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Minimalist bedroom

Most days we're all about brightening up your tech centric rooms, but there's something to be said about using a rich and dark color to contrast the bright glow coming from your computer monitor. This space, found over at Design*Sponge, is where LA-based jewelry maker Melissa McClure does her work. The deep gray matched with the light wood hues from the drafting chair and corkboard give this space a refined look. While dark rooms can get depressing, there's something about this color tone that makes the space feel cozy - a space you'd want to curl up on a overstuffed chair, a good read, and a roaring fire. Maybe that's where Melissa transports herself to when she's working long hours on her jewelry line.

Grey bedroom

We're proud of our alma mater, Oberlin College, for all the creative, hard working souls they have launched into the world. His Brooklyn company, OSO Industries, treats concrete like it were wood and uses it to make furniture that is solid, mobile and very, very modern. Top billing goes to his Rollerboy Stool and the Rollerstation Desk which it fits underneath. This compact workstation would sit nicely into a small apartment. There are also coffee tables, bookcases and tables, all of which can be custom colored to suit your needs. If you get really excited, Eric does custom work for architects and designers so that your whole apartment can become cool as concrete.

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Classy bedroom

To pull together our ultimate gift guides this year, we're asking the experts: YOU! What are the best design, art, or interiors books you've read this year? Which ones do you hope to unwrap? From coffee table beauties to DIY guides, let us know what's worthy of the space on your shelves! Share with us in the comments: what art and design books do you recommend?

Bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

We're often cautioned about design for small spaces, told to keep things light, solid, and neutral in order to avoid overwhelming the space. Especially when it comes to wallpaper! I think a small room-or part thereof-is the perfect place to add a bit of color and pattern. Using wallpaper makes smaller spaces special, and the limited amount of paper needed keeps costs low. Read on for 12 small papered rooms that pack a punch. There's a reason we often think of wallpaper as being perfect for powder rooms. These small spaces provide the opportunity to play with something a little bold, like this graphic black-and-white tree print in a bathroom by Regan Baker Design, while being relatively safe from design fatigue-after all, it's unlikely you'll spend so much time in the powder room that you'll tire of the paper. The owner has even made the unusual decision to paper the ceiling, which works perfectly in this small space. Why not treat utility spaces as something special? It might even make doing the laundry more fun. In a small, white, modern space, the pattern is the focal point; it could almost be too much in a larger room, don't you think? Here, trendy banana leaf paper completely covers this Tracy Murdock-designed sunroom/conservatory, and even though it's a small space, it looks fantastic.

Dark bedroom with wallpaper

We might just enjoy bathroom stuff more than anything else. It's the room we feel most entitled to do small updates to regularly. Out with the old bathmats, in with the new; work out creative organizational systems; start over fresh whenever the mood strikes.

White country kitchen

Designed by Central Design Studio, it feels less like a restaurant and more like a stylish friend's home. There are some design details in this space that inspire. The aim with Evelyn's Café and Bar was to create a neighbourhood restaurant, which instantly felt like a local favourite. Replace the chairs on one side of your dining room table with a sofa. Table cloths and cloth napkins don't have to feel fussy or formal-DIY decor to add color and pattern to your table. Furniture made of natural materials like wicker and rattan add great texture to an eating space, especially in the presence of a lot of solid dining furniture. Turn those overhead lights off when entertaining in your dining area! Table lamps and candles bring the light lower to where the eating action is.

Small modern kitchen

Are you struggling with how to fit your furniture in the living room, and can't for the life of you come up with a good layout? You might need to 'Float' your furniture - or pull everything out from the wall and create an island of sorts comprising your sofa, chairs and tables - and anchor it all with an area rug. Floating a sofa can create corridors that make it obvious where foot traffic should flow. Vivian and Leonard's set up offers multiple obvious ways to move about the room. To Divide a Room: Furniture provides a convenient way to partition off different zones within one room. Above, Monique's sofa is a clear boundary between the living space and the kitchen. To Take Advantage of a Focal Point: Designers will always say to pick a focal point in a room and arrange furniture around that distinctive feature. When that focal point is in the middle of a long space, as in Christina's living room above, seating needs to be brought in closer to accommodate. When There's No Wall Space: And sometimes there's just no wall to be had anywhere, making it a necessity. Amy Butler's living room is surrounded by glass, brick hearth, and step up to another level.

Small retro look kitchen

Start with a grid of printed letters, and add circles around words as you find them. This wordsearch-inspired wallcovering is created by 5.5 designers. We love the interactive nature of this and the ability to constantly change your decor by playing a game.

Great cabinetry kitchen

Head up to da Bronx if you're remodeling your kitchen - bxkid's price on cabinet pulls can't be beat. With 23 knobs in the lot, there should be enough to re-fit a New York kitchen. MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

Wood floor kitchen

The Wow Dining Table at The Conran Shop is probably the best extending table we've ever seen. There are no 'Hidden parts' that don't keep up with the aesthetic quality of the exposed parts of the table. The table consists of two equal beech wood leaves on an aluminum frame. When unfolded, the size expands to 82.5x30'. A pivoting arm offsets the tabletop to recenter it when opening and closing. Sorry for the small photo - there don't seem to be any large ones out there.

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Luxurious bedroom

This image was actually the lead image of this kids room tour, but my eye was so drawn to the mix of color and pattern in the textiles that only later did I notice the fawn decal on the roller shade and think what a clever idea it was. This is 2-year-old Charlie's room and her mom, Pietsie, reports that the decal is from the online shop Hemingway & Pickett. A decal is simple, affordable way to add interest to an otherwise ordinary shade and you can change it over time or remove it easily if you bore of it.

Luxurious bed head bedroom

Flipping through one of my old decor books the other day, I noticed a room that gave me pause. At first glance, you'll notice that this is a delightful little reading nook, but if you look a little closer, it becomes clear that it's in an odd spot: the kitchen. I wish that there were a better image showing the whole room, but in general, I'm quite taken with the idea of a wingback in the kitchen area. It's a refreshing departure from your average eat-in kitchen or your typical island with stools. It's not as practical for eating, but if you have a separate dining room, then it seems like an ideal use of space. A friend can hang out, lounge, have a glass of wine; a partner can read and keep you company while you cook; a child could do homework, play, or read; while a stew simmers, you can have a quiet moment, enjoying the smells of the dish to come. It's a departure from the norm, but one that I would certainly emulate if I my kitchen layout were different. It sent me back to our house tour archives to see if I could come up with some other examples of this idea. None are exactly the same, but here are some instances where spare chairs or odd wall space have been added to give a companion a place to rest while dinner's on the stove. A Day in the Life: Katie & Soloman's California Homestead. What do you think about using spare kitchen space for purposes that aren't related to eating?

Playful use of fabric bedroom

During that time their guest bedroom took a back seat to other spaces and became a storage area. When it came time to get around to the guest bedroom Christina went full force on DIY projects, smart planning and beautiful design choices. After the floors were complete, I started working on other projects - mainly on the first floor of the house, and the rear bedroom ended up becoming a storage room. Over the winter, I was walking through a West Philadelphia twin that was about to be gutted and rehabbed and noticed a vintage mantel in the corner of one of the rooms. The next day I loaded up the pickup truck and started a project that last several weeks to completely refinish the mantel and install it into our rear bedroom, which eventually inspired me to renovate the entire room into a bright and airy guest room. When we moved into the house, the walls were a hodge-podge of different colors - mustard yellow in the master bedroom, grey and pink in the living room, lavender in the hallway - so when we moved in we painted everything with a high-hiding white primer with the intention of coming back and repainting once we'd lived there for some time. I ended up loving the white walls - I repainted them with a warm white and cleaned up the trim with a bright white semigloss. 'Older Philadelphia row homes often have tiny closets - at only 12' deep you can't even use hangers so I came up with the idea of turning the room's tiny closet into a tiny workspace by adding a desk-height shelf and finding a saddle stool that fits underneath the shelf when it isn't in use to conserve space.