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Dark bedroom

We picked up this little metal-and-glass breakfast tray at IKEA a while ago. We thought we'd use it for a laptop tray, but the legs were a little too long. The other day, we repurposed it as a side table for our couch. It's just the right size and height for the small space between the sofa and the wall. The white 'Cafeteria tray' is from Willow on Damen Avenue. We use it to organize our coasters, a little moleskin journal and a scented candle. At about $15 for the breakfast tray and around $15 for the organizer, our little end table was only $30!.


Since we're in our planning phase for our front and back yards right now, one of the things that's on our Garden 2008 Must-Have list is a garden of herbs. After seeing this photo on CJohsons' flickr, we're even more excited to get our herb garden going. Love these tin pails that these herbs are growing in-anyone know where to get something similar? We've got too many terracotta pots in the back right now, must mix it up...!

Twin kid bedroom

Q: I love our newly remodeled kitchen but, as soon as it was finished, I realized how much work the rest of the house needed - particularly our living space. The floor plan doesn't seem to lend itself well to proper, traditional placement of the furniture. The front door opens right in front of the only wall where it makes sense to place the TV. We do plan on eventually mounting the TV and hopefully getting a more narrow media stand. Would love any ideas on what type of furniture to buy for this room and where to place it. Would also like ideas on what to do on the large, bare wall behind the TV. We have 3 kids 5 and under so we would prefer furniture that can stand up to some wear. Editor: Leave your suggestions for rach4136 in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.


The furniture made by OHIO Design is breathtaking - from their clever Primco Table, to their book matched and clean lined Sophia 30 Credenza. All OHIO furniture is made with recycled and FSC woods, and environmentally friendly substances and techniques whenever possible. The wood is then finished with all natural beeswax and orange oil. OHIO's got a great collection of bedroom furniture, check the pieces out after the jump.


Villa Planchart, perched a hilltop in El Cerrito in Caracas, Venezuela, and built in 1956 by Gio Ponti, is one of the classics of the modernist movement. Here Ponti designed not only the house, but most of the furniture and the decorative objects as well. It's a great example of how lighthearted a home can be when the imagination is given free rein and allowed to express the personality.... We especially love the creative use of colour, the wild tilings both inside and outside the home and the ceilings. Usually neglected, here they are given exuberant shouts of color and pattern and design.


If you haven't been to Turquoise yet, you're missing out on some incredible interior design and a showroom filled with mid century and vintage pieces that make our heads spin. Now everything in showroom on is 40% off through the end of the year.

Purple  teen bedroom

COLOR INSPIRATION: When my partner of 17 years and I split, he kept the house, but I kept the attached shed in the back yard, and converted it into a 180-square foot retreat where I could spend may days. GO TO DENIS' ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!


'After over a week of being too sick with the flu to do anything beyond moving a mouse a few inches here and there, I was able to finally install a new 92' pulldown Panoview Greywolf II movie screen in our apartment.... The large screen was a freebie during a Circuit City promotion and I had to wait 5 months for the screen to finally be delivered. 'The ceiling mounting option was fairly easy. I needed to purchase two weight bearing swag ceiling hooks, which are readily available at Home Depot in the ceiling lamp hardware section. Drilling two 1/3' holes using a power drill, I fastened the swag hooks, uniformly spaced the distance of the two preset loops on the Greyhawk II screen. The screen weight about 24lbs, so you want to make sure you drill into support beams if possible. Currently the Optoma DLP projector is ceiling mounted using an affordable solution from eBay, but will require additional drilling through a wall dividing the living room from a walk-in closet, which will store the components and hide the wiring. I'm dreading this last part, since it will require a bit of planning of how to attractively finish what amounts to a hole in the wall. 'For now, all we can do is enjoy the huge picture that dwarfs our 40' LCD. The screen has a 1.8 gain and none of the sparkling issues some users have mentioned; excellent viewing angle irregardless of whether sitting or standing. I'll have specifics about image performance after a few days of using the projector/screen combo, since I tired myself out installing everything last night. We can't wait to get everything fully setup for use in the coming days for a full test run using a PS3 for our first movie night screening. Now the question is which movie to screen.....

Luxurious small bedroom

The new year has arrived, and with it, a bit of culture shock: back to work, back to reality, back to a reasonable amount of cookies. It's important not to shock the system.... The holidays can definitely be a time of indulgence, and for good reason: winter is a tough time of year. I've been thinking of other ways I can bring a bit of indulgence into my life, without wrecking my budget or my health. I'm going to keep my white lights up for at least another month, probably until the end of February. Last year I kept my mirror garland up until March and I was so glad I did. A single bottle of Champagne in the fridge can work wonders. Half- or quarter-batches of cookies are the way to go! A batch of cookies makes too many cookies to be alone in the apartment with, but there's no reason I should go completely without. A few fresh-baked cookies now and then are good for the soul- and, I'd argue, the body. How do you make the transition from party-time to back-to-the-grind a bit smoother? Happy New Year, everyone!

Large bedroom

Q: Hello, my 16-year-old daughter is moving in with me and we are VERY budgeted! A friend of mine gave me an older 1980's style American Drew brand bedroom set. It is outdated and I need some advice on how to snazzy this up for her. I'm thinking maybe paint but not just boring old paint. The style isn't very cool but maybe with the right touch it could be cute! I'm not very creative so pleeease help... walls are light aqua color and she wants a zebra stripe comforter and I'm thinking accent with black accessories...any advice? Editor: My vote is to paint it white and let the other decor in the room be more creative. White paint will give it an instant update and also keep it flexible to be used as a possible guest room in a few years when your daughter leaves home. Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here with the subject line: Good Question.

Bright bedroom

Interior designer Lauren Liess had clients with a brand-new dining room looking for a stylish and personal upgrade. The family had a bold, cheerful style, so she came up with the perfect solution: a kids' art wall! She added some new curtains, a new overhead fixture, and some sconces in the middle of the gallery wall - but the focus is the kids' art, which adds a lot of color and fun to the room!



Minimalist bedroom

If you are looking for a stunning bookshelf solution that is as strong as it is visually light, take a gander at Jason Wade's new bookshelf that he premiered at ICFF. Based in Chicago and fronting his own design company, 45 Degrees Design, Jason has created a Mid-C styling with a more contemporary flair. The shelves are made of walnut and plastic laminate as well as in solid oak. The design scales from two to five shelves and is solely anchored by the weight of your books pushing it against the wall.

Bedroom with wallpaper

Please go to our new link for Scandinavian Design Center. With a mission to 'Market and sell Scandinavian Design worldwide' we thought it was time to devote a store post to the online retailer Scandinavian Design Center. We've posted many products from the Sweden-based company: Pappelina Plastic Rugs, Contactbox, Nisse Strinning's String Shelving System and Green Fortune's Streamgarden to name a few.... Covering a wide range of product categories, Scandinavian Design Center carries furniture, towels & linens, an abundance of unique tabletop & servingware, kid stuff and even jewelry. Products come from well-known companies and small-scale Scandinavian designers. Most items are shipped worldwide some bulkier items require special arrangements. Our only note of caution concerns lighting Scandinavian Design Center carries a lot of beautiful lighting but make certain lamps are suitable for the U.S. market before buying! Many have European voltage standards which are dangerous when paired with U.S. power supplies! Do any ATers have experience ordering from Scandinavian Design Center?


Dear AT,. My living room has turned purple. I used my painting as inspiration for colors, but made the mistake of getting a couch & loveseat in a deep purple and painted the trim to coordinate. The room has so much trim that it turned purple and made the walls look to pink. 'I got the rug and random curtain to try and 'blue' the room up since I like blue waaaay more than purple....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions.

Luxurious bedroom

Kartell is an interesting store in that it splits its time between creating funky plastic designed furniture for the home and innovative technical items for laboratories. Their common elements are plastics, design and technology. We think it is important to incorporate all of the elements when designing a space - wood, metal, glass. We are always trying to add a little plastic or Lucite to shake up the mix a little. Kartell furniture also works great outdoors, so you can get a cool, modern look while also getting strong reliable materials that wont rust in the rain. A lot of the furniture can be found elsewhere but if you are on Beverly, why not go right to the source? At least check out the website, which is a royal pain to get around but the images are great fun.