture.

Elegant bedroom


Bedroom with plants

Q: Hi! My boyfriend and I just bought a condo, and I'm having trouble deciding on a color scheme for the living room. The walls are currently a light blue-grey color, and we have a black leather couch and a creme colored coffee table. I'm finding the wall colors a bit hard to work with. I'm not really sure what color rug to get, and our options are limited because of our large dog. Anything too light will not work because it will end up stained and dirty. He also scratches the rug, so whatever rug we end up with needs to be tightly woven. I can't decide whether I should just paint all of the walls white, get a rug, and then paint an accent wall or two, or if I should try to get a rug that works with the wall. Any advice on how to move forward with our colors and decor would be much appreciated. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Kristen in the comments - thanks!

Winter lodge feel bedroom

Bedroom fireplaces are an uncommon luxury in homes built after the invention of electric heat. If the fireplace is non-working, there's an added question of how to use it. Click below for homes that utilize bedroom mantels in four different ways.... This bedroom has a working fireplace, but no closet. The renter transformed the built-in storage space next to the mantel into an unconvential approach to clothes storage. This non-working bedroom fireplace from Living Etc becomes a focal point with decorated mantelpiece and a sculptural floor vase. Fireplace bedrooms are common in homes built before the advent of electric heat - this bedroom is from a traditional cottage in County Donegal, Ireland. The mirror above the fireplace reflects the window and creates the illusion of a larger space. Leah from AT:DC took an antique mantelpiece and transformed it into a beautiful upholstered headboard.

White bedroom

You know, the part of you that looks at a discarded sake barrel on the street outside your favorite Japanese restaurant and reimagines it as a funky side table. All it needs, after all, is a good scrub-down and some nice legs. Furniture designer Ian Maclean had such a positive response to the retro hairpin legs he fabricates for his own line that he now makes them available for his customers' DIY projects.... This means you can make your own stylish case study furniture, even if you can't weld. Made of cold-rolled or stainless steel round bar with 'TIG-welded joints', Maclean's hairpin legs mimic the clever design of v-shaped MCM appendages, as seen in the quintessentially-Californian case study bed and the bedside table. Hairpin legs come in many sizes and run from $18 to $37/apiece. Custom fabrication is also available to accommodate beds or different sizes and styles.

Country bedroom

Remember when we reported on Martha Stewart's minimal office upgrade at her new location in Manhattan? Well the domestic goddess herself has decided to correct the rumors both on her site and her show. I just want to say that this article is a misrepresentation of what actually was discussed within our offices. The list of pens is an assortment of what our company will provide our employees with at our expense. We never stated that other pens were not allowed to be used. In these tough economic times, harmony is essential within the working environment. I must also inform you that we use a great assortment of writing implements from the Martha Stewart crafts line available at Michael's Crafts and Walmart. We love that she took the time to sell her MC and W lines! She also addressed the rumor on her show, where ever the clever business woman, she did not mention the name of the blog who wrote the rumor, but instead directed viewers to her site to get the blog's name.... Now you may be wondering where the fabulous photo up top came from. Well, an intern at a radio station was sent down to Martha's book signing with a print out of photos from the post. In classy Martha fashion, she autographed the print out with a stern warning about believing the hype.

Salmon bedroom

We have chalkboard on our mind lately, evidenced by our recent post about colored chalkboard paint. We like the idea of these minimal effort wall stickers.... In part because they're mildly amusing. You'd certainly need an eclectic style to make one of these work or else it could just look downright bad. And while they require far less effort than painting a chalkboard zone, they aren't cheap: $36 for a 31.5' by 18.5' sticker.

Modern bedroom

Framed Botanical Illustration: A few years ago I was given the perfect gift: a botanical illustration of a fern. It was from an antique book, but there are beautiful reproductions like this one from BelleBotanica all over Etsy. Now I just need to find a frame-we have other art in a couple of these Jällvik frames from IKEA, and I think their grey tone won't clash with the wood walls. My dad gave me this, and I think the entrance to our house is the perfect spot to hang it and raise awareness. Ceiling Fan: We bought this Hunter Raefield fan from Menard's and I adore it. The fan's pseudo-modern yet rustic vibe is perfect for the room, and the low profile means my super-tall family members can keep their heads. Reading Light: Ooh, I want this Ranarp wall lamp from IKEA so bad! We're envisioning the sunroom as a perfect place to read, so bright and cozy lighting is a must. Fingers crossed there's $20 in the budget for this beauty. Flooring: This is the glueless sheet vinyl flooring we purchased from Menard's. So what else? How would you make a low-ceilinged, wood-paneled room feel fresh and inviting?

Minimalist bedroom

Tipped off by our mom, we hereby post a good resource for your NYC radiator woes. Started in 1990 by Tom and Peg Kennedy, who found wood radiator covers WAY too expensive, The Wooden Radiator Company offers three general styles at affordable prices. They have also recently added bookcases and baseboard covers to match. While modernistas may not find these designs immediately pleasing, The Wooden Radiator Company can paint, stain or tone down their designs to fit in with most decors and the shaker is pretty plain. The covers are strong enough to stand on and the finishes are heat resistant. Orders can be transmitted online, by fax or in person in the cities that they visit. They make the rounds of the Northeast every few months and are in NYC this month.

Luxury bedroom

The reclaimed wood look is still trending and rightfully so. The Apartment Therapy Classifieds is full of reclaimed wood tables to peruse at your leisure. If you're looking for the best, these sellers are making some truly special tables. Cousins Marcus Bailey and Kerry Bailey use a variety of reclaimed woods to make unique patterns and table designs, such as the one at the top of the post. Check out Fresh Dust's corner to see a variety of wood-base lamps, tables, cabinets and more. He calls himself the Ghost Wood Whisperer and for good reason, too. He scavenges wood from old brownstones across the city to make beautiful furniture. She builds furniture using reclaimed Douglas Fir wood salvaged from buildings around southern California.

Metalic wallpaper bedroom

If you've been following us, you know that we're excited about the trend toward grey in childrens' spaces. Check out this lovely dove grey and white pagoda design gracing this bedroom. It's the work of Martensen Jones Interiors and what a beautiful impact the pattern makes on the wall. The dove grey works like a pastel, keeping things light and airy, yet sophisticated. The wall treatment can work for a young child, older child, or an adult. For more grey combinations check out these posts: grey and pink grey and yellow grey and red grey Swedish style.

Neutral colors bedroom


Floral bedroom


Gray bedroom

During last month's January Cure, we encouraged you to get a new perspective on your living room by sitting somewhere you don't usually sit. Photographer Menno Aden has taken this to a new level with his strangely surreal shots of rooms as seen from above. Aden calls these 'room portraits', because, as he explained to Slate's David Rosenberg, 'Watching from a higher position on a small space is interesting because I can see someone's 'compressed personality.'' To create the 'portraits', Aden fastens a camera with a wide-angle lens to the ceiling of a room and takes pictures straight down. The results are strangely uncluttered - with the third dimension removed, the objects in a room seem peaceful and deliberate, as if placed on an architect's floor plan. The more I looked the more I found myself drawn in. There's something fascinating, and, I think, oddly comforting about being able to see every object in a room at one time. Seen from above, a bedroom or living room or even a shoe store resolves into a perfect little miniature world. To see more of Menno Aden's room portraits, you can visit his website.

Large bedroom

Q: What are some ways to add more wall space when there isn't enough? There is a partition wall in my living room that isn't long enough for my furniture. I've tried numerous combinations, and the furniture either extends beyond the wall or seems to just float with no anchor to anything. I'm open to rearranging, adding or taking away furniture. Maybe I could make better use of the wall where the hallway door is? Add floor to ceiling bookcases at the end of tje partition wall? The entire living room/dining room is begging for suggestions. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Brenda in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.