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When I got back to Baltimore after a long holiday visit with family, my bedroom greeted me with its disarray. I am only good about putting clean laundry away if I do it when the clothes are fresh out of the dryer; otherwise, they sit in the basket in my bedroom. My husband, who does his own laundry, completely avoids putting his clean clothes away entirely. As organization took a total back seat to the holidays this year, the clothes just never made it from the laundry basket to the dresser or closet-although some did make it to the floor. While of course there's another end to this organization game, in 2014 I want to be more on top of getting things from dryer to drawers. For my bedroom's sake, I'm committing to taking ten minutes whenever a laundry load finishes to put that stuff away-right away.

Grey bedroom

Shannon couldn't get this Mid-Century Modern-style desk she found at a yard sale in her car fast enough! It wasn't in the best condition and the finish was a bit rough, but Shannon loved the shape and had a perfect place in her home for it - after refreshing it with cheery paint. I decided that a fun dose of bright color was just what it needed to really come to life! I painted the entire piece a pretty teal color, and painted the edge of the desktop gold. I also updated the knobs with some lion's head pulls! Seriously, the perfect finishing touch! I love how this desk looks now in my living room, where it acts as both a functional end table and a pretty display piece!

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Bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

Bathroom month wouldn't be complete with showcasing the Spoon Tub from Agape. A perennial fixture at Moss in Soho, the Spoon Tub was designed by G.P Benedini in 1998 out of Exmar, a composite of resin and quartz powder that has advanced heat retention.... To us the shape seems just about perfect for a modern tub, rather like the bottom half of an exotic egg. Its shape promises the perfect amount of water distribution over the body for maximum relaxation. It comes with either a tap pillar or a hardware can be mounted on a wall. It you like the Spoon, you should check out a newer version, The Spoon XL, which is much rounder and a bit bigger.

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White country kitchen

Hello AT,. I have high ceilings in my very small nyc highrise apt. The room is quite a bit higher than it's footprint. My style is quite modern, most of my furniture is DWR, Desiron etc etc. I like the idea of molding/wainscoting, and painting the lower portion a darker color. Painting the lower half of your wall with a rich darker color from the level of your bedside table on down. This would create a strong horizontal gesture that would serve to balance the vertical gesture of the walls. Anything you can do to accent the horizontal will help, such as low furniture stretching from corner to corner. Consider a modern four poster bed with a canopy to bring the ceiling down inside the bed area. Hang a pendant lamp from center of ceiling that comes down to direct your gaze lower. Paint your ceiling a darker color! We've seen blue ceilings in bedrooms that are really beautiful. The color will have a contracting effect and bring the ceiling down a bit.

Small modern kitchen

One of the questions that comes up a lot when talking about home theater PCs, is what kind of mouse and/or keyboard to use? Remember that these computers are in the living room, so your gaming mouse won't look that good. Home theater PCs aren't new, but they are slowly becoming the norm in more and more homes. One of the most common questions we get is what kind of mouse or keyboard to use with a HTPC setup. They claim it's the perfect mouse for couch surfers. The device is a touchpad with a clickable surface as well as some handy features, such as one-thumb scrolling, and enter, esc, back buttons. It also has backlit buttons for playback and volume controls, making it handy in the dark. Some of the more handy features, such as an integrated search menu and an on-screen keyboard only work with Windows for now. What do you use? Well, we think that the Navigator is a step in the right direction, but it isn't perfect. As an alternative, we'd suggest getting a mouse with a bunch of programmable buttons, something like a Logitech MX Revolution. As for a keyboard, we'd suggest something like the super tiny wireless keyboard from Brando. It's also very small, so it won't get in the way.

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Great cabinetry kitchen

The kitchen that Emily and I use is admittedly pretty darn small. At 68' x 76' in size, it's more of a boat -sized cooking space than an ordinary kitchen, meaning that only one of us can cook at a time, lest we end up finding ourselves accidentally included as one of the ingredients. Ft...almost half the size of our studio apartment! Though we're proponents of small space living, we do think having a decent sized kitchen is a luxury we wouldn't mind having again, since we do miss cooking together in the same room. You'll notice our cat looks uncomfortable in the corner...that's because we're standing too close to him in our tiny sized kitchen and he feels like we're not respecting his personal space. Even he wants us to get a larger kitchen.... Here's my dear mom in her kitchen from way back when she lived in what was soon to be named Koreatown. The kitchen in our Wilshire Blvd. area apartment was small, but still much larger than the one Emily and I use currently; about twice as large. On the complete other end of the spectrum, we've got the kitchen inside LA's most expensive apartment, darn near ready to have Gordon Ramsey over to throw something together, with room to spare for several Mario and Emeril-sized chefs. So AT people...what sort of kitchen to you work your culinary magic in? Do you wish you had a larger kitchen to work in, or do you hardly cook anyway and just use the space to socialize? For those of you with small kitchens, any good tips you'd like to share about space saving solutions? We're personally fond of magnetic utensil holders, kitchen rails, ceiling pot racks, hooks, hanging produce baskets, and near-ceiling shelving to optimize space. We're still struggling with the battle of the bulge in the kitchen.

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Grey bedroom

These are classic, basic sofas, available from well-known sources, that can fit into a variety of decorating styles.... Crate and Barrel's one of our favorite sources for well-priced sofas; they even have a category on their website for sofas under $999. We like that many of their sofas are eco-friendly with frames made from sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood and and cushions from soy-based polyfoam. The Camden Sofa, with its references to mid-century design, is well-priced at $899. The Troy Sofa is a classic loose cushion sofa. The Flex Sofa: Looking for a modern sofa that easily converts to a sleeper? Then this is your sofa. 999. The Slipcovered Movie Sofa: This sofa's versatility means that it could just as easily work with beachy, antique pieces as it can with more streamlined, modern accessories. The Comfort Sofa: Looking for something shabby chic? Then this is your sofa. Walton Sofa: If you like a lot of loose cushions, you'll love this sofa. The Blake Sofa: If you like a sofa with an exposed frame, check out this model. Tillary Sofa: Easily bored? Like something that can suit your many moods? You can move around the back supports on this sofa to suit your many moods. Use the money you've saved to reupholster it yourself and your guests will never know your sofa's origins. If you have a favorite, please let us know in the comments! And, if anyone's had any experience with any of the sofas on this list, we'd love your feedback.

Luxurious bedroom

Hello AT,. I am a design novice and feel totally overwhelmed with furnishing my new apartment. While looking for seating, I fell in love with the Flexform Groundpiece couch. It's a very low profile sectional that comes in two seat depths- 38' and 48'. The picture of the couch shows it in the 48' depth....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. I want to configure the sofa with one side of the sectional with a 48' depth and the other sidewith a 38' depth. The 48' deep pieces are soooooo comfortable and great for reading/tv watching. Is this too much couch for the size of my living room? If your picture is a good indication, I would worry about it cutting off the doorway entrance, but think in all other directions it would be fine. Although the sofa will be big, your room can accomodate it if you don't put much else in. One chair kitty-corner to the sofa will round out the seating area and a square or round coffee table will give you a nice center.

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Banned because of power consumption? The New York Times writes that Australia could consider banning Plasma TV's as a result of failing energy efficiency tests. We did not realize that there was such a big discrepancy between LCD and Plasma energy consumption, but it turns out that 153 LCD sets 36 inches or larger earned energy star ratings while only 83 plasma sets did the same. What this means for US standards when it comes to energy hungry televisions is unclear but it does make for a nice argument in the LCD vs. Plasma debate.

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Remember those avocado green appliances of yesteryear? Since stainless steel has been the trend in modern kitchens for the past few years, we're wondering what's next. Another white? Cruising through any appliance store, there are three basic color options for appliances: stainless steel, black and white. Like many trends, stainless steel appliances started on the high end, with the likes of Viking and Wolf, and trickled down to the masses. A number of years ago outfitting your kitchen with stainless steel appliances was like saying I have arrived. I have mid-price stainless steel appliances in my kitchen. I don't want to replace them for purely aesthetic reasons so I probably won't be seeing new appliances until I move. I'm ready for a new appliance trend but when I really try to envision what that would be I come up blank.