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Large bedroom

Hello AT,. I just signed the lease on this great studio apartment. I'm pretty much starting fresh with new furniture but I'm not sure what color scheme would work best with the exposed brick. My other question is, how should I divide the room to hide my full size bed? Right now I'm thinking of putting it in the corner to the right of the closet.

Black and white bedroom

Re-nest reader Kristin is looking to replace this chandelier in her entry. She wants it to be green, and able to use CFLs. Our first idea was paper lanterns. Other readers have suggested grouping pendants, or choosing a well-made fixture from Rejuvenation. We're also making progress on our quest for lightweight, portable containers for packed lunches. We've got a great DIY on how to reduce odor from your cat's litter box. Don't miss the latest two installments of our inspiring Green People series, which profile architect Eric Corey Freed and consultant Aaron Winer. Does mixing these two litters result in the perfect blend? Green consultant Aaron Winer tells about helping others to go green. We thought these well-designed recycled plastic food containers would be the perfect portable complement to our vintage Pyrex. Re-nest readers tell us to watch out.... Green architect Eric Corey Freed not only has an amazing scarf, but also an agenda that includes attacking government subsidies to the oil and coal industries.

Wallpaper bedroom

Like many apartment dwellers, we don't have a dedicated office in our place, so when we started working from home our dining room became a dining room/office. We were happy to see that Leah's recent dining room redo included the addition of a workspace - the streamlined area is a great example of how to put an office in a non-office room. We love the clean aqua and white color pallet, and the use of IKEA's Grundtal rail and Asker containers to hang office and craft supplies on the wall, keeping the desk surface clutter free. See more pictures of Leah's dining room redo on her blog, More Ways to Waste Time.

Kitchen with island and breakfast bar

When I moved into my condo, the kitchen had wood cabinets and dark green laminate countertops. Before I moved in, I had the cabinets and walls painted white. I bought granite countertops and a new sink to replace the laminate ones. I have a back door in the kitchen that I painted yellow originally, but then an aqua: Behr Cool Jazz. I also brought the aqua color scheme in through my IKEA cart and storage containers from World Market. Overall, it was an affordable makeover that made a huge difference. Are you interested in sharing a decorating or renovating project with Apartment Therapy readers? Contact the editors through our Makeover Project Submission Form..

Small condo kitchen

Well, speaking of moods - do you ever feel like dancing at home? Like, in your living room? Check out this interesting little project by Engineered Environments of Alameda, CA, where they basically turn a living room into a full-on night club - lights, discoball, and all. The night starts with a quaint dinner with a couple of friends. Little do they know that.... ...behind all of that jazz and modernist ways is a night club just waiting to happen. With the click of a button, the AMX system goes into effect, making good use of the Mac-driven media server that controls the music via the in-wall touchpanel or iPad/iPhone. Motorized shades and LED nights move into motion, with dual video projectors to finish off the party theme. The pole, well... you can consider it a bonus. In the other room, guests can enjoy films and TV shows on the huge 65-inch LED TV. What a cozy lifestyle this couple must have!

Modern kitchen cabinets

AT:LA reader Dean writes us this question: Since we're in the middle of the Color Contest, I thought now would be the best time to enlist AT to help me find the perfect blue paint for my living room! I really want to paint my living room a rich navy. I am totally freaked out at the thought, but I'm taking the advice of everyone who's entered the Color Contest and 'Just going for it'!.... My couch is sort of an avocado green and I've got a large white Expedit shelf, Danish walnut chairs and a walnut credenza as the other key players in the room. I plan on buying a large flokati for the room, too.... I've been thinking about navy for a while, after I saw a living room designed by Philip Gorrivan. I got totally excited when I happened upon an old issue of Domino that featured Nick Olsen's apartment...his walls are the same color as my couch...and his couch is nearly the exact color that I want my walls!! Anyway, my keywords when trying to describe this color are: rich, jewely, Indian, Moroccan, dusty...Any ideas??? Well, Dean, we say: go navy! With your white Expedit shelf, it will pop out and create a breather from all that dark blue. Plus, we are big fans of walnut wood with rich, jewel-toned navy blue-it's classy in a very Audrey Hepburn kind of way.

Rustic country kitchen

Got nest? As we were googling around, looking for a perfect nest pic, we landed on Tamlin & Brown, a small online shop from England that sells a fine bunch. Since we didn't want to forget them, we thought, heck, blog it. Looking for beautiful nests? T & B have the bug box for beneficial insects, as well as a ladybug house, a hedgehog house and various nesting pockets for smaller birds.

New York bedroom

Q: I am really struggling to find artwork that works well in our tiny bedroom. So far I've put in several small paintings that I love, but they don't work well together or suit the space. Would it look better if I removed all the small paintings and bought two bigger pieces - one for over the bed and one to replace the three small pictures by the door? Any tips would be much appreciated. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Sara in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Large bedroom

As for the end of the voting, the Nomad Sleeper Sofa for $2,400 and the Dublin Sleeper Sofa for $1,299 are too close to call an outright winner....which means we are going into a runoff. Since the styles are so different and the prices are far apart, we would appreciate a brief comment backing up your vote and letting everyone know WHY you favor one over the other.

Made to fit wardrobe bedroom

With the nights getting chilly we're starting to dream about being tucked away in a cozy cabin on a snowy hillside. Later this week we'll be featuring some woodland inspired housetours but it's wednesday evening, the light is getting low and we're feeling a little bit sleepy and would really like for that vacation to begin now. These images are of stylist Robin Glaser's vacation cabin as posted on Emma's Blog. It does a good job of showing exactly the vibe we would be going for if we a) owned a cabin or b) had the wherewithal to put something this great together. It has the right mix of 'casual cabin' and 'fancy cabin'. Surprisingly the knotty pine was left as-is instead of being painted white as we ourselves have advised people to do. Leaving the wood exposed helps to make the place feel warm, cozy and inviting. With the addition of some modern pieces and a simple palette of whites, creams and browns the cabin takes on a bit of sophistication without feeling pretentious. We know that taxidermy can be a passionate subject for many, so we'll leave that to you.

Minimalist bedroom

There's something sort of perfect about black in a bedroom: what says 'sleep' more strongly than the color of the night? Here are 10 rooms where this moody hue is the backdrop for a seriously stylish space. Above: Jenna Lyons' black bedroom from Domino, arguably the one that began it all. A black bedroom with gold accents from Farrow & Ball. Black and white and lots of texture make for a soothing bedroom, spotted on Design Sponge. Black can also be a perfect background for setting up other, brighter colors, as in this bedroom from Lonny. Black also pairs nicely with other, less bold colors - in fact, it pairs nicely with any color at all. A gallery wall adds a little bit of color to a bedroom from Domaine Home. Finally, the deliciously moody bedroom in Allison and Matt's East Village apartment. Want to get the look? Find plenty of color suggestions in our Black Bedrooms Paint Color Portfolio.

Bedroom with feature wall and a view

Let's help her our with space suggestions as well as recommending a storage furniture piece and drape solutions. To the right of the window, we have installed a long desk that runs the length of the wall. Lately I'm thinking that the ideal piece would be a long unit with some added height for shelving on the left that could run up the wall to the left of the window. The evil window that lends a lovely 'Jail cell' feel to the whole space - any ideas for a treatment/solution? I was thinking of a rod and then curtains that double the window in height to fake a more attractive architecture, but worry that it might look ridiculous when they're open. As far as the small(ish) windows you could do a number of things. Some say accentuate the imperfection by using fabric that covers only the windows while others want to hide the imperfection. Possibly something with a pattern to focus on-so you aren't focusing so much on the windows.

Home office with creative storage


Bedroom with feature wall

We love the combination of pastel pink swirled together with funky touches coming together in this lovely girl's bedroom. The focal point of the room is definitely the bed with its strong headboard and bed niche that echoes the same shape and lines as the headboard. The bed makes the room feel less princess-y, more modern and daring. A bright painting, which seems to give a nod to Georgia O'Keefe, sits on top of the mantel bringing more fun funkiness to the overall look of the room. You can see a video of the room, as well as get more information on the look at the Southern Accents Web site.

Bedroom with wallpaper


Minmalist bedroom with window panes

We received this dining room photo from Michelle Bradley of Bradley Hughes. The decor has such a dramatic feel - a bit glam, a bit dark and mysterious and more than a bit rock and roll. The dining chairs are the Mick Chairs, covered in fabric by Philip Barlow and at the head of the table is the Giselle Chair, designed by Michelle. She also designed the light fixtures, called Lucille and Lucy, made from iron with a distressed gold finish. The painting is from the Vintage Floral series by Donna Hughes. Lastly, the Babs Dining Table was designed for Diffa in 2007. Bradley Hughes in based in Atlanta - check out their site for more info on the products and the company.