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Small bedroom

Name: Renee Location: Saint Paul, MN Division: Cool Inspiration for my palette: This space is a large family room which sees a lot of activity and use both by children and adults. We wanted to incorporate some fun colors into the room for the kids while still retaining a space which can be enjoyed by adults. I have always wanted to use turquoise and decided that doing an accent wall would be a fun way to do this without overwhelming the space too much. The chalkboard wall allows for a fun rotation of artwork and messages.

Bedroom in silver tones


Large kitchen

We know a couple that is lucky enough to both be able work from home. Well, they were miserable, until they created this home office 'Door code.' It's a relationship- and life-saver that you can practice yourself, whether or not you or your S.O. work from home. If you're struggling to separate the 'Home' from the 'Office,' you can use this door code to communicate with friends, family or roommates about your, um, availability. By just taking a glance at your home office door, any would-be distractors can figure out whether or not you're open to interruption. What do you think? Is this something you might use at home? Of course, this only works if you have a dedicated home office with a door separating it from the rest of the house. If your home office is a multi-purpose room, how do you communicate your availability to housemates? Tell us in the comments!

Black bedroom

We love sharing real life room makeovers because they are such a wonderful source of inspiration. Many of the makeovers we highlight involve renovations from the ground up, but for those of us who rent, it is always great to find a project that doesn't involve any structural changes. This master bedroom makeover demonstrates the impact a few well-planned changes can have on any room. Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick has long been struggling with a bed that just didn't measure up to her expectations. After a careful assessment of the problems, she set out to transform her space with new bedding, making careful choices from start to finish. Though Sarah's old bedding was lovely,Sarah wanted a change and the new bedding is both beautiful and functional. By gradually assembling a collection of pieces from a variety of sources, Sarah created a unique look that captures her personality and sets the tone for her bedroom. Thanks for sharing Sarah - we'll be keeping an eye out for Part Two!

Bedroom with ocean view

While you might not guess it from photos, Emma of The Marion House Book blog spent a long time living in a bedroom that she found too trendy and not quite right. After a few months of careful planning, she has lightened up and overhauled the space. AT readers, other contributors, and I can sympathize with the struggle to put the bedroom first; for some reason, it's easy to divert your energy to other rooms. I think it looks great in both photos, but Emma's transformed bedroom is almost unrecognizable. In addition to bringing in new bedding and accessories, she painted over the deep gray walls, switched out her four-poster bed frame, and repositioned the bed. The result is relaxed but refined - a look that Emma's blog proves she is adept at achieving. For details and more photos, check out The Marion House Book.

King bed bedroom

We're fans of yellow and gray, not only because it's a popular color combo; it also looks equally great with traditional or modern decor. These rooms, found on the website of British wallpaper and fabric dealer Zoffany, demonstrate how this of-the-moment color pairing is also rooted in tradition.... Patterns shown here include the Venice, Nijinsky, and Arts & Crafts collections.

Bed head with mirrors

The kitchen that Emily and I use is admittedly pretty darn small. At 68' x 76' in size, it's more of a boat -sized cooking space than an ordinary kitchen, meaning that only one of us can cook at a time, lest we end up finding ourselves accidentally included as one of the ingredients. Ft...almost half the size of our studio apartment! Though we're proponents of small space living, we do think having a decent sized kitchen is a luxury we wouldn't mind having again, since we do miss cooking together in the same room. You'll notice our cat looks uncomfortable in the corner...that's because we're standing too close to him in our tiny sized kitchen and he feels like we're not respecting his personal space. Even he wants us to get a larger kitchen.... Here's my dear mom in her kitchen from way back when she lived in what was soon to be named Koreatown. The kitchen in our Wilshire Blvd. area apartment was small, but still much larger than the one Emily and I use currently; about twice as large. On the complete other end of the spectrum, we've got the kitchen inside LA's most expensive apartment, darn near ready to have Gordon Ramsey over to throw something together, with room to spare for several Mario and Emeril-sized chefs. So AT people...what sort of kitchen to you work your culinary magic in? Do you wish you had a larger kitchen to work in, or do you hardly cook anyway and just use the space to socialize? For those of you with small kitchens, any good tips you'd like to share about space saving solutions? We're personally fond of magnetic utensil holders, kitchen rails, ceiling pot racks, hooks, hanging produce baskets, and near-ceiling shelving to optimize space. We're still struggling with the battle of the bulge in the kitchen.

Sumptuous bedroom

Name: Jodi Location: Vancouver Canada Division: International What do you love about your bedroom?: Our wood feature wall. Our condo bedroom has been transformed into a warm cozy space.

Gray coordinated bedroom

The Union Jack: classic or cliche? Classic in the right room I think. Filled with wool, this square ottoman is dense enough for seating, while still providing a soft room element.

Green stripes bedroom

COLOR INSPIRATION: I fell in love with the turquoise reproduction antique low sideboard that I found at a warehouse sale. The subtle but strong color was so unusual and striking against all the other traditional browns. GO TO SHILPA'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

Simple bedroom

When a homeowner didn't want to dedicate a small space solely to movie watching, the designer, Donny Hacket, gave them a rotating floor that lets the room be home theater one minute, and revolves to create a more comfortable living room atmosphere. They don't show any photos of the living room setup, and we are pretty sure just turning around a bunch of theater seats isn't going to cut it when trying to create an inviting space. The room itself looks pretty sterile, which is great when your attention is focused on a screen, but not so much when you're using it for other purposes. The premise is great, one room with two functions. One that apartment dwellers have been dealing with for a long time. How do you create a theater atmosphere in your living room? We bet you have a ton of easy, inexpensive ideas that don't involve a revolving floor. Check out a video of it's elaborate construction, which strangely doesn't include any shots of the finished product in action.

Bedroom furniture

Since sleeping is one of the main things that happens in your bedroom, above all things, you want it to be cozy. What could be cozier than being surrounded by tons of books? From around the web, here are ten of our favorite bedrooms, chock-full of delicious books. Above: a wall of books behind the bed, from Noemi's Romantic Biedermeier Apartment in Berlin. Shelves in a traditional bedroom from Period Living. Shelves under the eaves in a space from Home Beautiful, via Style Carrot. No room for shelves? Hang 'em up high above the bed. Cozy built-ins in the home of architect Vincent van Duysen, spotted on Latte Lisa.

Dark bedroom furniture

Strip the bathroom: I don't mean clean, I mean strip. Pack away all those medicines and the cream for the strange rash you had last summer in a box and bury it in the back of your closet. Things you might want to stock it with instead: Advil, cough medicine, a thermometer, band aids, extra rolls of toilet paper that are easy to locate, disposable toothbrushes, a stack of guest towels, tissues, female products. A clear place to put trash and recyclables: Don't be afraid to label what goes where otherwise you'll have food in your recyclables. A place for coats and bags: For us, it's usually the bedroom, which means that room gets a extra clean sweep, with all surfaces cleared. Label your platters: If you know that Aunt Beth is bringing her famous biscuits, have a platter already set up, with a card labeled so you're not searching for platters and figuring out a place to put the food just at the moment when everyone arrives, which they invariably all do. Extra spoons or forks: If your family's like mine, everyone always ends up in the kitchen, picking at the food. Keep fingers out of the food by offering spoons or forks so that everyone's fingers are not in the food. Even better: set aside a little bit of the food just for people to pick on.

Luxurious bedroom

Hello AT,. We have big dreams for the bathroom which is original to our house which was built in 1947. We plan to buy the toto ultimate small toilet, a new tub, possibly kohler purist faucets, subway tile the bathroom to the ceiling in the shower and then about 2/3 way up the wall around the rest of the bathroom. For the floor, we found a really nice small octogonal tile in a shiny dark blue at a local tile store in Ottawa. We were going to use the abstrakt shiny white vanity from ikea but the size is too small for our bathroom and the sink leaves absolutely no room to set anything down if need be. With a blue floor and a smallist bathroom, we would go with white on the vanity, and only tile in the shower area up to the ceiling. In the rest of the bathroom we would use a satin or semigloss paint to add some color and open up the space. This bathroom isn't as nice is yours is going to be, but it gives you an idea of what we're talking about.

Ecletic bedroom

Have you ever wanted a little privacy when having an out of town guest stay with you? Well this 3 in 1 tent sofa transforms, giving the user the ability to put a roof over their head for some incognito shut eye in the fold out bed.... London designer Philippe Malouin has created Tent Sofa for the Italian manufacturer Campeggi. The sofa is made of soft polyurethane panels it can be unfolded to create a real life tent. We love the idea for the impromptu sleepover guest or for your kids as well. Hopefully we'll see this fun piece in production soon!

Modern bedroom with gray feature wall