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Small bedroom

You know the saying 'Every room needs a little black?' Well, with brass's amazing resurrection, the saying should really go, 'Every room needs a little black and brass.' And, if you're the picky type, yes, black might mean bronze and brass might mean gold. My favorite use of the classic combination is in understated or spare vintage spaces where brings the combo brings a lively sophistication.

Bedroom in silver tones

COLOR INSPIRATION: Our master bedroom is a true explosion of my husband and my color personalities. GO TO ASHLEY'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

Large kitchen

When we talked about making your bathroom your sanctuary we touched on having some lovely nice smelling soaps for the bath. Well some readers chimed in and reminded us that there are all kinds of no nonsense recipes for scrubs and lotions that you can make yourself using things that you might already have around the house-convenient and affordable! A roundup of our favorites is under the cut. Foot Scrub:Mix equal parts granulated sugar and olive oil and rub. To Exfoliate Elbows and Knees:Cut an orange in half and rub. Bath Soaks:Add a cup of strongly brewed peppermint tea to the water for an herbal soak. OrAdd a few tablespoons of liquid milk or dry milk for a milk bathFrom Green LIvingor Try the recipe we use. For Dry Skin:We have a friend that swears by rubbing pure coconut milk into her skin to battle dry skin. We confess, her skin is very soft and she always smells sweet. For Puffy Eyes:Use chamomile, green or black tea bagssteep them in just boiling water and then refridgerate.

Black bedroom

We've been thinking about wall adornment all day - can you tell? While researching some good ideas for a friend, we found these wall stickers ljcfyi put up. These Nouvelles Images wall stickers feature colorful and attractive animals in various scenes. We like how ljcfyi put them at the very bottom of her walls. You might not notice them right away but they're a fun surprise. If you're a commitment-phobe, you'll be glad to know these wall stickers peel right off without damaging your paint job.

Bedroom with ocean view

We can imagine the difficulty of being surrounded by so much beauty in the desert if your living space in the house you purchased just does not compare. Drawing inspiration from natural elements and the beauty of the desert, Lindsay infused her dark and uninspiring spare bedroom with, as she says, 'As much white, natural wood, and stone as possible.' For this entertaining-loving host, the guest bedroom is the largest bedroom in this house, and got a careful, exuberant makeover fit for a king! And though the space looks much improved from its plain, boring beginnings, a lot of the choices that Lindsay made didn't cost a lot of money. 'In Lindsay's words:'This is the guest room I love hosting friends and having them wake up to the beautiful light filtering through the curtains. 'The biggest changes to this room were removing the old carpet, removing the closet doors, installing a proper bathroom door, and painting the walls. Removing the closet doors was relatively easy, and makes the room feel bigger. I replaced the doors with simple white curtains.' 'The previous owners had put a flimsy plastic accordion door separating the en-suite bath from the bedroom, and it never closed. I installed a real door and added some hooks for hanging towels.' 'The windows are an odd shape, so I took standard IKEA white curtains and cut/sewed/draped them to fit. I wanted simple white window coverings that would let in filtered light and accent the view.' 'I made the bed frame using a tutorial by Grace Bonney from Design*Sponge. The Pendleton blanket is the first item I ever purchased for this home - I absolutely love this blanket and it's one of my most prized possessions.'

King bed bedroom

Slash used to play with Guns & Roses, but now he's just trying to declutter like the rest of us. Help him clean out by buying his barely used Flos Mini Globe Table light for five little ones. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

Bed head with mirrors

As someone who's lived in city apartments for most of my adult life, the last time I had a relatively big bedroom was in high school. It's been a steady string of wall-mounted reading lights, compact closet systems, and creative ideas for shoe storage. If you find yourself in the same situation, read on for links to helpful small bedroom source lists.

Sumptuous bedroom


Gray coordinated bedroom

It's often hard to find time to design around a television setup, but it's even harder to do it when all you have is a tiny flat to work with. Our Australian comrade Filip has come to terms with both areas of hardship and created one of the most amazing spaces we've seen in a while. We love how his couch softly creates a divider between his kitchen and living room, executing serene contrast filled with warm, leather fabrics - we just can't help but to drool like crazy! More photos of his marvelous flat can be found on his Flickr. Have a picture to share? Tag them 'Unplggd' and we'll find them! Or join our totally awesome Flickr group, Unplggd.

Green stripes bedroom


Simple bedroom

One of our favorite tours from the past year, Alan's Andersonville Loft, features a very dramatic dining room. A mix of high and low, vintage and new...IKEA table surrounded by vintage original Arne Jacobsen Series 7 and Emeco aluminum chairs. Nice definition of space for the dining area in an open loft by the back wall of the kitchen and raised platform flooring. The feeling of a stage set is enhanced by the step up - making dinner parties that much more dramatic. The personal touch of original artworkLow profile white shelving provides an additional serving surface plus storage. Memorable pieces such as the Deer wall sculpture and the Gold Pig centerpieceLarge scale natural arrangement of dried foliage in a rustic wooden vessel. Super unique religious wall pieces from a closed church on the Southside. Check out Alan's entire loft in his house tour.

Bedroom furniture

We've just purchased the Eames Molded Plywood Lounge chair in Walnut and it seems absolutely dwarfed by our massive Ikea coffee table. The Lounge chair is just so low that it seems to be lost in the room next to the white table.... I'm looking for a good alternative - should it be round? Should it be glass or acrylic? I've been contemplating the CB2 'Peekaboo' coffee table but I think it's too big for our space and I'm concerned about scratches! Apartment Therapy to the rescue please!! Thanks for your time, Megan. Megan, congrats with the new Eames Molded Plywood Lounge chair. We completely agree with your assessment about the Ikea coffee table being a poor match with the lower profile of the chair. Whether you go round or square seems less of an issue than the point of picking a coffee table that sits at a height compatible with your seating. We also see an opportunity to bring in a bit more colour like you have with the addition of a walnut chair, as the clear acrylic table may result in a room filled with too similar of a palette since the table would give a view of the neutral tone rug below. Ideally, you would consider saving up for something like a Saarinen Low Oval Coffee Table with a walnut veneer or maybe something square-minimal like this Mott Modern Coffee Table which sits low while providing a sufficient surface area to span the space between your sofa and your chair. Of course, with some time and patience, perhaps you could find a vintage piece, like this wonderful vintage coffee table from Swank in St. Paul, shown here. I'm sure many of our readers have their own opinions of tables that would match your decor and layout.

Dark bedroom furniture

If having a home library is the dream, then having a home library with bookcases so toweringly tall you need a ladder to access them is a dream within a dream. Library ladders are actually quite practical, because who wants to drag over a stepstool when you desperately need to reference that copy of War and Peace, but they're also a bit romantic and present a lot of scope for the imagination, really the next best thing to having a library like this. In short, library ladders are both dramatic and useful, like the perfect partner we've all been looking for. A library ladder is just one of the beautiful details in this Swedish home spotted on Elle Decoration. We love the unique shape of this library ladder, from One Kind Design. This library ladder in Nicole Phillips' gorgeous home, is placed parallel to the shelves for easier access to the highest books. A library ladder graces a living room form Bo Bedre. Even if yyou don't have a lot of space for shelves, a library ladder can help you make the most of what you've got by taking the shelves all the way to the ceiling.

Luxurious bedroom

Last week we saw Gregory featured on the New York Times, where he spoke candidly about living minimally with tech. Though primarily due to a constrained budget at the time, in time has morphed into an ongoing lifestyle. In the spirit of living like a technophile-minimalist, we'd like to open it all up to our readers. Do you consider yourself an electronics aggregator or one that carefully plans out an entire spreadsheet of plus/minuses before adding another piece of technology into their life? Personally, I have a hard time myself keeping my purchasing fingers off that Checkout button online when it comes down to consumer goodies. I tend to purchase a number of different headphones, but use my desktop speakers to listen to my music about 90% of the time. This observation only came about after the fact, so I guess it could be considered a worthy investment in the spirit of self-acknowledgment of a personal headphone addiction, yeah?

Ecletic bedroom


Modern bedroom with gray feature wall

Home offices are often spaces which are organically thrown together over time, rather than planned and designed. Sometimes it's worth revisiting how your home office is setup and making a few changes to optimize comfort and efficiency.... Check and Update the Ergonomics of Your Setup:More than anything, ergonomics matter when it comes to a home office. We've gone into detail about figures and features of ergonomics, noting there isn't really a one-size-fits-all position, but there are some recommendations for height for sitting vs. standing setups worth considering. My partner recently switched to a larger laptop and was having shoulder soreness using the laptop from our dining table turned home office desk. Optimize Your Lighting:If you've still got an incandescent bulb, it might be worth considering switching it out for a more energy efficient and less heating-emanating LED or CFL bulb. These stackable Stack+Fit Desk Accessories from the queen of neat and orderly, Martha Stewart, are neutral yet handsome, compatible with nearly any home office decor. At the least , consider adding a surge protector as the first line into your home office setup. Since we work from a small size home office where outlets for charging are vital, we like options like the Belkin USB Charging 6-outlet Surge Protector, offering 6 electric outlets plus 2 USB charging ports. Upgrade Your Wired/Wireless Network:Network routers are often an item purchased and then soon forgotten...sometimes for years.